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Raquel Pennington’s Coach Defends Sending Out for Fifth Round

In the main event of UFC 224 on Saturday night, challenger Raquel Pennington gave champ Amanda Nunes everything she had, but it wasn’t even close. Pennington took a beating.

But Pennington is hella resilient, and always has been, so she hung in there. That is, until the fourth round ended, at which point Pennington went back to her corner and informed her coach she was done.

Coach Jason Kutz wasn’t having it. He ignored her, and she went out for the fifth round, took even more of a beating, and was eventually TKO’d.

Many were appalled at Kutz’s seeming lack of compassion for his fighter. Did Pennington really need to take all that extra damage? If she said she was done, then she should’ve been done – right?

Kutz appeared on “The MMA Hour” to defend himself.

“What I’m going to say is, the way she said it, and more importantly, the look in her eye — that’s what I don’t think people understand,” Kutz said. “When you spend four hours a day doing what she does and doing what we do, I know her. I can read her face like a book. And I know that had she stopped [the fight] right then and there, and I’ve talked to her about this afterward — like, ‘Hey, in 10 years when you look back at this, I think you’d be kicking yourself in the pants had you not gone out there.’

“I knew it was going to take an extraordinary effort, because she had to stop Amanda. She had to do something huge, right? Something extra ordinary. And if I didn’t think that Raquel could do something extraordinary, then hey, we would’ve went the other way with it. And the thing is, like I said, the mentality of her at that moment, I just felt if she could somehow flip it around and go out there and do something extraordinary, we got a chance. And you know what? She trained her ass off for a long time to get this title shot, and in the fifth round of the title fight, I know her leg hurts, but hey, I thought that she could go out there and go.”

What do you think? Should Pennington’s coach have thrown in the towel before Round 5?

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UFC Suggesting Fighters and Coaches Purchase Fight Pass Instead of Sending Fight Tapes

Cheap Shot

We all know UFC is on the hunt for economy. After the WME-IMG’s 4 billion dollar purchase of the promotion from the Fertitta brothers things have been a bit tight to say the least.  We’ve seen a myriad of “big money” fights and interim titles to garner interest in the casual fan. However there are some amenities a professional sports organization MUST provide, and tape of the rival individual/ team the athlete is facing is one of them.

In a recent twitter post Brandon Gibson (coach at JacksonWinkMMA) let the social media community know that the UFC will no longer be providing coaches and fighters with fight tape and want fight team to purchase UFC fight pass instead in order to study their opponents.

While we all love UFC fight pass, professionals who are in the sport need tape to properly prepare their fighters. Tape provides things like slow motion, the ease of rewind, and other tools fight camps need to adequately study the competition. Now coaches will either have to DVR and edit or hire someone to do it for them.

The UFC use to provide zip drive links to download which lead Brandon Gibson and the Jackson Wink fight team to 3 of the top 10 knockouts of 2016, so we’d like to think they know what they’re talking about.

The question you have to ask yourself is do the ends justify the means? Do a couple of thousand dollars justify making it harder for coaches to prepare their fighters for quality fights? You would think as a business the UFC would want to put out the highest quality product for the least amount of give. The most return for your invest. If you’re viewing it from that sense then this latest move is a real head scratcher. Is the promotion really bleeding that bad?

Hit us up in the comments section below on your views of the latest UFC changes. Should the fighters and coaches just get over it or is this just a little ridiculous.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov told Dana White to stop sending him ‘fake’ contracts

NEW YORK – Khabib Nurmagomedov talks about his submission win over Michael Johnson at UFC 205, his chances of getting a shot at the lightweight title, Conor McGregor, and much more.

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Team Alpha Male sending coach to corner T.J. Dillashaw, Dominick Cruz accuses them of manufactured feud

Maybe it’s not a wild conspiracy theory.

Last week on a UFC Fight Night 81 conference call Dominick Cruz accused T.J. Dillashaw of faking his nasty public divorce with Team Alpha Male in order to generate hype and press for both.

“He’s still one of them. He’s still a jock, still a meathead,” said Cruz last week. “He’s still not that bright and he’s still uses a lot of the fundamentals those guys use. That’s what built him up into this sport so he’s going to have a lot of those things. He’s got new technicques from Ludwig. Ludwig’s helped him move along and fix some techniques with his kickboxing and stuff but it’s still an Alpha Male guy in my eyes.”

While Dillashaw didn’t directly address the accusation, he alluded to “firing” Urijah Faber and moving to Colorado to work with a whole new team.

However, FOX Sports is reporting that Faber will be rooting for Dillashaw in the fight, and to ensure he wins he’s even sending Team Alpha Male member and UFC veteran Justin Buchholz to be in his corner.

“We’re actually sending out Justin Buchholz in [Dillashaw's] corner to help make sure the job gets done,” Faber said. “If you look at it from a pure financial standpoint, that’s a fight people want to see and that’s the reality of things. He came from diapers to a world championship under our banner.”

This will be the last time that Alpha Male helps out Dillashaw though, if you believe Faber.

As for Dillashaw, he doesn’t see Buchholz as being cageside on fight night.

