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Cormier And Jones Get Personal Over ‘Positive’ UFC 232 Drug Test

The MMA world is still reeling from the Christmas anti-miracle that is UFC 232 getting moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles over an ‘abnormal’ Jon Jones drug test. Specifically, a December USADA urine test that found 60 picograms of oral Turinabol metabolite in Jones’ system, an amount that USADA and the UFC both agree is probably from his initial drug test failure in July of 2017.

But wait … the metabolite didn’t show up in several other Jones drug tests? And it shows up again now, a year and a half later? Is everyone really 100% sure that points to a tiny amount still hanging around? The skeptical side of me wonders whether this is all just poorly done micro-dosing. Add in Jones’ suspicious T/E levels in 2015 and off brand Viagra excuse in 2016 and I’m starting to doubt Jon’s pretty convincing “I’m just a f**k up” line.

Whatever the case, Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson will still go down, just at the Forum in Inglewood instead of the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

Fans who booked up a Vegas vacation with the intent of attending UFC 232 are pissed. Also unhappy? Daniel Cormier, whose legacy is forever tied to Jon Jones and his many screw ups. “DC” responded to the situation shortly after it was revealed, panning USADA and thanking the Nevada commission for not moving forward with the fight.

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That last Instagram post caught Jones’ attention, and things quickly got personal. Here’s what he wrote to Cormier in the comments before quickly deleting the message:

Yep, in case you thought things had changed in the last ten minutes, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier still don’t like each other.

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Midnight Mania! Why Is Shevchenko Picking Cyborg Over Nunes?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Valentina Shevchenko has shared the cage with Amanda Nunes twice, in Nunes’ most competitive bouts of her championship run. She fell just short in her UFC debut against Nunes and again in a bantamweight title match. Now a champion in her own natural weight class, flyweight, after defeating former strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 231, she has some thoughts on how Cris Cyborg matches up with her former foe. As a training partner of Cyborg, she is far from a neutral observer, but also offers unique insight into both fighters’ capabilities. Via MMAJunkie.com:

“Cris has an advantage in her endurance – a very huge advantage, because she’s training like a fanatic,” Shevchenko said. “And most important, she’s not tiring.

“In the morning, she runs marathons, and after marathons, she comes to training and does her work hitting pads and sparring. She doesn’t get tired. She has the power to move forward. So in this fight, I will support Cris.”

Nunes is currently a 2-1 underdog to Cyborg, closer odds than any previous Cyborg bout, including Holly Holm, who was a little more than a 3-1 underdog against the defending featherweight champion. Cyborg herself feels her pressure and pace will break Nunes, who brings the most firepower of any challenger to face the legendary Cyborg. Cris has said this will be her last fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Will ‘the Lioness’ unseat Cyborg from her championship throne?


Max Holloway is the man.

This will be fun. The sense of anticipation that Alexander Gustafsson is finally getting his rematch with Jon Jones is palpable.

This tweet by Conor McGregor made me chuckle

The man is clearly back in training

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McGregor’s constant Proper 12 shoutouts on Twitter are just about as appealing as this picture.

That’s quite the throw

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Some classic MMA throws, trips and takedowns

The one time Israel Adesanya got knocked out was from this hook

This is Demetrious Johnson’s next opponent

Hideo Tokoro is evidently an extremely exciting fighter I didn’t know anything about.

Random Land

This is how life feels sometimes

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Michael Bisping Reflects on ‘Big’ Victory over Anderson Silva, Silva’s ‘Cheap’ Knee Strike

Recently retired Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion Michael Bisping can look back on a career full of accomplishments, but he is happy to name one that he finds especially gratifying.
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Anderson Silva: UFC Promised Middleweight Title Shot with Win Over Israel Adesanya

Booking a 43-year-old Anderson Silva against rising star Israel Adesanya seemed like a cruel bit of matchmaking from the UFC, but it seems that there was an added incentive for “The Spider” to accept the bout.
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White Rips ‘Cokehead Junkie’ Over Fighter Pay

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, already knew that a third fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz would be a bona fide disaster, which is why he refused to entertain the idea after it first came to light back in early 2017.

Former boxer-turned-mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter, Oscar de la Hoya, did not share the same outlook on the future of “The Iceman.” In fact, when starting Golden Boy MMA, De La Hoya insisted it would correct the mistakes UFC made with its fighters.

Starting with a little more money and a lot more respect.

