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Midnight Mania! Chael Admits Heartbreak Over Loss to Fedor

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Chael Sonnen has lost many times inside the Octagon. On the MMA Hour, via MMAFighting.com, he explained that the pain doesn’t go away- but at least his teeth are still intact.

“Physically, everything hurts,” said Sonnen. “[Emelianenko] hit me with a missile about five-seconds in. That one still hurts a little bit. But other than that, I am doing well…My teeth are okay. If I had one wish going into a fight, aside from serious injury, it’s that I won’t lose a tooth. I had that same wish since I started this when I was 19 years old. But, yes they are all intact.

“Emotionally, I get heartbroken about these things. From a competitive standpoint, I have dedicated my whole life to this since I was nine years old and I would have started earlier if my dad would have let me. He wouldn’t let me start until I was nine. It hurts. It hurts really bad that you don’t get those moments back.”

Sonnen got knocked down and ragdolled repeatedly by Fedor, and kept getting up and moving forward, until Fedor unleashed some particularly brutal ground and pound that turned Sonnen fetal. For Chael, it’s getting back up after a defeat like he just suffered, that defines the word ‘fighter’ to him.

“I’ve had these feelings before,” said Sonnen. “I am convinced, in my interpretation, this is what it means to be a fighter. Somewhere over time that word became corrupted. It became about the punches and the kicks. But I’ve always believed it’s feeling like I’m feeling right now and getting out of bed anyway and facing the media and getting back on it. So now I have to be a fighter. I prefer to be a winner, I prefer to be on top of the world and looking down on everybody else. But today I’ve got to fight.”

He elaborated on his gameplan further, explaining what went wrong. He also said this is the first time in his career he’s been outstruck, which seems incredible.

“I’ve fought 49 guys, well I guess 50 counting Fedor, and I’ve never been outstruck,” said Sonnen. “Not one single time have I lost the stand up part of a fight. I can’t that anymore. This is first stand up I’ve ever lost. I didn’t think he was fast enough to catch me. I thought I’d be too quick. So I was going across and distract him with some punches and get into a clinch or get into a double-leg and make it a wrestling match. I wanted to have my hands on him at all times. I was ready for some of those throws Sambo throws, I was ready for them to go against me, I was ready for him to succeed with those throws and have to scramble on the mat.

“It wasn’t like a real sophisticated gameplan as much as it was just pressure-based. I just wanted to fight him. I wanted to be on him and wanted him to have to respond. But I also thought I could take his shots. I still didn’t see those punches. They were so fast and I was so impressed. In spite of hanging my head here today, I have to give him his credit. He earned it. I’ve got to credit his sped and his power, they were very difficult for me.”

Sonnen concluded that his future will hopefully not be at heavyweight. Physically, he can compete more effectively there.

“When I get a phone call and they have an idea, I say yes,” said Sonnen. “But ideally, I liked to go back to light heavyweight. I had a really hard time in both of my heavyweights getting to some of the positions I wanted to be in. So I think physically, it’s a little better for me at light heavyweight.”


Okay… I really like the UFC 230 poster.

Dana White gets annoyed at fake news, which always elicits a sense of irony.

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This story is Number 1 BULLSHIT.

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Amanda Nunes compares her relationship with partner Nina Ansaroff to two red pandas play-fighting in the snow.

Holly Holm

Swords crossed…

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Very cool for Robert Whittaker

This is wild

Piers Morgan had a grumpy old man take on Daniel Craig carrying his baby in a pouch and UFC featherweight prospect Alexander Volkanovski had to set him straight.

Fedor Emelianenko wore one too:

Unintentional spinning backfist TKO

Dillon Danis comparing himself to Jesus was just one more moment beyond jumping the shark.

