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Paul Felder Only Needed One Lung to Beat James Vick

Paul Felder needed only one lung to defeat James Vick by decision in the co-main event of UFC on ESPN on Saturday night. Although, to be fair, Felder started the fight off with two fully functioning lungs.

Reminding us yet again that, even though his cageside commentary is stellar, he actually knows how to fight, Felder was simply the more technical, sharper fighter in the Octagon. But even those technical, sharp fighters take body blows that mess them up.

As per ESPN:

UFC lightweight Paul Felder suffered a collapsed lung in the closing minutes of his fight against James Vick last night in Phoenix, his manager Brian Butler told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

Doctors believe the lung was punctured when he took a shot to the ribs at the end of the third round. He is being held an extra day at a local Phoenix hospital for observation, Butler said.

Look, being able to finish a fight with a collapsed lung is insane. But Felder is the man.

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Colby Covington Addresses Rumors of Usman Matchup: Tyron Woodley Is The Only Person I’m Fighting

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship interim welterweight champ Colby Covington says he is open to fighting undisputed champion Tyron Woodley at UFC 233 on Jan. 26 — if Woodley will accept the fight.
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Anderson Silva: Georges St. Pierre Only Takes The Easy Fights

Anderson Silva recognizes Georges St. Pierre as a fellow all-time great, but he does not hesitate to point out what he feels is the major difference between them.
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Midnight Mania! Adesanya Is Anderson’s Clone, Only Better

Bringing you that weird and wild from the world of MMA as always

Welcome, Midnight Maniacs!

Israel Adesanya dropped some verbal bombs today on Anderson Silva today, revealing that he had initially been reluctant to fight his hero, but now that the fight is booked, he is looking to assume Silva’s mantle of greatness- “I’ll take the torch by force if I have to.”

He also said that he’s been studying Silva his entire career, and claimed he knows Silva better than the Spider knows himself. Silva famously said that his ideal opponent would be a clone of himself. Adesanya is saying he is that clone- but better.

Adesanya, “The Last Stylebender”, is in many ways the spiritual successor to “The Spider”. Silva was for years known as the best striker in mixed martial arts, looking nigh untouchable during his 16-fight unbeaten streak, including 10 title defenses as middleweight champion. Adesanya, 75-5-1 in kickboxing, brings a truly elite track record to mixed martial arts, a record he has backed up by going 4-0 in his first year with the company. His latest win was a highlight-reel KO of Derek Brunson at UFC 230, leaving him one fight from a title shot.

This will most likely be the last opportunity to see these two striking savants in a cage together. Anderson Silva is not who he was at the height of his powers. Does the old Jedi master still have a few last tricks up his sleeve? Or will the young lion be too much for him?


Will this be the scene at UFC 234?

This interview with Jon Jones is truly fascinating, a man who boldly proclaims his innocence in the face of evidence, while touting Lance Armstrong as the example of USADA’s legitimacy. He truly is one of a kind.

Jon Jones and former training partner and foe Rashad Evans traded words on Twitter over the weekend. Jones claims that any theory saying he normally juices, but was clean for the Ovince St. Preux fight makes no sense because he was bigger for that fight than any before it… but being big isn’t what all steroids do. A lot of PEDs, like the ones Lance Armstrong took, help with endurance, which Jones was having some issues with in that bout.

What in the world is going on at Combate Americas?

Daniel Cormier really enjoys sparring day

Sometimes stuff is just impressive

This was by far the funniest part of the weekend. These officials evidently had no idea Tito digs the grave after his wins.

This made most of us kinda sad, even if we knew it was coming.

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Chuck still celebrated like a champion though

This guy was living his best life and so was his human.

Mickey Rourke just looks rough these days.

When a soccer player turns to MMA:

Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

There are worse fighting gimics

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He neckotiated a solid contract

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Sadly, Jean Pascal did not succeed this weekend.

Eryk Anders has been doing tape study

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Stay sucka free #okiedoke

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These are fun. A lot of your favorite fighters looked weird as kids

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Can you recognize them all? Via @Southpaw_MMA_

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Frank Shamrock fan art

Curtis Blaydes is going to keep the same energy off a loss as he had on his win streak. He will surely be back.

