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Insurance Doesn’t Cover ‘Stupid French People’ Like GSP

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who also held (and surrendered) gold in the middleweight division, is showing mixed martial arts (MMA) fans his humorous side in this latest Instragram video.

Which might be the funniest wheelchair joke since Seinfeld’s “The Handicap Spot.”

“I’m with my friend Spencer and I wanna try his wheelchair,” St-Pierre said in the above video. “I want to take a drive with his wheelchair but he doesn’t want to let me drive!”

Probably because he’s afraid of “Rush” getting abducted by aliens.

“That’s correct,” Spencer responded. “Because my insurance doesn’t cover stupid French people.”

St-Pierre (26-2), who turned 37 back in May, has been battling health problems after ballooning up to 185 pounds. In fact, “Rush” is so happy to be shedding the extra skin, he’s actually contemplating a “bitch” drop to the lightweight division.

Where the winner of this fight would undoubtedly fulfill that “legacy” requirement.

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Midnight Mania! Why Didn’t People Watch Gaethje vs. Poirier?

Bringing you weird and wild from the worlds of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The UFC’s Fox numbers are… not doing well. Despite excellent in-cage action, headlined by the all-time classic war Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier put on for the fans, not that many fans watched. This isn’t down to Poirier or Gaethje, though: It’s part of a long slow decline in UFC on Fox viewership. With so many events, and so few mainstream stars, the numbers have been trending downward for quite some time now, as outlined by Jason Cruz of MMAPayout.com.

Bellator aren’t doing any better either, as their numbers also came in absolutely awful despite featuring their premiere lightweight mainstay, Michael Chandler, choking out Brandon Girtz in the main event. They have also seen their viewership decline steadily in 2018.

While divining the cause is a subject for a much longer article, one likely suspect are decisions the UFC has made to water down their brand by putting on so many events and simultaneously not investing a whole lot in putting over individual fighters. John Nash found an interesting econometric study that found the impact of stars on Pay-Per-View sales, which have also seen their floor trending downwards in recent years. The star power of the fighter mattered a lot more than the UFC name.


Mike Goldberg trying to do Michael Chandler’s workout was among the funniest things I saw today.

Rory MacDonald is down for some cross-promotional violence with KSW’s champions.

Santiago Ponzinibbio is the poster child for giving it all up in pursuit of doing what he loves, cage fighting.

UFC lightweight fighter Damien Brown makes a legitimate point.

Georges St. Pierre with one of three things that excite him in life (women, dinosaurs, and the violence of the Octagon.)

Alex Gustafsson with the compound bow.

Going live with @alexthemauler and he’s not fucking around! http://joerogan.live

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Francis Ngannou going back to the sand village where his roots are reminded me just how unusual and amazing his backstory really is.

I’ll be unpopular and say I can see Marvin Vettori’s position that he might have done more in the first round of his fight with Israel Adesanya.

Justin Gaethje remains an animal and I hope his remaining five UFC fights are all wins.

Amen, and amen.

And the congregation said AMEN #mma #ufc #ufcglendale #mmamemes #ufcmemes

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Julie Kedzie has a point. Gaethje and Poirier ought to be making millions of dollars for this. They should be set for life.

It’s far too soon for this volatile a matchup. I sense a trilogy incoming between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

Sean O’Malley lighting one up in honor of the GOAT, Nathan Diaz.

spark that shit at least, @sugaseanmma #UFCGlendale

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Herb Dean, such a character.

Tony Ferguson’s leg looks even worse than Dustin Poirier’s.

Congrats to Mrs. Cowboy.

Mama Bear

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Al Iaquinta had another angle on all that McGregor vs. bus nonsense.

This picture and caption are both a work of art.

Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.

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I wish I was this good at anything, but especially boxing.

Some wild Alex Oliveira facts.

Zabit Magomedsharipov and Sean O’Malley are a sparring session I want to be a fly on the wall for.

Derrick Lewis’ homie, the other Black Beast.

The Homie #theblackbeast

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The Other Dana White

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Cutting weight is unhealthy, and I know this… but I’m still mad they didn’t let Max Holloway fight Khabib.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips and such

Brad Tavares called out Michael Bisping after this win, but Bisping of course was having none of that.

Heavyweight MMA, where 265 pounds and your imagination are the only limits.

Dead, D E D dead.

Tenshin Nasukawa, remember the name.

Matt Brown would naturally appreciate this gem of a hellbow.

