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Nate Diaz Is Cooler Than You or I Will Ever Be

There’s so much to like about Nate Diaz.

For example, he won a season of TUF back when the reality show was still interesting, yet he’s managed to stay relevant.

He’s also dangerous as hell, has fought in the Octagon 23 times, lost nine times but has always been considered among the elite… there was even that time when he stepped in for an injured Rafael dos Anjos and fought some Irish guy named Conor McGregor. AND TAPPED HIM OUT.

Since then, Nate Diaz the Scrapper has become Nate Diaz the Superstar, and we’re just spectators in a world he pretty much runs.

During last night’s UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, TX, Diaz was treated like a VIP and given some camera time during the broadcast. You know, like superstars and VIPs often are.

And of course, in that brief interlude of the camera focusing on Diaz, did our favorite Stockton Son pull out a joint and begin to spark up.

On live TV.

You have to think that in that brief half-second when a producer scrambled to flick the cut-away switch, there was panic in the broadcast truck.

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Watch Nate Diaz Pull Out A Blunt On Live TV

Because of course he did.

FOX Sports 1 censors were probably already feeling nervous when newcomer Jimmy Smith entered the cage to interview Derrick Lewis following his massive KO win over Marcin Tybura. Lewis is a notoriously profane presence on Twitter and his victory speeches often involve the overt sexualization of Ronda Rousey.

That left his wife feeling a bit pissed off and left out, so this time Derrick chose to point his passions at her, declaring “To my baby, April, better get ready girl. I’m going deep.”

As if that wasn’t classy enough, right at that moment the cameras cut to show Nate Diaz sitting in the crowd. So what did Nate do? He popped a blunt in his mouth and flicked his bic as if to light it, all with a 10 year old girl in the background watching with her eyes wide.

With that one moment, Nate managed to steal the show … which is pretty impressive considering what a great show UFC Fight Night Austin ended up being.

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The Never-Ending Dance Between Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz

We’ve been here before.

Last year, before the ground-breaking pay-per-view boxing match between superstar pugilist Floyd Mayweather and UFC superstar Conor McGregor materialized, it was all talk.

Insults and barbs, mostly, traded via social media. And at that stage, it seemed as if the talk would forever remain talk, because why the heck would a UFC champ ever want to step into a boxing ring – against the best – knowing full well they’d get slaughtered?

(Ah, how young and innocent we were then.)

But the bout happened, and Mayweather is a richer man for it, and McGregor has more money than he knows what to do with, and everyone that had a hand in putting the match-up together saw some love go directly into their bank accounts.

So now Mayweather and McGregor are back at it on social media. They’ve fought in a boxing ring, so why not in a cage, under MMA rules, next? Mayweather has no hesitation in teasing that idea. For the right price, Mayweather will get into the cage. If he can make a few hundred million getting humiliated in a sport he’s never trained in, why not do it?

And of course McGregor is on board. Another hundred million will ensure he never again has to sully himself with the company of lowly UFC fighters. Heck, he can just pal around with a mountain of cocaine and have an army of midgets do his bidding.

A real elbow in a real fight.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

But you know who else wants a seat at the table?

The last person to ever defeat McGregor in the cage: Nate Diaz. Because if another bout between Mayweather and McGregor doesn’t happen for whatever reason, a trilogy fight with Diaz is the next best thing in terms of raking in the dough.

Dana White: Tyron Woodley ‘Couldn’t Be More Full of S—t’ About Nate Diaz Fight

Just like he did in December, UFC President Dana White is denying Tyron Woodley’s claims that a fight with Nate Diaz is in the works.
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Dana White: Tyron Woodley ‘Couldn’t Be More Full of S—t’ About Nate Diaz Fight

Just like he did in December, UFC President Dana White is denying Tyron Woodley’s claims that a fight with Nate Diaz is in the works.
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Dana White: Tyron Woodley ‘Couldn’t Be More Full of S—t’ About Nate Diaz Fight

Just like he did in December, UFC President Dana White is denying Tyron Woodley’s claims that a fight with Nate Diaz is in the works.
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Dana White: Tyron Woodley ‘Couldn’t Be More Full of S—t’ About Nate Diaz Fight

Just like he did in December, UFC President Dana White is denying Tyron Woodley’s claims that a fight with Nate Diaz is in the works.
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Midnight Mania! Dana White says Nate Diaz not the answer for UFC 222

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC 222 remains in need of saving, and despite Nate Diaz’s stated willingness to step in and save it, UFC president Dana White doesn’t think he’s the man for the job. From the LA Times:

In another text message exchange with The Times, White sent back the rolled eyes emoji when asked if a Diaz return would be considered to compensate for Holloway’s loss from the event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Then, White repeated a statement he gave The Times last week: “He [Diaz] doesn’t want to fight.

