Your Weekly Conor McGregor Update

If the MMA world goes too long without Conor McGregor, it starts to fall apart. UFC champs fail to make weight, and lose their belts as a result. People get injured. People file lawsuits. It’s nuts.

But with our favorite Irishman supposedly facing off against lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 228, well, we can all rejoice. Rejoice!

And the UFC can kick their hype machine in high gear and start spending some of that allotted marketing budget.

Oh wait, it looks like they already have…

So I guess if you set aside the always lingering possibility that Nurmagomedov could get injured at the last minute and McGregor instead has to face Dustin Poirier, the biggest topic of debate is can Khabib beat Conor.

Sure he can. With his wrestling prowess and constant, suffocating pressure, he can beat anyone. And he has!

But the flipside to that coin is whether or not McGregor can knock the Dagestani out before grappling even becomes a factor. And guess what? McGregor excels and landing knockout punches while moving backward, and with his insane accuracy, he’s able to tag nearly any exposed chin. Remember former champ Eddie Alvarez?

All that combat stuff is actually only half the reason we’ll be tuning in, of course. The other half is for whatever gems spill forth from McGregor’s mouth… because the man is one hell of a self-promoter, and his trash-talk is the best, bar none.

Will McGregor make fun of the bear Nurmagomedov used to wrestle? Will he throw some shade on that big, fuzzy hat? I just don’t know.

I do know it will be awesome.

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