Some wacky stuff happens in long pants fighting.

Today in classroom fighting, timing the perfect takedown.

Today in street fights: How to take down a cop and doubtless get yourself arrested.

Don’t hold your breath

My big question is, when will Stipe Miocic put his fireman’s training into practice and hit this throw?

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Super cool exercise to try at home. Eat your heart out, Israel Adesanya.

LOADED HIP MOBILITY WITH 100 and 320LB STONE…BUT LET’S GET THE JOKES OUT OF THE WAY!!! I should wait till humpday to post this but it’s too funny…”He’s humping/getting off on/screwing a rock!”…”He’s finally lost it!”…”That’s a whole new meaning to getting your rocks off!”…are we done? I’m sure we’re not. I’m sure there’s a hundred jokes that’ll be made over this video but I’m not afraid to look silly to teach you a legitimate training theory. And I hope you laughed! We don’t laugh enough!! Mobility under load is a whole other animal than simple Mobility. The stone was just an easy way to try it out and demonstrate it and it’s more comfortable and practical to do with a stone or sandbag than a barbell. In fact I tried it and it’s practically impossible to do with a barbell because of the length and the whip created by the shifting hip movements. If you’re paying attention and have stop spitting out your coffee and laughing you can see that I’m moving my hips side to side, undulating, circles, up and down, Figure 8 while under load and maintaining the tension at the top of two different hip Bridges. Stronger more mobile hips especially under load are healthier happier hips. And yes it actually will make you better at sex (happy strong hips equal better sex) but that’s another story I’ll tell soon… Someday I’ll tell you the story about when Noah said I was pole dancing for Confederate money… Make sure you laugh!!! And join #NoahsArmy and become a #blooddonor and #organdonor … And listen a guy crazy enough to hump a rock helping his wife run a charity…..it ain’t no normal charitable foundation… We’ll come hunt you down to make you do the right thing!!!! #funny #mobility #loadedmobilty #glutes #glutebridge #hipsdontlie #happyhips #stonelifting #stoplowerbackpain #bettersex #oldtimestrongman #strongman #yoga #chigong #tantric #brutalyoga

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In this episode of Black Mirror, the police are becoming frighteningly good at catching people who use drugs and putting them in jail.

You should read this amazing, forgotten story about the commercial seaplane that flew the other way around the world, from New Zealand to New York after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

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With Surgery Looming, Tyron Woodley Says ‘I’ve Beat All the Tough People’ at Welterweight

With no big money fights coming his way in the near future, Tyron Woodley is officially opting for shoulder surgery.
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With Surgery Looming, Tyron Woodley Says ‘I’ve Beat All the Tough People’ at Welterweight

With no big money fights coming his way in the near future, Tyron Woodley is officially opting for shoulder surgery.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

With Surgery Looming, Tyron Woodley Says ‘I’ve Beat All the Tough People’ at Welterweight

With no big money fights coming his way in the near future, Tyron Woodley is officially opting for shoulder surgery.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

With Surgery Looming, Tyron Woodley Says ‘I’ve Beat All the Tough People’ at Welterweight

With no big money fights coming his way in the near future, Tyron Woodley is officially opting for shoulder surgery.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

With Surgery Looming, Tyron Woodley Says ‘I’ve Beat All the Tough People’ at Welterweight

With no big money fights coming his way in the near future, Tyron Woodley is officially opting for shoulder surgery.
Recent News on Sherdog.com

Midnight Mania! Cormier says Jones is facing death sentence – ‘To expect people to understand anymore is ridiculous’

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight …

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Daniel Cormier opened up on FS1’s “UFC Tonight” program on the future of his rival, Jon Jones. With their UFC 214 bout now officially a no contest, Cormier is champion once more. But what is Jones looking at, and does he deserve the benefit of any doubt at this point? Cormier really doesn’t think so (via press release):

“USADA is being very straight line, saying ‘due process.’ But the reality is you can’t fail a drug test,” Cormier said. “You can pass a hundred tests; you cannot fail one. And they’re saying we have to wait for the due process, but what are we waiting for? … You cannot test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. It’s unfair. I’m very upset about it.”

Cormier has a right to be upset. He faced a juiced up Jon Jones, and will likely never get to test his own legacy and ability against a clean rival. For most fans, Jones is the “real champion”, albiet now with a cloud of doubt surrounding him. Cormier doesn’t get the full benefit “undisputed” champs are supposed to have, and with a possible four-year ban for Jones, he may never get that chance. In Cormier’s mind, Jon has committed career suicide.