Michael Bisping told Anderson Silva to get over himself.

He won, but let’s listen in to one last Tito Ortiz clip that makes zero sense:

Kevin Holland also had a great sophomore win at middleweight, his first UFC victory after a fun but losing debut against Thiago Santos.

Louis Smolka had a great win back in the UFC- he knows his motivation.

I didn’t know this. “add oil” is kind of a cool idiom.

There is a lot of fighting happening this weekend.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

In some Lethwei rulesets, they don’t end a fight at a knockout. Sometimes they give a fighter a two-minute timeout. It sounds like a great recipe for secondary concussions, but Lethwei is crazy like that.

The smile beforehand

Kevin Holland is the fun action fighter middleweight needs

Houston’s own Alex Morono is doing our local scene proud

When Overeem was UBEREEM

Great combination

One of my favorite knockouts

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Midnight Mania! Only Dana White ‘Cared’ About Khabib-McGregor Brawl

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight …

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Dana White said the melee after UFC 229, which saw Khabib leap into the crowd like an eagle to attack McGregor’s grappling coach Dillon Danis — after he tapped McGregor- was a big deal, but no one seemed to care except him. Transcript via For The Win:

For me personally, all the work I put that I put into this the last 20 years of my life… I didn’t want to see it go down like that. I was upset about it. I was the only one. The rest of the world could care less.

For me, it was just our biggest moment, the most people watching ever, and that’s just not who we are. And it’s not even who Khabib is. He said many time after the fight that he went crazy after the fight and it happens sometimes. This is the fight business.

But yeah, I was the most upset guy on the planet after that fight. Nobody else cared.

There were, in fact, a wide range of reactions after the melee, some of which condemned Khabib, some of which pointed to the lack of consequence McGregor had faced for throwing a dolly through a bus window, which was at least as serious an attack. McGregor himself, who threw punches and was attacked in the cage by Khabib’s teammates, declined to press charges.

White also addressed who he thought should be next for Khabib (Tony Ferguson, let’s try it again for the first time!) and his perception that Derrick Lewis’ last-second knockout and personality turned him into a huge star at the historic event. He also praised Cormier and said fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth from the Lewis-Cormier fight, as well as gave his thoughts on Nate Diaz.


Time for a little game of who does it better- Conor McGregor’s erstwhile movement coach Ido Portal, or absolute madman Tony Ferguson?

Derrick Lewis truly is a remarkable man.

Two of the best strikers in women’s MMA are training together- sparring sessions between Cris Cyborg and Valentina Shevchenko would be fascinating to watch.

This sounds almost as interesting as Renato Moicano vs. Chad Mendes, which had been the rumored bout. Mirsad Bektic is a powerful wrestler and a legitimate prospect in his own right.

This little mongoose chasing several lions made my day.

As someone in the comments on Instagram pointed out, did Gina Carano just repost the Jerry Bruckheimer logo?

Some thoughts on Artem Lobov, the GOAT.

He got back up… but that’s a concussion.

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That’s a stiff right

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Lyoto Machida being a cool dad

Dustin Poirier’s experience with fans confirms what we already know: some of y’all earn the title, Maniacs.

The Lakers’ player landed a nice left hand but in my heart I know Houston would have won if it wasn’t instantly broken up.

Renato Laranja doesn’t make it in Midnight Mania often, but this was just too good, because extreme pole dancing does look like something Tony Ferguson would try on a dare.

Jose Aldo was hanging with my favorite player circa Konami’s Winning Eleven 9: Kaka, who somehow was also a Ballon D’Or winner in 2007.

Conor McGregor was very impressed with Ireland’s own Katie Taylor.

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Ireland’s Katie Taylor

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I saw this clip right after watching ‘Blade’ and it’s amazing how well the impossible fighting scenes blended with gorillas flying at each other.

You can’t blame Derrick Lewis for saying whatever comes into his brain to the media. Some of these questions are boring.

Never mind the caption, why does Anderson Silva look like an amnesiac Jason Bourne washed up on the beach here?

As Joe Rogan commented, maybe subliminally she wanted to punch him in the face. Maybe not. Either way, it’s funny.

