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‘Lionheart’ Vows To Drill Hole Through ‘Piece Of S–t’ Rockhold

It’s safe to say that Anthony Smith is not a fan of Luke Rockhold. If he is, he sure has a weird way of showing it.

While Smith and Rockhold have actually never fought inside of the Octagon, their feud is quickly boiling over outside of it. “Lionheart” certainly hasn’t been innocent in his verbal exchanges with the former UFC middleweight champion, but Rockhold ultimately struck the first blow late last year when discussing Smith’s abilities at light heavyweight.

“Anthony Smith, yeah. I mean, what, (Thiago) Santos came up just recently too. These guys, I’m just not impressed,” Rockhold told Submission Radio back in December. “They’re a little sloppy in so many ways and I see openings and I’m ready to move up. I mean, the rest of the division, there’s a couple of good guys up there, but I don’t see much. I’m ready to come up and I’m ready to shut it down. [Smith] looked like sh-t. He didn’t look good in his last fight. I’m not gonna say… he looked like a bum, truthfully.”

Since those comments were made, Smith has gone on to lose to current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in his first ever UFC title shot back in March and Rockhold has announced his official move up to 205 pounds. Now that they are in the same weight class and seem to be lining themselves up for a potential showdown inside of the Octagon, Smith is turning the heat up.

“That guys a f—king piece of sh-t,” said Smith during UFC’s seasonal press conference early Friday (video replay HERE). “F—k Luke Rockhold. The first opportunity I get, I’m gonna drill a hole through Luke Rockhold’s f—king face. I promise you guys that.”

Smith, who would gladly scrap with Rockhold inside of a Walmart, is currently scheduled to fight former title challenger Alexander Gustafsson this June at UFC on ESPN+ 10. Even though a win over Gustafsson could put “Lionheart” one more win away from a rematch with Jones he’s willing to cast that aside for a grudge match with Rockhold.

“The first opportunity I get after this fight [with Gustafsson],” Smith said when asked when he’d like to fight Rockhold. “It doesn’t matter what happens. I’ll fight Luke Rockhold with one f—king leg. I’m going to beat that dude’s f—king ass.”

Rockhold, who is coming off a disappointing knockout loss to Yoel Romero back at UFC 221 last year, is currently slated to make his 205-pound debut opposite divisional staple Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 this July, which is an event expected to be headlined by a Jon Jones vs. Thiago Santos title fight. Should Rockhold get past Blachowicz and back into the UFC win column it would make complete sense for the promotion to book the grudge match with Smith.

Of course, a loss for either man would likely cancel out a potential clash inside of the cage.

What say you, Maniacs? Is Smith vs. Rockhold a matchup you want to see at 205 pounds? Who has the early advantage?

Sound off!

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‘Wonderboy’ Wants A Piece Of ‘Ruthless’ Robbie

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight No. 1 contender, Stephen Thompson, has been eliminated from the 170-pound title chase after suffering a unanimous decision loss to Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 130 back in May.

But “Wonderboy” isn’t going to sit home and cry in his Cheerios about the controversy surrounding his Liverpool loss. Instead, he’s going to find someone “Ruthless” enough to get him back into the welterweight title hunt.

“With Robbie Lawler, he’s coming off a knee injury,” Thompson told MMA Junkie. “I was just thinking, ‘Robbie Lawler’s out for a little bit. I might be out for a little bit. Let’s call for Robbie Lawler and maybe the timing will be fairly right.’ Hopefully we can fight each other.”

Thompson (14-3-1) jumped out to an electric 13-1 start to his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, but after battling to a five-round draw against Tyron Woodley at UFC 205 in New York, “Wonderboy” is just 1-2, all of which were decisions.

Lawler (28-12, 1 NC), meanwhile, was creamed by “The Chosen One” at UFC 201 in Atlanta, and has appeared just twice in the aftermath, splitting a pair of decisions against Donald Cerrone (W) and Rafael dos Anjos (L).

Thompson vs. Lawler … who wants it?

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Couture Believes McGregor Should Get Bigger Piece Of UFC Pie

With limited star power to satisfy high expectations in revenue and pay-per-view (PPV) sales, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) needs Conor McGregor back in the Octagon.