“He has to fight this. This is a death sentence. If this does what it says it can be, it’s a death sentence.”

He also doesn’t buy any excuses Jones may try to employ. In Cormier’s mind, if Jones didn’t want the consequences, he shouldn’t have failed a drug test… twice.

“This is a very expensive drug, something that could not be easily found in a supplement,” Cormier said. “I’ve been in the USADA program for 12 years. I’ve never had these issues. If it was a mistake the first time, you’ve got to be more careful. Especially with all the scrutiny that was on him coming back from a suspension, you’ve got to be cautious and careful. To expect people to understand anymore is just ridiculous.”


This is an amazing fight. Poirier and Pettis will make beautiful fireworks together.

Mike Perry faces a replacement fight on short notice, Alex Reyes.

Cathal Pendred has built a solid career for himself as an actor, and I’m happy he no longer needs to get punched in the head to make a good living.

How not to “UFC” in a street fight.

In a discussion on how rarely towels are thrown in during MMA fights, Jackson-Winklejohn striking coach Brandon Gibson weighed in with a burn of Diego Brandao.

Of course Jon Jones’ manager thinks this.

I’m surprised too. I hope Ray Borg can cut it this time…

I love this.

McGregor enjoying the boat life

Rousey is proud of her friend despite the WWE loss

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Watch until the end. This is a fantastic finish

How to start a fight

Anyone else excited for GGG-Canelo yet?

I had never seen this.

Podcasts and Video

The Golovkin-Canelo press conference

Heavy Hands

The Promotional Malpractice Live Chat

GSP on his comeback and Luke Rockhold for some reason

This was a great fight up until that awful spinning kick Weidman threw.

Random Land

Remember that scene in Parks and Rec where Tom cries and asks if a work of art is supposed to make him feel things? Well, I didn’t do that over this painting, but I do like it. Maybe I just miss autumn.

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Conor McGregor Named One of World’s 100 Most Influential People by Time

Conor McGregor’s impact on the combat sports world is undeniable, and the UFC’s most prominent star continues to receive recognition for his work.
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Conor McGregor makes Time 100 list of most influential people

Even when he isn’t competing, Conor McGregor continues to rack up the accolades. McGregor, the reigning UFC lightweight champion, was awarded a spot on this year’s Time 100, Time’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, which was released Thursday.

A passage written by actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger called McGregor not only “more than a fighter, more than an athlete, more than a champion,” but also “the rare personality who has become bigger than his sport.”

“From the first time I met Conor,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “I knew he wasn’t the type of star you could box into one category. Since I’ve gotten to know him, I can tell you that what you see on the screen — the now familiar face of mixed martial arts — just scratches the surface. The Dublin native is razor-sharp, disciplined and charismatic. His energy is absolutely contagious, to the point where you almost start shouting in an Irish accent after 30 seconds of hearing that world-famous mouth.

“Conor has a fire in his belly that can’t be quenched with championship belts. There are no brakes that can stop his engine.”

In his record-breaking 2016 campaign, McGregor, 28, became the first simultaneous two-division UFC champion when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez to seize the lightweight title at UFC 205, the UFC’s inaugural visit to New York and Madison Square Garden. McGregor also headlined three of the five highest-selling UFC pay-per-views of all-time in 2016, with his UFC 202 rematch against Nate Diaz slotting in as the top-selling pay-per-view in UFC history, according to estimates.

By making the Time 100, McGregor joins the likes of ex-UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, who made the list in 2016 with a passage penned by Tina Fey.

The occasion highlights an already busy week for the UFC lightweight champion, whose potential boxing match against Floyd Mayweather appears to be inching closer to fruition. On Wednesday, UFC president Dana White stated on The Herd that he expects to finalize a deal with McGregor in “the next couple of days” for the Mayweather contest, and that the Irishman could earn an estimated $ 75 million purse for the blockbuster cross-sport bout that pits two of the biggest draws in combat sports’ history against one another.

“One of the things that we’ve done and the reason we’ve built this brand the way that we have is, we always bring people the fights they want to see,” White said. “There’s no doubt that people want to see this fight, and it’s all anybody ever asks me about, so I’m going to do my best to see if I can get this thing done. I’m not saying I can, but we’re trying to.”

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