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UFC 230 Embedded Ep. 1: Derrick Lewis Gets Some Love From Houston Rockets Fans

UFC 230 is just a few days away, and as a result, the first Embedded video has gone up for Saturday’s card.

As you’ll see by watching the video below, Episode One features headliners Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis in the gym, training hard, as well as the latter attending a Houston Rockets game.

UFC 230 will go down at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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Dana White Believes Demetrious Johnson Didn’t Get “The Love And The Respect” he Deserved From Fans…

Many folks have argued that Demetrious Johnson never received the fanfare he should have, during his historic run with the UFC, and Dana White has echoed that sentiment.

As you’ve almost certainly heard by now, recently it was confirmed that Johnson’s headed to ONE Championship, in exchange for undefeated welterweight, Ben Askren. The move comes not long after Johnson’s historic reign as flyweight champ was ended by Henry Cejudo, this past August.

Well, recently TMZ caught up with White, and when asked about Johnson’s departure, the UFC President said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“If you look at it, the kid broke the record for the most title defenses (11),” White said. “I feel like he never really got the love and the respect that he deserved from the fans. I don’t know if he was always thrilled being here. So hopefully he’s a lot happier where he’s headed now. His longtime trainer and coach [Matt Hume] is an executive over there, so maybe he’ll be happier over there.”

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Bellator On Why UK Fans Got Peppa Pig Instead Of Main Event

Bellator fans in the UK that stayed up til 6AM to see Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald tussle for the middleweight strap were disappointed when the event ran past 6AM and was replaced with an episode of Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig, as any parent of a child under the age of five knows, is a heavyweight champ in children’s programming. So at least bleary eyed Brits still got to see a top name perform.

After the event, Bellator execs at the California press conference explained what happened.

“Government regulations said at 6AM, that content was not suitable,” Bellator’s David Schwartz said. “They had to switch to children’s programming … Peppa the pig.”

“That’s a hiccup, and we will definitely fix that moving forward,” Bellator head honcho Scott Coker said. “Honestly, we thought that we would be way off the air by the three-hour mark, and that just didn’t happen. We ran over, and Peppa the pig took over. And that’s what happened.”

”Believe me, when it switched over there was a lot of texts going back and forth, and they were not friendly,” he continued. “We were trying to fix it, we thought it was technical glitch, but it wasn’t. It was a government issue. I can promise next time it’s not going to happen. We’ll keep it down to five fights instead of six like we normally do. We tried to over-deliver for the fans, and it’s just an unfortunate situation.”

By all accounts, Bellator 206 was an entertaining show. But complaints about the new DAZN streaming service buffering on various platforms and the slow pacing of the show were also numerous. Going over time was especially strange considering the number of first and second round finishes on the main card. Only the Keri Melendez vs. Dakota Zimmerman fight went to a decision, although a welterweight GP fight between Douglas Lima and Andrey Koeshkov did make it to the fifth round before Lima ended things with a submission.

For more Bellator highlights, click here.

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Midnight Mania! Should Khabib Fans Be Worried About This McGregor Training Video?

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor is gearing up for his MMA return, and it seems he is not pulling punches in the gym. I mean that literally, as he is shown dropping training partner(s) in this heavily edited and condensed training montage.

He is seen throwing an elaborate spinning roundhouse kick, practicing his bodyshots, pairing his kicks with his punches, throwing jumping switchkicks like the version of McGregor that fought Max Holloway, sticking his training partners with side-kicks to the gut, and doing a LOT of wrestling. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ace Dillon Danis can be seen prominently attempting to take him down, among others, and McGregor appears to drop one training partner with a shot to the head and seems to buckle another with a body blow.

Are Khabib fans worried, or confident?

McGregor faces Khabib at UFC 229 in Las Vegas, on October 6th.


Is Khabib jacking Conor’s style?

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#ufc229 let’s go!

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Brutal body knee in sparring by a world class Muay Thai athlete

Mark Hunt talks Brock Lesnar, JDS vs. his teammate Tai Tuivasa, and much more.

Mike Perry isn’t quite convinced the 9/11 conspiracy theories aren’t real but he is promoting a message of positivity here no matter what.