”We have made around five or six fights in the last six months and he has turned them all down. Alvarez, [Justin] Gaethje, [Edson] Barboza and [interim lightweight champion Tony] Ferguson multiple times.”

Diaz also told the LA Times he that while he was willing to step in to save the Pay-Per-View (PPV), he isn’t willing to fight Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez had previously called Diaz out, then cursed him out when it was clear Diaz wasn’t interested in that bout. Diaz has also recently told the LA Times that he doesn’t consider himself a lightweight.

It’s not difficult to connect the dots here. Contrary to Dana White’s blunt statement, Diaz is more than willing to fight for the right money, but completing his trilogy with McGregor remains the biggest payday he will ever have. He isn’t about to jeopardize that by taking a fight at lightweight against a difficult stylistic matchup. Historically, both Diaz brothers have struggled against powerful top-position grapplers such as Rory Macdonald, Ben Henderson, and Rafael dos Anjos.

Fighting a division up, as a welterweight, allows him to compete without risking his standing for a McGregor trilogy. Unlike a loss to Eddie Alvarez, a loss to welterweight champion Tyron Woodley wouldn’t jeopardize his standing in the lightweight division, in which he is ranked eighth. As the only 155-lb. fighter with a recent win over current champion Conor McGregor, Diaz still has a plausible case to be booked straight into a trilogy finisher.

It will be difficult, however, for the UFC to find a short-notice opponent for Diaz at 170. Tyron Woodley is nursing an injury. Robbie Lawler tore his ACL in a loss to Rafael Dos Anjos. Stephen Thompson is still rehabbing his hands after breaking both thumbs in the Jorge Masvidal fight. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is booked, although bumping him up to a rematch with Diaz on Pay-Per-View might be a fun option. Cerrone has improved since his emotional loss to a surging Nate Diaz way back in 2011, and over five rounds his leg kicks might have more time to work. Diaz would no doubt take a fight to someone he has already beaten.


Cody Garbrandt said he is willing to step up to featherweight to fight Frankie Edgar, and if you are asking, hell yeah, I would love that fight.

Fighters have come out to support the lack of a fight stoppage after Shevchenko landed 217 unanswered shots on Priscila Cachoeira, who had already torn her ACL. A fighter’s mentality is, let me keep fighting until I can’t. That’s not to say we should listen to the fighters, who are often too tough for their own good; but perhaps the real lesson here is that mismatches like this one shouldn’t be made in the first place. Although, Valentina Shevchenko would dispute that. In fact, no one is taking any responsibility here, including Mario Yamasaki, who said he gave Cachoeira the chance to be a warrior. Okay.

Dustin Poirier’s point is well made: the win bonus system means no corner is going to throw in the towel, and no fighter, however undermatched is going to give up unless forced to, with half their paycheck on the line.

Nate Quarry offered an alternative that would also incentivize more exciting fights:

Pretty cool tutorial

Maybe this is a practice the fighters should get rid of. Just saying.

He doesn’t say what he chops this stuff with though. Loopholes.


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I love comic fighter art.

Weekend drama:

When there is no referee to save you.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

My favorite part of Max Holloway’s rebuttals to McGregor is that he doesn’t bother to tag the man. Because, you know, he’s also the champ now.

Photoshop had a savage reply too

A post shared by As Shopped As It Gets (@as_shopped_as_it_gets_) on

I didn’t count them but sure seemed like 98

It’s good to see Robert Whittaker well.

Emmanel Augustus was an inspiration.

Rory MacDonald realized his mistake

When the UFC does a good job promoting their stars:

It’s been in the news now, but I loved TJ Dillashaw’s reply when asked about rematching Garbrandt on a month’s notice.

No one seems to care about Jimmie Rivera.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

In case you missed these over the weekend:

Anderson Silva working a closed guard sweep back in the day

One of my old training partners, Jeremy Post defended his amateur title with this nice armbar.

Fight video 1st rnd armbar #andstill#hardworkpaysoff @5th_round_fitness_mma

A post shared by Jeremy Post (@jeremypost58) on

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This was a long chase. I got tired just watching it.

