UFC on FOX 28 Primer: Mike Perry, Dirtbag Hero

Image is everything in entertainment, and since so much of MMA involves engaging with fans on a meaningful level, it behooves fighters to be more than just athletes.

Which is just a fancy way of saying that welterweight knockout artist Mike Perry comes across as a dirtbag, and the image works.

In just six UFC fights, Perry has established himself as a killer in the cage, and whenever a microphone is put in his face, it’s not hard to imagine him working security at a meth lab or breaking limbs as a biker gang enforcer. Which could be way off the mark – Perry might go to church every Sunday for all I know! But that image… that image works for him, works for the fans, and works for his bosses. Already the UFC has had Perry host a fan Q and A session, and they produce hype vids in his honor (like the one posted below).

Tonight Perry will scrap on the main card of UFC on FOX 28. There, he’ll take on Max Griffin, a total nobody from Team Alpha Male who’s likely purpose is to give Perry another highlight-reel knockout to brag about.

If Perry wins, you can bet he’ll do so violently. Afterwards, he’ll take the mic and use foul language and promise doom on those who cross him. And maybe he’ll be in church the next day, or breaking the back of some poor soul in a trailer park. Either way, the image Perry has cultivated entertains, so let’s soak it up and enjoy it.

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