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Daniel Cormier Throws Shade at Brock Lesnar for Scripted WWE Loss

When light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier snatched up the heavyweight belt after knocking out Stipe Miocic, the brand-spanking-new two division champ barely had a chance to slobber on the microphone before his postfight speech was interrupted by Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar, you see, used to be a UFC champ back in the day, has been earning a paycheck via pro wrestling escapades in the WWE, and remains the UFC’s “go to” guy for moving some pay-per-view numbers (despite has total lack of real relevance).

When Lesnar stepped into the cage to harass Cormier, it was of course to set up a future match-up between the two.

Well, Lesnar apparently “competed” on some big WWE event this past weekend, and after losing whatever nonsensical belt he held, Cormier blasted him on social media. He blasted him before the match, too, but it was really kinda sweet afterwards.

To me, losing a WWE belt is akin to playing Romeo in the school play: your butt is going to die at the end because it’s in the script, so where’s the suspense?

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Video! White Throws Insane Vegas Pool Party For Son’s Birthday

When you have a rich dad like UFC president Dana White, things tend to be a little more glamorous than what us regular folk experience in life.

Just ask Dana’s son, Aidan, who is coming off one of the most ridiculous 16th birthday parties a teenager could ever ask for. It was so wild that TMZ had cameras capturing the late-night action poolside at Drai’s in Las Vegas earlier this month (shown above).

Not only did White splurge to get his boxer son a brand new Land Rover Defender, but he paid out of pocket to have A$ AP Rocky, Migos, DJ Carnage, and even Everlast perform on stage.

This isn’t the first time White has spoiled one of his sons, having bought Dana Jr. a brand new BMW and booking Kendrick Lamar for his 16th birthday party last year.

While this is a nice gesture from a father to his son, maybe White should open up his wallet to the fighters who have made him rich. Just this past week, it was revealed that UFC featherweight contender Brian Ortega was not paid for his work leading up to UFC 226 earlier this month.

His opponent, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway, eventually had to pull out of their co-main event fight and Ortega declined a short-notice, non-title bout opposite divisional head hunter Jeremy Stephens. Still, “T-City” should have been compensated for his training camp, media obligations, weight cut, and flight out to Vegas.

Such is life. Some of us are simply luckier than others.

If I remember correctly, I think I had a pool party at my parents house when I turned 16. Not as memorable as Aidan White’s Vegas throwdown, but water was still involved.

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Mirko Cro Cop Throws Some Shade at Roy Nelson

Former kickboxer and PRIDE FC superstar Mirko Cro Cop is the last dude on the planet to ever talk trash.

But for some reason, Roy Nelson has him throwing some shade in regards to their bout at Bellator 200.

Obviously, it stems from Nelson voicing some… apprehensions about facing a juiced-up Cro Cop. Because, let’s face it, Cro Cop and drug tests have never really mixed. And, given that Bellator 200 is going to take place in London, England, where drug testing isn’t as stringent as in the States, sure, maybe Nelson is right to have these misgivings.

Anyway, here’s Cro Cop posting some words to Nelson. And they’re not kind in regards to his beard.


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Conor McGregor Throws Some Shade at Max Holloway

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Conor McGregor comes back to the Octagon and fights anyone that won’t make him millions of dollars.

So it’s a bit puzzling that, after featherweight king Max Holloway bowed out of his fight against Frankie Edgar due to injury, McGregor took to social media to throw some shade at the Hawaiian slugger.

I mean, it’s not like McGregor didn’t beat him or something. And there is no way in hell McGregor – the lightweight champ – is cutting down to featherweight again.

Well, regardless of McGregor’s motivation, here’s the Irishman’s latest jab.

When there is no referee to save you.

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Snoop Dogg Has Got Shade for Daniel Cormier, Throws It at Him

Snoop Dogg is fully ensconced in the world of MMA now that he lends his lyrical commentary to Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, so of course we’re going to get his input on other goings on in the sport. Today’s offering comes courtesy of TMZ (because of course it does), and it centers around […]

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Claudia Gadelha Throws Shade at Paige VanZant

As tall as a hobbit and cute as a button, Paige VanZant seems to be on a rapid climb to stardom. But some have questioned how much of that popularity is due to her good looks as opposed to her ability. After all, do you think she’d be headlining the upcoming UFC Fight Night 80 […]

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Claudia Gadelha Throws Shade at Paige VanZant

As tall as a hobbit and cute as a button, Paige VanZant seems to be on a rapid climb to stardom. But some have questioned how much of that popularity is due to her good looks as opposed to her ability. After all, do you think she’d be headlining the upcoming UFC Fight Night 80 […]

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Anthony Johnson Says Every Guy Throws Women’s Yoga Mats

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has known his share of controversy in recent years. The 31 year old Florida-based fighter has endured allegations of domestic violence from several different women since 2009, including one which resulted in a “no contest” plea. Most recently, Johnson posted a long rant on his Facebook page, reported […]

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The Experiment Ends: Cris Cyborg Throws in the Towel on a Possible Drop to Bantamweight

(If the internet wasn’t broken before, it sure as hell is now. via Cyborg’s Instagram)

Are you sitting down, Potato Nation? We hope so, because we just got word of a story so shocking, so unexpected, that it will rock you to your very core. We’re talking something bigger than the Reebok deal, the fighter lawsuit, and most certainly bigger than the “The Time Is Now” press conference. Are you ready?