Gunnar Nelson has a creepy way of welcoming you to his fight team

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Welcome to Mjölnir my sweet boy

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BJJ Scout breaks down Conor McGregor

CM Punk has been paid more in his MMA stint than most other athletes who have trained MMA their entire careers.

Chad Mendes killed this elk to feed his family for half a year.

CSA has prepared a gameplan for Cris Cyborg against Amanda Nunes

The real ‘I’ll take his head clean off’

I’m confused now which is the real image

These people are insanely talented and incredibly skilled

Khabib still doesn’t like rap concerts. Russia can be a reactionary place, and Khabib’s views seem especially reactionary.

I don’t know how staged this is, but the choke slam was hilarious.

Imagine the sparring

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Classic Pride fight, with Liddell on loan from the UFC back when they did cross promotion.


What a battle

Random Land


Amazing spot.

This guy is cooler than I will ever be

This article on the anniversary of 9/11 was utterly extraordinary

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Urijah Faber Reassures Fans Regarding Cody Garbrandt’s Social Media Absence

Last month, former Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight king Cody Garbrandt suffered his second consecutive loss to bitter rival and former teammate T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 227 in an unsuccessful attempt to recapture his bantamweight title.
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Midnight Mania! A Lot of QAnon Conspiracy Theorists are MMA, Joe Rogan Fans

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

QAnon, the truly bizarre conspiracy theory that posits Trump and Mueller as heroes of a secret campaign to bust pedophile rings of the rich and powerful, has a number of followers that also happen to be MMA and Joe Rogan fans.

This is the finding from Vox’s analysis of the QAnon subreddit, the thread on Reddit where much of the plot percolates. It’s the casual followers who tend to be MMA fans:


Joe Rogan featuring prominently isn’t altogether surprising. He is known for giving a platform on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, to a number of right-wingers such as Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, as well as people who entertain theories outside of the normal realm of discourse, including most famously Eddie Bravo, but also figures like Graham Hancock, who push fringe theories (unrelated to QAnon) that appeal to the imagination but are, to say the least, controversial from a scientific point of view.

Perhaps Rogan is the link from QAnon to MMA, or perhaps our oddball sport just attracts minds susceptible to wild, implausible theories. At any rate, there was a stronger overlap with crypocurrency, gaming, and men’s rights activism. Of those, gaming just has a wide reach among males. Cryptocurrency happens to be an interest of several MMA fighters including Jon Fitch, Rory Macdonald and Ben Askren. As for men’s rights… safe to say it reinforces the notion that the audience for QAnon is a mostly (though far from exclusively) male audience.

Happy birthday to Joe Rogan, by the way. The man remains the greatest MMA color commentator of all time, an iconic figure in the sport.


Tyron Woodley talks his break into Hollywood.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier disagrees with Alex Hernandez about why he lost a decision to the young Texan.

Just checking in on Old man Dan Henderson… yep, looks like he is living his best life, at an event called Bubba Fest in Tennessee.

Michelle Waterson doing burst conditioning

What exactly is being accomplished here

Mia St. John, female champion boxer, admitted she took steroids throughout her career with no repercussions.

No thank you, I will not be this zookeeper

Video by @tigerworld_nc #Destination_Wild

A post shared by Destination Wild (@destination_wild) on

I’m not saying Boss Logic’s poster is better, but the level of effort does look roughly similar.

I swear Tony Ferguson actively TRIES to injure himself.

Robert Whittaker working his elbows

Suga Sean O’Malley ought to be a hit with McGregor fans for the similarities in their fighting styles, if nothing else.

Throwback to this ridiculous comeback story told in slow motion

When you overthink everything.

This is me:

McGregor kicked up the old Malignaggi reaction train this weekend with a well-worded tweet. Out of all the stupid McGregor-Mayweather drama, I had at least hoped we would see the full sparring footage of training camp McGregor vs. a washed up former boxer.

Speaking of MMA vs. boxing, it is not clear where or how this fight would take place, and it won’t ever actually happen… there are benefits to having only one McGregor in this sport.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This knockout by Luiz Gustavo at RIZIN 12 was brutal.

I like how the body punching pays dividends at the end of this video

Goodnight, Angela Magana.

