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Kevin Lee Busts Up Edson Barboza in UFC Fight Night 128 Headliner

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee both had a little something to prove Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 128.
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Kevin Lee Busts Up Edson Barboza in UFC Fight Night 128 Headliner

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee both had a little something to prove Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 128.
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Kevin Lee Busts Up Edson Barboza in UFC Fight Night 128 Headliner

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee both had a little something to prove Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 128.
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Midnight Mania! Joe Lauzon Busts Devin Powell’s Balls-Literally

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Devin Powell will be out of action for a while.

The UFC lightweight was training knees with Joe Lauzon and evidently, Lauzon literally busted his balls. Or, more properly, his ball, rupturing a testicle with “his sheer power”.

Devin was surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing. He evidently waited a day and a half to go to the doctor… which he doesn’t recommend. He explained the incident on Instagram:

Thanks to the fine ambulatory services in Wells, ME, I am checked into the hospital and ready for surgery. Shout out to @joelauzon we’ve been practicing knees on the ground and he successfully ruptured my testicle with his sheer power. His opponent has no chance in April … now to get the blood clot drained and the goods repaired . I waited a day and a half to be seen.. word for the wise, if you hurt yourself, go get checked out. @danawhite @seanshelbyhow about a NY @Ufc fight coming up… this will be quite the comeback story . Share this and help me get the ball rolling on my next Fight and follow my journey… pun intended



Nate Diaz is training with wrestlers… can anyone say “The Chosen One”?

Speaking of fighters we would like to see in the cage again, here’s Jon Jones in his empty garage:

Ian McCall vs. Kyoji Horiguchi in Rizin? That’s an awesome fight

Luke Rockhold vs. Alexander Gustafsson?? Despite Rockhold’s KO loss to Romero… count me in. Gus’s callout was awesome too.

Dan Hardy and Tyron Woodley had a social media exchange

I can’t say anything about this, except, sweep the leg!

Two words: Tombstone Piledriver

Project Spearhead is the latest attempt to get the UFC fighters to organize, and I, naturally, am all for it. Help the fighters- spread the word!


Get hyped for Glory 50:

Out of nowhere:


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UFC 197 Results: Marcos Rogerio de Lima Busts Up Clint Hester

Clint Hester made a name for himself as a slugger on TUF. Marcos Rogerio de Lima was a banger on TUF Brasil 3, and has lived and died by the four-ounce glove ever since. It’s safe to say some leather will be thrown in this one. De Lima is a kicking machine from the moment […]

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Nine years after the original, TUF 20 busts down new barriers

At a screener for The Ultimate Fighter 20 in New York last week, eight of the strawweights were on hand, all of them in on a secret. They knew their short-term fates, while the media ate baked haddock and inferred what it could. A few of them, including the Scottish castmate Joanne Calderwood and Canadian fighter Randa Markos, needed to hustle so they could ring the NASDAQ bell. On the left coast, in Los Angeles, the other eight women of TUF were doing some approximation of the same thing with a different slate of gumshoe media.

Last night, there was an actual Hollywood premiere of TUF 20, with red carpets, the entire field of 16, the coaches (Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez), Ron Kruck and everything. This season, which kicks off tonight on Fox Sports 1 for the whole populace, is getting some bells and whistles.

Not that that’s necessarily new, as the UFC has traditionally made a push to market its nine-year old vehicle to unearth tomorrow’s stars — but this season has a lot going for it. For one, the stars have already been discovered, and the six-week audition process of TUF is more like a six-week “showcase” of what they can do. It’s not just an inaugural 115-pound title that’s on the line, it’s that we’re getting the entire division dropped into our living rooms all at once with a title on the line.

“Actually, it was six-and-a-half weeks [in the house],” Felice Herrig says. “It was so long. I made a link chain, and everyday I took one off. It was motivation to see the chain getting smaller and smaller. The time did not fly by.”

Herrig is perhaps the best known of the TUF 20 cast, and the most vilified for being a sort of come-to-life, grown-up Cindy Brady figure. Her and Heather Clark had a rivalry coming into the show, and even gathered in Manhattan to see their handiwork in a freshly produced, new look format, they don’t seem overly chummy. They sat at opposite sides of the room, and giggled among their cliques, particularly when Clark demonstrates how Herrig chews gum on camera.

If the UFC is selling this cast’s sexiness as a sort of garnish to go with the main dish of fighting, Herrig is one of those who embrace it. She’s been known to drop a suggestive selfie her day on her Twitter feed, or see peculiar shapes in the cactus, which rubs some women (and plenty of media) the wrong way.

