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Midnight Mania! MMA Manager Says He Knows ‘At Least 5’ On EPO

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Whenever an athlete fails for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), one of the first questions is always, who knew? Did their coach know? What about their teammates? Their strength and conditioning coach? What about their manager?

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz, who manages such fighters as Kamaru Usman, Cody Garbrandt, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Frankie Edgar, is getting ahead of these questions. He says he knows at least 5 people who are on EPO. Are they his clients, one wonders?

TJ going through what he’s going through. He’s already dealing with a lot of problems. But @Cody_Nolove those 2 losses should be no contests. Usada doing a horrible job testing guys for EPO, I know at least 5 ppl who are on it

He is referring, of course, to TJ Dillashaw’s positive test for EPO, and the revelation in the aftermath that USADA doesn’t test for EPO as part of their standard routine; it requires a special test that they do not always run. They retested a sample from before the Cejudo fight that also came back positive for the substance. This raised the question, if a retroactive test came back positive for the period prior to, say, a fight with Cody Garbrandt, should that result be overturned? We know how Garbrandt’s manager would vote.

While we are talking about the figures surrounding fighters who might have knowledge of their EPO habits, this statement from Dillashaw’s strength and conditioning coach is remarkable. It must be read to be believed.

Suffice it to say that when you start out a sentence “As a man of few words”, and the rest of that sentence is “preferring passion and belief as a shield to be carried out upon, I am bemused to careless and reckless dialog for no other purpose than to make myself heard among the masses plagued by willful ignorance”, you already lost credibility.


Dillashaw certainly has people talking, including Georges St. Pierre’s coach Firas Zahabi.

Lobov fails to see how Dillashaw is suffering.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Costa seems like it might turn out to be one of those Cursed Matchups that are too good for this plane

I honestly can’t tell if this picture of Ben Askren’s hair is real or not

Max Holloway is the man.

Good to know who tops McGregor’s number one enemy list.

There is a good chance that Dustin Poirier vs. Max Holloway is fought at the most furious pace in UFC history.

Ben Askren suggests a new way for Cris Cyborg to smash watermelons.

TMZ got the wrong guy from the Van Heusen commercial. Not Stephen Thompson!

‘When the kicks came with punches’ is an excellent short story title

This is amazing

Random Land

It is a day for stylized language applied to very ordinary scenarios

It’s nearly summer again

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Midnight Mania! Rogan Knows Why We Love Nate Diaz

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Neither of the Diaz brothers have fought in years. Nate Diaz last stepped into the Octagon in a rematch with Conor McGregor at UFC 202. The younger Diaz earned millions of dollars over the course of two fights with the Irisman for the first time in his career, and promptly absconded from the sport for a variety of reasons, including the unwillingness of the UFC to meet his pay demands, Conor McGregor’s absence that kept Diaz from fighting the one draw big enough to give him that payday, and a variety of legal troubles that kept him on the sidelines. He nearly returned in 2018 opposite Dustin Poirier, but Poirier had to withdraw from a fight for the first time in his career, and the disgruntled Diaz withdrew again. Nick Diaz was supposed to fight Jorge Masvidal, but the bout fell through amidst increasingly erratic behavior from the elder Diaz.

Yet, despite the fact that we haven’t seen either brother inside the Octagon for well over two years, their popularity endures. Joe Rogan had some ideas on the lasting appeal of the famous duo, and believes the UFC underestimates their fanbase. Via BJPenn.com:

“Cause he doesn’t give a f**k,” Rogan said. “He legitimately doesn’t give a f**k. He smokes weed all the time. People love it. They love the fact that those guys are like that.

He went on to remind us that McGregor opposite Diaz at UFC 202 did bigger numbers than McGregor fighting Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title a few months later, establishing that Diaz has an appeal all his own, apart from Conor McGregor.

One of the reasons why Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor was so big is because people love Nate Diaz too,” Rogan explained. “It’s not just Conor McGregor. No disrespect to Eddie Alvarez, but when Conor McGregor fought Eddie Alvarez, the vast majority of the eyes were on Conor McGregor. When Conor McGregor fights Nate Diaz, you’re looking at a lot of people who love Nate Diaz.

