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Urijah Faber says Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘really emotional’ when he kicked Cody Garbrandt in the face

In all honesty, especially considering Cody Garbrandt gets punched in the face for a living, the kick that actor Jean-Claude Van Damme landed on his teeth in a recent light sparring session didn’t look all that bad.

Garbrandt, having just lost his UFC bantamweight championship to rival T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 217, probably wasn’t in the mood to taste JCVD’s heel. Van Damme, who was there to showcase kicking positions and techniques with Team Alpha Male, really beat himself up over accidentally smacking “No Love” with his foot.

Former UFC superstar and TAM head coach Urijah Faber was there to witness the entire fiasco firsthand.

“The guy that took it the hardest was Jean-Claude,” Faber said in a recent interview with TMZ Sports (shown above). “He was pretty upset that he kicked a guy that he loved so much because he’s good buddies with Cody. Cody was just coming off of this hard loss (to T.J. Dillashaw) as well.”

These types of things happen all the time in sparring, but for some reason the aftermath of the incident was more emotional than usual, especially considering Garbrandt was visibly upset.

“(Jean-Claude) was so pissed at himself, that he dropped down and got really emotional,” Faber added. “We had to console him. Cody left the Octagon, and I was trying to tell Jean-Claude ‘Hey, it’s OK, this kind of stuff happens all the time’. And he was like ‘Oh, what have I done?’ and this and that.”

“Oh he was big-time upset,” Faber further explained. “Because he could tell that Cody was pissed, and he’s a big supporter of our team. He came out there to specifically show us some stuff.”

Despite actually landing the kick on Garbrandt’s chin, you have to admit that Van Damme’s technique, positioning, speed, and dexterity were pretty impressive for a 57-year-old Hollywood treasure. I guess that’s why they call him “The Muscles from Brussels.”

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Here’s that video of Cody Garbrandt getting kicked in the teeth by Jean-Claude Van Damme

I guess Cody Garbrandt wasn’t such a Hard Target after all.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight kingpin had Nowhere to Run when B-movie action star Jean-Claude Van Damme backed him into the cage and started playing Kickboxer.

The result was a foot to the teeth, which clearly infuriated “No Love” because hey, who wants to have a grill like Dan Henderson? Still, you take Maximum Risk when sparring with non-fighters and should only do so with protective gear.

Garbrandt (11-1) coughed up his 135-pound title during his UFC 217 grudge match against TJ Dillashaw, which took place at the UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) event last November in New York.

While he remains unbooked at this time, his next opponent could depend on what happens with this proposed fight, as well as the future of one of these two combatants.

Unless “JCVD” wants to offer him a sparring rematch, which could lead to a …

(wait for it)


Someone please fire me.

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Midnight Mania! Cody Garbrandt gets tattoo of his wife’s face in a tiger headdress

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight …

Welcome back to Midnight Mania!

What did we miss? A whole lot, as it turns out. When I started this column I wasn’t sure I would have enough material every single night of the week. As it turns out, that has never been an issue. Even on Christmas, we had drama. Jimmie Rivera was online doing his best to wrangle a fight out of Marlon Moraes, who has swore up and down he wanted to fight, and then said … something … to the effect of “fight on MY terms,” even though a perplexed Jimmie was pretty much willing to fight him at any weight he wanted. Khabib’s nutritionist is out here saying he’s very much on track to make weight, always a fun “will-he-won’t-he” game we play. Donald Cerrone is staying at welterweight to fight Yancy Medeiros, which is pretty awesome. Tyron Woodley got his mom a house for Christmas.

And then, there’s this: Cody Garbrandt getting his wife’s face tattooed on him, wearing a tiger headdress.

Now, Cody has his share of interesting tattoos. His uncle was a tattoo artist, so it runs in the family. He’s got that neckpiece jewel with the wings. He’s got the pistol on his hip, which made for easy jokes watching UFC 217: “Is it legal to bring a weapon into the cage?” and after: “Why didn’t he use his gun??” He’s got some that have a lot of personal meaning, such as his tattoo of the heart with the UFC belt around it, with the words “A Promise Kept” on it. This was directed at young cancer survivor Maddux Maple, to whom Garbrandt promised he would win the UFC championship.

@dallasbrewer “A Promise Kept” #ChampTat @Maddux_maple_nolove #NoloveLogo

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This would be another tattoo in that vein, intensely personal ink directed toward someone close to him. In this case, that would be his wife, Danny Pimsanguan, who is also pregnant with his child, a boy. Usually, the rule is, don’t get tattoos of girls, man. You can’t predict your future together. In the case of a woman who is carrying your child though, it doesn’t necessarily matter. Whether their marriage lasts or not, your child will always be a common bond, so this gets an exemption.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!! ❤️

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But still, it’s a bold move. This isn’t a stencil of her name, this isn’t something that would be easy to alter or cover up. Her face covers his whole quad. For a man nicknamed “No Love,” that’s pretty extreme.


