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Visa Issues KO Humberto Bandenay; Brandon Davis Now Faces Steven Peterson at UFC Austin

Brandon Davis certainly seems eager to put his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut behind him.
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Aljamain Sterling issues statement following scary knockout loss to Marlon Moraes at UFC Fresno

During last night’s (Sat., Dec. 9, 2017) UFC Fight Night 123 event inside Save Mart Arena in Fresno, California, Aljamain Sterling suffered a nasty knockout loss to Marlon Moraes in main card action.

See it again here.

Indeed, “Magic” clipped “Funkmaster” with a nasty knee to the face the stiffened Aljamain, forcing the ref to stop the action. It was a knockout Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White compared to Francis Ngannou’s demolition of Alistair Overeem at UFC 218 last week.

After getting carried out in a stretcher to the hospital for precautionary reasons, Sterling issued a statement last last night via social media.

Knowing Sterling was already out, credit has to be given to Marlon, as he immediately stopped his offensive attack and did not follow up with any unnecessary blows to his fallen foe.

And in victory, “Magic’s” thoughts were all on Sterling.

And while UFC broadcasters didn’t give fight fans an update regarding Sterling’s health status during the broadcast, Dana White did confirm in this post-event interview that Sterling was mobile and doing great.

To get full UFC Fight Night 123: “Swanson vs Ortega” play-by-play updates and results click here.

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UFC Fight Night 123 Weigh-in Results: No Issues for Headliners Cub Swanson, Brian Ortega

Jockeying for position on the Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight ladder, it was only natural for Cub Swanson and Brian Ortega to someday meet.
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Jose Aldo issues statement following second loss to Max Holloway at UFC 218

The long-time Featherweight champ shares some words following his latest defeat in Detroit.

With the unexpected removal of Frankie Edgar from UFC 218 weeks before the event with a broken orbital, Jose Aldo was called up and sat poised to retake the featherweight title that had once been his for so long. Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way in the rematch against Max Holloway, and the rugged Brazilian warrior fell in the third round to Holloway’s relentless assault.

Now Aldo has released a statement via social media.

“I only have to thank my family that I love for everything, and my team Nova Uniao, the best in the world, for making me great and champion, and my friends and fans that are always with me,” Aldo wrote. “Thank you all! I will be always optimistic because believing is the first step to making it happen.”

The loss to Holloway puts Aldo in the unfortunate position of having lost to the current champion twice, basically eliminating his chance of another shot at the title so long as “Blessed” holds the belt. It’s unclear whether the 145-pound legend will continue to fight at that weight class, and also uncertain that he continues fighting in UFC at all after the last two bouts on his contract are up.

In the past Aldo has talked about a move to 155, or even a move to boxing. Now might be a good time for either of those moves, as he looked completely destroyed on the scale during the UFC 218 weigh-ins. And if fighting in the UFC is getting old for him, maybe there’ll be a spot for him in the upcoming boxing events the UFC is working on putting together?

Whatever the case, no one can deny the amazing things Aldo did over his 13 year career and eight years at the top of the Featherweight division as champion.

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Conor McGregor, role model, issues formal apology for ‘losing it’ during Bellator melee

Seems like just yesterday when Conor McGregor was like “fuck you all.”

Oh wait, it was.

What a difference 24 hours makes, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion has now issued a formal apology for blowing a gasket at last weekend’s Bellator 187 event, which included a physical confrontation with referee Marc Goddard.

And that other dude who got slapped silly.

As part of his apology, McGregor made reference to the late Joao Carvalho, who passed away after his technical knockout loss to “Notorious” teammate Charlie Ward (in cage for the Bellator brouhaha) back in April 2016.

More on that tragedy here.

McGregor was reportedly pulled from his headlining duties at UFC 219 and may still be subject to legal repercussions as a result of his actions, according to Association of Boxing Commissions President Mike Mazzulli.

Hard to imagine a fine, upstanding role model would do such a thing.

The promotion has yet to release any kind of statement regarding what — if any — action it plans to take, but no doubt this apology, which was not without a cheap shot at Goddard, was prompted by his employers.

As far as when McGregor will attempt to unify the 155-pound titles against interim straphanger Tony Ferguson, that remains to be seen.

Defend or vacate!

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Midnight Mania! Demian Maia issues statement, remains classiest act in MMA

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

There isn’t a clearer contrast in all of MMA than that between Demian Maia and Colby Covington, who fought each other this past Saturday at UFC Sao Paulo. Demian Maia is, and remains, the nicest guy you will ever meet. He goes into fights with the goal of winning while inflicting the least hurt possible, living out the ethics of the “gentle art” he represents as well as anyone you will ever meet. Covington called all of Brazil a dump, full of filthy animals, and then apologized to the filthy animals for the comparison. It’s a promotional tactic designed to maximize shock value, getting Colby the most attention possible; a discount version of the strategy employed by Conor McGregor, or more accurately Chael Sonnen. Maia remained above it, seemingly immune to the verbal barbs.

