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UFC President Dana White ‘Would Like to See’ Third Fight Between Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones

It’s safe to say there is more than enough intrigue for a third meeting between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones.
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Video! Does It Look Like Khabib Is Ready For McGregor?

Despite having a massive advantage over Conor McGregor in the wrestling department, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is still going to have his hands full when the two stars meet next weekend at UFC 229.

If Nurmagomedov is able to drag the brash Irishman to the canvas that means he had success getting past McGregor’s hands on the feet. It’s a daunting task considering McGregor is one of the very best strikers in mixed martial arts today, but Khabib’s 26-0 professional record suggests he’ll do whatever it takes to capture victory at UFC 229 and retain his 155-pound title.

In preparation for his impending grudge match with “Notorious,” Khabib has released the first episode of his behind-the-scenes training camp at American Kickboxing Academy (shown above).

Under the tutelage of head coach Javier Mendez, alongside notable sparring partners like former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, Nurmagomedov is honing his skills the best he can. Only time will tell if Khabib’s hard work pays off against a killer like McGregor. Because no matter how high “Eagle” has soared throughout his career he hasn’t met a fighter as unique as “Notorious.”

UFC 229 will take place on Oct. 6 live on pay-per-view (PPV) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more UFC 229: ‘McGregor vs. Khabib’ news click here.

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Insurance Doesn’t Cover ‘Stupid French People’ Like GSP

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who also held (and surrendered) gold in the middleweight division, is showing mixed martial arts (MMA) fans his humorous side in this latest Instragram video.

Which might be the funniest wheelchair joke since Seinfeld’s “The Handicap Spot.”

“I’m with my friend Spencer and I wanna try his wheelchair,” St-Pierre said in the above video. “I want to take a drive with his wheelchair but he doesn’t want to let me drive!”

Probably because he’s afraid of “Rush” getting abducted by aliens.

“That’s correct,” Spencer responded. “Because my insurance doesn’t cover stupid French people.”

St-Pierre (26-2), who turned 37 back in May, has been battling health problems after ballooning up to 185 pounds. In fact, “Rush” is so happy to be shedding the extra skin, he’s actually contemplating a “bitch” drop to the lightweight division.

Where the winner of this fight would undoubtedly fulfill that “legacy” requirement.

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Derrick Lewis Believes He Has Been Operating At ‘Probably Like 70-Percent’ Capacity The Last Few Years

Standing 6-foot-3 and cutting weight to make the 265 pound heavyweight limit, Derrick Lewis is one of the most intimidating men to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Even more frightening is the notion that we haven’t really seen everything he can do.
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Daniel Cormier Making Those Media Rounds Like a Double Champ

The UFC’s reigning light-heavyweight and heavyweight champ, Daniel Cormier, has got a big-money fight on the horizon.

Sadly, I’m talking about a match-up against Brock Lesnar, who has no relevance to the UFC’s heavyweight division now, but is nonetheless a “name” dude. But whatever, Cormier will undoubtedly be getting a percentage of the pay-per-views, and this bout should pay off whatever student loans he’s got hanging over his head.

Anyway, Cormier has been making the media rounds, getting his face out in front of the camera so people will be more inclined to shell out dough to watch him fight.

Here he is playing nice on some morning talk show.

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Records, Like Cowboy’s Opponents, Were Made To Be Broken

If 170-pound “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone wins his mixed martial arts (MMA) fight on Saturday morning (June 23, 2018) in Singapore, he’ll be the winningest fighter in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

That would require the “pissed off” Jackson-Wink staple to overcome the welterweight fists of streaking British contender Leon Edwards, who looks to keep Cerrone at win No. 20, where he remains tied with former middleweight champions Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva.

Pretty good company as far as I’m concerned.

Of those 20 wins, 14 have come by way of knockout or submission (like this one), which leaves him tied with Silva and former two-division champion Vitor Belfort. With that in mind, finishing “Rocky” this weekend will put Cerrone in a class by himself.