A+ promotional work from the UFC here. Cyborg is clearly a fearsome woman, even when she’s having fun and being silly, and that juxtaposition is perfect in this clip.


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Mike Jackson uses his professional boxing resume to call out CM Punk once again.

James Vick is the only person to hate the Cerrone-Medeiros fight.

Jimmie Rivera is PISSED, and rightly so.

Al Iaquinta was saying truth in jest on Christmas.

Werdum got into a snowboard fight on the slopes. It doesn’t look like as much fun as, say, actual snowboarding. Or boomerang throwing.

Great jiu-jitsu from the spotted cat. Better wrestling from the black one.

Mirsad Bektic is back!

@ufc UFC on FOX in Charlotte, NC on Saturday January 27th 2018!

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Sage Northcutt’s axe-throwing skills are even better than his kettlebell skills.

Watch this WHOLE video.

Michael Chandler has crazy soccer skills

Matt Brown’s social media game is getting better now that he’s quasi-retired.

Always funny until you’re the one on a fail compilation ‍♂️ #fail

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Joe Rogan is worried about fake martial arts, which, why care? Never mind, this bothers me too.

Bethe Correia is coping with seeing her knockout to Holly Holm getting played all over current promos with some beach time.

Pegando um sol pra começar 2018 com energia boa

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Claudia Gadelha explains why she’s back.

My body was very broken from all the hard training I’ve been doing along my career and I took some time off for family, friends and loved ones, had a knee surgery and now I’m finally back in the game. I tried to do everything I could to come back fast because I know the game needs me and I’m here for the game. I’ve always been all about overcome and this time isn’t gonna be different. I will come back killing this gam!! It’s Christmas Eve, I’m with my parents for the first time after many years, I’m enjoying them a lot but also doing what I have to do to get my ass back in shape and get a fight very soon. I love the fans in my life, you guys give me the extra drive I need. Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!! Meu corpo estava muito quebrado de todos os treinos árduos que fiz na minha carreira e tirei um tempo para a família, amigos e entes queridos. Fiz uma cirurgia no joelho e agora estou finalmente de volta ao jogo. Tentei fazer tudo o que pude para voltar rápido porque sei que o jogo precisa de mim e estou aqui para o jogo. Eu sempre vivi de superação e desta vez não vai ser diferente. Eu voltarei com tudo nesse jogo! Hoje é véspera de Natal, estou com meus pais pela primeira vez depois de muitos anos, estou curtindo muito eles, mas também estou fazendo o que tenho que fazer para voltar ao ritmo e lutar em breve. Eu amo os fãs na minha vida, vocês me dão o impulso extra que eu preciso. Obrigada a todos e Feliz Natal!! #teamclaudia #teamcg #grinder #overcome #mma #ufc #ontopoftheworld #christmasgrind

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This is the quintessential MMA quote for the ages.

Holly Holm said she has KO’ed Donald Cerrone in training. Isn’t that against some sort of gym code?

Darren Till appears to be completely okay with fighting Mike Perry, recent loss or no.

Dustin Poirier got his black belt over the holidays and former opponent Joe Duffy was quick to give respect.

GSP met the salt meme guy

Also big thanks to @nusr_et #saltbae for the amazing steak!

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Speaking of GSP…

Zoom in

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Rafael Dos Anjos has fun in the wild.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

The police stopped Jack Johnson from murdering this white boxer, which was really fitting for the time.

Some of these are awesome. Okay, all of them are awesome.

This was awesome in a completely different way.

The guy who went straight Matrix on this kick fought again last weekend

He won

Nice back kick. Will we see another one this weekend with Edson Barboza?

Huggy Bear can really throw some kicks

I’m excited to see Carlos Condit back in the Octagon

Watch this

Kunlun fights

Saenchai still has it

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T.J. Dillashaw lost a lot of respect for Cody Garbrandt, doesn’t deserve rematch after knocking him out at UFC 217

T.J. Dillashaw once again became the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight champion after knocking out Cody Garbrandt in the second round of their co-main event title fight at last night’s (Sat., Nov. 4, 2017) UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) event in New York City (recap).

Shortly after suffering the first loss of his professional combat career, “No Love” declared he was still the best fighter of the two, saying he would right his wrongs in a rematch. Dillashaw, though, says Cody now has to work his way up for a do-over seeing as how the win was pretty convincing.

