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Nick Diaz Suspension to End Soon

Lovable MMA fighter and ardent weed smoker Nick Diaz may return soon. Or at least he’ll be able to from a USADA-suspension perspective.

According to ESPN, Diaz’s suspension – which he was hit with for totally blowing off telling USADA his whereabouts – will be up on April 19. After that, Diaz could return to fighting… if that’s what he even wants.

Despite ascending to great heights in popularity, both in the Octagon and in other organizations, the older Diaz brother has made it clear this whole fighting thing sucks and he’d rather be doing something else.

Which is sad for us, because when Diaz fights, it’s usually fun as hell. His last fight, against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 back in 2015, was chock full of Diaz shenanigans.

Here’s ESPN:

Diaz, 34, has accepted a one-year suspension from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for missing three out-of-competition drug tests within a 12-month span. He is the first athlete to record that violation under the UFC’s program.

USADA announced Diaz’s suspension on Monday. The timing of the announcement is unique, in that Diaz has already served nearly all of the suspension.

The one-year period of ineligibility is retroactive to the date of Diaz’s third missed test, which was April 19, 2017. That means the suspension ends in just 10 days.

Diaz (26-9) has not expressed interest in a fight for some time, but has never officially retired.

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Nick Diaz Accepts 1-Year USADA Sanction for Whereabouts Failures, Free to Fight April 19

Controversial UFC star Nick Diaz has accepted a one-year sanction from USADA resulting from three unsuccessful drug test attempts during a 12-month period from 2016 to 2017.
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Midnight Mania! Gaethje Says Old Foe Nick Newell Deserves UFC Shot

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Justin Gaethje, top ten UFC lightweight and the only man to beat one-handed fighter Nick Newell in the cage, says his erstwhile opponent deserves a shot in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Sure, he might lose, says Gaethje- but not because of a disability. He will lose because all fighters lose. That’s a part of the sport, part of MMA fighters being, in Gaethje’s philosophy, modern-day gladiators.

It’s hard to argue with Gaethje’s reasoning here. Newell’s record at 14-1 is better than many regional fighters who get a UFC shot. Dana White is on record saying he won’t ever let Newell fight in the Octagon. Yet, the UFC allow fighters with physical ailments and even disabilities to compete all the time. Michael Bisping can only see out of one eye. GSP had colitis and still competed. Fighters like Urijah Hall have nearly died during weight cuts and still been booked to compete again. Stefan Struve had a heart condition and panic attacks and was cleared to fight.

But, as Gaethje says, mma fans and critics are unforgiving. What say you?


I really like Leslie Smith’s tone here as she recruits fighters for Project Spearhead. The fighters banding together and demanding better from the UFC is the only way conditions will change for most of them.

Big John McCarthy approves this message.

Brian Kelleher vs. John Lineker is going to be a fight of biblical proportions.

Credit to Kenny Florian for being willing to look stupid with pie on his face, I guess.

I still wonder how this whole PFL tourney is going to work out. Chris Wade is taking a chance on it.

I want these too.

Combat sports this weekend

Tony Ferguson, your friendly neighborhood Cucuy, with the reminder to put down your phone and go outside.

I’m with Bisping for once.

Hell to the no,no!

A post shared by Mikebisping (@mikebisping) on

George St. Pierre was in a situation I’m all too familiar with- including the screaming fans, of course.

In case you needed another reason not to like shady MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz, he’s the main funnel to the UFC for MMA fighters that promote Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov’s regime.

Canelo putting the reps in for getting his head out of the way of return punches.

Gunnar Nelson spent a day training extremely fit people how to do MMA. “5 out of 7, perfect score” is my favorite moment.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Fox Sports’ UFC account is doing highlights of some of the greatest UFC fights ever. My money is on McGregor-Diaz 2 at number one.

This one should have been higher. A debuting champion fought a top ten opponent in the main event and every second was a highlight

Good Reads

Random Land

This is beautiful. Random fact: did you know almost 80% of Norway’s wealth, excluding houses, is owned by the state?

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Midnight Mania! One-Armed Fighter Nick Newell Wins Comeback, Calls For UFC Shot

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nick Newell, the one-armed MMA fighter who has amassed a 14-1 record, with the lone loss to top ten UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje, won his comeback fight tonight at LFA 35. He had retired in 2015 due to injury, but said he never lost his fire. Since his retirement, he opened a gym in Connecticut. With his financial future secure, he had time to figure out how to train without sustaining fight-altering injuries.

The time training paid off, as he was able to finish his fight, which headlined the event, with a first-round face crank.

