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Stipe Miocic Calls Brock Lesnar’s Appearance at UFC 226 a ’S—tshow’ and ‘Disrespectful’

In the immediate aftermath of his loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC 226, Stipe Miocic was more concerned about getting home to Ohio to be with his pregnant wife than analyzing anything that had happened at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas that night.
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Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Rips ‘Fat, Disrespectful’ Roy Nelson for PED Speculation Ahead of Bellator 200

Mirko Filipovic had some choice words for Roy Nelson after “Big Country” speculated that “Cro Cop” might be on performance enhancing drugs when they square off at Bellator 200.
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Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Rips ‘Fat, Disrespectful’ Roy Nelson for PED Speculation Ahead of Bellator 200

Mirko Filipovic had some choice words for Roy Nelson after “Big Country” speculated that “Cro Cop” might be on performance enhancing drugs when they square off at Bellator 200.
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Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Rips ‘Fat, Disrespectful’ Roy Nelson for PED Speculation Ahead of Bellator 200

Mirko Filipovic had some choice words for Roy Nelson after “Big Country” speculated that “Cro Cop” might be on performance enhancing drugs when they square off at Bellator 200.
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Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Rips ‘Fat, Disrespectful’ Roy Nelson for PED Speculation Ahead of Bellator 200

Mirko Filipovic had some choice words for Roy Nelson after “Big Country” speculated that “Cro Cop” might be on performance enhancing drugs when they square off at Bellator 200.
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Midnight Mania! Is GSP vacating his middleweight title noble or disrespectful?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

George St. Pierre vacated his middleweight championship belt today, after just 31 days of being champion. That means Bobby “Knuckles” Whittaker vs. Luke Skyler Rockhold is for the full middleweight title. Many applauded St. Pierre’s respect for the division, including contender Derek Brunson.

But wait- what was this all about then? What are we to make of his brief title reign? Some on the internet are arguing that if GSP wasn’t going to defend the belt, he shouldn’t have come back at all. Dana White said he would be “super pissed” if this happened. George St. Pierre was contractually obligated to defend his middleweight belt, after all.

I’m going to put my cards on the table and say those are trashfire opinions. I fail to see any downside here. Firstly, St. Pierre vacated because of health concerns. He has colitis, an issue that apparently had him throwing up on a daily basis prior to his bout with Bisping. Secondly, healthy or not, it would never have been a wise career move for St. Pierre to fight Robert Whittaker. Yoel Romero and Jacare couldn’t hold Bobby Knuckles down, and if St. Pierre was getting hit by Michael Bisping, Robert Whittaker, a decade younger, would light him up on the feet. Third, has everyone forgotten the way Bisping held his belt hostage for a year and a half without bothering to fight a single legitimate contender? If anything, GSP has done us a huge favor. Bisping is gone, and two of the very best fighters at middleweight are going to fight for the belt at UFC 221. That’s a state of play we could well wish all the divisions had (looking at you, Conor McGregor).

And, if you are really concerned with GSP not fulfilling some contractual obligation to the UFC, you can take that nonsense elsewhere. St. Pierre just made the company millions of dollars at UFC 217. Moreover, the UFC is a predatory organization that structures its archaic, one-sided contracts specifically to take advantage of fighters, milking the entertainment value of blunt force trauma to their brains while starving them with as small a slice of the profits as possible. The UFC routinely cut fighters before their contracts are up. The belts they have are their own promotional instruments, not championship titles issued by an independent body. The belts are, as Nate Diaz famously said, fairy tales.

A fairy tale was exactly what St. Pierre gave us that night in Madison Square Garden. An all-time great, he showed us he saved his best for last. It was one of the most memorable nights of mixed martial arts in 2017, no matter what happened afterwards or how shady the setup was. Now, St. Pierre can once again ride off into the sunset. It wouldn’t at all surprise or sadden me if he never fights again. St. Pierre has done all a fighter should do, he’s played by the rules his entire career. One circus fight later, he exits like the gentleman he always has been.


Robert Whittaker is slightly favored to light Luke Rockhold up in Perth, Australia.

