Sage Northcut vs. Zak Ottow Official for UFC Fight Night 133 in Boise on July 14

A welterweight tilt pitting Sage Northcutt against Zak Ottow has been officially added to the UFC Fight Night 133 lineup.
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Sad Bellator Star Hopes for Rivalry to Drum Up Business

We a few decades into this sport of cagefighting, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that the biggest fights are the ones that have raging fires of rivalry burning beneath them.

Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock. Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate. Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz. The common denominator in all of these match-ups was that by the time they’d finally met in the cage, their antics outside of the cage brought interest in them to a fever pitch.

Enter: longtime Bellator star Patricio Freire, a.k.a., one of the “Pitbull” brothers. A dude who’s beaten plenty of badasses, lost to a few of the super-elite, and because he’s in the number two MMA organization, hasn’t really become a household name. Which is sad, but hey, that’s life.

Anyway, poor old Patricio has never had a decent rivalry to elevate his status, so maybe there’s the gym vs. gym angle to explore…?

In case you don’t know, Conor McGregor’s team is Straight Blast Gym in Ireland, and one such teammate, James Gallagher, is emerging as a Bellator star. Pitbull wants to have his team of hungry Brazilian lads take on SBG Ireland.

Look, the last viable team vs. team rivalry was when the Lion’s Den got taken out one by one by Tito Ortiz back in the 1920s. Since then, we’ve seen an organization called the International Fight League, which pitted faux teams against each other, crash and burn. There was also a season of TUF that had the Blackzillians take on American Top Team. Holy suckfest, Batman.

The idea is a dead. Freire deserves more spotlight than he’s gotten, but it isn’t going to happen if you have a bunch of Brazilians fight Irishmen.

Anyway, here’s MMAFighting:

“This [rivalry] can last an entire generation,” Freire told MMA Fighting. “There are several rivalries in MMA and vale tudo history, like jiu-jitsu vs. luta livre and Chute Boxe vs. Brazilian Top Team. SBG and Pitbull Brothers can start another one that can last a generation. I think Bellator has the best opportunity in their hands and they can take advantage of it.

“We will annihilate SBG,” he added. “Big mouths can’t do anything, you have to prove it in the cage.”

The featherweight champion says Ireland would be “the best stage possible” for a first event, and then move on to new markets like Brazil. Freire is currently slated and focused on defending his belt in a rematch against Daniel Weichel in Rome on July 14, and says James Gallagher could be his opponent in this gym vs. gym challenge.

Freire says he would bring his brother Patrick Freire in for the challenge at lightweight, and also Leandro Higo. Pitbull Brother’s Luiz Rocha is not under contract with the promotion, but fought and won at the Bellator 188 card in Israel in November. “We have several free agents that can come in and do an excellent job,” Freire said.

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Video: McGregor Duped By Shameless ‘Super Fan’


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, has millions of mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, from hardcore to casual. To get an idea of his popularity, consider that some tiny, jacked-up bodybuilder can paint his hair and cover himself in fake tattoos and get mobbed everywhere he goes.

The proof is right here.

That said, there is perhaps no bigger McGregor “super fan” and Barstool “nerd” than Robbie Fox, who made the trek to Brooklyn for the “Notorious” court hearing last week, which stems from last April’s bus attack that left multiple fighters injured (full video here).

Fox can be seen cheering for the UFC pay-per-view (PPV) king throughout the skit, then dupes McGregor into taking a fan photo outside the local bail bondsman. Amazing what the Irish flag and some cardboard signs can get you these days.

As for McGregor, he returns to court on July 26 where he is expected to cut a deal that will keep him out of jail. – All Posts

Bellator Fighter, Reality TV Star Aaron Chalmers Trades Jabs with Mike Jackson on Twitter

If Mike Jackson’s days in the Ultimate Fighting Championship are indeed numbered, he won’t have to look far for a potential foe outside the Octagon.
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Fallout: Chokes, Referees, and Kevin Lee, Tony Ferguson Talking Major Trash

UFC Fight Night 112 saw some major controversy in the main event. The fight between Michael Chiesa and Kevin Lee was anticipated to be a high stakes game between two fighters hoping to enter title contention with a win Sunday night. But instead of everyone speaking on how great the main event was, everyone is talking about Mario Yamasaki’s supposed “flub.”

