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Midnight Mania! Sonnen: Jones Is Using Loophole, Not Snitching

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Chael Sonnen is known for saying a lot of things, and he’s got a mouthful to say about Jon Jones, steroid use, and the infamous snitching clause Jones took advantage of. Transcript via BloodyElbow.com:

“If anyone ever gets flagged on one of these tests, in the eyes of the media, he was always taking steroids — illegal steroids. In some cases that’s true. In this case, that would be true,”

“Jon was working the story of ‘I have no idea. I didn’t take anything and I have no idea where this came from,’ and he was sticking to that. He was even ‘hey I’ll take a lie detector test, I’ll cough up some tears for you guys. I’ve never even heard of this stuff before.’ Well, he was telling the truth.

“All of that was true. He was taking a different banned substance that was contaminated with this banned substance,” Sonnen claimed. “So when this one came out, he’s sitting there with his pants down, ‘oh man I’ve never even heard of that. I feel like I’m being victimized. I never took that.’ — he was telling the truth, intent-wise.

“I could get more into detail. I could tell you specifically what he was doing and how he was doing it, but the point is, it was contaminated with this, and it’s not the first time that has happened. Not even the first time at the gym he’s training at that that has happened.”

Sonnen has some legitimacy to his claims to being someone who knows about steroid use, as he himself admitted to using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) during his own MMA career. However, though he believes Jones was doping, he doesn’t believe Jones was doping again. He buys the residual ‘pulsing’ story USADA and the UFC are pushing, though he thinks that just indicates Jones’ suspension wasn’t long enough.

“I am seeing Jon falsely disparaged for having retaken banned substances. That’s not true. The conclusion and the analysis is accurate that this is residue that is left over,” he said. “My conclusion and analysis that he was under-punished …. I’m just a guy looking at the rules that understands that on your second violation, you have a minimum of two years. Had they gone through that, we wouldn’t be in this spot (because there would no longer be turinabol residue in his system).

He also doesn’t think Jones has information to help USADA with their investigations, that he’s just taking advantage of the clause to shorten his sentence.

“It’s a matter of how far are people willing to dig — maybe they’re not, maybe they’re willing to let it go away — all the way to Jon Jones being a rat. Taking a clause to help out, turned out not to be true,” Sonnen claimed. “He took the deal. He had no information. He’s never going to obtain information. He was never meant to do that. That was absolutely meant to catch a loophole within the rules and get it applied.”

As USADA and Jones aren’t willing or able to release this information until the alleged investigation involving Jones’ substantial assistance concludes, Sonnen’s claim cannot be verified. Is he wildly off-base, or is he onto something? Jones was granted a one-fight license to compete by the Nevada State Athletic Commission today, despite their expressed reservations surrounding his situation.


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They keep thirst trapping my man Joe

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There were some high-quality memes about today’s NSAC hearing

This will now be my reply when one of you freaks out in the comments that I included something funny about Trump in Midnight Mania. Politics forever!

Dillon Danis recalling happy memories with Conor.

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classic hahaha

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Midnight Mania! Jones’ Manager Claims No Snitching, USADA Responds

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, attempted to bat cleanup for Jones today on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, after we read Jones’ arbitration agreement and realized he got 30 months off his sentence for “substantial assistance” in giving information about another person, either helping USADA with another drug-busting case or helping pursuit of a criminal investigation. No one in MMA had invoked rule before, the infamous “snitching clause”, and Kawa seemed a little hazy about what it meant. He also insinuated Jones provided assistance to USADA about himself, not a teammate. Transcription via MMAJunkie.com:

“I can just tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Jon did not tell on any teammate,” Kawa, of First Round Management, said on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.” “Jon did not tell on anyone in MMA. Jon did not do anything that these people are saying he did. So all that, ‘He’s a snitch’ and all that stuff, we can put it to bed. He did not do that. There’s other things that took place in here. There’s other things that Jon did with himself. There’s things that USADA – and the arbitrator and everyone involved – got from Jon about Jon that they had never had before.”

USADA provided a statement that reiterated which explicitly states that substantial assistance is provided about another person, not oneself — “…which results in a criminal or disciplinary body discovering or bringing forward a criminal offense or the breach of professional rules committed by another person.” She also pointed out that Jones would need to continue cooperating with USADA, or the reduction would be rescinded.

In a written statement provided to MMAjunkie in response to Kawa’s interview, USADA spokesperson Danielle Eurich cited rule She also repeated the agreement that Jones’ reduction is contingent on his continued cooperation.

“Importantly, if the athlete or support personnel fails to continue to cooperate and provide credible substantial assistance, USADA will reinstate the original sanction,” Eurich said. “These rules set out in are crystal clear, and if they are not met, an individual would not be considered for a reduction based on substantial assistance.”

She didn’t comment on the nature of Jones’ assistance, as it involves “ongoing matters”.

This made Kawa’s statements on the nature of Jon Jones’ assistance seem less somewhat less credible.

“It’s not like Jon sits in a room somewhere and watches people do steroids, and then he’s like, ‘Hey man, guess what, my teammate over here is doing steroids,’” Kawa said. “Jon goes and trains, gets his stuff, and he goes home. He doesn’t take a shower there. He doesn’t really hang out there. He comes in, does his thing, and he leaves. So he doesn’t sit there and hang out like that, or would know about anyone that does that. He doesn’t do that. So when people say these things, to me, it’s a funny thing.

“I’m assuming if Jon’s name comes up in something, and he was to know something, he would have to be cooperative with them. But I don’t know of a deal where it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re going to continue to’ – I don’t know about that. That’s not how it went down. I don’t want to assume anything or have this turn into a disaster all of a sudden. But, from what I understand, a lot of the stuff they were talking about had to do with him – not other people.”

Jones caught substantial flak from fellow fighters over the news that he had taken advantage of clause, though nothing specific has yet become public. Kawa also mentioned that rematches with Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson are the top options in play for ‘Jonny Bones’ return.


Alexander Gustafsson is still angling for a fight with Jon Jones- under just about any circumstances.

Is this the perfect admixture of meme?

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Here we goat again

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Oh. Just a couple zeros, not a big deal.

Tony Ferguson, man.

Completely accurate screenshot of Conor McGregor’s Instagram.

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l Must have deleted it ‍♂️

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Speaking of McGregor, he is getting vague threats from Russia — with love.

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Keep your thoughts, prayers and good energy sent the way of Ray Borg and his family.

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