Robert Whittaker vs Luke Rockhold is official for the MW title at UFC 221, as GSP has vacated the title

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Fun fact:

I’ve always kinda liked the Invicta pre-fight portraits

Artist Chris Rini explained why:

Gabi Garcia couldn’t keep the beat at first but Cyborg wouldn’t let her quit

I bet Max Holloway coul

l How long you been training, bruh #BJJ #BecauseJitsu #BJJproblems

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When Conor McGregor said he liked Versace that’s not what he meant

Virtually identical @thenotoriousmma #donatellaversace @beaversmash #iphonex #vogue

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Of course the Diaz brothers and Max Holloway would get along

American Kickboxing Academy, home of the wrestlers.

Official UFC 219 fight poster. I kinda like it.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Spinning backfists for days

This was an insane fight

#tbt to one of my hardest fought bouts, against #MattGrice Get After It !!

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Tonya Evinger feels like she has something to prove in rematch against ‘disrespectful’ Yana Kunitskaya

Tonya Evinger has a high tolerance for criticism. She isn’t the kind of person who cares much of what others think of her. This is the same veteran fighter who laid a kiss on Invicta FC interviewer Laura Sanko’s lips in a post-fight interview minutes after vomiting in her corner.

People questioning her right to hold the Invicta bantamweight title, though, is where Evinger draws the line. More specifically, Evinger takes serious umbrage with Yana Kunitskaya’s claim on social media that she is the real champ.

“I think it comes down to people just hating,” Evinger said. “No matter what it is, no matter what I do, how much I accomplish, people love to hate on me. And that’s fine with me. But at the end of the day, this is my belt and you don’t walk around calling yourself the Invicta bantamweight champion when you aren’t really the Invicta bantamweight champion. I take that to heart. I love fighting for this promotion. I’ve done a lot to get to where I’m at and no girl is gonna come and just take this sh*t away from me on her first appearance. It just ain’t gonna happen.”

Evinger is the true and rightful Invicta champ. But Kunitskaya’s trash talk has some basis in reality — she did, after all, make Evinger tap out in their first fight in November.

That victory for Kunitskaya was overturned by the Missouri Office of Athletics, because referee Mike England told Evinger to move from a legal position while in a Kunitskaya armbar. Evinger obeyed the ref’s incorrect order and Kunitskaya ended up cinching in the submission even more, resulting in Evinger tapping out. The bout was ruled a no-contest after the fact and Evinger was able to keep her title.

A commission overturning a fight result is a rarity and Evinger knew it. That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to fight for what she believed in.

“I cried my eyes out, because it was heartbreaking for me,” Evinger said. “I just didn’t see it getting overturned. But I was definitely not gonna let something like that pass me by and not protest just because I’ve never seen it done. That was so ridiculous.”

Evinger, 35, won her case and now she’s hoping to put the entire matter to rest. She’ll defend her title yet again versus Kunitskaya in the main event of Invicta FC 22 on Saturday night in Kansas City.

Evinger (18-5, 1 NC) has not lost a fight since 2011 and came into the first bout with Kunitskaya riding a nine-fight winning streak. The Houston resident has been a fairly dominant champion for Invicta up until November. But now “Triple Threat” feels like the tables have turned and she’s not expected to win, much like it was for her earlier in her 11-year pro career.

“I’m just happy to be able to do it again,” Evinger said. “Let’s go back. I want to prove something. I’ve got something I want to prove, definitely. I like this feeling of the underdog, I guess. I perform better when people think I’m gonna lose.”

Evinger fully expects to be in a similar position against Kunitskaya again. As a longtime wrestler, her game plan, as it usually does, involves taking Kunitskaya down and winning by TKO or submission from there. There’s a chance Kunitskaya will attempt another armbar and Evinger said she’s not worried about that.

“Realistically, if the ref wouldn’t have stepped in, I would have gotten my arm out like I do every single f*cking time in that situation,” Evinger said. “I’m in that position a lot. I’m not in danger there. I’ve got a lot of jiu-jitsu guys like, ‘That’s not the right way to defend an armbar.’ Well, thanks. You do jiu-jitsu, I do MMA. So shut your mouth. There’s a little bit difference of sport here.”

Evinger is as motivated for this fight as she has been in a while, she said. While she is the rightful Invicta champion heading into the bout, she wants to make sure there’s no doubt left when it’s over.

“I do know that she’s still calling herself the Invicta bantamweight champion, which I feel is really disrespectful,” Evinger said. “I know a lot of people felt like I shouldn’t have gotten my belt back, but that just makes no f*cking sense.

