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Training with Tyron Woodley, Rory MacDonald led Andrew Sanchez to RFA title fight

Like many mixed martial artists before him who had dreams of making it big, Andrew Sanchez has picked up and hit the road in order to hone his skills.

The St. Louis native and two-time NAIA national wrestling champion has made several trips to Montreal, where he most recently for his current training camp.

It doesn’t take an MMA geography major to realize the significance of those two cities on the current calendar. St. Louis is the home base of top welterweight contender Tyron Woodley. Montreal’s Tri Star is Rory MacDonald’s team. The duo will square off next week at UFC 174 in a bout with major divisional implications.

Sanchez, understandably, isn’t going to go on the record with his thoughts on who will win the fight between his two most famous sparring partners.

“I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to learn from both of them,” said Sanchez (5-0). “Obviously I’m not talking about the one when I’m with the other. Tyron can win that fight with his fists and Rory can win it if it hits the ground. We’ll see how it goes.”

What Sanchez will easily own up to, though, is that moving around and working with some of the best fighters in the game has lit a fire under his fledgling career. Just two years into the pro ranks, Sanchez will meet UFC and Strikeforce veteran Kevin Casey crown the inaugural middleweight champion at RFA 15 on Friday night. The main card at the Culver City Auditorium will air live on AXS TV.

“In some ways this is coming along faster than I could have imagined,” Sanchez said. “In others ways it wasn’t. I studied karate and jiu-jitsu as a kid and I had my wrestling career, so it’s been a long time that way. Either way, it’s pretty exciting to be on top of the card, it shows the promoters have faith in me.”

RFA, the group run by Ed Soares, has fast become known as the place to be if you’re trying to fast-track your way into the UFC — former RFA bantamweight champ Pedro Munhoz, who appeared on the RFA’s January card in LA, scored his first UFC victory just last weekend. But while Sanchez, like the fighters before him, sees RFA as a means to an end, that doesn’t mean he’s looking past the current crop of competition.

In Sanchez vs. Casey, we’re seeing what might be the first real grudge match in RFA history, or at least the first to catch on in Twitter hype. Sanchez managed to successfully troll Casey on Twitter, leading to a heated war of words. Sanchez, among other things, called Casey “a mental midget.”

“It started off as something that, I mean, I just like to joke around,” said Sanchez. “And then it took a life of its own. I realized, he’s a pretty emotional guy and an emotional fighter, so I decided I was going to get into his head right from the start. He fell for the bit easier than I would have imagined.”

For his part, Casey did see anything funny in Sanchez’s comments.

“He doesn’t realize that he’s unestablished in the game and he’s coming into the ring fighting a real opponent,” Casey recently told the Los Angeles Daily News. “He hasn’t fought anyone that I consider to be on my level yet, so he’s in for a rude awakening.”

Of course, Sanchez can separate Twitter clowning from what actually goes on in the cage, and he understands that a victory over Casey would be a feather in his cap, and a big step toward joining the biggest stage with the likes of T-Wood and Rory Mac.

“Look, all kidding aside, this is a guy who’s been around. He’s been in the Ultimate Fighter, he’s been in there with big names like Matt Lindland, he’s fought in Strikeforce and the UFC. If I beat Kevin, that’s a victory that gets me notice and a name that sticks out on my record. We might have had fun with him online but I respect him as a fighter.”

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Tyron Woodley inks an eight-fight deal with UFC, faces Rory MacDonald at UFC 174

The rumored UFC 174 bout between Rory MacDonald and Tyron Woodley is now official for Vancouver, and it will be the first fight on a new contract for Woodley.

The former University of Missouri wrestler, who has been actively lobbying for a title shot after his victory over Carlos Condit at UFC 171, has signed a new eight-fight deal with the UFC. Though he believed himself to be next in line to face Johny Hendricks in the competitive 170-pound weight class, Woodley will stay busy as Hendricks recovers from bicep surgery. Hendricks, who defeated Robbie Lawler on at UFC 171 in Dallas, will likely be out of action until the fall.

In the meantime, a bout against the 24-year old MacDonald, who’ll be fighting near his childhood home in British Columbia, doubles as chance to declare a more definitive No. 1 contender. On that front, Woodley, who confirmed the fight was official to MMA Fighting, is up for clearing the air.

“It’s an eight-fight deal,” Woodley told MMA Fighting on Tuesday. “I had a four-fight deal, but I thought they had to make it worth my while. I’m taking the risk here. Rory MacDonald is not the No. 1 contender, I’m the No. 1 contender.