Watch the fight the first time around, it appeared that Michael Chiesa was still conscious and willing to continue his grudge match again Kevin Lee. Yamasaki intervened and called the fight which seemed to many observers to be an early stoppage. Here’s the thing about being a ref: it’s an absolutely thankless job. No one appreciates what these refs have to go through with each and every fight they have to call. The thing about this fight was that it was apparent in multiple viewings that Michael Chiesa was on his way to blacking out completely.

The choke was locked in tight, there was thirty plus seconds left, Lee was cranking his choke and Chiesa’s arms went limp, eyes fading and rolling back into his head, a clear response from a blood choke rather than a wind choke. With Yamasaki on top of the action he had the best view out of anyone present. Rather than letting Chiesa go out like a “warrior” Yamasaki instead stopped the match. Sure, we want fighters to be given a chance at victory, at accomplishing the goals they’ve been obsessed with for weeks of training. Problem is that their ego can get in the way of their health at times and that’s what the refs are there for. As a result we have an angry fighter, angry fans, and people cursing the ref for his utter stupidity. Funny thing is, while the tough call may not be the most popular, Yamasaki had a job to do, did what he thought was right and shouldn’t be demonized for it.

On a side note, I never knew I wanted a Kevin Lee versus Tony Ferguson fight before last night. Ferguson congratulated Lee like a true class act, but the brash Detroit native took things a different way. In true McGregor form, Lee wasted no time in his additional time on television as he relegated the rest of the lightweight division as chumps and potentially set up a match between himself and Ferguson.

It was entertaining as hell and is just the kind of thing you want to see if you’re the UFC. Two personalities clashing making for a potentially exciting grudge match in the cage. It’ll sell and at the end of the day this sport is a business. Dollars and cents rule the day and Kevin Lee is setting himself up nicely to start making a nice profit.

What are your biggest takeaways from UFC Fight Night 112?

Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his antics.

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19-Year UFC Veteran Cutman Leon Tabbs Dies at 86

Leon Tabbs, who worked as the lone cutman at the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s inaugural event, died on Friday in Atlanta at 86 years old.
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Watch Ronda Rousey Get Ragdolled By Nia Jax

Ronda Rousey just got a shot at the RAW women’s championship. Here’s how that went.

Ronda Rousey had her second full match in the WWE this Sunday at Money In The Bank, and it was another strong showing for the former UFC champion.

Rousey faced off against RAW women’s champion Nia Jax in a back and forth match that ended with Ronda seconds away from winning the belt with an armbar, only to have Alexa Bliss show up and smack her in the head with a briefcase to steal the win. Pro wrestling!

Rousey continues to impress for a greenhorn that’s new to the wrestling game. This was the first time she’s wrestled a full match sans tag partner, and she looked like she belonged in the co-main of a WWE pay-per-view. Nia Jax spent a good amount of the match beating on Ronda, and Rousey ragdolled realistically across her new stage, taking some huge bumps and selling them well.

Another highlight of the match featured Rousey tossing Jax with a legit judo throw. More of this please thank you!

But any MMA fan is going to have a hard time overlooking the ridiculous armbars Rousey was using through the match. For some reason the WWE has decided to cartoonify the submission, resulting in several eye rolling moments during the bout. Why they wouldn’t just do it, like, for realsies, I have no idea. But they don’t, and it is awful. – All Posts

19-Year UFC Veteran Cutman Leon Tabbs Dies at 86

Leon Tabbs, who worked as the lone cutman at the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s inaugural event, died on Friday in Atlanta at 86 years old.
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Chris Weidman, Kelvin Gastelum and the Middleweight Title Sweepstakes

It’s taken some effort, and hella damage, but Robert Whittaker is officially the clear-cut baddest man in the middleweight division. Which, given the current state of the weight class, isn’t as impressive as being the king during the Anderson Silva Era, but whatever. He’s beaten Yoel Romero twice. He’s the man.

So now it’s all about Whittaker recovering from the self-destruction required of those who sit upon the throne, while his loyal subjects below him bicker and plot his overthrow.

Cue tweets between former champ Chris Weidman and the ever-persistent TUF winner Kelvin Gastelum. Apparently Weidman said something about how deserves the next title shot because of his accomplishments. Gastelum disagreed.

19-Year UFC Veteran Cutman Leon Tabbs Dies at 86

Leon Tabbs, who worked as the lone cutman at the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s inaugural event, died on Friday in Atlanta at 86 years old.
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