“I bet Justin will probably play neutral and not be in anybody’s corner, probably not try to help out,” Dillashaw told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. “Just for his own better being and wanting to stay friends with everyone, I’d imagine. We haven’t really talked about it, I guess we’ll worry about that when we get there, but that’s probably the way I see it.”

Alpha Male has a long standing feud with Cruz, who defeated Faber once (and lost once) and holds two wins over Joseph Benavidez. After defeating Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178 he called out the members of the “Team Alpha Fails”.

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Tito Ortiz: We’re sending the wrong message by allowing TRT use in MMA

Jul. 7, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Tito Ortiz celebrates following his fight against Forrest Griffin during a light heavyweight bout in UFC 148 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Ortiz retired following his loss. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) newly minted Hall of Famer, Tito Ortiz, is done fighting in the Octagon, finishing his career in combat sports with a loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 7, 2012.

He may be done exchanging leather in the cage, but he’s taken up a new fight, and it’s something that he’s very passionate about.

After losing to Griffin, it became public that Forrest had been granted an exemption by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It was something that not many people knew about heading into the fight.

No one, including Tito:

“Yes, that’s correct. I feel bad. This sport’s gonna so far in such a short amount of time. I hope this doesn’t become an epidemic, you know? What type of message are we trying to send to the youths that are watching our sport? If you’re doing performance enhancing drugs, this is the same thing we’ve been trying to stop from happening. All of a sudden, in the last six months, it’s legal to do?”

Hear what else Ortiz had to say, during an interview with “Inside MMA,” plus catch the video of the whole thing, after the break:

Tito continued to talk about his feelings regarding the use of TRT in mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as how he felt about Griffin’s shenanigans after they fought:

“You’re allowed to be six times over an average? You’re gonna be six times over a normal person? Let’s play on an even field. I mean, since day one that I’ve been competing, I’ve always been on an even field. Why, all of a sudden, can a fighter be higher, six times the amount of an average person? I think we’re sending the wrong message out to fans and to the kids who wanna be UFC fighters and mixed martial arts fighters. If they’re not able to compete on an even field, now they’re able to use some kind of supplement to enhance them to become on a higher level. They’re able to push themselves, able to recover faster, able to push themselves harder during the fight. Now, what happens to their mind? What happens to their body? Now I look at it, I look at the way Forrest reacted after the fight, now I know why he reacted the way he did. So, it’s just too bad that this epidemic is starting to happen.”

For Ortiz, he feels like it comes down to setting a good example for the kids and the fighters who haven’t made it to the big show, yet.

He has no intention of returning to the sport. He’s done for good, but he still carries a torch for keeping the sport clean:

“No, not at all. The only reason I’m on the show right now is that we need to bring it to our attention before it gets out of control, before our kids start paying attention and looking up to us role models, as fighters. I’ve been trying so hard to make this sport acceptable throughout the world. I think Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have done an awesome job with the UFC by making this happen. So, this is something that has to nipped in the bud, right off the bat, and not let people like Forrest get away with things like this, and other fighters, doing the same thing, too.”

Ortiz went on to state that a large part of the reason he retired was his lack of ability to compete and recover the way that he did when he was younger.

He also feared that he would no longer be able to stay on the same playing field with guys who he knew were using supplements to help them perform at a higher level:

“It’s probably 80-percent of the reason. If we were allowed to do it, back in our day, Bas, you’d still be fighting. You’d probably still be the world champ. But, at the same time, I’ve been through some major surgeries. If I was able to use this type of therapy, maybe I’d still be fighting. Maybe I’d still be doing it. But I think it’s an easy way out. It’s a weakness. It’s an excuse. If I can’t fight on an even field with the rest of the fighters, yes it is time to step out, step away, and I’ve done that, because my body’s not able to recover as fast as it did before.”

“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” still had a bit more to say about Griffin’s antics after the fight at UFC 148. He also put the tin foil hat on and explored some conspiracy theories while he was at it:

“It’s crazy. It’s the first time I’ve seen in UFC history where the president had to go chase the guy down to tell him to get back into the cage. Was it pre-meditated? How did Dana know the ending of the fight? I didn’t understand that. I’ve never seen anybody chase anybody down to get them back in the cage, and then step in and literally step over his tongue by stepping in for my interview. Joe Rogan was supposed to do his job. I look at it and — i’m just happy with my performance. I fought my butt off. I fought as hard as I possibly could. I was happy with my performance. I came up a little bit short. Personally, I thought I won. I watched the fight over and over again. I turned the audio off, so I didn’t listen to the commentating on the fight, in general. I thought I won. My fans thought I won. I just came back from the Fan Expo in San Jose, and there’s not one fan that didn’t come up to me and say they thought I won. It is what it is, but I think this is beyond that. I’m a little passed this now. I just wanna make sure for the younger fighters that are up-and-coming, that the kids that watch us as role models, in the sport of mixed martial arts, that they’re not looking for the negative stuff that other athletes are using to enhance their performance.”

Check out the video of Tito’s interview with “Inside MMA,” right here: