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UFC 223 Primer: Joanna Jedrzejczyk Still Has More Juice to Squeeze

It would easy to write off former strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk. After all, she did get knocked out pretty handily by Rose Namajunas.

But to write her off would do a huge disservice to all that she’s accomplished – and all that she may yet still.

Whenever the UFC goes all-in on a new division, they hope to have a star shining bright and leading the way. For the new 115-pound female division, Jedrzejczyk was definitely that star.

She brought the violence to an extreme every time she set foot in the cage, dethroning TUF winner and inaugural champ Carla Esparza like she was nothing. Jedrzejczyk also defended the hell out of that belt, waging some serious wars against the likes of Karolina Kowalkiewicz and Claudia Gadelha, and established pretty firmly that among all the strawweights, she was the best.

At UFC 223, the Polish striking ace will get a chance to avenge that loss against Namajunas when they square up in the co-main event. Was Namajunas’ win a fluke? The result of a bad weight cut on Jedrzejczyk’s part? The act of a vengeful deity jealous of Jedrzejczyk’s success?

I don’t know. Neither does the UFC, but they’re hedging their bets that she can reclaim her belt by putting out some preview content on her behalf.

Maybe the former champ still has some more juice to squeeze.

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Lugging That Olympic Torch Around

It is apparently a great honor for an athlete to carry around the Olympic torch for whatever Olympic Games loom. You know, something about representing your country and all that. So yeah, former UFC strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk seems pretty stoked to be lugging the thing around for the upcoming winter games in Pyeongchang, South […]

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk: My next fight will be for UFC title because I’m the strawweight queen

Joanna Jedrzejczyk suffered the first loss of her mixed marital arts (MMA) career at UFC 217 a few weeks ago after Rose Namajunas knocked her out in the very first round, taking her Strawweight strap in the process.

Full video replay here.

But after building up the division and defending the title five straight times before suffering defeat, “JJ” says she is set to get an immediate rematch against “Thug Rose.”

“I already spoke to the UFC, and my return is set,” Jedrzejczyk said to InTheCagePL as translated by Fan Sided. “My next fight will be for the title belt. I don’t know if Rose is going to want to fight in a month, in January or in February. I’ll spend the next two months in Poland with my family,” add Joanna.

Indeed, it isn’t out of the ordinary for the promotion to grant a champions who has dominated the division for so long a chance to reclaim the strap in his or her next fight following a loss, as was the case with Ronda Rousey.

Taking nothing away from Rose’s win, Joanna says her foe was as shocked s anyone from the result of that fateful night inside Madison Square Garden. And though she may now be the owner of the belt, Rose will never be the true queen of the division, according to the Polish-born fighter.

“Rose was very shocked, like the rest of the world,” she said. “Like I’ve said, she won in a beautiful fashion, but the belt is mine. I’ve built this weight class. I’m the queen of this weight class and I always will be. You can believe it or not.”

Jedrzejczyk has proclaimed to reclaim her belt at all costs, but give how easily Rose made it look against the once seemingly unbeatable champion, she will be riding high with confidence going into the rematch.

Then again, depending on the respective fighters timetables, there is no telling when they want to return, which means Rose may fight some

Then again, this other top contender may have a thing or three to say about who Joanna faces next.

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Following upset win over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Rose Namajunas now in danger of getting KTFO by Jessica Andrade

Newly-crowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas, opened the door for a slew of 115-pound contenders by stopping Joanna Jedrzejczyk at last weekend’s UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) event in New York City.

Watch the replay here.

Chief among them is Jessica Andrade (17-6), who retained her spot atop the strawweight rankings by thrashing Claudia Gadelha back in September. That leaves “Bate Estaca” as the likely opponent for “Thug Rose” in first-quarter 2018.

“I don’t believe the UFC will give Joanna a rematch because it makes no sense,” Andrade told MMA Fighting. “She lost by knockout in the first round. (Jose) Aldo and Ronda (Rousey) lost like that and there was no rematch. (Namajunas) is a tough opponent, that’s why she beat the champion, but I think that finding the timing and distance, I can get in and knock her out.”