“I think we need to swap out our rankings. I should be ranked No. 2, and he should be ranked No. 4. He lost to Robbie Lawler and he lost to Carlos Condit. He didn’t beat any similar opponents that beat me, so that shouldn’t give him the nudge. He never beat me, so that shouldn’t give him the nudge. So if I beat Condit who beat you, how did you go up two rankings after I beat him? So I think that, the only that’s going to change is by going up there and beating him. Then he’ll go to No. 4 or whatever, and I’ll go to No. 2.”

UFC 174 takes place on June 14 at the Rogers Arena, the first in the area since UFC 131 in 2011. MacDonald had his second UFC bout at that venue at UFC 115 in 2010, when he got caught by Carlos Condit with seven seconds to go in the fight.

The 31-year old Woodley (13-2) is riding a two-fight winning streak. Before he defeated Condit — who was unable to continue at UFC 171 after tearing his ACL in the second round — he defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC 167 via a first round knockout. MacDonald was able to bounce back from a split decision loss to Robbie Lawler to defeat Demian Maia on that same UFC 171 card.

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Tyron Woodley-Rory MacDonald Welterweight Bout ‘In the Works’ for UFC 174

A fight between top-10 welterweights Tyron Woodley and Rory MacDonald is being targeted for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s summer visit to Canada.
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MacDonald vs. Woodley, ‘Feijao’ vs. Bader in the works for UFC 174

While champion Johny Hendricks rehabs his bicep, the rest of the welterweight division jostles for the next shot at his crown.

The title picture should come into focus after UFC 174 in Vancouver on June 14. MMAFighting.com’s Ariel Helwani reported on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1 that while not quite official, it’s highly likely Rory MacDonald and Tyron Woodley will square off in a key divisional showdown.

MacDonald (16-2), a British Columbia native who now trains at Montreal’s Tri Star Gym, has long been considered a potential title challenger at 170 pounds. While his hype was derailed after a loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 167, MacDonald bounced back with an outstanding performance in a victory over Demian Maia at UFC 170.

Woodley (13-2), meanwhile, has been placing his stamp on the division. The American Top Team affiliated fighter from St. Louis has won three of his past four, with finished of Josh Koscheck and Carlos Condit in his last two fights.

MacDonald-Woodley, along with the UFC 173 fight between Lawler and Jake Ellenberger, should go a long way toward determining the next challenger for Hendricks, who defeated Lawler at UFC 171 to win the vacate title.

Another bout expected for Vancouver is a light heavyweight showdown between Ryan Bader and Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. Bader (16-4), the Ultimate Fighter 10 champ, has won two of his past three bouts; Cavalcante (12-4, 1 NC) was last seen in November, when he defeated Igor Pokrajac via first-round submission.

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UFC 171: Joe Rogan Answers Critics re: Commentary on Lombard and MacDonald

Commentators may have every fan’s dream job. They get a front row seat to the biggest events in the world, enjoy the company of the biggest stars in the business, and are paid to talk about fights. Can’t beat that, right? Right? Maybe. But it doesn’t mean it’s always an easy job. Technical issues arise, […]

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Hey Everyone, Rory MacDonald Does Have A Sense Of Humor

Rory MacDonald catches a lot of flack from MMA fans – and even media – in regards to how he answers questions. However, MacDonald showed on Twitter that he does have a sense of humor. He just prefers to show it when he wants to. MacDonald found his action figure but doesn’t think it looks […]

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Tyron Woodley on Diaz, MacDonald title shot demands: ‘I think they’re sharing the same bag of weed’

For all intents and purposes, both Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley agree: their co-main event showdown at UFC 171 should determine the next challenger for the UFC’s welterweight strap.

Though that hasn’t stopped the division’s No. 4 ranked contender, Rory MacDonald, from campaigning to fight the winner of UFC 171′s championship main event between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler.

“I think Rory needs to get out of here, to be honest,” Woodley flatly said on a Thursday media conference call. “Carlos finished Rory. He has a very skewed memory. He got finished by Carlos, and he just lost to Robbie. In the event that Carlos wins, or the event that Robbie wins, where does Rory stand then? He lost to both of those two guys.”

MacDonald initially staked his claim to fight for a world title following a bounce back win over Demian Maia in February. Since then, the Canadian has been willing to reiterate that sentiment to anyone that will listen.

“He did look good against Demian Maia, who’s a good fighter,” Woodley acknowledged. “He stepped forward, he didn’t get a lot of scrutiny about being overly conservative, and having his style of fighting that really didn’t open up as (much as) when he first came in.