Justin Gaethje, the only man to beat him in the cage, offered words of congratulations.

Afterwards, he called for a UFC shot, and certainly seems to have done enough over his career to prove he deserves one.


If this is true, it would appear Robert Whittaker got his wish.

“Suga” Sean O’Malley looks into the future and sees a crossover boxing match with boxer Gervonta Davis in it.

Davis was quick to retort. Davis also threatens to beat women, much like his mentor Floyd Mayweather, so anyone who can beat him up is doing good work.

Darrion “The Wolf” Caldwell had himself an extended Twitter war with one of the Pitbull brothers, Patricio Freire.

Nick Diaz’ kicking prowess

When a legendary wrestler grapples with blue belts.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Some nice KOs from the early weekend fights.

A lot of skill on display here

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Midnight Mania! Nick Diaz visits UFC Performance Institute, triggering fan hopes for return

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nick Diaz visited the UFC Performance Institute.

That’s it. That’s all that happened.

Does this mean he is planning on returning to the UFC anytime in the near future? Probably not, considering he is currently in trouble with USADA for not being where USADA could find him, three times in a calendar year. Maybe if they stopped trying to test him while he is smoking weed, we wouldn’t have these issues. UFC VP Jeff Novitsky said he is working with Diaz to resolve this, and claimed Diaz DOES want to fight… but then, Novitsky also said he thinks Jon Jones wasn’t intentionally cheating, which was something of an irresponsible thing to say, so perhaps he was in Just Saying Stuff mode.

Anyway, here’s Diaz’s view of the luxurious UFC Performance Institute, part of Dana White’s claim that the UFC is doing very well financially and that he can offer better deals than anyone.


Criticism aside, the UFC 221 poster is actually good. At least, I think so.

Did we expect anything better from woman-beater and dictator-friend Floyd Mayweather? Still, I’m not sorry the question was asked.

What does this even mean, Cat Zingano?

Touch butt in the park

Tony Ferguson has the greatest dog Tony Ferguson could have.

Cris Cyborg is keeping this good boy healthy

I like watching professional fighters hit pads and do defensive drills. Defensive skill is much harder to learn than offensive skill.

Blending the two simultaneously is even more challenging.

Mairbek Taisumov is looking like a likely opponent for Anthony Pettis in London. I’m definitely here for it.

This old story is a pretty great one; there is no telling whether or not it’s true. Both fighters denied it at various points, but they were also trying to avoid fighting each other for real, because teammate loyalty and all.

Referees really don’t get paid much.

Millionaire vs. billionaire

Face off with Mr. Branson. He is not a knighted Sir on this soil.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Alright, Conor.

How sweet

Me too kid.

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Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Uriah Hall can really throw some spinning shit. His matchup with Vitor is fun because it’s two incredibly dynamic athletes and incredibly inconsistent fighters locked in the cage together. Anything could happen, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Matt Brown enjoys his Muay Thai.

Takedowns are by far my favorite aspect of grappling.

Travis Stevens is a judo and jiu-jitsu monster

Podcasts and Video

Jeremy Stephens uses some clever tricks in the pocket, especially when an opponent over-commits. Follow MMA Mania on Youtube

Heavy Hands

Promotional Malpractice Live Chat

Random Land

Truth is stranger than fiction

Peak meme

This did not go well.

I love old dueling pistols. Imagine if we still had dueling as a custom with the internet. Three of you would have killed me already.

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Video: Watch as Nick Diaz tries to steal Rampage Jackson’s date from under his nose

Nick Diaz and Quinton Jackson got into a small altercation over the weekend — which may or may not be fake news — in Las Vegas, Nevada as the Stockton slugger apparently tried and somewhat succeeded in trying to steal “Rampage’s” date from him.

The clip — which was uploaded by Jackson on his Instagram — sees Diaz walk up and start delivering his best pick up lines on the unsuspecting woman, much to the chagrin of the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion of the world.

Of course, it could be simple, playful revenge as Diaz once told a story in which Jackson once stole a girl he was fond of from him inside a Burger King when he was only seventeen years of age. Diaz admitted he wasn’t dating the girl at the time, which gave “Rampage” the path to try his best to get a date with her.


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Midnight Mania! Girl claims she is married to Nick Diaz in bizarre video… or not?

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

In one of the most bizarre sequences I’ve ever seen, someone is claiming that they married Nick Diaz… sort of. Chloe Standley, via her Youtube and Instagram pages, originally claimed she married Diaz in Vegas, with her brother officiating. However, later, on her Instagram, she contradicted this story. The post has since been deleted, she said that she hadn’t actually married Diaz yet, but had sex with him.