Now we know what kind of ink you need to impress Mark Hunt

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Angela Hill practicing her spinning technique

Slips, Rips, and Calf Crushers

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Herbert Burns calf crusher

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Mark Hunt has been in some wars

I got some good fights from this question

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Darren Till Remains Full of Confidence Despite Lopsided Loss at UFC 228

Darren Till entered his title fight against Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight king Tyron Woodley at UFC 228 last month full of confidence, and that confidence remains undiminished despite his in-cage setback.
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Fighter Undergoes Emergency Surgery Following Brutal KO Loss

Professional Fighters League (PFL) wrapped up its inaugural regular season schedule last Thursday night (Aug. 30, 2018) inside Ocean Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the biggest story coming out of its “Garden State” fight card was the finalized playoff brackets.

Until now.

That’s because heavyweight fighter LeRoy Johnson was forced to undergo emergency surgery in the wake of his devastating knockout loss to Muhammed DeReese, one that rendered him unconscious for over seven minutes.

“For those wondering about LeRoy Johnson, here’s the update I have,” manager David Rubinsteain wrote on Twitter. “Had emergency surgery for a vertebrae that slipped out of place and a second surgery for high blood pressure issues. Has feeling in arms and legs. PFL flying his fiancé to Philly to be with him. Thats all I know now.”

The fight-ending finish is available in GIF form by clicking here.

Johnson, who turned 38 back in January, has bounced around the regional circuit for most of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, making pit stops in Bellator MMA and King of the Cage (KOTC), just to name a few.

We’ll keep you updated on his condition just as soon as more information becomes available.

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Daniel Cormier Throws Shade at Brock Lesnar for Scripted WWE Loss

When light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier snatched up the heavyweight belt after knocking out Stipe Miocic, the brand-spanking-new two division champ barely had a chance to slobber on the microphone before his postfight speech was interrupted by Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar, you see, used to be a UFC champ back in the day, has been earning a paycheck via pro wrestling escapades in the WWE, and remains the UFC’s “go to” guy for moving some pay-per-view numbers (despite has total lack of real relevance).

When Lesnar stepped into the cage to harass Cormier, it was of course to set up a future match-up between the two.

Well, Lesnar apparently “competed” on some big WWE event this past weekend, and after losing whatever nonsensical belt he held, Cormier blasted him on social media. He blasted him before the match, too, but it was really kinda sweet afterwards.

To me, losing a WWE belt is akin to playing Romeo in the school play: your butt is going to die at the end because it’s in the script, so where’s the suspense?

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‘Neglected’ Henry Cejudo Had Chip on Shoulder After First Loss to Demetrious Johnson

During his streak of 11 consecutive flyweight title defenses, Demetrious Johnson rarely lost rounds as he usually outclassed every opponent put in front of him.
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Paul Felder Considers Staying at 170 pounds Following Loss to Mike Perry at UFC 226

Paul Felder was a late call up at UFC 226 when he took on Mike Perry after Perry’s original opponent Yancy Medeiros withdrew from the fight a week out. Felder went on to lose to Perry via split decision, though he valiantly fought the majority of the bout with a broken arm and even outscored Perry on one of the judges’ scorecards. Now, the career lightweight is mulling an extended stay at 170 pounds.
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Stephen Thompson on Narrow Decision Loss at UFC Fight Night Liverpool: ‘I Thought I Edged It Out’

Oftentimes when a person repeatedly uses the phrase, “It is what it is,” they’re holding something back.
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Maia Has No Plans To Retire Following UFC ‘Chile’ Loss

Out of the title picture, Maia’s hoping to break a UFC record while wrapping up his contract.

It’s been a rough twelve months for Demian Maia, who has now gone 0-3 with this latest loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC Chile. Prior to that, the BJJ ace went on a 7 fight win streak that earned him a welterweight title shot against Tyron Woodley. Woodley’s wrestling was simply too much, and that’s been the story in Maia’s next fights against Colby Covington and now Usman.

But despite this skid, Maia plans to soldier on until his UFC contract is complete.

“I still have three fights under my contract,” Maia said during the post-event press conference. “I want to do those three fights. It was short notice for this fight, I only prepared for three weeks. And actually, my last three fights were against wrestlers. My game plan is to take the fighters down, so it was tough fights. But I still have the will to finish my contract.”