“I just finished him in the second round. He doesn’t deserve a rematch,” Dillashaw said Saturday at the UFC 217 post-fight press conference (video replay here) via MMA Fighting. “He’s very new in this sport, he needs to work his way back up. I should’ve gotten a rematch after that (Dominick) Cruz fight (in Jan. 2016), a very close split decision that I thought I won, and I did not get it. It took me a year-and-a-half — well actually, almost two years — to get it. So yeah, I think he’s going to definitely (need to) build himself back up.”

Indeed, T.J. never got an immediate rematch against Dominick Cruz after many felt “Viper” should’ve gotten the nod at UFC Fight Night 81. Instead, the promotion gave Garbrandt the title fight and he defeated “The Dominator” to become the 135-pound king.

Now that T.J. scored a huge win over his former Team Alpha Male Squad in their on-going rivalry, “Viper” says the respect level for “No Love” is there as a fighter. But as a person, T.J. says he lost a lot of respect for his former teammate.

“I respect him as a fighter as well,” Dillashaw said. “I do not appreciate, me or my family — as you can see, my brother got very emotional after the fight — have not appreciated the accusations and just the crap talk, and trying to diminish my name and who I am. So, that’s one that I won’t ever forgive him for. But I do respect him for being a great competitor and I’m sure we’ll see him again. But yeah, he’s lost a lot of my respect. He’s lost all of the respect from my family,” he added.

After the fight, Dillashaw took to the mic to call for a Flyweight title fight against division king Demetrious Johnson. But, Jimmie Rivera or Dominick Cruz could have something to say about that once they do the dance at UFC 219.

“We’ll see what happens with Dominick Cruz and (Jimmie) Rivera (at UFC 219),” Dillashaw said. “That’s a tough fight. I think Cruz has his hands full with that fight,” said T.J. “But Demetrious can’t run from this one. This is too big. He broke his record. He got to pat himself (on the back) and break his record. Now let’s make some money. He’s talking about how he wants those seven-figure fights — well, this is it. Step up, be a man of your word, and let’s get this fight going. He’s a very cerebral fighter. He’s smart, him and his coach, because they know it’s a very tough fight against me,” concluded Dillashaw.

And he may just get his wish, as UFC president Dana White is indeed very interested in setting up a super fight between T.J. and “Mighty Mouse,” giving Garbrandt plenty of time to work his way up the 135-pound ladder.

For complete UFC 217: “Bisping vs. St-Pierre” results and play-by-play, click HERE!

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UFC 217 Primer: Cody Garbrandt Will Be Ready

We haven’t gotten to see much of Cody Garbrandt since he defeated Dominick Cruz and took the belt. I mean, sure, he coached a season of TUF opposite UFC 217 opponent TJ Dillashaw, but I’m talking about in the cage. So of course there are questions, like… …Will the nearly a year away affect his […]

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UFC 217 Primer: Cody Garbrandt Will Be Ready

We haven’t gotten to see much of Cody Garbrandt since he defeated Dominick Cruz and took the belt. I mean, sure, he coached a season of TUF opposite UFC 217 opponent TJ Dillashaw, but I’m talking about in the cage. So of course there are questions, like… …Will the nearly a year away affect his […]

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Video: Cody Garbrandt releases footage of alleged KO of TJ Dillashaw in training ahead of UFC 217

You can add yet another layer of drama in the ongoing rivalry between Ultimate Fighting championship Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw. Garbrandt had previously teased leaking a video showing him knocking out his former trainer partner during training but never actually showed the footage.

Until now.

“No Love” took to Instagram to leak the video that shows him clipping Dillashaw with a vicious strike that put him down in what is some rather grainy footage.


Tensions ran high again between the two men earlier today during the UFC 217 press conference (video replay) and Cody once again brought up the knockout.

Apparently, Cody had enough of T.J.’s so-called “lies” after he refuted the claim — as well as denying that he injured Chris Holdsworth during training, an allegation that has since been confirmed by Chris himself — prompting him to publish the video.

On the heels of this revelation, their upcoming title fight at this weekend’s ( Sat. Nov. 4, 2017) UFC 217 event in New York just got a whole lot interesting.

Sorry, Mike.

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Cody Garbrandt Plans to Drop to Flyweight After UFC 217 to Challenge Demetrious Johnson

Cody Garbrandt doesn’t mind looking one step ahead, in fact, he prefers it.
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Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw Official, Three New Bouts Announced for UFC 217

The rumored Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw bantamweight championship bout is now official for UFC 217.
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Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw Official, Three New Bouts Announced for UFC 217

The rumored Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw bantamweight championship bout is now official for UFC 217.
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