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Bisping: Is Jones Clean, Or Dirty And Getting Away With It?

Michael Bisping is glad to have Jon Jones back inside the Octagon.

Sure, “The Count” has been an outspoken critic of the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, who reclaimed his crown at UFC 232 last month in Calif., but that is the price a fighter must pay when flunking multiple drug tests.

It’s like a fighter who habitually misses weight, the doubt will always be there.

But now that Jones has passed his UFC 232 drug tests, Bisping wants to know if the embattled pound-for-pound great is truly clean, or just dirty and getting away with it, thanks to so much about his case that is unknown, even by the supposed “experts.”

Like picograms and pulsing effects, for example.

“That was the narrative going into this fight: ‘Listen, this is remnants, it was leftover from whenever it was.’ But the point of the matter is that Jeff Novitzky was saying, everyone was saying this could be in his system for a long, long time and then, lo and behold, he tests clean,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast (via MMA Fighting). “I’m glad he tested clean, I really am. I hope he continues to do so. I hope he stays clean. I don’t hope he passes his tests and gets away with it. They’re two very different things. I don’t hope he gets away with it. I hope he’s competing on a level playing field and we get to see the best Jon Jones that we can.”

He certainly looked like the best Jon Jones at UFC 232.

Jones returned from his UFC 214 disciplinary suspension last fall, only to once again test positive for trace amounts of Turinabol. The argument from UFC and its band of merry men was that “Bones” already served time for that exact substance and what was found — multiple times — was no different than finding Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge.

Assuming you only open your fridge once a year.

As of this writing, Jones is scheduled to return to action — along with a battery of new drug testing protocols — at the UFC 235 pay-per-view (PPV) event in March, assuming Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) buys his story about this battery of tests.

Time will tell.

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Michael Bisping Reflects on ‘Big’ Victory over Anderson Silva, Silva’s ‘Cheap’ Knee Strike

Recently retired Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion Michael Bisping can look back on a career full of accomplishments, but he is happy to name one that he finds especially gratifying.
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Diego Sanchez ‘Looking To Do a Michael Bisping Story’ Before he Retires

It seems as though Diego Sanchez has been with the Ultimate Fighting Championship forever. At 36 years of age one might think the former “Nightmare” would be ready to hang up the gloves. According to the veteran, the hunger still burns and he wants to make one last run at the welterweight belt before he retires.
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Midnight Mania! Cruz Cleared, Previews UFC Calgary With Bisping

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz revealed he has been cleared to return to combat, then he and former middleweight champion Michael Bisping previewed UFC: Calgary. Bisping kicks off the preview by saying, unlike Eddie Alvarez against Poirier in their first fight, he would never land an illegal knee — so you know it only gets better from there.

Cruz has had a long history of injury; his recent misfortune was an arm break that took him out of a UFC 219 matchup with Jimmie Rivera.

UFC: Calgary is headlined by a rematch between Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez that promises to be fireworks; the stacked main card also features Jose Aldo vs. Jeremy Stephens and Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Tecia Torres.


Olivier Aubin-Mercier is really leaning into this “Canadian gangster” persona and it’s pretty funny.

@oliaubin is here. #UFCCalgary #UFConFOX30

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Al Iaquinta and Aljamain Sterling can’t figure out what is going on

Why didn’t this genius hold the target out to the side? I’m confused. Was this the first time they ever tried this?

Mike Perry is evidently fighting Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, which could be awesome or depressing depending on how it shakes out.

What is happening in this picture of Jorge Masvidal?

Dangit, Michael Chandler. Why do you have to make the rest of us look bad.

Derrick Lewis isn’t very discerning with his content sometimes- I know how that feels- but this was funny

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Now that Conor McGregor is cleared, rumors are flying he will fight Khabib Nurmagomedov this fall. It’s about time.

McGregor dubbed over McGregor

Special message from @thenotoriousmma after his court hearing today

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Justice is served

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I actually hate this photoshop job of TJ Dillashaw

Thanks for the cool edit @bigg_creations #fanart

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There are endless Joe Rogan memes online that I mostly ignore, but I found this mashup of old and new meme funny enough to include

#religion #jre #ufc #mma #toerogan

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Matt Brown likes reading about personal development and the way people become experts.

