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Midnight Mania! Domestic Violence Won’t Stop Ostovich: ‘I Want To Take a Stand’

Rachael Ostovich

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Rachael Ostovich opened up about the reason she has opted to continue with her scheduled January 19th bout against Paige VanZant despite recently suffering injury from a brutal domestic violence incident that she reported had her coughing up blood as her husband punched her repeatedly in the face and body. She said she felt like she ‘have to do this’ because the platform gives her an opportunity to stand tall for other victims of domestic violence. Via KHON2.com:

“Although this is a very difficult time for me and my family, I felt that this fight in January was important. I felt that it was extremely important to me to follow through with it, not only for me but first for my daughter, and other people that might be going through similar situations. I want to take a stand against domestic violence, and show others that its okay to come out and speak about it, and not be quiet.

“I’m extremely grateful and blessed for my support system. My family, who has done so much for me and has kept me together and kept me strong. I feel like I am- like I have to do this. This is something that can’t be taken away from me, because I want to use this big, worldwide UFC platform to show people that, don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your career.”

Mr. Berdon, her husband, has pleaded innocent to the charges, downgraded from attempted murder, posted his $ 75,000 dollar bail, and is currently free until his next court date, December 18, 2018. He is under a temporary restraining order that extends to their 5-year-old child.

Ostovich is scheduled to face VanZant at the UFC’s ESPN+ debut January 19th in Brooklyn. Her training is limited currently, but she will transition back to full contact after getting a second opinion on the severity of her injuries.

Her incident is one of several to affect high-profile UFC fighters, including Jessica Rose-Clark and Andrea Lee. MMA, according to an HBO study, suffers from a much higher incidence of domestic violence than the general population, or even the NFL. In fact Dana White recently signed former NFL player Greg Hardy to a development contract after his history with domestic violence ended his football career.


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Alex Hernandez, setting goals and accomplishing them.

Dominick Reyes survived what looks like a really serious car accident, for which he thanks his Lexus

Whoops. Floyd Mayweather supposedly is in some kind of crypto trouble.

Raphael Assuncao has signed a new fight deal that looks like it will start with a rematch with Marlon Moraes

I hadn’t thought about Junior Dos Santos’ power declining

Everyone who has trained knows this guy

Well that’s quite the sequence. Tofiq Musayev is a unique fighter.

Ben Askren is a 3-1 favorite against Robbie Lawler? How?

Tim Kennedy is still practicing what are technically martial arts

Welcome back, Sexyama.

Luke Rockhold and Robbie Lawler are odd teammates and almost totally opposite fighters, but they are both looking swole.

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We eating good. @ruthless_rl @barwismethods

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Chad Mendes hitting pads

See… Anderson Silva would actually get a title shot if he beat Israel Adesanya… but chances are he won’t, so…

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Ooh, a piece of candy!

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TJ Dillashaw taunts Henry Cejudo for not fighting him at bantamweight.

RIZIN is adding some new talent- Justin Scoggins will be debuting at 60 kilograms, which is 132 lbs.

They also are promoting a cross-promotion superfight between Darrion Caldwell and Kyoji Horiguchi that is going to be awesome.

This exhibition bout, of course, is still happening as well, which is going to bring an insane amount of attention to the event.

Showing great knockouts is tried and true, but still a good way to promote fights.

Random Land

Abandoned places have a haunting, yet peaceful aesthetic

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The Red #草ヒロ

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Christmas is coming up if anyone wants to buy me either of these Rhino revolvers. I would take a snub nose too, I’m not picky.

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Midnight Mania! Four Reasons Khabib’s Stand Is Coolest Moment to Date

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Khabib Nurmagomedov once wore a shirt into Brazil that said “If Sambo were easy, it would be called [Brazilian] Jiu Jitsu”, walked out into an arena of people chanting his death, and knocked his Brazilian opponent out cold. The man grew up wrestling bears. He learned to walk on a wrestling mat. While beating down Michael Johnson at UFC 205, he calmly informed Johnson, “I need to fight for the title. You know this. I deserve it” while dropping elbows on Johnson’s face. The Dagestani is a serious guy.

Yet, of all the unbelievable things Khabib has ever done, declaring solidarity with his teammate after he was cut during a brawl Nurmagomedov started in the aftermath of UFC 229 is his best ever, for four big reasons.

