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Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg Off UFC 223, Courtesy of McGregor Rampage

More fallout from Conor McGregor’s rampage yesterday, and it’s the worst kind: injured innocent bystanders.

As passengers in the van whose windows McGregor and company smashed, UFC 223 competitors Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg were showered with broken glass.

Well, Chiesa suffered facial lacerations that have knocked him off the card, and Borg suffered corneal abrasions from getting glass fragments in his eyes. That means the bout between Chiesa and Anthony Pettis is off, and the bout between Borg and Brandon Moreno is off.

Add to that the scrapped fight between Artem Lobov and Alex Caceres, and now UFC 223’s card is just ten fights.

Thanks, Conor.

Here’s the UFC’s statement:

Thursday afternoon, following the UFC 223 media day at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, an incident in the facility injured two athletes on Saturday’s card, forcing them to be pulled from the event.

Lightweight Michael Chiesa, who received several facial cuts, was deemed unfit to fight by the New York State Athletic Commission and the UFC medical team, and he was removed from his bout against Anthony Pettis.

Flyweight Ray Borg, who was scheduled to face Brandon Moreno, was deemed unfit to fight as well due to multiple corneal abrasions.

Also removed from the card was the featherweight bout between Artem Lobov and Alex Caceres due to Lobov’s involvement in the incident.

UFC 223 will proceed as scheduled with 10 bouts. Moving to the Pay-Per-View main card is the featherweight bout between Zabit Magomedsharipov and Kyle Bochniak.

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‘Rampage Vs. Silva 4’ Reportedly Coming To Brazil

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans may never get to see “Liddell vs. Ortiz 3”, but they may, in fact, get the next best thing. And it, too, is a battle between two legends of the sport.

MMA Junkie (via Gazeta Do Povo) reports that Bellator MMA is working on a historic fourth match between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva, with Silva stating that the match would take place at Arena da Baixada in his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil.

When asked for his comment on the match up, Bellator President Scott Coker said he was unsure which weight class it would be in. Based on Rampage’s recent fights, though, one could assume it would be either a Catchweight or Heavyweight tilt. Coker also said a date and venue have not yet been chosen.

The rivalry between Silva and Jackson started in 2003 at the finals of the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix, when Silva scored a technical knockout via knees in the first round. Silva got the better of him in similar fashion almost one year later at PRIDE 28, but “Rampage” finally got his revenge at UFC 92 and cashed in a ”Knockout of the Night” bonus in the process.

What’s in store when they finally meet for a fourth time? Fireworks!

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Bellator 192 Salaries: Sonnen, ‘Rampage’ Both Pull Down $300K Flat; MacDonald, Lima Earn $100K

Even if Quinton “Rampage” Jackson never pays up on his side bet over whether or not Chael Sonnen could take him down, both men are $ 300,000 richer after Bellator 192.
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Bellator 192 Salaries: Sonnen, ‘Rampage’ Both Pull Down $300K Flat; MacDonald, Lima Earn $100K

Even if Quinton “Rampage” Jackson never pays up on his side bet over whether or not Chael Sonnen could take him down, both men are $ 300,000 richer after Bellator 192.
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Bellator 192 Salaries: Sonnen, ‘Rampage’ Both Pull Down $300K Flat; MacDonald, Lima Earn $100K

Even if Quinton “Rampage” Jackson never pays up on his side bet over whether or not Chael Sonnen could take him down, both men are $ 300,000 richer after Bellator 192.
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Rampage Jackson vs Chael Sonnen staredown video from Bellator 192 weigh ins

Bellator MMA is less than 24 hours away from its Bellator 192: “Rampage vs. Sonnen” mixed martial arts (MMA) event on Paramount Network (formerly Spike) and CMT, locked and loaded for this Saturday night (Jan. 20, 2018) inside The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Prior to this weekend’s big show, which also features “Prelims” bouts on ParamountNetwork.com, the promotion sent all 38 fighters to the scale for the official Bellator 192 weigh ins.

Crunch the numbers here.

Of course, no weigh-in event is complete without the corresponding staredowns, and Bellator 192 is no exception. Watch Quinton “Rampage” Jackson come nose-to-nose with Heavyweight opponent Chael Sonnen, along with all the other fighters, in the embedded video player above.

