UFC 228 Results: Tyron Woodley Crushes Darren Till and Finally Shines

Since winning the belt, we’ve gotten some uninspiring performances out of welterweight champ Tyron Woodley. He just did barely enough to win against Stephen Thompson – not once, but twice – and he cruised past Damian Maia like he cared more about not losing than winning. But in the main event of UFC 228 last night, we finally saw Woodley shine.

Too bad (or maybe not too bad, I don’t know) it was at the expense of Brit striker Darren Till.

The first round was all about caution and jockeying for dominance against the cage. Which of course resulted in the ref breaking them up and imploring them to fight, and the rest of us wishing someone else – someone exciting – were champ.

But then came Round 2, and almost immediately Woodley cracked Till in the grill with a punch that dropped him. From then on it was Ground and Pound City, population: Till. To the Brit’s credit, he survived a long time. But when he tried to get up and left his neck exposed, Woodley slipped on the D’Arce Choke and got the tap.

I don’t take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about Woodley, but I will say he showed that he could be exciting, and it was awesome.

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