On the surface, it doesn’t appear he accomplished either goal. Several combatants were paid outrageously low purses for their participation in last weekend’s event in California, while others were so far down the totem pole, De La Hoya couldn’t even name them.

“Oscar fucking De La Hoya says, ‘Oh, come over to Golden Boy where we respect the fighters and it makes me sick what these fighters were paid’ and all this shit,” White told the UFC Unfiltered podcast (via MMA Fighting). “Out of 14 fights on the card, five bouts were amateur fights. Which means he didn’t pay them jack shit, right? What the fuck are you talking about you cokehead junkie? Some of the guys on the card made $ 1,000 and $ 1,000. And he respects the fighters so much, he couldn’t remember their fucking names at the press conference.”

UFC pay has been a touchy subject for White and Co. over the last few years, to the point where fighters brought the matter before the courts. In addition, the promotion has come under fire for the way it disrespects its champions.

That sent a handful of combatants to the competition. Not just for Scott Coker and Bellator MMA (sample here and here), but also to ONE Championship in Singapore, which has emerged as a new player in the fight game (leading to this).

No telling if Golden Boy MMA will make its return to cage fighting now that Liddell has been knocked out (watch the replay here), but if and when it does, rest assured White will have something to say about it.

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Tito Ortiz Addresses Criticism Over Chuck Liddell Fight: ‘He Called Me Out’

The trilogy bout between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell drew plenty of criticism throughout the MMA community, particularly because Liddell was eight years removed from his last professional appearance.
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Chris Weidman Claims He Will Receive Title Shot with Win Over ‘Jacare’ at UFC 230

Chris Weidman could be one step away from a UFC middleweight title shot.
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White: GSP Needs Win Over Contender For Khabib Title Shot

Not even the ex-pay-per-view “King” has that kind of clout.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who also held gold at 185 pounds before taking another retirement hiatus from mixed martial arts (MMA), does not have the luxury of just showing up and demanding a lightweight title shot.

That’s according to promotion president Dana White, who probably feels like he got burned by “Rush” when the French-Canadian phenom captured the middleweight crown, then handed it back in when guys like Yoel Romero were looking for a title shot.

Shame me once, and all that jazz.

“How does Georges St-Pierre jump over all the guys fighting in that division to face Khabib (Nurmagomedov)?” White told ESPN. “Just because all of a sudden he wants to come out and fight this guy — he doesn’t get to do that. If Georges St-Pierre is serious, listen, I’ll give you a fight with one of these guys in the top five. If you win, you’ll be in position for a title shot. We don’t even know if Georges St-Pierre can make 155 pounds. You know what I mean?”

We know what happened the last time he jumped weight classes.

It’s tough to say when Nurmagomedov will fight next. “The Eagle” is expected to serve a disciplinary suspension for his role in the UFC 229 post-fight brawl, which could leave him on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time.

Aside from that, it would be very difficult to leapfrog Tony Ferguson, who is the winner of 11 straight and a legitimate threat to the Dagestani’s crown. Though all things considered, that would afford St-Pierre enough time to fight a top contender.

I hear this guy is looking for a new opponent.

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Midnight Mania! Chael Admits Heartbreak Over Loss to Fedor

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Chael Sonnen has lost many times inside the Octagon. On the MMA Hour, via MMAFighting.com, he explained that the pain doesn’t go away- but at least his teeth are still intact.

“Physically, everything hurts,” said Sonnen. “[Emelianenko] hit me with a missile about five-seconds in. That one still hurts a little bit. But other than that, I am doing well…My teeth are okay. If I had one wish going into a fight, aside from serious injury, it’s that I won’t lose a tooth. I had that same wish since I started this when I was 19 years old. But, yes they are all intact.

“Emotionally, I get heartbroken about these things. From a competitive standpoint, I have dedicated my whole life to this since I was nine years old and I would have started earlier if my dad would have let me. He wouldn’t let me start until I was nine. It hurts. It hurts really bad that you don’t get those moments back.”

Sonnen got knocked down and ragdolled repeatedly by Fedor, and kept getting up and moving forward, until Fedor unleashed some particularly brutal ground and pound that turned Sonnen fetal. For Chael, it’s getting back up after a defeat like he just suffered, that defines the word ‘fighter’ to him.

