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Nick Diaz Accepts 1-Year USADA Sanction for Whereabouts Failures, Free to Fight April 19

Controversial UFC star Nick Diaz has accepted a one-year sanction from USADA resulting from three unsuccessful drug test attempts during a 12-month period from 2016 to 2017.
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VIDEO: Awesome UFC 214 Promo Tackles Jon Jones’ Failures Head On

Just about every sport has a superstar athlete who is their own worst enemy. Our sport has Jon Jones, who would be champ many times over if not for his penchant for cocaine, weed and disobeying traffic laws. There are two UFC events between now and UFC 214, but since it’s the organization’s big summer […]

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Chael Sonnen on drug-test failures: ‘I’m not going to apologize because I’m not sorry’

If you were expecting contrition from Chael Sonnen now that a fair bit of time has passed since the drug-test failures which ended his mixed martial arts career, well, guess again.

Sonnen continues to take the blunt approach when asked about why he used performance-enhancing drugs. Speaking on the debut episode of his new podcast, “You’re Welcome,” Sonnen stated he’s not sorry for the path he chose.

“People were saying, ‘why won’t he say he’s sorry?’ I’m not,” said Sonnen. “I’m not going to apologize because I’m not sorry. I’m a consenting adult. I knew exactly what I was doing. This was a premeditated decision.”

Sonnen, whose career took off during his second stint in the UFC, had his career as one of the sport’s most popular personalities come crashing down several months ago, when he flunked a pair of random tests administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission before a bout planned for UFC 175, first against Wanderlei Silva and then Vitor Belfort. Sonnen, who announced his retirement from the sport, ultimately was handed a two-year NAC suspension.

“Here’s the problem, is that it worked,” said Sonnen, who made his MMA debut in 1997. “The problem is, it helps. There’s a term out there, performance enhancing drug. The reality is, it’s all medicine. All medicine is made to make you better. If it did the opposite, it would be malpractice. You’re not going to the doctor to say give me something to make me worse. i was taking things and they were making me feel a little better.”

The way Sonnen tells it, the web in which he and others from his generation became entangled was one of shifting expectations and changing procedures over the years.

“I came from a little bit different time,” Sonnen said. “This isn’t like the guys of now. This is back, when I grew up through the 80s, I would go to the local health food store, your GNC, and I’d take everything on the shelf and hope that something would work, whether you’re talking proteins, whether you’re talking creatines, whatever it might be, if there was a guy on the label and he was big and strong looking, I was begging my mom and dad to buy me that. I have tried everything over the years on the off-chance that something might work. And every now and then you’ll find something that does.

“For me, the litmus test was flawed, but here was my litmus test: Can’t be a steroid, and it’s got to be legal,” Sonnen continued. “I can’t take anything, I don’t wan’t to be in possession of anything that isn’t legal. What I’m talking about there, I’m not talking about the commissions and their rules, I’m talking about the law. I’m talking about, am I holding something in my possession and then a police officer sees me, am I allowed to have that. If the answer’s yes, then I’m in. That was my test. If I could get this legal, if there’s a legal medication, I’m taking it, I’m not cross-referencing it with the commission. I’m not taking the rules or someone else’s over that of a doctor. That’s what I’d tell myself to sleep well at night.”

While Sonnen is far from apologetic about gaining an extra edge, he remains equally as upfront about accepting the consequences of his choices, which included the end of his fighting career and the loss of his broadcasting gig on FOX.

“If you’re going to try to get away with something, if you’re beat, you’re beat,” Sonnen said. “There’s nothing more to it, there’s nothing more to the story. I took something, I was caught, I got tarnished and that’s it.”

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The Year in Drugs: Definitive guide to notable MMA drug test failures in 2013

Take a look back at all of the major drug-related stories in MMA that took place in 2013 with MMAmania.com’s “Year in Drugs.” From Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva’s test failure after UFC Fight Night 33 to Pat Healy’s $ 130,000 toke, we have it all covered here.

This column is filled with 99 bummers, and Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) price hike ain’t one.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but bear with me for a second. In actuality there were far less than 99 drug-related stories in mixed martial arts (MMA) this year. However, each one was such an unmitigated downer that, sitting here in the end of 2013, it feels as if we suffered through so many tales of chemical malfeasance that even master mathematician Jay Z would have a hard time enumerating them all.

