UFC 226 Results: Daniel Cormier KOs Stipe Miocic, Wins Heavyweight Belt

Greatness rarely comes to you, instead you have to pursue it.

Well, in the main event of UFC 226, light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier ran after that thing like it was a runaway ice cream truck, and he made damn sure that greatness was held firmly in his hands by the end of the night.

The pairing of any champs in any two divisions is pretty compelling, but when it’s Stipe Miocic – who won his belt punching dudes the heck out – and Cormier, who ran the table as a heavyweight before coming to the UFC at 205 pounds… that’s pure awesomeness right there.

And so of course, when the fight was underway, it was pretty much a slugfest. Miocic had all the confidence in the world in slinging his giant, meaty fists, and Cormier was happy to oblige him, and they stood in front of each other swinging. The light-heavyweight champ did throw some kicks, and the heavyweight champ did score a takedown, but otherwise, it was a punchfest…

… That Cormier eventually won. That’s right, the winner of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament clipped the UFC’s heavyweight king, and when Miocic went down, Cormier knocked him out with more punches.

Cormier is now a two-divisional champ, and to spice things up, guess who the UFC brought in to challenge him, WWE-style?


Results: Daniel Cormier def. Stipe Miocic via KO (Punches) at 4:33, R1

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