MMAmania.com will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire Bellator 192 fight card on fight night (click here), starting with the ParamountNetwork.com “Prelims” matches at 7 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 9 p.m. ET, live on Paramount Network and CMT.

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Sonnen vs. ‘Rampage’ Promoted to Bellator 192 Headliner over Lima vs. MacDonald Title Fight

Bellator MMA has opted for name recognition when choosing an official headliner for its debut on the Paramount Network.
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Bellator 192: ‘Old school’ Rampage Jackson is not terribly excited to fight wrestling-minded Chael Sonnen

Bellator 192: “Lima vs. MacDonald” comes to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. on Jan. 20, 2018. The first Bellator show of the year is a “tent pole” event for Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) that will see Welterweight champion Douglas Lima defend his title against Rory MacDonald in the main event of the evening.

That fantastic match up will also be joined by the first bout of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, featuring two brash former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars, Quinton Jackson and Chael Sonnen. The good news for both “Rampage” and “The American Gangster” is that neither man has to watch his weight or his mouth for the big fight.

Jackson and Sonnen recently participated in a conference call to promote their fight and the upcoming event. And given their mutual propensity for verbal tirades, the discourse was surprisingly non-combative.

The call opened with talk of a viral video where Jackson said he’d pay Sonnen $ 10,000 each time he was taken down, with Sonnen claiming he’d get nine takedowns and pocket $ 90,000 in response. Jackson was asked if he’ll get the same money in return.

“That wasn’t part of the deal for me to take him down to get my $ 10,000. Chael’s supposed to come back with something for me to bet so I can benefit from it, but he said he had to check with his WIIIIIFE.”

Jackson was asked for his prediction on how the bout is going to go on fight night.

“It ain’t no secret. Chael’s gonna definitely try to take me down. You know, I’m gonna try my best to stay on my feet and throw them hands. It’s no secret, it’s no secret. Everybody knows what type of fight it’s going to be.”

Sonnen was asked to further explain this proposed bet between the two of them.

“Yeah, people think that’s a joke, man. I didn’t know how to take it, either. Rampage is a man of honor, we shook, I think we’ve got a bet here so … you know, I told him I can’t pay him anything. He said, ‘I want $ 500 for every jab that I land.’ I said ‘Rampage, I’m married, I’m a married man, I can’t go around making $ 500 bets.’ Now I can’t make a bet, I’ve got to go get clearance. As a man of honor I am not involved with that (bet). I am not part of that. Chael P. is purely here to collect.”

Sonnen then gave his prediction of what the style of their fight would be.

“I’ll tell you I do agree with Rampage, I’ve got to take him down, he’s got to stand up. I’ve got one way to win, that’s to be on top of him and annoy him for 15 minutes. He’s got one way to win that’s to put me to sleep. I’ve taken a lot of people down, he’s put a lot of people to sleep. This one isn’t rocket science.”

Sonnen was asked what his ideal weight would be for the Heavyweight Grand Prix.

“I’d like to be 214. I was 221 this morning. I was 224 a week ago so I’m headed in the right direction, but I have a goal of getting to 214. It’s always been tough. You know it’s been tough. I’ve never had to lose weight at any point in my life, I’ve never tried to diet for weight loss, aside from having to make a weight contractually. So that was always the force of discipline that I had in place and I don’t have that this time. It’s taken an extra element which I have found some struggles with. It’s very hard when you’re hungry and laying in bed at night to not eat something when you can, but to answer your question … 214.”

Jackson is asked what his ideal weight for the fight with Sonnen would be.

“I want to weigh 210, but that’s not going to happen! (laughter)”

Jackson was then asked what kind of fights he wants to have going forward.

“I don’t care who I fight, but I’d like to fight guys who don’t mind standing up and fighting. I just fought a wrestler my last fight. I’d like to fight guys who like to fight. You just heard Chael say he’s got to hold me down for 15 minutes. Why would I be excited about a guy who’s going to hold me down for 15? Honestly, I don’t care — it’s a tournament you got to fight everybody. If I’m going to be excited it’s going to be somebody who makes it an exciting fight. I’m old school. I’m one of a dying breed.”