“I have made a living doing my thing, doing photo shoots, working for sponsors,” Herrig says. “People only see, like, ‘oh, look at that person looking all sexy in that ad.’ Yeah, it’s an ad — it’s an ad maybe representing a multi-million dollar company, and they choose you to represent their ad because they like your look, and they like your feminism. But also because of the sport and your athleticism, so they like seeing both sides.

“I think a lot of people like to look at things as black and white, why can’t you meet in the middle? Why can’t you have more going for you than just your profession, or just your sport? There are so many dimensions to each person, and not everybody is good at just one thing. It’s like if I go to school, and I take math and English and science, and somebody says, ‘oh, you’re so good at math — you can only be good at math, you have to flunk out of science.’”

Her fight side is the science of eight limbs, as she’s a muay Thai practitioner. Tecia Torres, whom she’s fought before, is a karate blitzkrieg. Carla Esparza, one of the favorites to win the show, is a wrestler. Angela Magana, at least on surface, is a transcendentalist and self-described “face puncher.” Jessica Penne, the former atomweight champion in Invicta FC — the promotion that provided eight of the contestants in the house — has jitz. Aisling Daly, bless her heart, is Irish.

It’s a (mostly) seasoned cast.

“It’s funny, one thing they didn’t show, but Dana says if you didn’t get picked [after the tryouts] it’s because of your record, it’s because you don’t have enough fights,” says Angela Hill, who came in with a record of 1-0. “Then I’m like the second name he called. I don’t know if he did it just to get a reaction out of me or what.”

What makes TUF 20 even better is that there is endless back-story intersection, something that the producers foreshadowed well. Plenty of the cast have crossed paths before. Herrig fought Torres, Torres fought Rose Namajunas, who herself fought Emily Kagan. Herrig also fought Esparza, Esparza fought Bec Rawlings, and so on. There is a lot going on underneath the surface. The competitors, without exception, are high-level martial artists.

There are also a couple of wrinkles in the format, smart ones, that set the table for what should be the best season since Chuck Liddell was being carried in a La-Z-Boy down the beach by the original batch of reality pioneers.

“It feels like we broke the mold and started anew,” says the UFC’s Craig Borsari, who is the senior vice president of production and operations. “For us, just having the women was a big enough change, but you throw the belt on top of that, and your throw the format changes, and all of those changes collectively made it really feel new.”

It does feel new. And that’s half the trick when it comes to something at times lambasted for being so tired and old.

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On This Day in MMA History: Carina Damm, The Amelia Earhart of WMMA Steroid Busts

“On This Day in MMA History” pays tribute to some of the more bizarre and infamous news stories of MMA’s past. The following article was originally published on May 15th, 2008, five years ago today.

Carina Damm Proves That Steroid Controversies Aren’t Just For Men Anymore

It’s almost always a good thing to be the first woman to do something. That’s because usually, if a woman hasn’t done that thing yet, it means that it’s either really hard or men have been real jerks about it and kept women out like ten-year-olds with a clubhouse. Well, Brazilian Carina Damm just etched her name in the record books by becoming the first female MMA figher to test positive for steroids. That is not the clubhouse you want to be hanging out in. Not unless you love powerlifting and back acne.

Sherdog reported today that Damm tested positive for Nandrolone (that’s right, the same thing Sean Sherk tested positive for) after her April 3 victory over Sophie Bagherdai at Femme Fatale Fighting 4 in Los Angeles. This news comes at a particularly bad time for Damm, since she was recently signed to take on Debi Purcell on an Elite XC card on June 27. Purcell seemed annoyed, though not surprised by the news.

“It was obvious she was doing it [steroids], but I was just going to out-cardio and out-muscle her anyways. I’ve been lifting for my whole life, everyday for I don’t know how many years. People have accused me of doing steroids because I have muscles, which isn’t fair. But you can’t go have a normal body and two months later be huge.”

If you’re wondering whether Damm might be a victim of the faulty testing procedures that Sherk is considering suing the CSAC over…there’s something you should know. The “normal” level of Nandrolone in a person is 2 ng/mL. An athlete participating in “vigorous activity” can legally get away with 6 ng/mL. When Sherk tested positive, it was with 12 ng/mL in his system. Carina Damm tested at 37.9 ng/mL. Now that’s how you fail a steroid test, people.

Am I the only one thinking this may help Sean Sherk? A female fighter fails the test with three times the Nandrolone levels that he had, that makes you wonder what a positive test really looks like. Then again, it could just be because those Brazilians don’t do anything half-ass.