Cris “Cyborg” Justino has CANCELLED her drop to the bantamweight division. As She told Tatame:

I can’t. From now on, I will only fight at my weight or in a catchweight. I haven’t fought in a long time and that’s why I want to go back to my division.

The news comes just weeks after Cyborg was forced to pull out of her expected bantamweight debut at Invicta 10 due to injury. Shortly thereafter, the former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion declared that she would be “postponing” her drop to 135 in order to defend her Invicta featherweight title. In addition to her reasons listed above, Justino also stated a lack of effort on Ronda Rousey‘s part in making their superfight happen led to her decision to abandon the weight cut.

To call Cyborg’s long teased-at drop to bantamweight “ambitious” would be giving it a little too much credit. Justino has been declared physically unable to make the cut to 135 in the recent past, walks around at about two Frankie Edgars, and possesses the kind of muscle mass that makes her able to body slam 205 pound former UFC champions. The thought of Cyborg facing Rousey was an intriguing one for a small window of time, but between the former’s inactivity and the latter’s rapidly evolving skillset that time has all but passed. The matchup has lost all its heat, and it appears that even Cyborg has finally realized it.

The upside: Cyborg can continue smashing each and every challenger Invicta is able to find her, and now won’t have to feel guilty about eating that second sleeve of Oreos. Sounds like a win-win to me.

-J. Jones


Weekend Roundup: Ex-WSOF Champ *Throws* Fight, God-Awful Tattoos, UFC Overload & More

(Photo via Getty)

By Alex Giardini

The weekend is in the books, and although many of you were indulging in baseball playoffs and college football madness, there was plenty of MMA to equally boast and complain about. Apart from the always-vibrant regional circuit, which included MFC 41 and SFL 35 last Saturday night (watch a dude go through the cage door looking like he was on the wrong end of a Stone Cold Stunner right here), there were four major MMA shows taking place in 48 hours, two of which came from the same promotion that may or may not be ruining the sport with its inflated and overstressed schedule.

To top it all off, there were also a handful of stories outside the cage to boast about, some amusing and some downright miserable.

Here is the Cage Potato “Weekend Roundup,” and quite frankly, the only recap you need:

Bellator vs. Battlegrounds MMA 

It wasn’t exactly the showdown anyone anticipated, yet Bellator 127 went head-to-head against the hopeful Battlegrounds MMA, the upstart group that hired WWE legend Jim Ross and former UFC trash-talking guru Chael Sonnen to lead the way in the commentary booth for the return of the epic one-night tournament.

First, let’s get Bellator out of the way. These weekly Bellator shows will thankfully come to an end, and we can’t wait for Scott Coker to put on monthly shows better than the five UFC shows Zuffa runs per month, even though season 11 has owned so far.

In the main event, Daniel Straus blitzed past Justin Wilcox in under a minute, returning to winning ways after dropping his featherweight strap to Pat Curran back in March. Karo Parisyan’s comeback came to a stop at the hands of Fernando Gonzalez in a catchweight bout, after the latter dropped him and continued to deck him into oblivion. Another catchweight fight saw Rafael Silva defeat another UFC veteran, Rob Emerson, and Kendall Grove surprised the majority of his naysayers by choking out Christian M’Pumbu. Check out the highlights here.

As for Battlegrounds MMA, it was the perfect mix of sensation and shit show. The tournament format made a return, but we can sort of see why MMA can do without it. The show was a little long (not nearly as long as you-know-who), and with all due respect to the combatants participating, it would be hard to say the event would have acquired the same intrigue had it not been a one-night, eight-man welterweight tournament.

Since most of you care about the commentary team, they were a lot better than Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan, Jon Anik & Brian Stann/Kenny Florian, generic English guy & Dan Hardy, and even Michael Schiavello & Pat Miletech. Both Ross and Sonnen offered something different in the booth, ranging from the “American Gangster’s” steroid jokes and ranking a ring girl, to Ross’ dry humor and still intact punch lines.