Jackson was asked if he has any animosity with Sonnen.

“I don’t have any problem with Chael right now. Only problem that I got is that he’s in my way and I’m trying to get that Heavyweight belt. Nothing personal.”

Sonnen was asked if he can fight Jackson without beef between them.

“In fighting we’ve found that we need a little animosity. This is different, it’s a tournament. This is the way the Olympics does it, the NFL does it, the NCAA does it. It’s a straight line bracket like every other sport out there.”

Sonnen was asked if he would stay to defend the title if he wins the Grand Prix.

“I definitely would not go anywhere else or use that as a negotiating tool, I’m completely loyal to Bellator, but I really believe that you’ve got to defend it. I don’t think anybody should go out on top. Aside (from GSP) and Lennox Lewis I can’t think of anybody who goes out on top. I don’t want to leave anything on the table. If I’ve got one more good bad or indifferent, I’m going to take it.”

Sonnen claimed that Jackson is underrated when it comes to his verbal skills.

“I’ve seen all of Rampage’s matches. People always ask me who’s the better talker — you or Conor? I always say they’re leaving one name out — Rampage.”

Sonnen was asked if it bothers him to play second fiddle to Rory MacDonald.

“I love it. My ego is greatly affected any time I’m not the main event, and co-main event is exactly where I belong on this card. GSP doesn’t hand out compliments and he says Rory MacDonald if not being the best Welterweight in the world is the second best to him. You can go on and on about this guy, and with that said he’s not our champion — Douglas Lima is! He’s got incredible hands, he’s huge, he should be a Middleweight, but he’s a man of honor he honors the contract. If anything comes of this night it should be that if Lima gets over Rory we should finally give him his due.”

Sonnen was asked if he can remember an incident with Jackson that Michael Bisping broke up.

“It’s just heat that goes back a long time and I really can’t remember and Rampage was such a gentleman two weeks ago we had to start this over. Dana offered us coaching spots on The Ultimate Fighter and it just never came around. I don’t remember the history. I was in Chicago and we were socializing and I got into it with some guy and it turned out to be Rampage’s brother and things just escalated and ultimately Bisping had to get in and break the whole thing up. I’m jumping around on the story, but I’ve got you 90 percent there.”

Sonnen was asked if he’d talk trash just to get something started between them.

“I got out to L.A. about 10-12 days ago and Rampage was such a nice guy I don’t know what to say. If I don’t see it, I won’t say it. I won’t make something up to sell a fight. Fortunately, we’re in a bracketed format where animosity has nothing to do with it. I’ll leave it where it lies.”

Finally, Sonnen was asked if he sees a path to victory through the tournament.

“I play the bracket through 10 times a day every single day. I like to be distracted, I like to have something else to look forward to, but looking past Rampage is a risky game. I’m interested in Mir and Fedor, I feel that could go both ways, I’m not one of those guys that writes Fedor off. I don’t want to fight Mo because we go back to college days and I’d rather not fight him, but he does his best work against those bigger guys, so I think he’s a likely guy to advance. I think Mitrione is the real No. 1 guy if there wasn’t a tournament, he’s also the Vegas favorite, but I think Rampage and I got lucky in that we’re first. It’s about who can hold up. That’s why they have to have alternates. I can promise we’ll walk out there no matter how we feel, but I can’t say that for sure about the other guys. If nothing else we have the most time to recover.”

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Midnight Mania! Chael Sonnen and Rampage Jackson face off… cordially

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Quinton Jackson says he’s not “Rampage”… not just yet.

That will come closer to fight day. This early face-off with Chael Sonnen was, therefore, very cordial.

The pair are scheduled to kick off the Bellator MMA World Grand Prix, their heavyweight tourney, at Bellator 192 on January 20th. The event will be headlined by a welterweight title clash between Rory Macdonald and Douglas Lima.

When asked about how he and Rampage matched up, along with all the other matchups of the tournament, Sonnen claimed they had “heat” that goes way back:

Rampage and I have heat that goes way back. Last time we were together, we had to be separated in a hotel lobby in Arizona. I always thought that match could happen, but I thought it was impossible because he was going back to the UFC. Contractually, I’m not privy to how that worked out, but I’m happy it did. What other reason is there to fight than two guys want to?

