UFC Fight Night 127 Results: Alexander Volkov KOs Fabricio Werdum

Everyone gets old eventually.

That’s the big takeaway from UFC Fight Night 127’s main event, which pitted former champ Fabricio Werdum against a Bellator refugee in Alexander Volkov.

If you compared the two resumes, Werdum’s accomplishments and wins far out-shined anything Volkov has ever done in the cage. Cain Velasquez? Werdum took him out. Mark Hunt? Werdum ate him for dinner. Volkov had yet to lose in three trips to the Octagon, and had beaten Stefan Struve and Roy Nelson, but so what? This was Werdum’s easy paycheck.

And it really did look like it would be an easy paycheck at first, with Werdum taking the Russian down easily and having his way with him. But Volkov survived Round 1 onslaught, and gradually those takedown came a little harder to come by. Meanwhile, the much taller Bellator vet remained hard to hit with Werdum’s jumping knees, and that reach soon had the former champ covering up while eating fist after fist.

Volkov wrecked Werdum’s eye early in Round 3, and so it was suddenly Flop To Guard City, with Werdum hoping Volkov would join him down there, and Volkov saying, “No thanks.”

The end came in Round 4, when a spent Werdum could do nothing but eat the combination that floored him.

Folks, Werdum has never looked more old. So much for earning a shot at the belt!

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