“I’m definitely looking forward to smacking the sh*t out of somebody.”

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Tony Ferguson rips ‘disrespectful,’ ‘unprofessional’ Khabib Nurmagomedov

After a couple days to think it over, the gloves have come off.

Tony Ferguson sent Khabib Nurmagomedov a supportive tweet on Friday after the latter had to pull out of their highly anticipated UFC 209 co-main event following a weight cut gone awry.

But now that’s he’s back home from Las Vegas, the Southern California native is frustrated that he never had the chance to compete after a big buildup. And he’s putting the blame right on his would-be opponent.

“It was very disrespectful and very unprofessional what his camp did, especially after all that was said leading up to the fight,” Ferguson said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

When the news of the fight fallout rocked the MMA world on Friday, Ferguson was unaware, he was in the middle of a brutal weight cut of his own. Ferguson quietly got through his weigh in Friday morning and then went back to his hotel room to take a nap.

“I felt like sh*t, the right side of my body was hurting, my back was hurting, but you guys never know me to say anything,” Ferguson said. “I had two more pounds to lose in the morning. I went, I lost my weight in the morning, it sucked, we went to the weigh-ins, I did my part, I went on the scale. I went back to the hotel room and said I need to lay down, I don’t feel too good. I don’t know, from just eating and rehydrating too fast or what it was.”

It didn’t take long after his nap to figure out something was up.

“As soon as I woke up from a nap, literally woke up from a nap, and I’m looking up at my wife and one of my managers and they’re telling me, they said ‘sit down.’ I thought someone from my family died or something crazy. They said Khabib went to the hospital, so I’m like alright, he went to the hospital. I’m thinking in my head, ‘okay, we still have a fight.’ I relaxed, I’m not sure what happened, no one heard from him. Then I heard he went to hospital and the fight was going to be canceled. So you tell me how you’d feel. I was in shock.”

The fallout puts Ferguson in a tough position as he tries to plot his next step forward. He’s won nine consecutive fights, understandably doesn’t want to take steps backwards in competition, and lightweight champion Conor McGregor is out of action.

And while the bout with Nurmagomedov, which was supposed to be for an interim title, remains the matchup between the clear-cut top two contenders, Ferguson is hesitant to sign on for a rescheduled date. This was, after all, the third time a fight between the two fell out, twice due to issues on Nurmagomedov’s part.

“I would love to fight Khabib, but there’s no guarantee he’s going to show up and make the weight.” Ferguson said. “I found out, too, the he was eating tiramisu, a couple weeks ago on Embedded. I’m like, what is this guy doing? Really? It’s plain disrespectful, it unprofessional.

“My next fight needs to be a title fight. I’ve earned every single right of the way,” Ferguson continued. “Somebody that’s guaranteed to show up. I’ve done all my homework, I’ve done, made my ends me for this fight. But if we’re talking Khabib, there’s got to be some sort of guarantee or insurance for this, man. It’s a crazy bug that I can’t squash and its a tough pill to swallow right now.”

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Cat Zingano says Amanda Nunes came off like a ‘blatantly disrespectful a**hole’ after TKO of Ronda Rousey

Heading into UFC 207, one particular spectator with inside knowledge of both Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey didn’t have a clue as to how it would go. Yet Cat Zingano — the last fighter to defeat Nunes, and one of Rousey’s victims during her four-year tirade in the division — watched with what she called genuine curiosity as to who would show up, and in which form.

Zingano said she felt a wave of emotion roll through her as Nunes pieced Rousey up for the 48 seconds the fight lasted. And her initial reaction was that Nunes, who became the first to defend the women’s bantamweight title since Rousey defended against Bethe Correia, couldn’t have come off better.

Then, in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Zingano said she felt the tide turn as Nunes essentially began desecrating a historic landmark.

“Amanda was great, she went out there and beat her decisively, quickly,” Zingano told MMA Fighting. “Immediately when the fight was stopped I was like, damn, good show. Props. And then, within two minutes, my entire impression and everything changed. Because as soon as they handed Amanda the microphone she just started going off, and being completely disrespectful and being an asshole, being like, ‘forget Ronda, forget Ronda.’