Nothing to see here, just Mike Perry posting a video of people riding whale sharks

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Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Check uppercut!


The Hangman

The more traditional check hook


The jump-off-the-cage superman punch

LFA brings the fighting

Down he goes. Bareknuckle boxing is the best boxing ruleset (even if it doesn’t host the best boxers)


Sometimes it’s as simple as ‘get in his face and punch him till he falls over’


That is impressive from Josh Emmett. I’m not sure how this guy survived four knockdowns though, so I’m not sure which to be more impressed by.

Random Land

Best correction on Twitter goes to Sean Astin

Weird game but impressive skill

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UFC 229 Primer: Guess What? Conor and Khabib Aren’t the Only Fighters on the Card!

Combat sports superstar Conor McGregor and lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov are clashing at tonight’s UFC 229. And of course, because it’s Conor, the entire world is tuning in and thinking about that main event. But guess what? There are other fighters on the card, too! Crazy, right?

The co-main event pits former lightweight champ Anthony Pettis against former interim champ (and TUF winner) Tony Ferguson. That’s… actually a pretty amazing match-up. Both men are elite members of the 155-pound weight class, and could conceivably be facing McGregor or Nurmagomedov in the future. Heck, Ferguson was supposed to take on Nurmagomedov about two dozen times, but the fight always fell apart for some reason or another.

There’s also a stellar heavyweight bout between Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov on the card. Volkov has won four times in four trips to the Octagon, and has taken out the likes of Fabricio Werdum, Stefan Struve and Roy Nelson. Lewis, meanwhile, had a ton of momentum in the division before Mark Hunt derailed him. But he beat Francis Ngannou in his last fight, so there may be hope for Lewis yet.

Ovince St. Preux is also fighting, as is Michelle Waterson and Felice Herrig. Granted, they’ll all have to do something seriously dramatic to steal even a sliver of the spotlight from McGregor, but whatever! They’re on the card!

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UFC President Dana White Says He’ll Only Make a ‘Superfight’ When It’s Right

The term “superfight,” once understood to mean a matchup between the champions of two weight divisions — the most recent example being Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier facing off against heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic — has been thrown around a lot recently. UFC President Dana White says the term is being “completely overused.”
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Colby Covington Wins Interim Belt, Only to Be Stripped of It

Hey, remember back when trash-talker Colby Covington won the interim welterweight belt by defeating Rafael dos Anjos back in UFC 225 in June? Well, homeboy is going to be stripped of his belt in September when actual champ Tyron Woodley faces challenger Darren Till. Because the UFC!

That’s right, folks. The value of that interim belt has now dropped so low it’s comparable to a Big Mac with a bite taken out of it, or maybe scratched DVD of old Home Improvement TV shows. Three months! Covington just won the damn thing last month, and because he wanted to take some time to heal some nagging injuries, he gets to deposit that interim belt in the nearest trash bin.

On the flipside, this is Covington we’re talking about, so… bwahahahahh!

Here’s ESPN:

Tyron Woodley will defend his welterweight title against Darren Till on Sept. 8, UFC president Dana White tells ESPN’s Brett Okomoto.

The highly anticipated 170-lb bout will headline UFC 228 in Dallas.

The UFC had been looking to secure a headline bout for the card for days now. One possibility invovled Woodley fighting interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. However, Covington was unable to fight on that date. Covington, who won the interim title on June 9, had successful surgery on Tuesday to correct a nasal issue, according to sources. Covington said he’d be ready to returnto the octagon for UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 3, but the UFC could not afford to wait that long to book the champion vs. champion fight because there were few options available to headline the pay-per-view in September. Covington, who won the interim title by defeating Rafael dos Anjos in June, will be stripped of that title the moment the fight between Woodley and Till starts, White said.

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Sean Grande to Make ‘One Night Only’ Return for Broadcast Duties at Bellator 196

Former Bellator MMA commentator Sean Grande will return to work for the California-based promotion for “one night only” next month.
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Josh Barnett Skirts Suspension in USADA Doping Case, Faces Only Public Reprimand

Despite a convicted past, Josh Barnett won’t be facing a suspension from the U.S. Doping Agency.
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