McGregor, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily need UFC, especially after scoring an eye-popping payday opposite boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. this past summer. But just because McGregor doesn’t need to return to UFC to add to his already growing Irish bank account doesn’t mean “Notorious” shouldn’t come back to solidify his legacy in mixed martial arts (MMA).

All signs point to McGregor stepping back inside of the cage later this year, but the 29-year-old businessman is going to need considerable compensation to do so. While UFC is unlikely to grant McGregor his wish of receiving equity in the promotion, the organization will most likely open up its wallet more than ever before.

According to former UFC champion and all-around MMA personality Randy Couture, McGregor deserves every penny he gets. As a fighter who brings more to the table than any man or woman before him, including this sport-jumping star, McGregor holds the sort of leverage than you simply can’t ignore.

“[Conor McGregor]’s the poster child for why we need the amendment for Mixed Martial Arts,” Couture said during a recent interview with Submission Radio (shown above). “It will be interesting to see if he comes back to MMA. There’s been a lot of rumors and a lot of talk. Has he been stripped of both his titles? Is he gonna come back and fight again? What’s gonna happen? Who’s he gonna fight? And the big question, what’s he gonna get paid after just getting paid 100 million dollars for a boxing match, even though it was just an exhibition and not for a title? What’s he gonna get paid the next time that he comes back and fights in MMA under the UFC moniker? Why would he expect to get paid any less than he got for boxing? I can guarantee you they are not gonna give him that kind of money. So again, why? What’s the difference? Where is the flaw here?”

As the biggest star in combat sports today, McGregor holds a lot of power in his hands. But as a fighter looking to secure his own financial future and get his hands on multiple opportunities inside and out of the cage, the Irishman hasn’t utilized his notoriety and promotional pull to help out other fighters (yet).

“It’s all these things that I’ve been talking about with regards to why we need to be protected by the federal legislation,” said Couture. “There needs to be transparency in our sport. The exclusive contracts need to be eliminated. We shouldn’t be coerced into giving away all these things in order to be ranked and fight for a title. I should be able to know how much money is made off of any show that I fight in, so I can negotiate for my share of that, my portion of that. So if I’m Conor McGregor, he probably feels like he deserves a bigger piece, and certainly 15 percent of it or 17 percent of it as he’s the guy putting butts in seats and having people sell pay-per-views. So all those things get brought into question by what Conor’s done so far. We would love to obviously have him involved and testify or be involved in pushing the Ali Act through. He’s aware of us, but so far he’s been very focused on his own deal and doing his own deal. So it will be interesting to see how that shakes out for him.”

While there are a ton of questions surrounding McGregor’s potential return to MMA, the current UFC lightweight champion has made it known that he wants to continue his fighting career. When McGregor comes back to UFC he’s going to have the ability to pull more strings than ever before, so it will be interesting to see how that leverage is used and what it changes for fighters that come after him.

With only a few fights left, McGregor will have limited time to set new trends as a star capable of digging deeper into UFC’s pockets. But considering the lightweight king has increased his earnings every step of the way, we’d be crazy to think “Notorous” won’t push the envelope in his ongoing contract negotiations.

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Midnight Mania! Dana White warns Anthony Pettis that his new Mercedes is a ‘piece of sh*t’

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight …

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

There was a time when Anthony Paul Pettis was the golden boy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. With the well-earned nickname “Showtime” and the shiny lightweight title belt around his waist, Pettis seemed like the future. All that was not to last; Pettis hit a sudden and steep decline, losing his belt to a dominant Rafael Dos Anjos. Once the holes in his game had been exposed, it seemed everyone found a way to exploit them; he lost three straight and dropped to featherweight. He managed to pull out a win there, and somehow cartwheel kicked his way to an interim title shot at 145. Then he missed weight, and Max Holloway finished him in brutal fashion. During this time, he also experienced a lot of car trouble: he had several cars torched and carjacked. After a couple old ladies fought the carjackers and tipped off the police, the criminals were finally caught.

