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White On Till: ‘You Shouldn’t Be Missing Weight In Your Hometown’

While Darren Till’s main event clash with Stephen Thompson tomorrow (Sun., May 27, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 130 in Liverpool, England, is still scheduled to take place as of now, missing weight by 3.5 pounds is not a good look for the young Englishman.

Not only does Till have to hand over 30 percent of his fight purse to “Wonderboy,” who weighed in on point at 171 pounds, but he also has to weigh no more than 188 pounds tomorrow morning in order for the headliner to move forward as planned.

Considering Till has been known to walk around at upwards of 210 pounds, making 188 pounds after a full day of eating and drinking is no small task. That’s why UFC president Dana White was so disappointed in Till after learning about the young contender’s botched weight cut.

“Not the situation I was expecting to be in right now, especially in his hometown,” White told MMAjunkie following UFC Fight Night 130 ceremonial weigh-ins. “You shouldn’t be missing weight in your hometown. Now we’ve got to sweat this thing all night, because he’s got to weigh 188 pounds tomorrow at 1 o’clock when he gets on the bus. So, not a good position to be in.”

White added that should Till weigh more than 188 pounds it will be up to Thompson’s team to work out terms for a new agreement. That is no guarantee, so fight fans may wake up to bad news tomorrow.

Hopefully Till can keep the weight off this glorious Memorial Day weekend because anything outside of a “Wonderboy” vs. “Gorilla” showdown would be very disappointing.

Stick with Mania for ongoing updates on the situation.

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Mike Perry Gets Hometown Duty Versus Max Griffin at UFC on Fox 28 in Orlando

Surely you didn’t think the Ultimate Fighting Championship was going to leave Mike Perry off of a network television card in his hometown, did you?
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Mike Perry Gets Hometown Duty Versus Max Griffin at UFC on Fox 28 in Orlando

Surely you didn’t think the Ultimate Fighting Championship was going to leave Mike Perry off of a network television card in his hometown, did you?
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Mike Perry Gets Hometown Duty Versus Max Griffin at UFC on Fox 28 in Orlando

Surely you didn’t think the Ultimate Fighting Championship was going to leave Mike Perry off of a network television card in his hometown, did you?
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Mike Perry Gets Hometown Duty Versus Max Griffin at UFC on Fox 28 in Orlando

Surely you didn’t think the Ultimate Fighting Championship was going to leave Mike Perry off of a network television card in his hometown, did you?
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Retiring Brad Pickett ready to ‘leave on my own terms’ in his hometown

Brad Pickett is one of the most well-liked characters who has crossed our paths in the sport of mixed martial arts, and it’s in large part because the London native is an honest chap.

Honest enough, in fact, to admit that at age 38, the bantamweight standout isn’t quite the fighter he used to be.

Which is why he’s decided to go out on his own terms. The fighter nicknamed “One Punch” will hang ‘em up on Saturday, as he’ll compete in his final professional fight in his hometown, meeting Marlon Vera at UFC Fight Night 107.

And the ability to dictate his career’s final chapter, a rare thing in the fight game, is something on which Pickett places a high value.

“I’m a very proud person,” Pickett said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I’ve been losing more than winning lately, so I’d rather leave on my terms than get cut. But I love it that much where I want to respect what I’ve done with it and walk away.”

Like other lighter-weight fighters of his generation, Pickett’s prime came before his weight class was fully established on a worldwide level. The biggest win of his career came at the legendary WEC 48 in Sacramento on April 24, 2010 over current pound-for-pound kingpin Demetrious Johnson, a bout contested at bantamweight before flyweight, where Johnson currently resides, was even considered viable.

Pickett was already a veteran of 25 fights with a record of 20-5 by the time the UFC absorbed the WEC’s bantamweight and featherweight classes at the end of 2010. He’s amassed a UFC record of 5-8 as he went from bantamweight down to flyweight in an attempt to get another fight with Johnson and then back up again. It eats at Pickett to know that new fans, particularly on his side of the pond in the Conor McGregor era, don’t know the fighter who was once right in the brink of a title shot.

“There’s a lot of new fans coming into the sport now who have only seen me lose fights, they didn’t see my wins back in the day in my prime years, they didn’t see any of that,” Pickett said. “So they’re like ‘this Pickett guy sucks.’ I hate that. It’s going to be a tough one because I love my job, but I love it that much where I want to respect what I’ve done with it and walk away.”

Still, Pickett will leave the sport with few, if any regrets, and he’s comfortable that he’s not going to go through life wondering “what if.”

“I didn’t want to be that guy in the bar, and be like ‘I used to fight? Yeah, you see that Demetrious Johnson guy? I beat that guy, if I went down a weight class I would have beat him and been world champion.’ No, I did go down in weight class, I wanted to be guy who tried, and I did, to try to win the belt. That didn’t work, I have no regrets, I did everything I could to be No. 1 in the world.”

In the meantime, Pickett has done his best to treat his final fight camp like it’s been any other camp. But Pickett, who trains with the American Top Team, realized that it won’t quite be the same following one of his final days in South Florida.

“I was trying to block it out as well as I could, because at the end of the day I still have a fight, but it was, I was at American Top Team training for this fight and I came back last Saturday morning, and, it was a strange one because, I was going, and, before the start of the class they got everyone together and said hey everyone, this is Brad’s last wrestling session, and it was like why are we doing this before the fight, you’ll get me really emotional.”

Pickett had a primer for this: His most recent fight, in December, was against future Hall of Famer Urijah Faber in Faber’s hometown of Sacramento. He lost the fight via decision, but it’s served as a blueprint for what to expect Saturday.

