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Midnight Mania! Romero Taunts Cormier, DC Shuts Him Down Again

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Yoel Romero’s clapback at Daniel Cormier was pretty good. The two-time middleweight title challenger, who has only lost to Robert Whittaker in the UFC, (the second fight by the narrowest of margins) pointed out that getting a title shot a division up after a loss was not too far from what Cormier himself accomplished at UFC 226. Of course, Cormier’s second loss to Jon Jones was turned into a no-contest after Jones popped for steroids, and he defended the title against Volkan Oezdemir after that, but those are just technicalities.

And, to back up Cormier’s admittance that Romero would likely have beaten him in straight wrestling, Romero’s manager Abraham Kawa posted his wrestling credentials.

That drew a response from Cormier, who was having none of it, and told Romero to keep dreaming. He pointed out the flaw in Romero’s argument, and also indicated that he thinks it is Romero’s manager’s brother, Malki Kawa, that is posting on his behalf.

Of course, Romero missed weight by 4 ounces after the commission stopped his weight cutting an hour early. Cormier, over by 1.2 pounds at UFC 210, went a much simpler route.

This fight won’t happen yet, if it happens at all. Cormier has way too important a money fight on his horizon in Brock Lesnar to risk it against Yoel Romero. Maybe Shogun Rua. (Please, not Shogun Rua)

I’ll accept Yoel Romero vs. Jon Jones instead, after the requisite Romero win over ranked light heavyweight competition.


Mere rings cannot contain Blagoy Ivanov and Ilir Latifi

I fear for Khabib Nurmagomedov’s next foe

I’m guessing this papapkha allows him to control an super-powered arrow via whistling.

Justin Gaethje looks like he hits pretty hard in sparring.

No. Why? Please, no. I just defended fun fights but the interim belts? Please make them stop. Holly Holm and Ketlen Vieira don’t need an interim title fight.

This is a good sparring tool.

Nice drill to work on close range fighting

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I just turned my alarm off this morning. Take the power back.


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Anderson Silva’s son has come of age.

Another proud father, John Wayne Parr, holding pads for his daughter as only a father can

I hope Kyle Snyder does transition to MMA eventually

Familiar feelings

l Chuckle

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I wouldn’t want to fart around Junior Dos Santos either.

In case you doubted Paul Felder’s arm was really broken.

Never stop being yourself, Tony Ferguson

This would be fun

Mike Perry and Derek Lewis

@thebeastufc and @platinummikeperry

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Brendan Schaub started the internet on some wild speculation today about who he and Dana White have in common. The smart money is on Joe Rogan.

I tried to be cool. @danawhite #Icandoyourjobyoucantdomine

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The memes coming out of this Dana White-Brendan Schaub spat are admittedly somewhat funny.

#ufc #mma #ithinkyoudbesurprised

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Daniel Cormier is the second-oldest champion in UFC history. Randy Couture, the oldest, was also an Olympic wrestler, also both light heavyweight and heavyweight champion AND fought Brock Lesnar for heavyweight gold. Coincidence?

It is still very cool to me that UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas is a very skilled piano player

Angela Hill is just giving away the UFC’s secret long-term plan for the sport right now

Good Reads

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

When you want to knock someone out without getting your hands dirty. This is incredible.

These debuts were all really good but I think hindsight bias may be in effect here too

First impressions are key. We countdown our Top 5️⃣ UFC Debuts.

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This remains the most blistering front kick knockout I have ever seen

Still my personal favorite Conor McGregor knockout

Just call him left hook Rottang

Sumo: because the basho is back baby

Podcasts and Video

Ivanov has a good ten-fingered guillotine, evidently. Follow MMA Mania on Youtube

The JRE with Israel Adesanya

The best-timed counters in MMA?

Random Land

Me, looking for a headline each night

Hang in there, fam. It’s almost Friday.

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I like ghost gardens almost as much as ghost towns now

This iconic piece of history destruction made me sad

I found a new bird account to follow. The Honey Buzzard really does eat bees.

蜂鷹 Honey Buzzard

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This is satisfying to watch


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Judge Shuts Down Greedy Prosecutor In Nick Diaz Court Case

Longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight veteran, Nick Diaz, was represented by his attorney, Ross Goodman, at today’s (June 26, 2018) court hearing in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Clark County prosecutor lodged a criminal complaint against the Stockton slugger for his involvement in last month’s domestic violence arrest.

In addition, a request was made to increase the former Strikeforce champion’s bail to $ 100,000, because the prosecution believed Diaz — a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter by trade — was a greater risk if forced to pony up anything less.

MMA Junkie reports:

Judge Amy Chelini ultimately refused the request, saying she “can’t fathom” a reason to increase the bail above the standard set by the court. She appeared to agree there were inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story that would need to be proven at trial. She added Diaz shouldn’t be punished based on his occupation.

“I don’t care,” she said. “He’s going to be treated the same way everybody else is.”