Firstly, Nurmagomedov told the UFC if they were going to cut Zubaira Tukhogov, “don’t forget to send me my broken contract, otherwise I’ll break it myself.” That willingness to walk away from the Ultimate Fighting Championship comes off as completely genuine. Khabib is not kidding. He doesn’t need the American-based promotion. Russia is its’ own market and Khabib is a national star there. The UFC, though, definitely stand to lose if Khabib walks. He just headlined the biggest UFC Pay-Per-View of all time, just under 2.5 million buys, and choked out the biggest draw in MMA history. That puts him in a position of unprecedented leverage.

Secondly, he told the UFC to keep their money. Who scoffs at millions of dollars? Khabib’s entire purse is currently being held by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), unlike McGregor’s. “I hope it doesn’t get stuck in your throat” is also a ridiculously cool line. This is the part that really lets us know, Khabib isn’t playing games. If he is leaving that much money on the table, he is truly willing to walk away. That is a terrifying man to sit across a bargaining table from, because it means the UFC have no leverage over him. Nurmagomedov does not care about the money.

Thirdly, this is the first time I can recall where a fighter of Khabib’s stature threw his entire weight behind a teammate in solidarity. That’s not a small thing. Fellow AKA fighter Josh Thomson wondered if this could be a dawning of a new collective consciousness in fighters’ minds. Despite the team format of MMA gyms, most fighters have an extremely individualistic approach to fighting. When Aljamain Sterling tried to get a better deal from the UFC and the company decided they would rather let him go than pay him more, it never occured to Chris Weidman to put his own position in the company at risk to support his gym mate. Project Spearhead, the anonymous card-collecting effort to unionize the UFC, just had another of their most public supporters- Kajan Johnson- leave the promotion. It may be too much to hope that this display galvanizes a collective identity among fighters, but it sets a bold precedent.

Lastly, Khabib set out his case in a way that made sense to people. “We never give up on our brothers in Russia and I will go to the end for my brother” is the kind of stirring line that people instantly connect with. From what I can tell in the comments sections, Khabib’s stand is wildly popular with fans. It was Khabib, after all, that started the brawl. Everything flowed from his actions, and from that perspective his ‘brothers’ were just backing him up. It makes sense for Khabib to take all the blame on his shoulders and not let his teammate suffer for something he started. He also pointed out that in his mind, he defended his honor. That “realness” is a quality people have an appetite for. In a world known for it’s bluster and promotion, Khabib doesn’t play.


Artem Lobov doesn’t want Tukhugov cut, he wants to fight the guy.

Daniel Cormier might be reaching a little bit with this one. Lobov didn’t hurt anyone personally. Zub jumped into the cage and punched McGregor.

Breaking news: nothing has happened yet in regard to suspensions.

This story shared by MMA legend Frank Shamrock is so sad. The United States doesn’t do a good job caring for people with mental health issues.

UFC 230 is still a great fight card, especially if you forget the fights that could have been.

Well… this might be one more good thing to come from the incident

Stipe Miocic is miffed Cormier openly took the Lewis fight because he considered it easier on short notice.

Daniel Cormier was not taking prisoners online today

The best of Khabib and DC

Chael Sonnen wants Bellator to re-sign Eddie Alvarez

That’s a very big check for a regional show.

DC defends his stance on Zubaira

Fedor is also very cool, the original Russian GOAT.

Dillon Danis denies using an Islamaphobic slur

Derrick Lewis and DC’s backstage conversation is very funny.

Combat sports this weekend include Derrick Crawford and not one but two Bellator events

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Bellator 207’s ‘Hollow Point’ Ready For ‘Stand Up War’

Bellator 207: “Mitrione vs. Bader” takes place this Friday night (Oct. 12, 2018) at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., featuring a semifinal match in the promotion’s Heavyweight Grand Prix between Matt Mitrione (13-5) — who is riding a four-fight win streak — against the five-fight winning run of current Light Heavyweight champion Ryan Bader (25-5).

Earlier in the evening, a crucial women’s Featherweight bout pits two potential contenders — Janay Harding (3-4) and Sinead Kavanagh (5-2) — against each other, with the winner possibly earning a future shot against reigning champion Julia Budd (12-2), which is no small matter given that Budd has a longer win streak than both Mitrione and Bader combined.

Kavanagh rattled off a four-fight win streak of her own until 2017, then experienced some of the growing pains young fighters do with two losses, including a split decision at Bellator 187 against “Angerfist” Arlene Blencowe. She rebounded nicely from that rough patch with a main card technical knockout win, setting up the SBG Ireland-trained prospect for a big 2018. “Hollow Point” Harding, meanwhile, has also been on the wrong end of a fight with Blencowe, although that one took place in Australia. Despite a loss to Amber Leibrock in her promotional debut, this fight could spring her up the ladder in a division where Budd has beaten everybody but these two women.