“But I hold everybody [fighting in UFC 171's main and co-main events] in high regard. For me to defeat Carlos Condit, that’s more important than him defeating Demian Maia any day of the week.”

While it’s only natural for Woodley to take exception with a peer he perceives to be cutting the line, it’s the timing of MacDonald’s comments that irks Woodley the most.

Prior to his loss to Lawler, MacDonald encountered more than a few opportunities to push his name towards title contention, and each time without fail, the 24-year-old declined to do so because of an overwhelming reluctance to fight friend and fellow Tristar training partner Georges St-Pierre.

Now, Woodley says, MacDonald is just going to have to wait his turn.

“The people on this card have the ability to go out there and fight a certain type of way, especially that fans want to see, that fans want to pay to see,” Woodley said in closing. “I’m honored to be on the card, I’m honored to fight this guy.

“[MacDonald] should’ve taken that chance when he had it. You were ranked the third welterweight in the world, being the gatekeeper, beating top guys. And then when it comes down to fighting GSP, you didn’t want to do it. I’m pretty sure Carlos has had some training sessions with GSP at Greg Jackson’s camp. When came down to fight him, he stepped up to the plate and he was trying to take his head off. I think that’s where the ball kind of dropped in his court, and I think it’s kind of comical that he thinks all of a sudden he’s just going to jump in front. Same as (Nick) Diaz, he’s thinks he’s just going to jump in front. I think they’re sharing the same bag of weed.”

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For Rory MacDonald, Firas Zahabi Wants Winner of Johny Hendricks-Robbie Lawler

Rory MacDonald scored his seventh UFC win in nine fights Feb. 22 when he outpointed Demian Maia for a unanimous decision at UFC 170.
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Morning Report: Georges St-Pierre believes Rory MacDonald is ready for title shot, leaning towards Johny Hendricks to beat Robbie Lawler

After subtly letting the UFC and Dana White know he’s interested in a welterweight title shot, Rory MacDonald picked up an unsurprising endorsement this week from former champion Georges St-Pierre. Speaking with Sportsnet, St-Pierre says it’s only a matter of time before his protégé takes over the 170 pound division.

“I think so. I think he is [ready]. I think Rory will be champion soon. His loss to [Robbie] Lawler made him much better, I believe. I believe he’s got all the tools to be champion and I think he will.”

Before that can happen, the two men headlining UFC 171 in Dallas, TX will have a chance to show why the 24 year-old Canadian shouldn’t hold his breath. As for the title’s most recent holder, St-Pierre says Johny Hendricks has what it takes to claim it over Robbie Lawler on Mar. 15.

“I’m not going to go to the fight because I’m taking a break right now, but I’m going to watch it. They both have the power to knock each other out standing up. I see Johny as having an advantage in the wrestling and grappling departments, because of his experience.

“They’re both southpaws but it’ll be interesting. Sometimes we can speculate where the fight will go and everything, but it all comes down to the night of the fight. You never know what’s going to happen 100%. You don’t know what’s going to happen in each guy’s life. Sometimes things can affect a fight. You don’t know. You have to go behind the scenes and see but we’ll find all that out the night of the fight.”



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Leave the shoes, bring back the rug.



Announced yesterday (Feb. 26 2014)

TJ Dillashaw vs. Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 173

Mitch Clarke vs. Al Iaquinta at UFC 173

Sean Soriano out, Mike Brown vs. Estevan Payan at UFC on FOX 11



Today’s Fanpost of the Day comes via Da Headbanger.

Everything You NEED to Know About TUF China Finale Prelims

I’m not going to lie… you would probably be best served to sleep through these prelims as there isn’t a whole lot on the line here. Only two of the eight fighters featured have UFC experience and there is a grand total of two victories between them. Normally I would try to convince you to watch for a prospect who could set the UFC on fire in a year or two… but I don’t think any of these guys will do that.

Nonetheless, I’m sure that there are some of you (likely numbering in the single digits) who will watch and others who simply want an idea of what to expect for fantasy purposes. I get it. Rather than try to prop the prelims up after I just tore them down, I’m a gonna just get down to the nitty gritty and tell you what you can expect.

Yui Chul Nam (17-4-1) vs. Kazuki Tokudome (12-4-1), Lightweight

Its a battle of Asian superiority as representatives from South Korea (Nam) and Japan (Tokudome) square off in what will be an aggressive affair.

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