I think those guys are superstars, I think the UFC doesn’t know.”

Will 2019 feature the return of Nate Diaz? The potential for a trilogy closer with McGregor lingers, but is their rivalry wearing out its shelf life? Rogan is right that the UFC seems unwilling or unable to promote Nate Diaz as an independent draw, perhaps because of exactly the ‘don’t give a f***’ attitude that makes him so appealing as a character to fans.


Demetrious Johnson got some of the more random fan art I’ve ever seen

Anthony Smith says he will be a champion or die trying

Israel Adesanya doing wrestling practice

I’ve never seen this- what an amazing moment. Takanori Gomi gave us some incredible MMA moments

Funny if true

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@_asaig_ did you do this ?

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Elbow battle!

Watch the referee

Great fight

This is why a 165-lb. division is the only one that makes sense to add.

Amazing moment.

Rose Namajunas vs. Jessica Andrade is likely the co-main event for UFC 237; the most sense would be to have Amanda Nunes defend against Cyborg, Ketlen Vieira, or the winner of Holm-Ladd

This fight was truly insane.

Quick Hits

Random Land

Who among us doesn’t like fluffballs?

High drama in Antarctica

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Israel Adesanya: I Know Anderson Silva Better Than He Knows Himself in Some Ways

When Israel Adesanya takes on Anderson Silva at UFC 234 in February, he will be meeting one of his longtime idols. In a way, he feels that is an advantage.
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Midnight Mania! ‘Lionheart’ on DC’s Future at 205: ‘He Knows Right Now’

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Anthony “Lionheart” Smith, fresh off his huge knockout of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the main event of UFC: Hamburg, has some thoughts on the state of the light heavyweight division. Via MMAFighting.com:

“The top of the division is a disaster right now. ‘Shogun’ was supposed to be next and now he’s not. No one knows what’s going on with Cormier. I think that that’s the first step, we need to figure out if Cormier’s staying or going. I’ve said this before, I think that Daniel is an honorable man and it wouldn’t be a very honorable thing to do to hold up the division. He knows right now. You guys could ask him 100 times and he won’t tell you, but he knows if he’s coming back down or not, and I think that he needs to make that public so we can figure out what we’re all doing.”

Smith had attempted to call out Alexander Gustafsson after making quick work of Shogun, but as it turned out, Gustafsson had suffered some minor injuries and was no longer fighting at UFC 227.

“That’s ironic, isn’t it?” Smith said at the UFC Hamburg post-fight press conference. “It’s kinda weird how that works out. He needed an opponent yesterday. What happened between then and now? I don’t know, but that’s mighty ironic.”

Smith is completely right about Cormier’s future at light heavyweight. Gustafsson has speculated that Cormier is never cutting to 205 lbs. again, and frankly it makes no sense to jeopardize what surely would be his biggest payday ever for the lesser-known contenders at light heavyweight. Cormier will no doubt attempt to hold onto both belts for as long as he can, but it isn’t fair to the contenders- including the “entitled” Alexander Gustafsson- to hold up the belt while waiting for Lesnar to make it through six months of drug testing.


Nick Newell is here to be an inspiration, but not just because he’s got one hand. He fights tomorrow night on the Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Mike Perry wonders why anyone would risk their lives for an obscure sport.

Why bro ‍♂️

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I would watch Alex Volkanovski vs. Chad Mendes in a heartbeat.

This deeply disturbs me for whatever reason. Sage Northcutt should not have reposted this cursed image.

#Repost @kamurashops ・・・ #shazam

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Eddie Alvarez’s response to what he was thinking when he landed those illegal knees: he wasn’t thinking. It was just a moment of pure instinct.

When I was this age I played soccer, and there was a black girl built like a miniature tank and she also ran me over just like this. All that to say, I empathize very much with the kids getting ran over.

Oddball strongman Bud Jeffries trains to be Thor and I’m very entertained by it.

So true.

I can’t believe people get knocked out… Just dodge that shit

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I feel for Marc Diakese, who showed improvement yet still got wrecked for a third consecutive loss by Nasrat Haqparast, whose name is extremely fun to say.