MMAmania.com recently spoke with Harding about her preparation for a huge Bellator 207 fight, as well as how she got the “Hollow Point” nickname in the first place.

“My very first amateur fight in MMA, I kind of dominated, TKO win in the first round. It was a bit of a blasting. I think since then, when we were kind of brainstorming around nickname and fight name ideas, we kind of came up with that. It seemed relevant, the kind of blasting I was seeing was a good option, and yet it all kind of was consistent across. It ended up sticking and I’ve still got it now, which is surprising.”

Outside of mixed martial arts (MMA), Harding also has a background in boxing, and she credits the work she’s put in there for making her a better fighter overall.

“It’s always great to go back and specifically cover just the boxing side of things. I find that when I come back to MMA, my defense is better, my jab might be crisper and all that kind of stuff. I end up really benefiting off isolating that for maybe a few weeks, three to four weeks, and then coming back to MMA and incorporating it into my striking game in the MMA scene. I really feel like I’ve got a little benefit off even just competing and getting more ring time in competition and getting used to that kind of atmosphere as well.”

Going into the interview I knew that Kavanagh and Harding had a common opponent, but what I didn’t know was that Harding barely had any time to prepare to face Blencowe.

“I took the Arlene fight up on like two weeks notice and it was a very quick finish for me to get knocked out. I can’t necessarily compare the fights themselves, but I have trained with Arlene as well, which can kind of outline the fact that our strengths are very similar. Our striking in a general sense is very similar. I just have a different kind of technique and a different kind of game plan in comparison.”

It was only natural to follow up and find out if Harding and Blencowe were friends before and/or after their fight back in 2017.

“We were friends before. Obviously, the MMA fight scene in Australia isn’t very large and we’d fought on the same card before early in my career. We have a lot of mutual friends and stuff so yeah we had just been friends for a while and we had known each other. We took the fight up and we were still friends when we were fighting each other. We were in rehearsals sitting next to each other looking at Instagram videos the night before we were fighting each other. We’re gonna always be friends and we stayed friends, obviously after the fight even more so, and I think we’ll continue to do even if we have a rematch in the cards, which is definitely possible.”

Hindsight being 20/20, though, Harding wishes she had longer to prepare to face her friend.

“It was a kind of a funny part of my life where I was going through a lot of change in my personal life, and I was trying to move forward and dedicate a lot to this MMA career that I had started. I felt like I wasn’t getting a lot of opportunities and a lot of opponents so when one did come along I jumped at the idea of it. I really believed in myself no matter what but a couple more weeks and it would have made a massive difference.”

That’s why Harding is confident that we haven’t seen her best yet, and that a full camp for Kavanagh has made even better than her three knockout wins to date.

“I got matched up about six weeks ago from today so I’ve had plenty of time for this camp and I’ve been able to really establish a good camp here in Sydney. This time around as well (I’ve) added a couple more gyms and a couple more people on board for strength and conditioning, and extra things that I didn’t even have for my May camp. I’m looking forward to how that shows in the fight, for sure.”

What kind of fight can fans expect from Janay Harding vs. Sinead Kavanagh in Uncasville this weekend?

“I definitely think it will be a stand up fight, but not necessarily a war. I’m not going to get caught in any brawls like I have done in the past and like Sinead would prefer. You can kind of see from her fights that she likes being on the inside and she likes closing those heavy shots and that gives her the finish. I’m going to obviously avoid that. My striking is just a little bit more varied and there’s more variety in it. I’ll be able to use that to my advantage and I’ll be able to use my reach as well. I think it will be a stand up war, but not necessarily in a brawling kind of way, and I think there will be a finish for sure.”

That means Harding vs. Kavanagh is a fight not to be missed on Friday night.

Complete audio of our interview is embedded above, and complete coverage of “Mitrione vs. Bader” resides here at MMA Mania all week long.

To check out the latest Bellator MMA-related news and notes be sure to hit up our comprehensive news archive right here.

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Video: Green Calls Out ‘B–ch Ass’ Mayweather To Stand Up War

For better or worse, Floyd Mayweather is adamant the chances of him making his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut in 2018 are 50/50. While most combat pundits are calling fake news on Floyd’s quest to conquer the eight-sided cage, there are those who wouldn’t mind mixing it up against “Money.”

Yes, even him.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight contender Bobby Green has taken to social media to cal out the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world, maybe in history, to challenge him to a fight inside the Octagon.