That’s what made Saturday’s fight so compelling- it was clearly a fight between the “good guy” and the heel, on the good guy’s home turf. Brazilian crowds are notoriously hostile to outsiders, chanting death at anyone fighting one of their countrymen. Maia refused to stoop to Covington’s level on the mic before the bout; Covington gloried in the death chants, taunting the crowds. When the bell rang, Maia surprised just about everyone by knuckling up and going to war with the brash American, staying in the pocket and throwing bombs. Demian Maia, the 39-year-old grappler who specializes in taking people down and choking them out as efficiently as possible, had decided his best option was brawling with Colby Covington. For a round, it actually worked. Maia won the first round on two out of three scorecards, even busting up Covington’s face.

It wasn’t to last, though. There was no strategy that could have made up that decade gap in youthful stamina. Maia went back to his signature takedowns in the second rounds, trying to set them up with his striking, but it was no use. Covington is a powerful and active wrestler, who stuffed all of Maia’s shots and refused to shoot at all himself. Maia hung in the fight till the final bell, but at the end, he lay, face covered in blood, on the canvas, while Covington circled the Octagon to stony silence from the crowd.

Yet, it seems Maia holds no hard feelings. He has competed many, many times, twice with a UFC belt on the line. For Maia, this is just “one more step in the path.” He detailed his mindset in a Facebook post to his fans:

I want to thank everyone for their support and cheer, in one more step in my path. The great lesson of the sport is knowing that competing always brings lessons, and we have to be thankful for victory and defeat for learning. I did my best, I made some mistakes and moved a little, which may have embarrassed the execution of my strategy, but that does not take the credit of my opponent, who deserved the victory, and I come out of my head high knowing that I fulfilled my Role as best I could, and I move on to the next step of the journey. Thank you all!

Quero agradecer o apoio e a torcida de todos, em mais uma etapa nesse meu caminho. A grande lição do esporte é saber que…

Posted by Demian Maia on Saturday, October 28, 2017

I would love to say, “In a world of Covingtons, be like Maia”, but I don’t think it is quite that simple. Covington may be playing the part of an asshole, but I can’t blame him for trying to get all the attention he can in the short window of opportunity we call a career. What I can say though, is that every fighter should be authentically himself. If you aren’t McGregor, don’t try to be. Embrace the spiritual lessons of the journey; be authentic like Demian Maia.



I would love to see this matchup. Usman is one of the few with the wrestling chops to hang with Covington, and it would be a fight for the future of the division.

There are some great fights this weekend.

Joe Rogan is excited about one fight card in particular:

If you wonder who Yi Long is, he’s a monk with a chin on him.

If you missed this weekend’s Joshua-Takam boxing match, here’s a replay for you:

For the record, this stoppage was completely unnecessary and it doesn’t help anyone, least of all Anthony Joshua, to be so eager to stop the fight in his favor.

Francis Ngannou agreed

Mike “Platinum” Perry pulverizing pumpkins

Sage wants to be Dolph Lundgren’s son so badly

Did Daniel Cormier loosen his belt and forget to tighten it back up?

It’s hard to imagine anyone forcing former UFC fighter Yves Edwards into eating anything but okay

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This was the best submission of the weekend. Munhoz has a nasty, nasty guillotine

That’ll do, sir. That’ll do.

I had literally never heard of this fighter, which shows you how deep my MMA knowledge does not go. Anyone that outgrappled Jake Shields in MMA is worth your attention:

Garbrandt being a ghost against the previously ethereal Dominick Cruz remains one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. It calls to mind a line from the last Batman movie ever made: “So that’s how it feels” (Ben Affleck? I don’t know who that is.)

I don’t know if this was real or just as “pro wrestling” as the rest of it, but that’s a sweet kick regardless.

Speaking of long pants kickboxing, this is the best clip I’ve ever seen of that infamous Raymond Daniels vs. Stephen Thompson fight in Chuck Norris’ now-defunct World Combat League.

Go Argentina

You got 28 minutes and 51 seconds?

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Tony Ferguson Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor: ‘Defend or Vacate, Motherf—-er’

Tony Ferguson didn’t mince words after winning the interim lightweight crown at UFC 216 on Saturday night.
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Tony Ferguson Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor: ‘Defend or Vacate, Motherf—-er’

Tony Ferguson didn’t mince words after winning the interim lightweight crown at UFC 216 on Saturday night.
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Tony Ferguson Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor: ‘Defend or Vacate, Motherf—-er’

Tony Ferguson didn’t mince words after winning the interim lightweight crown at UFC 216 on Saturday night.
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Tony Ferguson Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor: ‘Defend or Vacate, Motherf—-er’

Tony Ferguson didn’t mince words after winning the interim lightweight crown at UFC 216 on Saturday night.
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