“I’ve had these feelings before,” said Sonnen. “I am convinced, in my interpretation, this is what it means to be a fighter. Somewhere over time that word became corrupted. It became about the punches and the kicks. But I’ve always believed it’s feeling like I’m feeling right now and getting out of bed anyway and facing the media and getting back on it. So now I have to be a fighter. I prefer to be a winner, I prefer to be on top of the world and looking down on everybody else. But today I’ve got to fight.”

He elaborated on his gameplan further, explaining what went wrong. He also said this is the first time in his career he’s been outstruck, which seems incredible.

“I’ve fought 49 guys, well I guess 50 counting Fedor, and I’ve never been outstruck,” said Sonnen. “Not one single time have I lost the stand up part of a fight. I can’t that anymore. This is first stand up I’ve ever lost. I didn’t think he was fast enough to catch me. I thought I’d be too quick. So I was going across and distract him with some punches and get into a clinch or get into a double-leg and make it a wrestling match. I wanted to have my hands on him at all times. I was ready for some of those throws Sambo throws, I was ready for them to go against me, I was ready for him to succeed with those throws and have to scramble on the mat.

“It wasn’t like a real sophisticated gameplan as much as it was just pressure-based. I just wanted to fight him. I wanted to be on him and wanted him to have to respond. But I also thought I could take his shots. I still didn’t see those punches. They were so fast and I was so impressed. In spite of hanging my head here today, I have to give him his credit. He earned it. I’ve got to credit his sped and his power, they were very difficult for me.”

Sonnen concluded that his future will hopefully not be at heavyweight. Physically, he can compete more effectively there.

“When I get a phone call and they have an idea, I say yes,” said Sonnen. “But ideally, I liked to go back to light heavyweight. I had a really hard time in both of my heavyweights getting to some of the positions I wanted to be in. So I think physically, it’s a little better for me at light heavyweight.”


Okay… I really like the UFC 230 poster.

Dana White gets annoyed at fake news, which always elicits a sense of irony.

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This story is Number 1 BULLSHIT.

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Amanda Nunes compares her relationship with partner Nina Ansaroff to two red pandas play-fighting in the snow.

Holly Holm

Swords crossed…

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Very cool for Robert Whittaker

This is wild

Piers Morgan had a grumpy old man take on Daniel Craig carrying his baby in a pouch and UFC featherweight prospect Alexander Volkanovski had to set him straight.

Fedor Emelianenko wore one too:

Unintentional spinning backfist TKO

Dillon Danis comparing himself to Jesus was just one more moment beyond jumping the shark.

Now we know what kind of ink you need to impress Mark Hunt

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Now that’s a nice back piece

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Angela Hill practicing her spinning technique

Slips, Rips, and Calf Crushers

The guard of death

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Herbert Burns calf crusher

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Holy shit

Mark Hunt has been in some wars

I got some good fights from this question

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Coker Shortchanges 50 Cent Over ‘Garbage’ Offer For Khabib

If he can’t do it; homie, it can’t be done.

Bellator MMA President Scott Coker has no problem scooping up disgruntled UFC fighters, already collecting the likes of Gegard Mousasi and Ryan Bader, among others, but it appears the former Strikeforce head cheese is not in the “Eagle” business.

Sorry, Fitty.

After Khabib Nurmagomedov threatened to quit the promotion (over this), rapper and newly-christened Bellator broski 50 Cent offered $ 2 million to have the UFC lightweight champion abandon ship and join the rank-and-file over at Viacom.

“He called me yesterday and he said, ‘Hey, what’s going on with this?’” Coker said at the Bellator 208 press conference (via MMA Junkie). “I said, ‘Well, the commission’s involved. There’s a lot of steps to that whole situation.’ I told him, ‘Hey, let’s just stay clear of it because that has nothing to do with Bellator, it has to do with the commission and the fighter and the league.’ So that’s their business.”

Not that it would have made a difference.

That’s because Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abedaziz, told TMZ that he’s not going to entertain a “garbage” offer for $ 2 million — the amount being held by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for his UFC 229 post-fight brawl — because “The Eagle” is worth 25-times that amount.

“For $ 2 million, [that won’t even] open a Coca-Cola bottle for Khabib,” Abdelaziz said. “Khabib makes a lot of money. If we talk about $ 50 million and up, we can talk. But $ 2 million? This is garbage.”

If Nurmagomedov is going to make that kind of coin, then he better hope Floyd Mayweather was serious when he said this. If not, it make take that Conor McGregor match at Cowboys Stadium to get into double digits.

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