#UFCHamburg on rn

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Who did this to Mark Hunt? It’s perfect.

Don’t mess with this guy. He will end you.

I just assume a large number of you can relate to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu memes, and the resigned terror of rolling with a black belt.

l Top Because Jitsu Memes Of 2017

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Daniel Cormier using his best Dad voice to scold Alexander Gustafsson. I wonder how different the world would be now if Gustafsson had taken that split decision in Houston in 2015.

Zabit Magomedsharipov showing us his roots in kung fu competition

Suga Sean O’Malley smoking a joint while hitting pads is extremely on-brand for him.

$ hitz Ea$ y #mma #ufc

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You can see the strong MMA influence in this street fight. The sport has changed the world forever.

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I can appreciate this approach, and the joke.

In the dudevorce of the week, Floyd Mayweather is tearing his old pal 50 Cent apart. It seems doubtful based on this screed that 50 Cent really got a million dollars from Bellator for his phrase, “Get the Strap”.

It is good to see Brian Ortega did finally receive some compensation (though he doesn’t specify what) for his expenses prior to his cancelled bout with Max Holloway at UFC 226.

I can’t wait for The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, to return against the Answer, Frankie Edgar.

Invicta allows fighters to express their creativity in ways the UFC can’t because they made the disastrous Reebok deal.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

I don’t know about knockout of the year but this was a solid KO

The delayed collapse KO is a classic subspecies of knockout I find particularly pleasing, aesthetically.

Remember when Erik Silva was the Next Big Thing at welterweight? Good to know he’s still out there getting dropped and then snatching armbars.

This shouldn’t be illegal in a grappling competition, but that’s just my two cents.

I got a strong feeling of deja vu watching this, which means I’ve been compiling KO highlights for too long.

Ran right into it

Random Land

This seems safe and not at all dangerous.

I love this old picture posted by Disney imagineer Joe Rohde, and his explanation of the unpredictability of the future.


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Jake Ellenberger Knows He’s Not Done Fighting, Targeting Late August Return

When Jake Ellenberger first appeared in the Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2009, the then-newcomer nearly took out established welterweight Carlos Condit in his Octagon debut.
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Jake Ellenberger Knows He’s Not Done Fighting, Targeting Late August Return

When Jake Ellenberger first appeared in the Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2009, the then-newcomer nearly took out established welterweight Carlos Condit in his Octagon debut.
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Jake Ellenberger Knows He’s Not Done Fighting, Targeting Late August Return

When Jake Ellenberger first appeared in the Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2009, the then-newcomer nearly took out established welterweight Carlos Condit in his Octagon debut.
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Anthony Pettis Is Fading Away and He Knows It

To be great is a thing to cherish. To lose that greatness, though… geez, that has to suck.

Anthony Pettis was once great. His high-flying WEC clip, which saw him defy gravity to kick rival Benson Henderson in the face, was the stuff legends are made of. And when he came to the UFC, well, it was only fitting that he won the lightweight belt.

But then he stumbled, and ever since, it’s been a constant stream of disappointments interspersed with a win here or there to keep him relevant. There is no shame in losing to the likes of Rafael dos Anjos, Eddie Alvarez, Edson Barboza and Max Holloway, of course. Yet when it came to Pettis, we expected… more.

When Pettis last fought, it was against Dustin Poirier in November. The former champ took another “L” due to a rib injury. And now he’s slated to face TUF winner Michael Chiesa at UFC 223.

Pettis spoke with Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour” recently, and the word “gatekeeper” came up, with Pettis saying he that’s exactly what he doesn’t want to be. Unfortunately, the ex-champ is fading – fading from his status as elite fighter, fading from the sport that he was once great in – and it’s a sad thing to behold.

“The theory that I had going into those last couple fights is that I [needed to stop] chasing, trying to be chasing that gold,” Pettis said. “I was trying to get that belt immediately. It was, ‘Next fight, who’s the next fight to get me to the belt, who’s the next fight to get me to the belt?’ [But I need to be] just fixing the holes in my games, and it’s just a mental thing, I guess, just getting my mental preparation better. I’m just going in there no matter what’s going on in my camp, whether I feel good or if I don’t feel good, just going out there, turning it on for 15 minutes and having a good performance.