Since then, he’s moved back up to lightweight and beaten Jim Miller, getting his errant career back on track. Apparently he still has money to burn, too. His last win netted him $ 180,000; he decided to get his car situation back on course too, so he dropped some of that cash on a new set of wheels: a luxury Mercedes G-Wagon.

A post shared by Anthony Pettis (@showtimepettis) on

UFC President Dana White was, however, less than impressed with Pettis’ purchase. He said he himself purchased the G-Wagon … and returned it after two days.

I hate to be Debbie downer but I Had mine for 2 days and returned it. They are pieces of shit kid. There are 1,000 cars/trucks u can buy that are less money and much better.

What do you think of Dana White’s comment? Was that candid advice welcome, or was it uncalled for?


ATT strength and conditioning coach Phil Daru finished up Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s camp with these powerful-looking drills. I talked to Phil about Joanna’s conditioning on my podcast, the MMA Outsiders. Listen on SoundCloud as well as iTunes and Stitcher, on the official MMA Mania channel! Joanna comes up around the 1:08 mark.

It’s not all hard work, though. Camp involves fun in the sun, too:

Enjoying life | Ciesząc się życiem #thestrawweightqueen #joannachampion #joannajedrzejczyk #floridalife #enjoyinglife

A post shared by Joanna Jedrzejczyk (@joannajedrzejczyk) on

Is this the last we have seen of Artem Lobov?

Machida’s finest hour. Can he replicate this kind of performance at 39 against Derek Brunson?

Ian McCall is talking shit again now that he got his release from UFC.

#herecometheinstacoaches is a great hashtag. I just like the body work.

I agree, UFC heavyweight Chase Sherman.

This is an undefeated bantamweight fighter known as Mark “The Bumblebee” De La Rosa out of Forth Worth, Texas. And I’m not sure at all what he’s doing here.

Rampage continues the online quest to protect his girl from Nick Diaz.

This shit killed me

A post shared by Quinton Jackson (@rampage4real) on

Bob Arum’s comments on UFC being a monopoly (and now a desperate one) aren’t without self-interest, but he does make a legitimate point about low UFC fighter pay:

Josh Thomson, whose old American Kickboxing Academy friend Jon Fitch is currently in an anti-trust lawsuit against UFC, agrees.

I’ll believe Holly wants this fight when they step into the Octagon. To be fair, the UFC should pay up for anyone willing to step in the Octagon with Cyborg Justino.

This is horrific: A woman is knocked out cold on the sidewalk and all people do is take pictures and video of her. Black Mirror isn’t fiction any more.

Ronda Rousey plays video games, too:

Had a blast playing the new #assassinscreedorigins on #Xboxonex for #xboxlivesessions yesterday!

A post shared by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on

McGregor is on top of the world (as usual) for Halloween.

Happy Halloween kids. Stay fresh

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Before we get to knockouts, enjoy some Demian Maia!

And some stretching, always necessary before an athletic endeavor.

Alright, knockouts:

This body shot shut him down entirely:

That Aaron Pico knockout was awesome, but the truly scary one is at the end, because it resulted in a fractured skull:

Podcasts and Video

Alright, you know I’ve got to put it here: One last chance to hear Andrew Richardson’s technical analysis on The MMA Outsiders podcast:

Just a note: If anyone has something to advertise to a niche MMA audience, we are currently looking for sponsors.

Machida-Brunson predictions with Flyin’ Brian J:

Watch Lyoto Machida work out in sunglasses (for some reason) and the Brazilian fans chant death at Colby Covington:

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Quick Hits

Random Land

Eat your heart out, Sage Northcutt:

So this was very funny, and more than a little disturbing …

Some things are too cute to not post here.

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Edson Barboza Wants a Piece of Khabib Nurmagomedov

The center of the lightweight fighter universe is Conor McGregor, who, via fame and fortune, has attained all the qualities of a gigantic burning mass of nuclear reactions, and everyone else simply floats around him in an orbit that they can only hope brings them closer and closer to his flames. Tony Ferguson? He’s the […]

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Chuck Liddell unloads on ‘piece of sh*t’ Tito Ortiz over social media

Well, that escalated fast.