That probably won’t come as a surprise when you consider that Edwards will be his 28th opponent since crossing over from World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) in early 2011 and Cerrone (33-10, 1 NC) went on to average four fights per year from 2013-16.

He pulled off five fights in 2011 for a record of 4-1.

Most of his wins came in the lightweight division and it looked as if “Cowboy” was going to replicate that success when he eventually jumped up to the 170-pound weight class, thanks to four straight victories with four violent finishes. But then came a crushing loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC on FOX 23, part of a dreadful three-fight losing streak.

The good news for Cerrone is that he was able to get back into the win column last February by turning away welterweight fan favorite Yancy Medeiros at UFC Fight Night 126, the fifth time he’s headlined a UFC fight card.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see Cerrone, 35, hold a division title. As dynamic as he is inside the Octagon, his commitment to combat sports has never really been his No. 1 priority, courtesy of an extreme lifestyle that has the self-described adrenaline junkie cheating death at every turn (and cheating on his diet).

But at least he was always good for a quote.

“If I was to fight Conor McGregor and he gets on public TV and talks shit, that wouldn’t fly with me,” Cerrone told Chael Sonnen. “Hopefully he talks shit and I slap the shit out of him, pump the pay-per-views up and I make four million dollars.”

Remember when four million dollars sounded like a big deal? A lot has changed between then and now, but one thing that remains the same is the fan-friendly fighting style of “Cowboy” Cerrone, and I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say “thank god.”

To see who else is fighting at UFC Singapore click here.

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Covington Is An Original, Not A ‘Coked-Up Leprechaun’ Like McGregor

He’s also not a multi-millionaire like Conor McGregor.

Colby Covington is trying to be like … Colby Covington.

That stands in contrast to accusations that he’s attempting to ape former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor, who — like Chael Sonnen before him — rose to prominence by way of rampant trash talk.

But “Chaos” insists he’s an original, one-of-a-kind welterweight who is simply telling it like it is, and not a “coked-up little Leprechaun” like McGregor. After his attack on Jon Jones fell flat, Covington set his sights on the rest of the roster (to mixed results).

From his conversation with BJ Penn Radio:

“People, they wanna say I’m mimicking McGregor, I’m mimicking Chael Sonnen. I’m not trying to be anything like them. Does it look like I’m trying to get followers or I’m trying to get fans? He’s a coked-up little Leprechaun. At the end of the day, all these people that wanna say I’m trying to mimic another person, no. I’m unique in my own way. No one’s ever done and went the route I’ve went, full super villain here.”

This move certainly pissed off a bunch of folks.

Covington will have the opportunity to back up his trash talk when he collides with Rafael dos Anjos in the UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event on June 9 in Chicago, a fight that is expected to send the winner into battle with the recuperating Tyron Woodley.

If Covington really wants to be like McGregor, he can win the temporary title at UFC 225, then disappear into the void for over a year and clog up the 170-pound division. or get arrested for smashing up a bus in Brooklyn.

After all, he does have experience with police.

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You Can Be Like Conor McGregor … Or You Can Shut Up

You do … you.

That’s the message from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight No. 1 contender, Brian Ortega, who is just as sick of Conor McGregor wannabes as the rest of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community.

In short, don’t be an asshole.

While some impersonators are just off-brand McGregor (like this “putts”), others use the “Notorious” shtick to make light of the situation (sample). Either way, “T-City” believes most athletes would be better served to just be themselves.

From his conversation with MMA Junkie.

“There’s only one Conor. Everybody who’s tried to be like Conor, you can tell they’re just fronting. You can easily see, you can tell by the way the go in there – you’re just like, ‘Come on. Shut up.’ For me, I’m just me. That’s what I realized the best thing to be is. When I talk to people, they’re like, especially getting into the sport, (they’re like), ‘Oh, you’ve got to be a character. You’ve got to be this.’ And my coach told – and I don’t know if I can cuss or not – but he goes, ‘F-ck that.’ He’s like, ‘Just be you, bro. You don’t have to lie on the thing. You don’t have to pretend. You don’t have to remember some thing you made up before.’ He goes, ‘Just be you, and you can’t go wrong with being you.’”