Here are screenshots of that post, with the girl claiming she is a Christian with attachment issues, that she isn’t married yet, and that Nick doesn’t wear rings because he’s a fighter.

The part about her sleeping with Diaz appears true at least. This appears to be Nick on her Instagram below.


A post shared by Chloe Standley (@chlomonster92) on

Then, she said she wants to be a singer, and she is using Nick as a fame channel. She doesn’t elaborate… at all.

It’s really not my business; for all I know they are soulmates; but from the vibe I get, Nick might be best advised to stay away from this girl going forward.


Werdum half-apologized for the gay slurs he was hurling at Tony Ferguson. If he wasn’t taking money from a Chechen dictator who rounds up gay people for concentration camps, I might be more inclined to view him more charitably.

Joe Hand, the UFC’s broadcast partner, is facing lawsuits, which is ironic because they are famous for ruthlessly suing any bars that played UFC Pay-Per-Views without paying for licensing.

Aljamain Sterling wanted to clear things up after last night’s spat with Jimmie Rivera’s wife on Twitter

A couple highlights from people tweeting out the McGregor event in Scotland:

He said Max Holloway is “an option”.

Even McGregor is tired of McGregor talking.

That rich man’s belly.

I hope this does not happen. Pay your taxes this time, Mayweather.

That does suck.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Hate it when this happens, but that’s how they train Muay Thai fighters- hit them on the way down

Not the kind of slip you want to do in a fight

Nice Thai plum knees. Anderson Silva would be proud

The bloody games do not stop for eyepokes at Muay Xtreme

Got him.

Always a classic.

Body shots!

Nice left hook

Quick Hits

Random Land

Puerto Rico still needs our help

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Midnight Mania! One-armed fighter Nick “Notorious” Newell returning to MMA after two year retirement

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nick Newell, the one-armed fighter who once faced Justin Gaethje, is returning to MMA. Via CombatDocket.com:

Ex WSOF title challenger, and XFC Lightweight Champion Nick Newell has ended a two plus year layoff to sign a multi fight deal with LFA. Newell, a congenital amputee from the elbow down on his left arm has been fighting against the odds his whole life.

Nick was widely considered an inspirational figure, not just to the MMA community but to a wide swath of people who found his success in spite of his amputation astonishing.

He never took that view of himself.

Here are extended highlights from his only loss to Justin Gaethje prior to retirement. Besides being more competitive than I recalled, there is also a clearly illegal knee by Gaethje; Newell complained about it afterwards, and it was never addressed by the referee. Considering the mettle Justin Gaethje has since shown against top ten UFC competition, this fight is extremely impressive in retrospect.

Before that, he became XFC champion with this fight:

He’s also known for posting videos of his cats.

When is life #GatosDeNewell #catsofinstagram #instacat #catstgram #catbreading #cats

A post shared by Nick Newell (@notoriousnewell) on


We’ve all been there, Cat.

Waxing lyrical for no reason is okay

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy

Some days I do love the internet.

(this was the original image)

I’ll admit I chuckled

Will Brooks and Dustin Poirier in the ATT training room

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Slip, rip, KO, all in this clip.

This is my favorite counter

I did enjoy this fight

The Basho is back, and that means Sumo for all you poor souls

This is going to be an awesome boxing match. I cannot wait.

Beautiful body kick.

One thing you have to admit about Mike Perry- he can certainly fight.

That’s the lowest lift I’ve ever seen from a knockout knee to the head.

This 2011 footage of Floyd Mayweather Sr., against a kid that decides sucker-punching him is a good idea, is truly wild.

Good Reads and Quick Hits

Podcasts and Video

The MMA Hour

Flyin Brian J explains why Conor McGregor is being sued

The Severe MMA lads discuss the latest craic

The CME podcast

Random Land

… what?

I hope Floridians are okay…

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Congenital Amputee, WSOF Vet Nick Newell Ends Retirement, Signs Multi-Fight Deal With LFA

No one expected Nick Newell to compete in mixed martial arts, let alone excel, but he did. When he retired at the age of 29, it seemed he had nothing left to prove. Nonetheless, “Notorious Nick” is headed back to the cage.
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Nick Diaz Doesn’t Care – Not About USADA at Least

Nick Diaz, the erstwhile MMA star whose younger brother made millions doing what Diaz’s do (i.e., not give a f**k), simply does not care. He doesn’t care about being suspended, he doesn’t care about UFC belts, and he certainly doesn’t care about USADA, which has been trying to meet up with him to test him […]

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