The unlikely winner of the whole shebang was Roan Corneiro, defeating three men in one night (including two finishes), and then stripped of $ 15,000 by the Oklahoma Athletic Commission for “showing up late” to a medical. Since the grand prize was a whopping $ 50,000, earning just $ 35,000 to topple three foes in one night is pretty atrocious. Other notable tournament highlights include Cody McKenzie making weight by donating a pint of blood and then losing to Brock Larson by submission, Joe Ray mauled Luigi Fioravanti, and Trey Houston upset Jesse Taylor with a slick first-round armbar.

UFC Sweden Actually Turned Out To Be A Good Show

UFC in the afternoon is a little odd. Depending on which coast you reside on, you have limited time when waking up in someone’s bed that you don’t recognize, and realize you’re about three ferry rides away from your home. Some of us would just keep chilling, but you know, their partner can turn out to be Leo Johnson.

Anyway, Twitter, the best social media app on the fucking planet, blew up with so-called MMA journalists and enthusiasts making fun of those watching the UFC Sweden prelims around noon without being paid for it. We tend to agree.

The UFC Fight Night 53 main card was pretty damn entertaining, mainly because all the Swedes and their affiliates lost. Rick Story shocked by emphatically defeating the overhyped Gunnar Nelson, and then completely blew his post-fight interview by not calling someone out. The co-main event saw Max Holloway knock out Akira Corassani, and the Wiki-less Ilir Latifi also fell to Jan Blachowicz due to a mean kick to the body. The action opened up with Mike Wilkinson upsetting Niklas Backstrom with a nasty knockout. The best part was when the latter walked up to Dan Hardy in the midst of talking to the Englishman and simply said, “that’s fucked up, man …(something else)…”

Donald Cerrone & Hapless Canuck Get Inked

After promising his boss he wouldn’t wakeboard or commit to other crazy shit on fight week, UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone got some pretty interesting ink on his foot. To be honest, there should be more instances of a blonde Bettie Page riding a rocket-penis in the sport.


WoW the feet hurt!! Would way rather take 30 unanswered uppercuts to the face lol @benguntattoo

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If you thought that was bad, check out this moronic UFC-loving sap getting UFC Halifax inked on his freaking forearm, complete with the iconic Chuck Liddell pose.

Seriously, dude, don’t ever read CagePotato again. You’re banned.

UFC Halifax Was Longer Than The Ten Commandments

Speaking about UFC Halifax, who doesn’t love the UFC doubleheader?

UFC made its debut in Nova Scotia this past Saturday night with UFC Fight Night 54, showcasing the fight card on multiple backup platforms after FOX Sports 1 flipped them the bird and said, “we’re finishing baseball first, Mitch Gagnon.”

The event was pretty lackluster in general, minus Rory MacDonald’s official coming out party as the real Patrick Bateman. He finished Tarec Saffiedine in the third round via knockout, and there’s a good chance he’s next in line for the welterweight championship. Also on the card, Miesha Tate’s boyfriend lost to Raphael Assuncao in the co-main event.

As for the rest of the main card, check Wikipedia. If Dana isn’t doing post-fight scrums anymore, we aren’t either.

War Machine Is Back On Twitter

War Machine, real name John … you know what? Fuck War Machine. Up next …

UFC Newcomer Creates Go Fund Me Page

Every time the fighter pay issue is brought up in the media, the UFC brass (primarily) completely shuts down the remarks, citing backstage bonuses, unknown contract clauses, and general media stupidity to fight their cause.

In this instance, Nina Ansaroff, who makes her Octagon debut against Juliana Lima in a women’s strawweight bout at UFC Fight Night 56 in Brazil, has created a “Go Fund Me” page upon entering her first fight for the promotion hopeful of “world fucking domination.”

This has to be one of the saddest instances of fighter pay in the goddamn world. Not only did Cat Zingano’s paycheck raise a few eyebrows last week, but also that’s just another example of how flawed the pay system is. Ansaroff is an Invicta FC veteran, riding a five-fight winning streak, and fought both Carla Esparza and Barb Honchak early on in her career. As it stands, the fighter has raised $ 960, with a projected goal of $ 5,000.

There are many ways to spin this, but I guess we can just give it a rest and say it’s business, right?

Josh Burkman Threw WSOF Title Fight, But Not Really, Laughs In Ben Askren’s Avatar

Josh Burkman returns to the Octagon after six years away, facing the power-punching Hector Lombard at UFC 182. He left his post at WSOF, and his not-so-cryptic tweets were rather interesting.

The “People’s Warrior” claimed he threw his welterweight title fight against Steve Carl back in October 2012, just to get back into the UFC’s grace. It was a little hard to believe since the scrap was a back-and-forth battle that saw Burkman go out due to a triangle choke.

After some back-and-forth clowning with Ben Askren on Twitter, Burkman reiterated that he would never throw a fight, and was simply tooling the current One FC welterweight champion (as per his chat with MMA Fighting).

Actually, promotions do release champions.

That reminds me … was Burkman dating Arianny when that whole thing with the pictures …. uh, nevermind