Well that’s a rare one for wmma

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Who says you can’t kick moving backwards? (It takes a lot of skill)

Picture-perfect hook


Cool trick bro

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What a slugfest. This doesn’t seem like it ought to be able to continue as long as it did.

When you zig that time you should have zagged

See above

Good job, Heber Castillo

Random Land

Ryan Reynolds is one of the only funny celebrities on Twitter.

This is an incredible human feat

There is something astonishingly cinematic about this goal orchestrated by Wayne Rooney. You could write an entire magazine article about it.

For every glorious moment like the one above, soccer provides one like this to even the scale

This rogue goat may have helped dozens of other farm animals escape

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Blaydes: UFC Fans Fascinated By Big Muscles, Ugly Tattoos

Brock Lesnar is not a very good mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

That’s according to top-ranked heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes, who smashed his way up the 265-pound ladder and positioned himself for a division title shot. Then UFC went full WWE and trumped “Razor” with Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier in 2019.

Not because it makes sense for the division, but rather because it’s a fight that will likely sell over one million pay-per-view (PPV) buys, thanks to MMA fans and their “weird” fascination with big muscles and ugly tattoos.

“Will Smith is very popular. You think Will Smith can go in there at 185 and get a title shot? No. Brock Lesnar, he’s going to go fight for the title, go make beaucoup money, and he’s going to go get knocked out,” Blaydes told MMA Fighting.

“He’s not good. It’s weird how MMA fans are, like, just fascinated by his muscles,” he said. “Like, they just like to see a big guy with his physique in the Octagon. They don’t believe he can win, they just like to see him in Octagon. I don’t get it. Maybe they just like his tattoos, I don’t know.”

Lesnar (5-3, 1 NC) has not competed since his no contest against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in summer 2016, which also saw the former NCAA Division-1 National Champion fail his pre-and post-fight drug tests (more on that here).

Blaydes, meanwhile, had some drug testing issues of his own back in early 2017, though you can probably argue a marked difference between marijuana (Blaydes) and clomiphene (Lesnar) when it comes to banned substances.

It’s unlikely these two will ever meet inside the cage, but it sounds like Blaydes — who recently called for a Stipe Miocic match up later this year — is ready to stake his claim to the 265-pound crown.

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UFC Fans Want Queen Elizabeth To Knight Michael Bisping

Where’s Uryens when you need him?!?

“Sir” Michael Bisping?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion recently retired from mixed martial arts (MMA). Not only because he accomplished all the goals he set out to achieve, but also because he’s trying to preserve the sight in his “disfigured” right eye.

But now that he’s gone, some combat sports fans across the pond want “The Count” to join the Queen’s Knighthood. To get the ball rolling, an online petition has been started with a goal of 2,000 signatures (see it here).

As of this writing they have 1,163.

“Michael Bisping has established himself as one of the most successful and longest tenured fighters in UFC history while also becoming a pioneer for MMA in the United Kingdom,” the petition reads. “He is an inspiration for young fighters around the country and this should be recognized with a knighthood. All hail The Count!”

I’m not sure what it takes to get knighted, but sure I hope it looks something like this.

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Iaquinta Shuts Down Dopey UFC Fans Who Snickered At Khabib’s Striking

Respect the Dagestani jab of doom!

Newly-crowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, received heavy criticism for his inability to finish Al Iaquinta in the UFC 223 pay-per-view (PPV) main event earlier this month in Brooklyn, New York.

But one person who won’t shit on “The Eagle” is “Raging Al,” who was outstruck 172-43 in their five-round championship headliner (highlights). In fact, Iaquinta praised Nurmagomedov for his awkward (but accurate) style that made him hard to hit.

From his conversation with MMA Fighting:

“His standup was really good. I felt like I was a step behind him, just from the first two rounds of trying to get up and stay against the cage, he was kind of wearing on me a little bit. So I felt a little behind, but his jab is good. Every time I tried to let so combos go, he’s awkward, he’s got like the Russians — it’s just a different style of boxing. They were saying he’s got his head up. I connect with everybody. … It was hard to get to him. He’s tough, he’s tough. He’s got his own style. He’s awkward. Maybe it doesn’t look like it from the outside, but, he’s definitely, he’s fucking tough man. I knew we had a mutual respect on the standup when it was going back and forth, he was definitely worried about my power shots. But he kept me away with his jab and his movement was a little awkward and good.”