“With the Urijah Faber fight, it was all about him, his roller coaster,” Faber said. “But then for me, this one, I put pressure on myself to win fights. If you win your fight you go through one door, if you lose your fight you go through another door. To me now, no matter win or lose, I go through same door, so no matter the outcome of this fight it means nothing to me. Win lose draw whatever, it makes no difference. I have minimal pressure on outcome of the fight, my pressure is just to perform.”

Of course, after Saturday’s final bow, there’s always the question of what’s next in the life of a former fighter. While Pickett plans on taking some time off to be with family, you can be sure he’ll stay a part of the game, as a trainer and coach and through his U.K.-based Rise of Champions promotion.

“I’m a very competitive person,” Pickett said, “But I can compete through another angle. I can compete through other people. I can compete through my guys in the gym, I’m a proud person, so I will do whatever I can to make sure my guys win, because then that’s a good reflection on me.”

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Mickey Gall says Sage Northcutt would be stuffed ‘in a locker’ in his hometown

SACRAMENTO — Even as the hours wind down to their UFC on FOX 22 welterweight main-card bout, Mickey Gall can’t help but make fun of Sage Northcutt.

Gall thinks Northcutt’s constant smiling and positive attitude are a front. And he doesn’t think Northcutt wouldn’t have fit in very well Gall’s hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

“Not very long,” Gall said when asked at Thursday’s open workouts on how long Northcutt would last where Gall grew up. “He’d find himself in a locker. He’d probably kick his way out of a locker, I’ll give him that. … He seems very ingenuine. I say corny like a dork, but its an ingenuinty, he’s putting on.”

Northcutt, for his part, doesn’t exactly talk trash. But the Houston native, who is X-1 in the UFC, pointed out that Gall’s first two UFC opponents, Mike Jackson and CM Punk, weren’t exactly world-class caliber.

“I think sometimes you should be careful what you wish for,” Northcutt said. “I’m not going to cut anybody down, bit he fought two guys who never had an MMA fight before, so me, myself, I’m going to go up a weight class and fight 170, I’m prepared and I’m ready.”

Gall shakes off Northcutt’s concerns, predicting he’ll win the fight via finish in the second round.

“I’m better on the feet, better on the ground, tougher than him, endurance, everything,” Gall said. “When we jump in the fire, he’s hopping out of the fire way before I am. … It could go quick. I’’m ready for three hard ones. I’m going to get the finish. I’d like to get a knockout in the first, but smart money is I’ll choke him out in the second.”

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Video: New UFC Champ Max Holloway Greeted By Hometown Crowd Upon Return to Hawaii

Max Holloway is unquestionably proud of his Hawaiian roots, and the island is just as proud of him.
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Erick Silva explains decision to return to hometown and open own gym after first camp in California

BRASILIA — Erick Silva desperately needs a win at UFC Fight Night 95, so he made a lot of changes in his life.

Booked to fight Luan Chagas at Saturday night’s event in Brasilia, Brazil, after losing back-to-back fights to Neil Magny and Nordine Taleb, Silva decided to move back to his hometown Vila Velha, Espirito Santo. The 32-year-old welterweight, who trained at Kings MMA for his last fight, felt that the cons of being away from his son were bigger than the pros.

“I spent some time in California and it was an amazing experience, one of the biggest technical evolutions I had,” Silva told MMA Fighting. “I trained jiu-jitsu with Rafael Mendes and felt a great evolution, and I don’t even need to mention Rafael Cordeiro. The experience I had there, seeing how they train, I was blown away. Unfortunately, I missed my son a lot, so I decided to move back to Espirito Santo and open my own gym here.”

Silva decided to open his own gym in Vila Velha, and his son Kalleu is with him all the time. To prepare for his 13th UFC fight, Silva hired Andre Benkei as his head coach, Vitor Vianna to train his jiu-jitsu, Saymon Ferreira to work his hands, and Bruno de Paula in the wrestling area, among other professionals. Despite all the changes, opening his own gym proved to be less expensive than training in the United States.

“I paid for everything when I was living in California, and now being in my home state I could get some partnerships for my project,” Silva said. “Besides my sponsors, I also have sponsors to my gym, so it’s more affordable to have my own gym here. My sponsors help this team grow.”

Against Luan Chagas, who impressed in his UFC debut despite fighting to a split draw with Sergio Moraes at UFC 198, Silva thinks this fight will be a turning point in his career.

“This fight is the first step to show everyone the changes in Erick Silva’s life,” he said. “That’s why this fight is so important. I want people to see that it makes the difference being around people you love, being mentally well and happy, and having a great camp.

“He’s a tough athlete. If he’s in the UFC, that’s because he deserves it. I won’t train less or think it’s an easy fight only because he has one UFC fight. I’m sure it won’t be easy. We know what he’s worth. However, I need the win in this moment. I’m training hard and focused.”

With a 6-6 run inside the Octagon, an unimpressive record for someone that was considered a promising prospect in the welterweight division after his first UFC fights, Silva knows that Saturday night could be a do or die moment for him.

“You always need the win, no matter if you’re coming off a win or a loss,” Silva said. “Of course that you always want the win, but we have to be realistic and know that this is a very important moment for me, and that’s why I have worked so hard in the gym.”

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New Champ Stipe Miocic Receives VIP Invite from Hometown Cleveland Cavaliers

Newly crowned UFC heavyweight king Stipe Miocic will be a VIP guest of his hometown team when the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night.
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