And he won’t play by MMA rules, either, as “King” claims he will gladly keep it on the feet and school him at his own game, on his own soil of Las Vegas, Nevada. If Mayweather doesn’t happen to follow Bobby on Instagram, then perhaps Tyron Woodley — who is supposedly set to be training Mayweather in MMA — can relay the message to his pupil.

For Green, there is no harm in shooting his shot, but the chances of Floyd actually following through on his MMA conquest seems rather unlikely. Then again, if Green sticks to his word of keeping it all striking with the hands and no takedowns or kicks, then maybe Floyd will be all ears.

I mean, it’s better than the alternative.

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Tony Ferguson: If UFC Books McGregor-Diaz 3, Everything They Stand for ‘Goes Out the Window’

Tony Ferguson is approximately one week away from potentially becoming the UFC’s new interim lightweight champion should he get past Kevin Lee in the UFC 216 headliner.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

Tony Ferguson: If UFC Books McGregor-Diaz 3, Everything They Stand for ‘Goes Out the Window’

Tony Ferguson is approximately one week away from potentially becoming the UFC’s new interim lightweight champion should he get past Kevin Lee in the UFC 216 headliner.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

Tony Ferguson: If UFC Books McGregor-Diaz 3, Everything They Stand for ‘Goes Out the Window’

Tony Ferguson is approximately one week away from potentially becoming the UFC’s new interim lightweight champion should he get past Kevin Lee in the UFC 216 headliner.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

Tony Ferguson: If UFC Books McGregor-Diaz 3, Everything They Stand for ‘Goes Out the Window’

Tony Ferguson is approximately one week away from potentially becoming the UFC’s new interim lightweight champion should he get past Kevin Lee in the UFC 216 headliner.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

Luke Rockhold encourages fellow middleweights to stand ground, tell UFC ‘f*ck you’

Luke Rockhold has lost just once in the last four years, and yet he’s nowhere near a title shot. That’s because the man who beat him 11 months ago, Michael Bisping, is waiting for his next challenge in the form of Georges St-Pierre, and that fight isn’t expected to take place until sometime after October.

Needless to say, the former champion Rockhold — who lost the title to Bisping at UFC 199 last June — doesn’t know his current bearings, especially with Yoel Romero sitting idly as the No. 1 contender and Robert Whittaker fast-emerging behind him.

And it’s frustrating for Rockhold, who appeared on The MMA Hour on Monday a bewildered and deflated fighter who finds himself at wit’s end.

“I don’t know, man,” he told Ariel Helwani when asked about his situation. “You can’t predict anything these days. So, [the UFC is] just chasing to pay off a debt really, is what they’re doing, trying to put these megafights together that don’t make sense. I don’t know. You never know what they’re going to do these days. Who knows.”

Rockhold has been recovering from an injury and splitting time between his usual gym in California, AKA, and training with Henri Hooft in Florida. At 32 years old, Rockhold is still in his prime, yet he can’t seem to get back on track towards a title that has gone on a detour since he lost it. Bisping defended the middleweight title against Dan Henderson at 204 last October, and looks poised to go a year between defenses as he awaits GSP’s timetable for a return.

It’s to the point that Rockhold is fed up with the situation, and is ready to sit out for as long as needed until something is presented to him that feels like a “path” back to the title. He went so far as to say that his fellow contenders in the middleweight division should essentially stand their ground and refuse to fight, too, until some amendments are made.

“If they’re not putting an interim title on the line, or if they’re not making Bisping fight a contender, I’m not fighting anybody,” he said. “And so should the rest of the division, too. What’s the point? Without me, Mousasi, Yoel, and Whittaker? I think everyone should just stand their ground, and say f*ck you. Put a title on the line or else, f*ck, you don’t even have a division.”

Asked if he meant like a middleweight strike, Rockhold smiled.

“I think everyone is already on strike, aren’t they?” he said. “We’re all waiting on a title. Whittaker’s down. I’ve voiced my opinion, and I think Mousasi should stand his ground too. I mean, without us you have no f*cking division. Make something happen.”

Rockhold said that the UFC offered him a fight with Mousasi in July, but right now that fight doesn’t necessarily interest him. Why? Because Mousasi, who is coming off a controversial victory over Chris Weidman at UFC 210 in Buffalo, doesn’t get him any closer to a title shot. Whereas a bout with Whittaker, who knocked out perennial contender Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in April, moves him towards something.