Oh, so you’re a total masochist and you want to read about a “Fight of the Year” candidate marred by a performance enhancing drug (PED) test failure? We got you covered with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva pissing hot fire after putting on perhaps the greatest Heavyweight fight in UFC history against Mark Hunt earlier this month.

How about the cautionary tale of a likeable journeyman, whose years of grinding finally paid off in a the biggest win of his career and $ 130,000 in “Fight of the Night” and “Submission of the Night” bonus money, watching both his achievements and his fat bonus check go up in smoke? Don’t worry hoss, 2013 provided us with just such a modern day Greek tragedy — by way of the 1994 film “The Stoned Age” — in the form of Pat Healy’s test failure for marijuana after his UFC 159 rear-naked choke technical submission victory over Jim Miller.

Perhaps reading stories of fighters dabbling in Schedule I drugs are how you get your self-flagellating kicks? Well my punishment-loving friend, 2013 bore witness to one of the more despicable drug-related stories in modern MMA history: Nine-fight UFC veteran Paul Kelly’s bust for trafficking heroin in his native United Kingdom. Truly one of the most unpardonably evil things a fighter is on record having done, with the only shame being he didn’t get more time in the big house for peddling such a soul-destroying drug.

But wait, there’s more!

What would another year be without MMA’s perennial turd in the punchbowl: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? From a dark cloud of question marks hanging over TRT-recipient Vitor Belfort’s incredible career resurgence at the age of 36, to fighters like “Bigfoot” and Ben Rothwell failing their post-fight tests despite receiving shots of the medically prescribed juice under doctor’s supervision, 2013 had more than its share of moments that made much of the MMA community wonder why state athletic commissions, and UFC, allow fighters with a doctor’s note to use the anabolic steroid testosterone.

And while these may not be the type of stories that most of us enjoy reading, we can’t claim to be educated followers of the game and ignore them. Much like society at large, drugs are inextricably woven into the fabric of the sport we love. As long as athletes are convinced they can get away with achieving better results through better chemistry, no sport is ever going to be 100 percent clean.

That depressing inevitability doesn’t mean we should stop trying to ensure as level a playing field as possible though. There are plenty of athletes out there who don’t want to put their health at risk through use of potentially dangerous drugs. For their sake — and to ensure the long-term well-being of dopers as well — drugs in sports aren’t a problem we can solve by turning a blind eye.

Hopefully, state athletic commission and UFC alike — who, it should be noted, busted more drug users than state athletic commissions this year — will ramp up their PED screening to include more random, out of competition tests.

Maybe, if stronger measures are taken to discourage dopers from starting in the first place, we’ll have significantly less drug-related bummers to discuss over the coming years.

And on that note, let’s take a look at MMA’s “Year in Drugs” for 2013.

Drug Test Failures

1) Joey Beltran — Suspended nine months following a positive test result for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone after his Dec. 14, 2012, unanimous decision victory over Igor Pokrajac at UFC on FX 6 (test result announced 1/10/13).

2) Rousimar Palhares — Suspended for nine months following a test result that revealed elevated levels of testosterone after his Dec. 14, 2012, knockout loss to Hector Lombard at UFC on FX 6 (test result announced 1/10/13).

3) Thiago Tavares – Suspended for nine months following a positive test for the anabolic steroid Drostanalone after his Jan. 19, 2013, knockout loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC on FX 7 (test result announced 2/6/13).

4) Matthew Riddle — Cut from UFC following a positive test for marijuana, his second offense in UFC, after his Feb. 16, 2013, split decision victory over Che Mills at UFC on FUEL TV 7 (test result announced 2/26/13).

5) Lavar Johnson – Suspended nine months by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) and cut by UFC following a test result that revealed testosterone levels “consistent with the administration of a steroid” after his Feb. 23, 2013, unanimous decision loss to Brendan Schaub at UFC 157 (test result announced 3/21/13).