“I’m not in this to be a gatekeeper,” Pettis added. “I’m not in this to have guys make their name off of me. I’ve been the best in the world. I know I can do it, it’s just taking my time and getting back there the right way.”

The post Anthony Pettis Is Fading Away and He Knows It appeared first on Caged Insider.

Caged Insider

Not even Conor McGregor’s coach knows if the UFC is about to take his belt

Rumor has it the UFC will strip McGregor at a press conference on Friday. If it’s true, those around Conor haven’t heard anything about it.

We’ve got a big weekend for the UFC on tap. Not only does UFC 220 go down featuring two title fights, but there’s a press conference happening on Friday with the headliners of UFC 222 and 223.

It’s at this press conference that many expect the UFC to announce that Conor McGregor has vacated / been stripped of his lightweight title, paving the way for Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov to fight at UFC 223 for the undisputed 155 pound belt.

Dana White has been prepping people for that reality all week on his media tour for UFC 220, saying McGregor can’t “hold the division hostage.” But if he’s reached out to Conor McGregor himself, Conor’s coach John Kavanagh doesn’t know about it.

”I’m hearing this at the same time as everyone else,” he said during a Facebook Live broadcast. “I see there is a press conference that will happen tomorrow. I think Tony and Khabib, or else just Khabib, is being interviewed about the fight that Dana announced in April, which was news to me as well. Maybe they’re going to say it at that. Is it an interim title fight or is it a belt fight? I don’t know.”

John Kavanagh Talks All Things Amateur MMA & W2W

John Kavanagh Talks All Things MMA & WIMP 2 WARRIOR | Facebook Live

Posted by Richie Cranny on Thursday, January 18, 2018

”I think regardless of what way it’s sold, I think it’s still going to be known who the champion is. I know that’s going to upset a lot of people, but there you go, that’s my opinion on it. If it happens that those guys fight each other, and if it happens for the belt, they’re both going to think to themselves, ‘I’ve got to beat Conor to be really seen as the champion.’”

With the UFC rumored to have already put a stadium on hold in Moscow for September when Conor plans to return, it sounds like they’ll have their chance. Provided McGregor is still interested in fighting for the UFC after they strip him of a second belt.

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NSAC director knows he won’t win popularity contests for approving ‘Mayweather vs. McGregor’

We are only three weeks away from witnessing history, as current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight champion Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring to face the best boxer of this generation in Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Still, the bout hasn’t been received with open arms by everyone. And the man who approved the fight, Bob Bennett — who is the Nevada State athletic Commission (NSAC) — didn’t have an easy task when deciding whether to regulate the bout or not. And he knows why some people are upset.

“I understand completely,” Bennett told the Nevada Appeal. “(Boxing and MMA) are two completely different disciplines. But as a regulator this ended up on my desk and I had to find a way to approve or not approve it. In this day and age you have to change with the times.”

For Bennett, it was all about making a fight between two talented warriors for the world to enjoy

“This is a fight between two warriors,” he said. “It’s an approvable boxing match. I see no reason not to approve it. McGregor has not one amateur fight (as a boxer). I understand your position. But first off, McGregor is the taller, larger, longer, stronger, younger fighter.”

The fact that Conor holds some physical advantages over “Money” makes up for his lack of boxing experience, says Bennett. Also, since Mayweather is up in age, it sort of evens out the playing field.

“No one is the same at 40 or 35,” Bennett said. “There are enough reasons that Conor is an approvable, worthy opponent. He’s primarily known in the MMA as a striker. He’s arguably the best MMA fighter out there.”

Still, Bennett assures that this fight is just a one-off, and doesn’t expect it to be the norm moving forward, at least not in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Bob says he takes full responsibility for the fight and is accountable for it.

And though many are upset at him for seemingly giving Floyd a layup to break Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record, as they are tied with 49 wins and no losses, Bennett stands by his decision.

“I’m not going to win any popularity contests,” Bennett said. “But I try to do the right thing and hold myself accountable,” he concluded.

And judging by this report, it seems not a lot of fans are in a hurry to shell out the bi bucks to see it in person.

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