In defense of McGregor, I don’t think this is an act, it might just be his real persona.

McGregor has long since abandoned the 145-pound division, which paved the way for the next generation of featherweight champions, like former “Notorious” rival Max Holloway. “Blessed” will hold onto the reigns — or surrender them — when he collides with Ortega at UFC 226 this July in Las Vegas.

Both fighters are known for their unique personalities, as well as their devastation inside the Octagon. I guess when you fight like they do (sample), you don’t need to pop off at the mouth every few days.

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‘I Felt Like I Had A Fight Before The Fight’

Rose Namajunas reveals just how close she was to pulling out of UFC 223 after getting stuck in the middle of Conor McGregor’s rampage.

Conor McGregor’s bus attack leading up to UFC 223 caused a lot of damage to the card, but it could have been much worse if women’s strawweight champ Rose Namajunas had ended up pulling out of her fight over it. While several of the other Dagestani and Polish fighters saw the sudden explosion of heavy metal and flying glass as just another day, word from Dana White was that Namajunas was seriously shook up by the event.

”Yeah it was a bit of an adrenaline dump because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to fight off 20 dudes or a chair coming at my face,” she said on the UFC 223 post-show. “So I felt like I had a fight before the fight.”

She elaborated on the incident at the post event press conference, admitting she considered withdrawing from UFC 223.

”Yeah, I did,” Namajunas admitted. “But I think a lot of times leading up to many fights I’ll question that. I’ll doubt myself or I’ll question myself, but the voice was strong this time.”

”The chair nearly came at my window,” she continued. “Thankfully to the bus driver he was on point. He was backing up the bus as it came to my window but it ended up hitting Michael Chiesa in the head instead unfortunately. So thanks Michael!”

”It shook me up because I didn’t how far it was going to escalate. All the guys inside wanted to fight back and jump out of the bus but I don’t know if they are going to open the door and all come in. They are obviously not directly after me but I’m caught in this scenario.”

”My imagination goes crazy through all the things I’ve been through in the past. I know anyone could have had a gun or a knife. I jump to the negative pretty quickly. It was a lot of thoughts going into this fight but I’m grateful to be in one piece and be happy, healthy and safe.”

Fortunately, Namajunas pushed through any doubts she had immediately after the incident and stayed in championship form, beating Joanna Jedrzejczyk on the scorecards at UFC 223 to retain her title.

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Midnight Mania! BJJ Ace Tonon: There is Nothing Like MMA

Bringing you the weird and the wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Garry Tonon is a highly decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor, but it was his striking that caught the eye in his MMA debut. He knocked down his opponent and finished them with brutal ground strikes.

There is more to come from Tonon, who competes at welterweight, because he evidently really enjoys this.

It was a thrilling feeling, I’ll be honest with it. I had fun with it.

I don’t think anyone really understands- if you haven’t done MMA before, you just don’t know.

It’s the damage back and forth, the actual attempt to knock someone unconscious. You have to continue to punch until you are pulled away, or they are done or cut open or whatever the case may be. The thought of that goes through your head at the moment, at least for me.


Artem Lobov and Khabib Nurmagomedov got into it in a hotel lobby. I want to know what they were saying.

@khabib_nurmagomedov and the @rushammer Repost: @allofmma VC: @mma_jim

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Max Holloway is a G.

The drama has begun. #UFC223 Embedded | Ep. 2 | LIVE NOW LINK IN BIO

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Tony Ferguson skewers McGregor

This exact position is almost guaranteed to occur in the fight.

#ufc223 @khabib_nurmagomedov vs @blessedmma How long before Khabib scores a takedown?

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Poor Tony.

Exclusive footage of Tony hurting his knee #ufc #ufc223

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I’ve met all these guys

Matt Brown vs. Carlos Condit might be another cursed fight that is too good to be true.


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Edmonton presided over former UFC fighter Tim Hague dying as a result of a boxing match they should never have licensed.

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