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Cynthia Calvillo Says She Signed Contract to Face Michelle Waterson Before Marijuana Suspension

Cynthia Calvillo had an intriguing fight lined up before a Nevada State Athletic Commission suspension sidelined her for nine months. Now she wants that opportunity back.
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UFC Veteran Cody McKenzie Handed 4-Year Suspension for Submitting Fake Urine Sample

Cody McKenzie tried to pull a fast one before his most recent scheduled bout, and now the former UFC talent has to suffer the consequences.
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Dana White: Nurmagomedov Could Be Stripped Depending on Length of NSAC Suspension

UFC 229 ended on a sour note as an all-out brawl broke out between Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s corner and Conor McGregor‘s corner. The ending brought a lot of controversy to what was supposed to be the biggest UFC card ever.
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Midnight Mania! Did Jon Jones Snitch to Get Shortened Suspension?

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones is back, baby! The former light heavyweight champion got a very light fifteen-month sentence from an independent arbitrator, Richard McLaren. This makes him eligible to return as soon as the end of October.

How, exactly, did Jones wrangle such a light sentence? It turns out that buried in the arbitration agreement is the fact that Jones gave ‘Substantial Assistance’ to USADA. In other words, he turned someone in to USADA or another anti-doping organization.

Here is the clause. ‘Substantial Assistance’ refers to Jones helping USADA or another anti-doping body discover a violation or criminal offense by another person.

If you are wondering who Jon Jones snitched on, the agreement doesn’t say. The reduction was substantial, however, a whopping 30 months taken off Jones’ sentence.

His return won’t be at UFC 230, which is still missing a main event, according to Dana White and multiple sources who spoke to Ariel Helwani.

Other fighters have some strong feelings about USADA’s decision, especially ones who have faced their wrath before.

The full arbitration agreement, including details on Jon Jones admitting to his use of cocaine, his one-month stint in rehab, and the arbitrator’s conviction of his innocence despite Jones failing to prove just how he failed the test, can be found here.


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Science! Dana White, Jon Jones React To Reduced USADA Suspension

Earlier today, (Weds., Sept 19, 2018), Jon Jones escaped a lengthy four-year suspension from competitive mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, with United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) handing “Bones” a retroactive 15-month suspension for failing another career-threatening drug test in July 2017. Somehow, someway, “Bones” is eligible to return to the Octagon as early as Oct. 28, 2018.

Soon after news broke, Jones expressed his gratitude at USADA’s ruling via social media:

Furthermore, UFC President Dana White offered his reaction to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, giving “science” (and Jones) the benefit of the doubt:

That is perhaps a veiled statement from White, who would never, ever want to pretend that he is on the eve of making a blockbuster announcement in the middle of a press conference to promote a blockbuster pay-per-view (PPV) event tomorrow afternoon in New York City. Indeed, UFC 229’s Conor McGregor-led press conference will take place tomorrow and UFC 230, which takes place inside Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., on Nov., 3, 2018, is still, mysteriously, without a main event.

Nevertheless, whenever (and wherever) Jones makes his much-anticipated return to action, there are several intriguing match ups for the former 205-pound champion.

Chief among them is an obvious trilogy fight against UFC’s latest “champ-champ” Daniel Cormier, who just so happens to be Jones’ biggest rival. But, that won’t happen next, as “DC” is focused on a potential big-money showdown against Brock Lesnar sometime next year, which will be for his Heavyweight strap.

Of course, there is always a rematch against Alexander Gustafsson, who is currently stuck in limbo thanks to Cormier owning both the 205- and 265-pound straps. Or could this potential scrap finally go down?

No matter how you slice it, business is about to pick up inside the Octagon. And we might have an answer in less than 24 hours.

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Junior Dos Santos Freed From Suffocating Yoke of USADA Suspension

Former heavyweight champ and all-around nice guy Junior dos Santos was supposed to face Francis Ngannou at UFC 215, but USADA swooped in like a hungry pterodactyl and put the kibosh on that.

Since then, the Brazilian has been languishing in administrative hell, waiting for USADA to conduct their tests and determine that yes, he failed a drug test because of tainted supplements.

And guess what? They have finally come to that conclusion.

As per ESPN:

“I am not a cheater,” dos Santos told ESPN. “Since the first day we found out about this, we have cooperated with USADA and done everything they’ve asked or suggested to prove this was not intentional doping. It’s taken a really long time.”

“We want to know the real results of fights, but in a case like this, with a diuretic, I think they should have allowed me to continue my life until they proved it was my fault. If they prove that, they can do whatever they want. But if I prove I’m innocent, I’m here for almost nine months, doing nothing with my life. I want to keep fighting for a long time, but I don’t have any time to lose.”

Immediately after his failed test, dos Santos submitted multiple supplements to be tested for contamination. Initially, he did not even test any supplements from the Brazilian pharmacy, as he had built a high level of trust with the facility over time.

The Farmacia Analitica supplements were eventually tested, however. In December, USADA confirmed several bottles were in fact contaminated with hydrochlorothiazide. Per USADA’s protocols, the agency still needed to obtain and test those specific supplements independently, before moving forward with dos Santos’ case. So, even though dos Santos had supplied tainted supplements, his case was still on hold.

“I was happy when those results came back, because I thought it was done,” dos Santos said. “They would see it’s not my fault and I could resume fighting. But then, they started to say other things, like maybe I could have contaminated them on purpose. I said, ‘My God, I’m not a chemist.’”

Poor JDS. Screwed by the system. Oh well. Now he can come back.

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Nick Diaz Suspension to End Soon

Lovable MMA fighter and ardent weed smoker Nick Diaz may return soon. Or at least he’ll be able to from a USADA-suspension perspective.

According to ESPN, Diaz’s suspension – which he was hit with for totally blowing off telling USADA his whereabouts – will be up on April 19. After that, Diaz could return to fighting… if that’s what he even wants.

Despite ascending to great heights in popularity, both in the Octagon and in other organizations, the older Diaz brother has made it clear this whole fighting thing sucks and he’d rather be doing something else.

Which is sad for us, because when Diaz fights, it’s usually fun as hell. His last fight, against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 back in 2015, was chock full of Diaz shenanigans.

Here’s ESPN:

Diaz, 34, has accepted a one-year suspension from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for missing three out-of-competition drug tests within a 12-month span. He is the first athlete to record that violation under the UFC’s program.

USADA announced Diaz’s suspension on Monday. The timing of the announcement is unique, in that Diaz has already served nearly all of the suspension.

The one-year period of ineligibility is retroactive to the date of Diaz’s third missed test, which was April 19, 2017. That means the suspension ends in just 10 days.

Diaz (26-9) has not expressed interest in a fight for some time, but has never officially retired.

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Amanda Lemos Accepts 2-Year USADA Suspension for Positive Steroid Test

UFC bantamweight Amanda Lemos has accepted a two-year suspension from USADA for a positive steroid test.
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Josh Barnett Skirts Suspension in USADA Doping Case, Faces Only Public Reprimand

Despite a convicted past, Josh Barnett won’t be facing a suspension from the U.S. Doping Agency.
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NAC Hands Cynthia Calvillo Longer Suspension Than USADA for Positive Marijuana Test

Cynthia Calvillo will have to wait a little bit longer to make her Octagon return following sanctions handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission.
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