“I asked for the Whittaker fight,” Rockhold said. “I think that’s a more clear cut, straight path to the title. Mousasi’s coming off…you know he looked good, against Weidman, but there was some controversy at the end. Then you got Whittaker who knocked out Jacare. It’s pretty clear-cut. You go put that guy away, and you don’t have to worry about anybody else trying to jump you.”

Sitting pat in a weight class that’s rife with dissension, Rockhold said it’s up to the UFC to figure things out.

“The ball’s definitely in their court, and I think they know that,” he said. “I think everyone’s not very happy in the situation we’re in right now. I’m sure Yoel’s payment isn’t going to hold him off too long.

“We’ll see. I think everyone needs to step up and make something happen. The middleweights need to step up and hold their ground.”

Before losing to Bisping in what was a short notice fight at UFC 199, Rockhold had won five straight bouts against top middleweights, with all of them ending in finishes. Most recently he defeated Weidman to win the title at UFC 194 in Dec. 2015, dealing the Long Island native his first professional loss. Before then he took out former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida and, of course, Bisping.

Nearly a year after losing his title, Rockhold sounded like a man who was fed up with how things were playing out in the UFC.

“They’re forcing us into a corner,” he said. “We got to stick up and stay together and make something happen. I’m tired of this shit, man.”

The one thing that Rockhold reiterated on numerous occasions is that he doesn’t want to take a fight that doesn’t have obvious upward movement. He said that in the new UFC, under the new ownership of WME-IMG, the meritocracy that was in place is now being torn to shreds. And if that’s the case, he said he would be open to pursuing fights outside the promotion.

“I go put on a performance and I beat one of the best guys in the world, I mean, there’s no path to anything, so what’s the f*cking point?” he said. “There’s no point in staying in this division, or f*ck, I mean in this company. If it’s just money fights, I’ll go do that somewhere else.

“I mean, you can let me go from my contract and I’ll go fight big money fights somewhere else. But I’m here in this company to fight the best guys in the world and to win titles. If there’s no path to that, I’m out. Let me go.”

Rockhold’s disdain for the way the Bisping situation is playing out, with all the division’s top contenders in limbo while waiting on St-Pierre to be ready, remains a point of major contention.

“They’re not putting the champion to work, which is pretty ridiculous,” he said. “I mean, are they really going to wait until October to make this Georges St-Pierre fight? I don’t even think anybody’s hyped on this fight anymore.”

Reminded that it could possibly be November before the fight happens, in order for it to occur at Madison Square Garden, Rockhold sighed.

“It’s a joke,” he said. “The company’s kind of losing it these days. What happened to the old company where the best fought the best, and what built this sport? Now it’s just a spectator sport. They’re putting freak shows together.”

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Midnight Mania! Daniel Cormier forces Rumble to stand during interview

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got Daniel Cormier getting petty with Anthony Johnson, one last Fedor vs. Mitrione preview, Jorge Masvidal highlighting his backyard brawler days, regional MMA highlights including LFA4, Joanna Jedrzejczyk on a date, and much more.


Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson are gearing up to rematch at UFC 210. Given Johnson’s power, this is always a high-risk fight for DC, but he hasn’t let that get to him. Clearly.

Fedor is a candidate for GOAT status. Tomorrow night will show us if he can still pull out a good performance against a quality opponent.

That Bellator hype is perhaps the reason for this:

Jorge Masvidal reminds us how he got his nickname.

They would have beautiful, savage babies.

Speaking of women’s strawweight, Angela Hill may have a point. She gave Andrade a much harder fight than Penne or Calderwood, and she isn’t in the rankings. These rankings don’t mean that much, though, given that Valerie Letourneau isn’t even in the UFC any more.

Two of the greatest boxers and self-promoters in history. Vastly disparate historical context and impact aside, which is better pound for pound?

KRYLOV TOO?? What is the UFC doing exactly cutting all these talented young fighters?

Slips, Rips and KO Clips

Roy Jones Jr. can still find opponents to style on, but he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

Got a fighter in the audience

This was not competitive.

Ask Jordan Mein if these always work out.

This was egregious.

Gotta love Muay Thai in MMA gloves.

Podcasts and Video

The Joe Rogan Experience

Luke Thomas weighs in on Cyborg’s situation

Why Edmond Tarverdyan isn’t in Travis Browne’s corner:

Quick Hits

  • MVP’s actual next opponent has been revealed
  • Cyborg has been exonerated with a Retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption. All is forgiven, all is good. Nothing to see here, moving on.

Random Land

Read about how carrots became orange (It’s because of the Prince of Orange, which is because of the city of Orange, which is because of the color orange, which is because of the fruit orange… just read about it)

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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