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UFC Fight Night 135 Primer: Hey, Let’s Use Up All Our Justin Gaethje At Once!

Justin Gaethje will climb into the Octagon yet again this weekend, with UFC Fight Night 135 putting him in the driver’s seat opposite James Vick.

If you’re keeping score, this will be the fourth time the former WSOF champ will make the walk to the hallowed UFC cage, and given his propensity for fighting with reckless abandon and not a single care about the damage he’s sustained – and given the ungodly amount of damage he’s sustained in his recent fights against Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier – you have think the UFC is letting this guy kill himself.

Consider this: Given the standard human brain’s capacity for absorbing trauma, there is a set amount of punishment any person can take before they become a vegetable. It would seem the UFC is keen on using up all the Justin Gaethje there is in the shortest amount of time.

Sure, Vick isn’t exactly a world-beater. But Vick is a dangerous striker, and right now, taking punches to the noggin’ is about the last thing he needs.

Anyway, here are a trio of preview vids for the fight.

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‘TUF 27’ Competitors Michael Trizano, Luis Pena to Clash at UFC Fight Night Denver

“The Ultimate Fighter 27” winner Michael Trizano will lock horns with fellow cast member Luis Pena at UFC Fight Night 139, the promotion announced via the Denver Post on Monday.
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‘TUF 27’ Competitors Michael Trizano, Luis Pena to Clash at UFC Fight Night Denver

“The Ultimate Fighter 27” winner Michael Trizano will lock horns with fellow cast member Luis Pena at UFC Fight Night 139, the promotion announced via the Denver Post on Monday.
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Re-live 2017’s ‘Fight of the Year’ Ahead Of UFC ‘Lincoln!’

Before Justin Gaethje attempts to get back into the win column when he takes on James Vick in UFC Fight Night 135’s FOX Sports 1-televised main event this Saturday night (Aug. 25, 2018) in Lincoln, Neb., let’s take a look back at his explosive Octagon debut.

Back in July 2017, Gaethje stepped into the eight-walled cage for the very first time after spending the majority of his combat career fighting for World Series of Fighting (WSOF). And he wasn’t given a warm-up fight, either, when he was matched up opposite long-time veteran, Michael Johnson, in the headlining bout of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25 Finale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What ensued was an all out barn-burner, as Gaethje and Johnson wasted no time exchanging haymakers, with “The Menace” connecting early on. In true “Highlight” form, Gaethje took it on the chin and kept pushing forward. In doing so, he clipped Johnson with a few solid strikes to let him know he wasn’t going to back down an inch.

And he let him hear about it throughout the fight, too.

Still, Johnson didn’t back down, either, calling for Gaethje to come in after each strike, which only encouraged “Highlight” to do what he does best: Stand and bang. In the closing seconds of round one, Johnson rocked Gaethje with a huge right hand and proceeded to follow up with haymakers in an attempt to end the fight. Instead, the round came to an end and Gaethje survived.

In round two, though, Gaethje proved to be too much for Johnson, as his relentless pace was simply more than “The Menace” could handle, as he was visibly exhausted. After Gaethje connected with a flying knee, he proceed to pound out his foe on the feet to ultimately force a referee stoppage … and ultimately earn 2017’s “Fight of the Year” honors from us fine folks at MMAmania.com.

While his Octagon debut was impressive, Gaethje went on to drop his next two outings against Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. Now, he faces the up-and-coming James Vick in a crucial bout for both men.

To get up-to-speed with the latest UFC Fight Night 135 fight card click here.

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UFC Fight Night 135 Primer: The Justin Gaethje Brain Damage Countdown

We knew, based on his dominant run in the World Series of Fighting, that Justin Gaethje would make a welcome addition to the Octagon.

He fights with great intensity and violence, gives his all every time, and – perhaps most importantly – is willing to take ungodly amounts of damage to win. And when he finally made his UFC debut, he certainly delivered against Michael Johnson. But then he took on Eddie Alvarez, who slaughtered him, and then Dustin Poirier, who nearly bashed his head in, and now it seems like where watching a countdown clock on Gaethje’s brain trauma.

The next UFC event on tap is UFC Fight Night 135, and Gaethje headlines against James Vick. Vick has been steadily climbing the ranks, and his height, reach and knack for hitting opponents repeatedly make him a threat to anyone. Is he at Gaethje’s level, though? Maybe, maybe not, but all that is moot if Gaethje’s noggin’ is mush…

…Which it very well could be on its way to becoming after the damage it’s taken.

Ponder this while you watch Gaethje take out Johnson.