What started as a simple photo op between former UFC light heavyweight champions and longtime rivals Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz has escalated into a war of words over social media.

First, the photo, which Liddell posted to his Instagram over the weekend:

Why not?

A post shared by Chuck Liddell (@chuckliddell) on

Sunday, Ortiz attempted to troll Liddell on Twitter, saying “I don’t need the money” and offering to give him a loan.

Monday, Liddell went ballistic, saying telling Ortiz that while “I heard you changed for the better,” that he must be “still the same piece of shit I’ve punked on numerous occasions.”

“We took the pic as requested by the media,” Liddell wrote. “You knew I was going to post it, u posed for it. I heard you changed for the better but with your lack of class and character i knew it was impossible. Some encouraged me to give you a shot saying Amber changed u. Judging from your tweet you’re still the same piece of sh*t I’ve punked on numerous occasions. Now we know who the real trash was, you can’t blame @jennacantlose any more. Man up! Now let me borrow some money b*tch, where should we meet up I need it soon!”

The Liddell-Ortiz rivalry was critical to helping fuel the Zuffa-era MMA boom. Liddell won their first fight via second-round knockout at UFC 47. Their rematch, at UFC 66, was at the time far and away the biggest event in UFC history, drawing the company’s first $ 5M gate and first million-buy-PPV. Liddell won that one via TKO in the fourth round, successfully defending the 205-pound belt.

Ortiz, for his part, has retired twice, most recently after his win over Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 in January. Liddell retired to a UFC front office job following his UFC 115 loss to Rich Franklin in 2010, which was his fourth KO loss in his last six fights.

But with Liddell being cut from his UFC job late last year, speculation has run rampant on a potential return. Scott Coker, CEO of Bellator, which would seem the most likely landing spot for such a fight, recently indicated the company would talk to both Liddell and Matt Hughes, also let go by the UFC, when the time was right.

Ortiz has yet to respond to Liddell’s latest comments.

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Tito Ortiz: If UFC won’t give me piece of ownership, they won’t give it to Conor McGregor, either

There is a reason Tito Ortiz is in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hall of fame.

The former light heavyweight champion, who now competes for Bellator MMA on Spike TV, helped give the promotion one of its earliest (and most entertaining) feuds opposite fellow legends Ken Shamrock and Chuck Liddell.

That helped pave the way for future trash talkers, like Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor, though “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” is not convinced the latter will be getting a slice of that UFC cheddar.

No matter how badly he wants it.

“Shit, if they’re not giving me a piece, they’re not gonna give him a piece,” Ortiz told TMZ. “Congratulations to Mark Wahlberg, he invested in a great company… that I helped build.”

WME | IMG, which now owns UFC, has been selling off chunks of ownership to its celebrity clients.

McGregor has been campaigning for ownership in UFC, probably because he’s raking in umpteen millions for the Las Vegas-based fight promotion (more on that here). Whether or not he actually gets some, remains to be seen.

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Conor McGregor Wants to Own a Piece of the UFC – Does He Deserve It?

In an alternate reality, the UFC 205 card’s main event was Tyron Woodley versus Stephen Thompson, and the when the decision was announced, the assembled audience for the promotion’s first foray into Madison Square Garden rushed to the exits so they could catch the next train home. Instead, we got Conor McGregor – superstar elite […]

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Conor McGregor Wants to Own a Piece of the UFC – Does He Deserve It?

In an alternate reality, the UFC 205 card’s main event was Tyron Woodley versus Stephen Thompson, and the when the decision was announced, the assembled audience for the promotion’s first foray into Madison Square Garden rushed to the exits so they could catch the next train home. Instead, we got Conor McGregor – superstar elite […]

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Conor McGregor Wants to Own a Piece of the UFC – Does He Deserve It?

In an alternate reality, the UFC 205 card’s main event was Tyron Woodley versus Stephen Thompson, and the when the decision was announced, the assembled audience for the promotion’s first foray into Madison Square Garden rushed to the exits so they could catch the next train home. Instead, we got Conor McGregor – superstar elite […]

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