“It’s like, first of all, if there was no Ronda there would be no Amanda. No one would know who the hell you are, and we wouldn’t be here today. And on top of that, Ronda as an athlete, she found a way. She found a way to get us in, and it was by being an asshole. And it was by being entertaining, whether it was positive or negative, she gave everybody what they wanted to see, which was either to hate to love her, or love to hate her. She gave that to people.”

Compounding matters further in Zingano’s mind was a tweet that Nunes sent out hours after the victory, which depicted Nunes with a belt pushing Rousey in a stroller.

Zingano voiced her displeasure with the display a few days later with a tweet directed at Nunes, that read, “I’m not petitioning a rematch yet @Amanda_Leoa I’ll earn it. You’re disrespectful of @RondaRousey & I detest you for being ungrateful @UFC.”

Zingano was offended by Nunes’ disregard for Rousey, and felt compelled to stand by her.

“Every time I’ve been around Ronda, every time I’ve talked to people we have in common, which is a lot, we’re cool, and I respect her,” she said. “I respect her to a level where I can’t get close to her and she can’t get close to me, because one day I still want to beat her ass.

“But, I do respect her. We have a lot of unfortunate things in common, which takes us to a whole different level and a whole different club. I do respect her, and I do honor what she’s done for me in my life, and what she represents for my family and my son. And when Amanda just comes out being a blatantly disrespectful asshole, I’m going to treat her like she’s a disrespectful asshole. That’s why she’s getting what she’s getting from me.”

One thing that Zingano, who lost a decision to Julianna Pena at UFC 200, wanted to make clear was that she wasn’t angling for an automatic fight with Nunes by voicing her opinion on the matter. She insists she wants to earn her way back to the belt, regardless if Nunes is holding it by the time she gets there or not.

“I’m not trying to hype a fight,” she said. “I’m not trying to get my title shot right away, I want to earn it. I have gotten what I needed to out of my losses, which was that I hate to fucking lose. I didn’t lose to get a title shot. I didn’t lose to boast of how good I am. I lost so I could learn what I needed to learn, and make the changes necessary to get to where I am today.

“It’s not about Amanda and who Amanda is and that I beat Amanda. She’s sitting here saying that she’s evolved since then, that she wasn’t doing good then, she wasn’t as good as she is now. Okay, fine, but mind you, [for that fight] I’m coming off an 18-month layoff with complete ACL replacement, and my meniscus in my other knee being torn, my husband committed suicide, and my coach with my husband died. So, you can’t imagine that I’m on top of my game either. So if that’s what I did to her when I was feeling like shit, then she got lucky. Because it could have been a lot worse.”

The 34-year old Zingano, a Colorado native who now trains at Alliance MMA in San Diego, said this can be an unforgiving sport from the fans alone, without the aid of the fighters themselves exacerbating the situation.

“The thing to me about this sport, all the fans, everyone that watches, everyone that has a career has had a bad day at work,” she said. “If you have a project, you have a quota that you have to meet, you can screw up at it. At the end of the day you get to go home to your family, you can bring your work home with you not. You can dwell on it, you can be pissed, you can get over it, whatever. Everybody had a bad day. It’s possible to have two bad days in a row. And in this sport it’s so unforgiving.

“It’s like, if I went to somebody at their accounting job, and they were crunching some numbers for a home evaluation or whatever, and that person wasn’t happy or was kind of down and it affected their work output, if they had a bad day I wouldn’t sit right outside their office window and be like, ‘haha, you piece of shit! You suck! You’re horrible at crunching numbers. You should just quit and go away and never do that shit again.’ No one is sitting there judging them on their jobs.”

Zingano said that part of what makes women’s MMA fun heading into 2017 is that it’s still unpredictable, and it’s still in its relative infancy. That’s what made the Rousey-Nunes fight compelling heading in.

“With us women, it’s still very juvenile with us,” she said. “Like with the men back in the day, it’s feisty. You don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s aggressive and crazy, and I think those things are still a huge component in women’s MMA at this level at this time. It’s hard to know what to expect, and that’s what makes it so interesting right now.”

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After Redemptive KO Triumph, Vitor Belfort Sets Sights on ‘Disrespectful’ Luke Rockhold

Vitor Belfort effortlessly dodged queries about the difference between his TRT-infused knockout of Dan Henderson in 2013 and his presumably more natural effort against the same opponent at UFC Fight Night in Sao Paulo on Saturday.
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