The still-undefeated Nurmagomedov is best known for his unstoppable takedowns and punishing top game, but the Dagestani champion seemed content to bang it out on the feet against a legitimate knockout artist.

Granted, Iaquinta entered the bout on super short notice after both Tony Ferguson and Max Holloway were pulled from the UFC 223 fight card, but he was already scheduled to compete in “The Empire State” and was not coming in cold.

Is it time to give Nurmagomedov more credit for his striking prowess?

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Midnight Mania! MMA Fans Head Kick Transit Officer in Perth Following UFC 221

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight …

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Watching a UFC event is supposed to be one of those “don’t try this on the way home, kids” experiences, but after UFC 221 in Perth, Australia, a couple drunk fans didn’t see it that way. Via Perthnow.com:

Police allege the men, from Rockingham and Wellard, were intoxicated and becoming loud and abusive about 3.25pm on Sunday, on their way home from the city’s first-ever UFC fight at Perth Arena.

PTA officers requested them to curb their behaviour and then asked them to leave the train at the next stop, Bull Creek station.

But it’s then alleged a fight took place with officers at the station and that one PTA employee was knocked out, after being kicked in the head.

The 32-year-old transit officer who was knocked out was left with severe concussion, swelling and bruises to the back and side of his head. He spent a night in hospital.

The other officer, aged 35, has swelling and bruising to the side of his face and jaw and is awaiting blood test results after being spat on.

With full-strength alcohol available from 6:30 AM Australian time, perhaps the bigger surprise is that more fans weren’t out of control. Only three people were ejected from Perth Arena for disorderly conduct, out of 12,000 fans. However, the 20 and 25-year old who fought the public officers face several charges, including escaping lawful custody, assaulting a public officer and endangering the life, health and safety of a person.


Alastair Overeem waxed poetic on the highs and lows of MMA after Luke Rockhold’s KO loss.

Someone fight Zabit Magomedsharipov.

I love good head movement.

We used to admire this man.

I hate Derrick Lewis for posting this video.

He even posted a reply meme!

@as_shopped_as_it_gets_ lmao

A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

Chris Weidman training with Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr, adding tools to the arsenal.

Muay Thai sweeps are awesome.

Ilir Latifi and Alex Gustafsson getting some clinch work in.

Mischief managed.

Yoel Romero had the most success when he just rushed Rockhold, who moved back in straight lines all the way across the Octagon:

Al Iaquinta points out exactly what’s wrong with UFC 3: he’s making exactly zero money off his likeness.

Because the fighters have so much leverage. This fan doesn’t understand how monopsony works in labor markets.

Kajan Johnson and Nathan Quarry explaining to more ignorant fans how little the UFC fighters get paid as professional athletes at the highest level of their sport. It never fails to surprise me how many fans don’t understand this. Fighters talk about money all the time now because they realize how little of it they are getting from a 5 billion dollar company.

Israel Adesanya has a social media game.

Derrick Lewis appreciated this, and so do I.

A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

Dustin Poirier hates the memes around the picture of Romero kissing Rockhold.

The memes surrounding this uncomfortable image will not go away, despite Poirier’s feelings on the matter.

America, No forget

A post shared by COMBAT SPORTS / MARTIAL ARTS (@thestranglesquad) on

In the comments, Cody Garbrandt asked Sage Northcutt, where is the neck tattoo?

Should Luke Rockhold get back to his roots?

Violence everywhere I look on this poster.

Back to business. #UFCGlendale

A post shared by Carlos Condit (@carloscondit) on

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This combination is unreal from Tenshin.

A reminder of just what new UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya is capable of:

I can’t remember if I posted this yet

I have never seen a triangle this dedicated.

That’s next level commitment.

A post shared by Dank Jits Memes (@dank_jits_memes) on


Yoel Romero has been terrifying for a long, long time.

This kid is incredible

This was fun

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We don’t have flying cars in 2018 but we do have terrifying robot dogs

Treat your fears like this guy treats his cobras.

I want to visit:

These Nollywood (Nepalese Hollywood) videos make my day every time I watch them.

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