Diaz, who maintains his innocence, is expected back in court on July 10.

The incident occurred back on May 24 after Diaz was accused of injuring a female acquaintance. He was arrested and initially charged with felony domestic battery but later released on $ 18,000 bond.

UFC has frozen his contract and will not take any action until the legal process is complete, stressing its code of conduct while also citing the right to due process (read the full statement here).

Stay tuned.

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Iaquinta Shuts Down Dopey UFC Fans Who Snickered At Khabib’s Striking

Respect the Dagestani jab of doom!

Newly-crowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, received heavy criticism for his inability to finish Al Iaquinta in the UFC 223 pay-per-view (PPV) main event earlier this month in Brooklyn, New York.

But one person who won’t shit on “The Eagle” is “Raging Al,” who was outstruck 172-43 in their five-round championship headliner (highlights). In fact, Iaquinta praised Nurmagomedov for his awkward (but accurate) style that made him hard to hit.

From his conversation with MMA Fighting:

“His standup was really good. I felt like I was a step behind him, just from the first two rounds of trying to get up and stay against the cage, he was kind of wearing on me a little bit. So I felt a little behind, but his jab is good. Every time I tried to let so combos go, he’s awkward, he’s got like the Russians — it’s just a different style of boxing. They were saying he’s got his head up. I connect with everybody. … It was hard to get to him. He’s tough, he’s tough. He’s got his own style. He’s awkward. Maybe it doesn’t look like it from the outside, but, he’s definitely, he’s fucking tough man. I knew we had a mutual respect on the standup when it was going back and forth, he was definitely worried about my power shots. But he kept me away with his jab and his movement was a little awkward and good.”

The still-undefeated Nurmagomedov is best known for his unstoppable takedowns and punishing top game, but the Dagestani champion seemed content to bang it out on the feet against a legitimate knockout artist.

Granted, Iaquinta entered the bout on super short notice after both Tony Ferguson and Max Holloway were pulled from the UFC 223 fight card, but he was already scheduled to compete in “The Empire State” and was not coming in cold.

Is it time to give Nurmagomedov more credit for his striking prowess?

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Stipe Miocic shuts down Francis Ngannou in one championship tweet

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight smashing machine, Francis Ngannou, has been the toast of the 265-pound town in the wake of his devastating knockout win over Alistair Overeem at the UFC 218 pay-per-view (PPV) last weekend in Detroit, Michigan.

Relive the violence here.

After beheading “The Reem” and reminding the combat sports world why fighters wear mouthpieces, promotion president Dana White confirmed “The Predator” would get the next heavyweight title shot.

And Ngannou predicts another knockout win.

It seems reigning division kingpin Stipe Miocic (17-2) didn’t get the memo, today tweeting a photo of himself with the championship title. While Ngannou (11-1) may have his eyes on the prize, it’s not his just yet.

No date has been set for their upcoming showdown; however, both parties (along with White) are looking to get contracts signed as soon as possible, a refreshing change from some of the other divisions (like this one).

Stay tuned.

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Tyron Woodley shuts down Rafael dos Anjos’ call for an interim welterweight title

It was a nice try, Rafael. But Tyron Woodley just shut down whatever discussion there was on a 170 pound interim belt.

Say what you will about Tyron Woodley’s recent performances inside the cage, but you can’t deny the guy has been more active than any other UFC champ lately. That’s why it was kinda ridiculous when Rafael dos Anjos called for his fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC on FOX 26 in December to be upgraded into an interim title fight.

First off, it’s October. ‘Out until next year’ isn’t that long. From there, I’ll just let Tyron himself finish things off.

Let’s hope any eventual fight with Woodley goes better for dos Anjos than this recent social media exchange.

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Dana White shuts down ‘morons’ who think UFC peaked following $4 billion sale

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has a long and contentious history with the “morons” in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community.

Especially the fat ones.

But this latest batch really has his manties in a bunch. Probably because of the criticism that stems from the organization’s $ 4 billion sale to WME | IMG last month, one that is expected to change the face of combat sports.

From Bangor Daily News:

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard, ‘Oh my God, the Chuck Liddell era is over, Chuck Liddell is retiring, what’s the UFC going to do? They don’t have stars anymore. Or, ‘Oh my God, the GSP era is over, what are they going to do without GSP?’ Or, ‘Oh my God, the Anderson Silva era is over, what are they going to do without Anderson Silva?’ They say the UFC has peaked — and we just sold it for 4 billion dollars. I can’t read this stuff or listen to these morons who talk about it. They know nothing about the business and they don’t understand how it works. We do.”

I blame the scumbags looking for clicks.

UFC has no shortage of stars at the moment, capitalizing on the drawing power of reigning featherweight champion Conor McGregor. In addition, Ronda Rousey is expected to return later this year.