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Artem Lobov to Face Zubaira Tukhugov at UFC Fight Night 138 in Moncton

Conor McGregor training partner Artem Lobov will lock horns with Zubaira Tukhugov at UFC Fight Night 138 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada on Oct. 27.
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Jin Soo Son Replaces Douglas Silva de Andrade, Faces Petr Yan at UFC Fight Night Moscow

Deep veteran Jin Soo Son will step in for the injured Douglas Silva de Andrade and face Petr Yan at UFC Fight Night 136.
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Luke Rockhold Happy to Fight Weidman at UFC 230 But Needs ‘The Right Contract’

It has been reported for a number of weeks now that a matchup between former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champions Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman was in the works for UFC 230 in November at Madison Square Garden, New York although nothing has been made official yet.
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Midnight Mania! Watch Kid Take Off Own Legs, Win Street Fight

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It’s weird. It’s wild. It involves MMA. UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis shared the video tale of this handicapped kid taking off his prosthetic legs- both of them- and somehow still winning the fight. While his opponent in the black shirt doesn’t seem to exactly be a very skilled fighter, it is still an amazing feat, the handicapped boy showing off impressive head movement, courage, and fighting knowledge to close distance and land schooled ground-and-pound.

Here’s a slightly longer version, because you are going to want to watch that again.

There are handicapped people who have had a lot of success in MMA, including congenital amputee Nick Newell, who fights with only one arm. Matt Hamill, who was deaf, had a very successful UFC career. Still, seeing someone win a fight with no legs is an extraordinary sight.


By far the saddest story today was that Andrea Lee’s husband, Donny Aaron, a real piece of work, has been (allegedly) beating her. He has warrants pending; hopefully Andrea is able to extricate herself and her child safely from this abusive situation. Donny Aaron is the same guy who refused to get his multiple Nazi tattoos covered after they surfaced on social media earlier this year. He defended the symbols as prison tattoos; Aaron spent five years in prison for negligent homicide, after he shot and killed an unarmed black man outside his home. This isn’t his first case of domestic abuse, either.

There was naturally a lot of anger in the MMA community following the story.

This is badass.

Boat party with fighting? Sounds like a fun cruise, except maybe for the losing fighters.

This is a great concept: The Batman slap meme, but Nate Diaz doing the slapping.

Thiago Santos got turned down in his bid to jump to light heavyweight to fight Jimi Manuwa.

Grappling wizard Garry Tonon says transitioning to MMA can be an uncomfortable journey

Jon Jones working on his one shot one kill power

Just because there isn’t UFC this weekend doesn’t mean there aren’t combat sports happening

McGregor was in the mood to write today and explained what he loved about Mexican gloves, Mexicans, the Irish, and tasty four-ounce gloves.

Random Land

Speaking of long screeds on Mexico, Joe Rohde, Disney imagineer, tells a good tale of the background of the Aztec-Spanish conflict.

Episode One. The Conquest of Mexico. An IG straight talk History Mini-Serious-Series. Most conquistadors come from a part of Spain that was so nasty they’re like: “We GOTTA to get out of here! ANYTHING is better than this!” Plus, “We hate each other, too, so we’re really competitive. And we spent about 800 years in a perpetual state of war fighting Muslims, so we’re kind of knee-jerk reactionary types and pretty violent.” Most colonial expeditions were like, venture capital investments, see? With a business license from the government. Not so much like the Marines…more like Blackwater. (Academi, now, ..if you’re checking.) So, Cortes is like a entrepreneurial civil servant mercenary soldier. His plan isn’t to wreck the Aztec Empire, just to get the Emperor Montezuma to sign a contract with his Emperor Charles V….so Mexico would be a subsidiary of the Hapsburg Empire, kinda like Instagram and Facebook, and Cortez would be, like the head of Instagram. But his whole plan is all illegal anyway because he doesn’t have a license. So he just kind of improvises the whole thing. The Aztecs are newbies. Really we should call them Mexica, but everybody knows Aztec… So…The Aztecs just show up one day about 150 years back and all these super-ancient civilizations are like “Eeeew! You guys suck. Go live on that crappy island.” Big mistake. The Aztecs turn out to be badass as hell. Their war god is a hummingbird. Hummingbirds are badass. Ask an ornithologist. Pretty soon they conquer almost everybody. In really mean ways, too. Plus, they are reeeeeally into the human sacrifice thing…Industrial Scale. Even the locals are like “Geez!! We get it already!” They turn their little island into a huge beautiful floating city in the middle of the lake, connected by aqueducts and a long bridge. Most of their rulers are more or less generals. But as luck would have it, Montezuma is kind of introverted, you know? The kinda guy who doesn’t like to shake hands? Then one day…a cliffhanger!

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Glover Teixeira Withdraws from UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo Main Event Due to Injury

Glover Teixeira has been forced to pull of the UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo headliner against Jimi Manuwa due to a shoulder injury.
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