UFC Fight Night 140 Results: Santiago Ponzinibbio Chops Neil Magny Into Pieces, Eats Him

I’m not sure exactly what they normally eat in Argentina, but at UFC Fight Night 140 in Buenos Aires last night, main eventer and star countryman Santiago Ponzinibbio ate Neil Magny. He even took the time to chop him up into little pieces before devouring him.

Strangely enough, this wasn’t a “gimme” fight that the UFC tossed to “Ponz” and his people. Magny is a tough customer who’s only lost to the best. But good lord did Magny get torn apart.

Most of the damage with done via leg-kicks, which Ponz used to hobble his foe something fierce. But those leg-kicks weren’t the only thing on the menu. There were punches, too. And the combination of strikes had Magny covering up and unable to circle out.

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