6) Alex Caceres — Suspended for six months following a positive test for marijuana after his March 3, 2013, split decision victory over Kyung Ho Kang at UFC on FUEL TV 8 (test result announced 3/20/13).

7) Riki Fukuda — Cut by UFC following a positive test for the banned stimulants Phenylpropanolamine, Norpseudoephedrine and Ephedrine after his March 3, 2013, unanimous decision loss to Brad Tavares (test result announced 3/20/13).

8) Robbie Peralta – Suspended for six months following a positive test for marijuana after his April 6, 2013, unanimous decision loss to Akira Corassani at UFC on FUEL TV 9 (test result announced 4/1/13).

9) Brian Bowles — Suspended for nine months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) following a test result that revealed an extremely elevated testosterone to epitestosterone ratio after his May 25, 2013, knockout loss to George Roop at UFC 160 (test result announced 6/7/13).

10) Pat Healy — Suspended for 90 days by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board following a positive test for marijuana following his April 27, 2013, submission victory over Jim Miller at UFC 159 (test result announced 4/14/13).

11) Carina Damm – Suspended for six months by the Ohio State Athletic Commission (OSAC) after submitting a false urine sample following her June 1, 2013, unanimous decision loss to Jessica Eye at NAAFS: Fight Night in the Flats 9 (test result announced 6/22/13).

12) Ben Rothwell — Suspended for nine months by UFC after the Wisconsin State Athletic Commission discovered an elevated level of testosterone in the post-fight drug test sample the TRT-recipient submitted following his Aug. 31, 2013, technical knockout victory of Brandon Vera at UFC 164 (test result announced 10/3/13).

13) Robert Drysdale — Not granted a license to compete in his scheduled match against Cody Donovan at UFC 167 when an out of competition drug test administered by the NSAC finds he has elevated levels of testosterone (test result announced 10/29/13).

14) Antonio Silva – Suspended for nine months by UFC following a test result that revealed an elevated level of testosterone after his Dec. 7, 2013, draw with Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33 (test result announced 12/17/13).

15) Doug Marshall — Punishment yet to be determined by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission (PSAC) for failing his post-fight drug test following his Nov. 22, 2013, loss to Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 109 (test result announced 12/17/13).

Non-Active Fighters/Odds and Ends

Notable TRT Users

Vitor Belfort
Dan Henderson
Chael Sonnen
Quinton Jackson
Ben Rothwell
Antonio Silva
Frank Mir

Of course, there is still one more major event, UFC 168, remaining on the calendar. Therefore, we’ll be sure to update this list if a fighter fails his — or her — post-fight drug test.


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Lavar Johnson and Alex Caceres suspended for recent UFC drug test failures


You know the old saying: Do the crime, do the time.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Lavar Johnson, who flunked his post-fight drug test following a unanimous decision loss to Brendan Schaub last month in Anaheim, was suspended for nine months by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) for testosterone “consistent with the administration of a steroid.”

His fine, which could range between $ 1-1250, has yet to be determined, according to a report by MMA Junkie. Johnson will not appeal the findings and has not issued a statement on his result.

That’s not all.

Alex Caceres was also benched after getting popped for marijuana metabolites following his split decision win over Kyung Ho Kang earlier this month in Japan. His victory was overturned to a “no contest,” and “Bruce Leeroy” will have six-months to regret the infraction while attending rehab.

Caceres tells MMA Weekly he accepts “full” responsibility:

“I accept full responsibility for my actions and the consequences from those actions. I apologize to all that I have disappointed, including the UFC, my family, coaches, training partners and fans. I accept the sanctions from the UFC and I look forward to completing the necessary steps to getting back in the octagon following the suspension and assuring that this never happens again.”

Former UFC middleweight Riki Fukuda was also nabbed for banned substances, but was released following his loss to Brad Tavares at UFC on FUEL TV 8 and will not incur any stateside penalties. Maybe Jon Fitch regrets this recent tweet?

This is your sport. This is your sport on drugs. Any questions?

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Video: Rampage Jackson and other MMA stars react to UFC 153 drug test failures

Dave Herman and Stephan Bonnar tested positive for banned substances after they competed at UFC 153 last month in Rio. Here’s what some of their peers are saying about the unfortunate situation.

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