Jedrzejczyk defeated Andrade by decision at UFC 211 last May.

Nothing is official at this time, as the promotion may consider giving Jedrzejczyk a chance to reclaim her crown (no bullshit), based on the ex-champ’s dominance over the division dating back to March 2015.

Time will tell.

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UFC 217: ‘Not scared’ Rose Namajunas won’t lose Joanna Jedrzejczyk title fight before it begins

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk has a knack for getting under her opponent’s skin with her up close and personal staredowns, which prove to be intimidating for some.

Prime examples here and here.

Rose Namajunas, however, is as stone-faced as they come, as she wasn’t rattled by Joanna when they came face-to-face for the first time last week during a press conference to promote their upcoming title fight at UFC 217 on Nov. 4, 2017 in New York.

That’s because unlike many of the champ’s past foes, “Thug Rose” isn’t scared of the longtime titleholder, and won’t lose the fight before it begins.

“I think that they almost lose the fight before it even starts,” Namajunas said about Jedrzejczyk’s past opposition in a recent interview with Flo Combat. “You see that with all the greatest in the world or all the greatest of all time. They all have this intimidation factor and it’s for a reason. It’s not just, ‘Oh, they play mind games.’ They can smell it off of them. They’re not joking around. I think that a lot of the opponents she’s faced, not all of them, but they’re afraid of her and it shows.”

Aside from Joanna’s pre-fight intimidation tactics, she’s a pretty good fighter, too, as she has racked up five straight title defenses, and hasn’t tasted defeat in her entire mixed marital arts (MMA) career (14-0, 8-0 UFC).

Namajunas, meanwhile, won’t let the champ’s accolades shake her, either, as she says Joanna has yet to face a complete fighter such as her self.

“I’m definitely the most complete fighter she’s ever faced. I have that going into it,” Namajunas said. “I have the previous title fight experience going into it. I have a lot of things going for me. It all really comes to do to desire and want and what is the reasoning behind what I’m doing and when I have those things in line, I snap into myself. I become something that is just a work of art and it’s hard to touch,” she concluded.

Namajunas has experienced an up-and-down career, but recently turned it around by submitting Michelle Waterson at UFC on FOX 24 earlier this year (see it) to earn another shot at reclaiming the 115-pound strap after coming up short against Carla Esparza in the first-ever women’s strawweight title fight back in 2014.

Can she get the job done the second time around?

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk asks her fans ‘Who wants to see me a two division champion?’

Make no mistake, Joanna Champion has her eye on the upcoming women’s flyweight title.

Could Joanna Jedrzejcyk be following in the footsteps of Conor McGregor?

While the Polish UFC champion hasn’t been able to match McGregor’s popularity outside of the cage, she’s certainly managed to dominate the women’s strawweight division over her five defenses as champion. With a new women’s flyweight title about to debut at the end of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter, many are wondering whether she’ll move up and lay claim to that belt as well.

There’s been plenty of signs that Joanna wants to move up because of the stress making strawweight puts on her body, and now she’s adding fuel to that fire with this Instagram post:

“Who wants to see me a two division champion?” she asks.

First she’ll have to defeat Rose Namajunas at UFC 217 on November 4th. And then she’d have to convince the UFC to let her move up and challenge for the belt, something they’ve only ever allowed Conor McGregor to do. Jedrzejczyk already beat the brakes off the last TUF winner that was given a belt. They may want to let the new division breath for a bit before allowing her to (probably) run roughshod over it.

That being said, Joanna is in a similar situation to Demetrious Johnson. She’s on the verge of having cleaned out her division, which is usually when moving up appeals to the UFC more. And with the UFC undoubtedly ready to release her strawweight title back into the wild if she’s successful at winning the flyweight belt, it could make things very interesting for two divisions.

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk to Defend Strawweight Title vs. Rose Namajunas at UFC 217

A third title bout has been added to the UFC 217 lineup, as Joanna Jedrzejczyk will defend her 115-pound belt against Rose Namajunas on Nov. 4.
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