And let’s not forget about this guy…

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Video: UFC 201′s Tyron Woodley shuts down Stephen Thompson, wants Nick Diaz or Georges St-Pierre instead

It’s widely presumed Stephen Thompson will get first crack at Tyron Woodley’s Welterweight strap after Woodley knocked out Robbie Lawler last night (Sat., July 30, 2016) in Atlanta, Georgia (see it again here).

But that doesn’t mean “Wonderboy” will get his way.

During the post-fight show, Thompson congratulated Woodley for his win and the proceeded to ask him when would be a good date for the two of them to get it on since Woodley escaped the bout unscathed. And much to Stephen’s chagrin, “The Chosen One” shut him down.


“Well I think you said you wanted to fight Robbie Lawler, and now you have the opportunity to fight Robbie Lawler. I think Nick Diaz comes off suspension in two days. He’s a money fight, I’m an ‘OG,” I’ve been in this game for a while and I want to make the big dough. So, if he wants to fight in August with his brother Nate Diaz, I think me and him can showdown at the event. I’m uninjured. August, 202, let’s make that money. I think he deserves it and he puts butts in seats. It’s time to make that payday so let’s go get it.”


However, should Diaz opt to fight that soon, I highly doubt UFC matchmakers will give him that fight seeing as how it’s only three weeks away. Plus, Nick is coming off three straight defeats.

So there’s that.

The bad news for Thompson is that he’s not even second after Diaz on Woodley’s Rolodex, as he stated during the post-fight press conference (video) that if Diaz isn’t available, he wants Georges St-Pierre at UFC 205 in New York this November.

His words via Bleacher Report:

“You know, I want to make some money now, to be honest…This is a sport where we can make cash now, so instead of just saying ‘this person deserves it, he worked his way up the ranks,’ I think Nick Diaz comes out of suspension in 2 days. I would love to fight him at UFC 202, I know his brother is fighting (there)…I would like to give him that opportunity, or I would like to fight Georges St-Pierre in New York City.”

While it’s understandable the new champ wants to start calling the shots, flat out rejecting Thompson — who has won seven n a row including taking out Johny Hendricks and Rory MacDonald — is a rather bold move; especially since Woodley “earned” his shot at the strap after only two wins over Kelvin Gastelum and Dong Hyun Kim.

As for St-Pierre, he’s gearing up for a comeback, and since his desired Middleweight title fight against Michael Bisping likely won’t happen next, he can always try to to reclaim his strap against Woodley.

Sorry, “Wonderboy.”

For complete UFC 201: “Lawler vs Woodley” results, including real-time play-by-play updates, click here.

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Demetrious Johnson Shuts Out Ali Bagautinov, Retains Flyweight Title at UFC 174

Demetrious Johnson keeps 125-pound championship with unanimous decision over Ali Bagautinov in UFC 174 main event.
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UFC 174 results: Ryan Bader shuts down Rafael Cavalcante

Back in the day, Ryan Bader would have been goaded into a firefight with a striker as lethal as Rafael Cavalcante. And he probably would have lost.

But that was the old Bader, and this is the new one. The former Ultimate Fighter winner shut down the former Strikeforce champion in a light heavyweight bout Saturday night at UFC 174.

The judges’ scorecards in Vancouver were 30-27 across the board.

Bader set the tone early by establishing his wrestling. When he scored the takedown, he started working from the top, mixing up ground and pound with violent knees to the body.

This continued for the better part of two rounds, as “Feijao” seemed to have no answer for Bader.

Cavalcante came out in round three looking like he was a fighter who knew he was down 2-0 on the scorecards, and he threw a few big bombs. Bader stayed composed, though, didn’t get suckered into a brawl, and resumed control by the middle of the round.

Bader (17-3) has won three of his past four fights and his 5-2 since his infamous 2011 loss to Tito Ortiz. Cavalcante is 12-5 with a no-contest and has dropped two of his past three.

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UFC 171 results: Myles Jury shuts down Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez did his best to goad Myles Jury into a classic Diego Sanchez-style brawl on Saturday night.

But where the spirit was willing, the body wasn’t able. The undefeated Jury picked the veteran Sanchez apart for 15 minutes at UFC 171, scoring a unanimous decision in their lightweight fight at American Airlines Arena in Dallas. The judges’ scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

“I don’t want to sound cocky, but I beat him so easily,” Jury said. “I’ve been watching Diego for so long, he’s a household name and a warrior and has the biggest heart in the UFC. That was the thing I was most worried about.”

Sanchez did his best to goad Jury into a brawl early, but the 25-year old San Diego resident was having none of it. He was content to counter strike and land big shots. With the round well in hand, Jury added a takedown for emphasis.

Jury landed a huge elbow in round two, which made Sanchez’s already bloody face even bloodier. Sanchez went for a heel hook after the fight hit the ground, to no avail.

The crowd anticipated Sanchez would come out flying for one of his classic finals rounds, but Jury put a damped on things by continuing to methodically pick Sanchez apart until the final horn.

The Alliance MMA product improved to 14-0 on his career; Sanchez (24-7) lost for the third time in four fights.

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