However, tonight, when asked if they “saw something” in each other’s eyes, both men concurred it was too early for all that.

R: It’s too far out.

S: I’m waitin’ for him to turn, man. I’m waitin for him. It’s comin’.

R: you won’t see Rampage until the cage close.

C: Until the chains? Necklace Rampage, apparently a nice guy. Chain Rampage is who I gotta watch out for.

R: I’m Quinton! I’m not even Rampage, I’m Quinton.

The question is, will you still buy what they will be selling? UFC 220, with Francis Ngannou vs. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier vs. Volkan Oezdemir, is set for the same night. It looks as though MMA fans will have a wealth of options January 20th.


Maybe its the kid or his party life keeping him up at night, but Conor McGregor looks tired here.

Good night beautiful world I love you ❤️

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This is about a useful as any other martial arts drill that starts out drills with stepping punches.

Why would they think attacking this guy was a good idea??

Not the first time Floyd Mayweather has spent time hanging out with Russian tyrant and human rights violator Ramzan Kadyrov.

I Was Over In Russia Discussing Boxing With My Family @kadyrov_95 My Guy Is A Real One!! #Boxing #TMTRussia

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Stipe Miocic got on Joe Rogan’s podcast today and riffed about defending his UFC championship belt, whether he would give up firefighting or cagefighting first, and whether Ngannou intimidates him.

Thanks @joerogan for having me on JRE today while I was in town! #AndStill

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Okay, I’ll give it away: he wouldn’t give up firefighting.

This is incredibly cool: K-1 champion Takeru drills with two-time bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw

Not ever day we get to see the @UFC Champ do sparring drills with a K-1 Champ @tjdillashaw @k1takeru

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Really cool MMA art by Chris Rini

I do appreciate MMA art, even unintentional MMA art:

The town of Babylon officially appreciates Dennis Bermudez

Today is the 2nd Annual #InternationalDennisBermudezDay !!! #December13 How are you going to spend your day ?

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Robbie Lawler is a hitter

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Will we see Final Round Robbie Lawler this weekend? Or Rafael Dos Anjos the destroyer.

Could we get something like this?

Probably not this… I had never seen this before!

This knockout is so clean

Mike Perry got KOed in a boxing match

He’s also been scoring knockouts since the beginning

Mike Perry on the mic is… unmistakable, to say the least.

Misha Cirkunov is an incredibly strong submission grappler

He can strike too

Podcasts and Video

Andrew and Andrew break down Rafael dos Anjos’ pressure footwork. Follow MMA Mania on Youtube for more!

Flyin Brian J breaks down the bout:

Here’s that interview with Rogan and Stipe

Rafael Dos Anjos on fighting Robbie Lawler:

Random Land

I hope this is real

I like this picture

i really hope this eagle sees snow in the future. #eagleeyes #prayforsnow

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Rampage Jackson signs exclusive multi-fight contract with Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA has put ink to paper to keep one of its biggest names in the fold.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has only lost one of his last six fights, that one coming in a rematch against Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal at Bellator 175 in March, but that didn’t dismay the promotion whatsoever. Four of those five wins came in Bellator, and that’s very much where it would like him to stay.

And a press release confirms that after “extensive” negotiations with Jackson’s manager Tiki Ghosn at Arsenal Sports Agency, Jackson has renewed with Bellator for a multi-fight deal. Jackson himself had this to say about his new contract:

“I am excited for this new beginning and looking forward to an action-packed 2018. I can’t wait to get back in the cage and put on exciting fights for both the ‘Rampage’ and Bellator fans.”

Bellator President Scott Coker was also pleased with the result of their extensive negotiations with the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion:

“With ‘Rampage’ Jackson, you know what you’re going to get every time he steps inside the Bellator cage – an exciting fight and interest from fans all over the world. I knew that keeping ‘Rampage’ with Bellator was integral to our continued growth as a promotion and I’m pleased that we were able to come to an agreement.”

Undoubtedly, viewers and fight fans of Bellator MMA are, too. Jackson’s current record stands at 37-12 with 16 wins by knockout and seven by submission.

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