A series of unfortunate events

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Eddie Alvarez, Kevin Lee Respond to Nate Diaz Instagram Post Hinting at UFC Return

It didn’t take long for Nate Diaz to find some potential suitors for his next Ultimate Fighting Championship bout.
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Midnight Mania! Nate Diaz hints comeback in ‘May-June’ on social media– is it against McGregor?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nathan Donald Diaz was very active on Instagram today. He posted a series of pictures, culminating in one that hinted at a comeback:

Sick of sitting around waiting for you fuckers to do shit there’s no excitement in this fight shit step your games up I’ll see u around may,June.Sincerely The Real Champ

Will we see Nate Diaz back in the Octagon in 2018? The main obstacle thus far has been money. Diaz has stated he wants to be paid 20 million dollars for a return bout. While no great sum for a draw of Diaz’ caliber in the boxing world, of which Diaz is well-versed, this is astronomical by the standards of the UFC, who, by all reports, cut their fighters only ~12-17% of gross revenue. By hiding most other revenue streams- apparel endorsements during fight week, banner ads, the cash from their lucrative TV deals, even the right to profit off their own likenesses in video games- the UFC is able to keep their fighters desperate enough for the next payday that they have to take whatever fight is offered to feed their family. In fact, they often have to work full-time in addition to training as professional athletes.

Diaz, however, by a combination of luck, skill, his unique brand of charisma, weed sponsorships, and two multi-million dollar paydays against McGregor, has escaped that rat race, and thus has the power to hold out for a higher sum in negotiations, which he so far has done. The only fight out there which satisfies his requirements at a level where the UFC can still take home their massive slice, is against that Notorious Irishman, Conor Anthony McGregor.

Is that the fight we are about to witness? It is possible. If Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov are battling for the “real” lightweight title at UFC 223, then what Dana White refused to admit, is true: McGregor has been, or will be, stripped of his lightweight title. (Another digression: there aren’t any real rules surrounding UFC titles because they aren’t legal titles, sanctioned by independent bodies; the UFC in fact have full control over their distribution. They are purely promotional tools, given to the “best fighter on the night”. They are fiat currency, only worth what we think they are worth. Hence Nate Diaz’ wisdom in declaring them, ultimately, fairy tales)

If McGregor is stripped, there is no reason for him to immediately fight for the 155-lb. belt upon his return. He could very well decide to finish his trilogy with Nate Diaz; their first and second bouts sold more Pay-Per-Views (PPVs), with no title on the line, than his massively promoted title fight against Eddie Alvarez. In other words, there is no UFC opponent, save perhaps Georges St. Pierre, that makes more financial sense for McGregor than Nathan Diaz.


The storm of pictures by Diaz seemed to be kicked off by this one, a throwback to ten years ago today, when Diaz won a fight night bonus for submitting Alvin Robinson with a triangle choke.

Animated Westside

A post shared by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on

A post shared by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on

Nate also shared that he hates this classic image, taken after he choked out Conor McGregor in their first bout at UFC 196:

I hate this fukn picture..

A post shared by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on

Eddie Alvarez wants the Diaz fight:

Excellent life advice from John Danaher, who is coaching elite grappling specialist Gary Tonon as he begins a transition to MMA:

I agree- their faces are too similar for this.

Dominick Cruz discusses the hardship associated with starting his MMA career:

This is great from one of Joanne Calderwood’s fans:

That is a cool poster, and Andrei Arlovski likes his beard in it.

Chris Weidman wrestled Ben Askren in college

Derrick Lewis with some light sparring:

Light moving around @dm_navarro_

A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

Yves Edwards had some fun with this video based on Aaron Pico’s knockout and celebration:

Chad Mendes is looking at this summer for a comeback too: that’s when his USADA suspension is up.

Tick tock……

A post shared by Chadmendes (@chadmendes) on

Justin Golightly made this comic celebrating the indestructible Darren Elkins, the Damage.

Speaking of people with incredible comebacks:

Muay Thai fighter John Wayne Parr has some fun with body shots.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Here are some knockouts from the weekend I didn’t see:

Holy shit, indeed. That’s an escape from back control I’ve always wondered about, but never seen work:

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What fights should you be paying attention to this weekend? Flyin Brian J has you covered:

While you are at it, check out his beer pairing for this weekend’s UFC card:

Luke Thomas takes a hard look at Francis Ngannou’s takedown defense:

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