Rather than working his way back into title contention, Maia has his eye on breaking the record for most wins in the UFC, currently held in a three way tie by Michael Bisping, Georges St-Pierre, and Donald Cerrone at 20. Maia currently sits at 19.

”To be honest, I’m more focused on breaking records of finishes in the UFC. My last three fights were against top wrestlers like Woodley, Colby, and tonight Usman. So I’m going to keep concentrating on finishing my contract, my last three fights, and break those records.”

He might need some slightly more favorable matchmaking to accomplish that goal. At this point, it’s clear that wrestlers are Maia’s kryptonite. After facing three of the best wrestlers at 170 pounds (and stepping up last minute to save the UFC Chile main event), you’d hope the UFC might give him a different kind of opponent.

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Frankie Edgar Cool With Fighting Soon After Knockout Loss

Former lightweight champ and longtime featherweight contender Frankie Edgar was supposed to challenge Max Holloway for the belt. But injury put Holloway on the shelf, so Edgar took on up-and-comer Brian Ortega instead.

That didn’t end well. At UFC 222, Ortega knocked Edgar out.

It was the first time Edgar has ever lost via knock out. Shocking, yes. But it happens.

However, Edgar is jumping back in the cage at UFC Fight Night 128 to rematch with Cub Swanson. On April 21. Just a little over a month since he was KO’d.

Technically, the automatic suspension handed down by athletic commission to victims of knockouts is 30 to 60 (or sometimes 90) days. But neurological clearance by a physician can supersede that, so really, the only thing stopping Edgar from getting into the cage too soon is Edgar’s sense of self-preservation.

But when Edgar was on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” yesterday, he seemed unconcerned.

“I’m the one in there. I’m the one putting it on the line, and there’s nothing like getting in there and getting a win to erase that last loss. And again, it’ll never erase it, but at least it’ll kinda help deal with that stink, and like you said, give me something positive to kinda focus on instead of focusing on the negative.”

“I was pretty with it,” Edgar said. “I recall the knockout because I didn’t get turned off or anything. Even when I was going down, I knew I had a short time. In my head I was saying, ‘Alright, short time, short time. Let’s try to get through this.’ But obviously he was able to capitalize on it with that uppercut. And even when I fell, as soon as the ref came over me, I said I was good, and maybe I wasn’t — I’m not really complaining about the stoppage, I can see why he stopped it — but I was with it. As soon as he stopped it, I said, ‘I’m good! I’m good!’ I was trying to argue. Obviously I needed a little help [to stand up], but I wasn’t all the way out. I didn’t even have a headache afterwards that night at the hotel or anything.”

Come on, Frankie. We love you. Take care of yourself.

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Werdum Promises To Rise After UFC London Loss

The former heavyweight champion promises to rise after his defeat at the hands of Alexander Volkov.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has released a statement following his fourth round knockout loss to Alexander Volkov at UFC: London. The loss was especially disappointing for fans of the Brazilian jiu jitsu expert considering he was doing so well in the early rounds.

A hard jab from Volkov swelled Werdum’s eye shut and that lack of visibility allowed his opponent to overwhelm him with strikes and knock him out cold. But it doesn’t sound like the loss will stop Werdum from continuing to strive for his old belt back.

”I would like to thank everyone who cheered for me, who sent me messages of support and who are by my side in this difficult moment which is a defeat,” Werdum wrote. “I am sad but I keep my head up with the certainty that life is made and mistakes and correct and that the most important of this trajectory is how we rise from a fall.”

”I am fortunate to have happiness and determination in my heart and to be surrounded by people who respect me and who give me the energy that I need to continue my path of success. Thanks for the support and know that each one of you is very important to me!”

The loss in London brings Werdum’s record to 23-8 and is just the third time in his career he’s been finished. Who knows where he’ll end up in the rankings after losing to #8 Volkov but we’re sure he’ll be back to action. A win would have put him right back into title talks, but now Werdum will have to toil a bit longer to prove his worth – and against younger heavyweights on a dangerous upswing.

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