So true! #Repost @scienceforsport ・・・ ‍♀️ The Difference Between Experts and Beginners ‍ ⠀ -⠀ Credit to @mikereinold for this awesome post! -⠀ This graph accurately depicts our evolution of knowledge and expertise. This has become and more relevant with social media allowing everyone to have an opinion and to self proclaim expertise. – At @championptp, we always discuss this concept with our physical therapy students and strength and conditioning interns. They all want to start a website and social media branding, and often try to do it by pretending they are experts. They’ll learn something and then the next day talk about it on social media as if they were now experts on the topic. I always advise them that anyone with experience will see this lack of authenticity and it will ultimately end up hurting your brand. – Trust me, when I see some posts on Instagram I shake my head. Often times it’s proclaiming something that with a little more experience, they would realize maybe isn’t the best idea. And if you are too vocal about your stance, you’ll end up defending your position in the future instead of keeping an open mind and adapting as you learn and experience more. – What can you do about it? Rather that self proclaim expertise, embrace the fact that you are learning and share your journey. That will help you grow more personally, and all of us on Instagram will grow with you.⠀ -⠀ ❓ Do you agree with this graph and message? – ❓ Think its useful for others to know? If so, then please tag and share to spread the

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Odd but true: Israel Adesanya and Rory Macdonald share a birth date.

This does seem unnecessary in sparring and a good way to give training partners concussions.

Would you defend your girl in this scenario?

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Poor, sad Colby Covington.

This is always weird to see.

My man JC seen what you did

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Mike Bisping nearly got dragged into the drama between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent.

Brian Ortega is more than an athlete, according to someone trapped in the Upside Down

You only see what I do, not who I am. More than just an athlete.

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My Kickstarter is live! It’s got nothing to do with MMA, but feel free to pledge and share if it’s something you are into. I explain what it’s about here:

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Video: Michael Bisping Says Max Holloway Looks ‘A Little Sleepy’ During UFC Tonight Interview

Something wasn’t right with Max Holloway this week, and Michael Bisping noticed it before the featherweight champion pulled out of UFC 226.
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Video: Michael Bisping Says Max Holloway Looks ‘A Little Sleepy’ During UFC Tonight Interview

Something wasn’t right with Max Holloway this week, and Michael Bisping noticed it before the featherweight champion pulled out of UFC 226.
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UFC Fans Want Queen Elizabeth To Knight Michael Bisping

Where’s Uryens when you need him?!?

“Sir” Michael Bisping?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion recently retired from mixed martial arts (MMA). Not only because he accomplished all the goals he set out to achieve, but also because he’s trying to preserve the sight in his “disfigured” right eye.

But now that he’s gone, some combat sports fans across the pond want “The Count” to join the Queen’s Knighthood. To get the ball rolling, an online petition has been started with a goal of 2,000 signatures (see it here).

As of this writing they have 1,163.

“Michael Bisping has established himself as one of the most successful and longest tenured fighters in UFC history while also becoming a pioneer for MMA in the United Kingdom,” the petition reads. “He is an inspiration for young fighters around the country and this should be recognized with a knighthood. All hail The Count!”

I’m not sure what it takes to get knighted, but sure I hope it looks something like this.

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Where Does Michael Bisping Rank Amongst The All Time Greats?

(This post originally appeared on MMAFrenzy.)


When people talk about the absolute, greatest fighter of all time, Michael Bisping’s name doesn’t typically enter the discussion. But, where does “The Count” sit on the all time greats list? You could certainly make the case he’s up there.

Now, usually when people talk about the G.O.A.T., names like Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre and more recently, Demetrious Johnson get mentioned. After all, of those fighters reigned their respective divisions, or still do, for a prolonged period of time.

In the case of Bisping, yes, his reign as the UFC’s middleweight champ ended not long in. After the British star shocked the MMA world in June, 2016 by taking out Luke Rockhold, Bisping barely got by Dan Henderson in what turned out to be his first and only title defense.

But, if we pull out a little form the G.O.A.T. contenders, and review Bisping’s career through a bit of a different lens, there’s no denying that he is one of the greatest fighters to date.

Bisping remained in the contender mix, pretty much, during the entirety of his UFC run. When you consider he made his way into the UFC, after winning TUF 3 in 2006, that’s a ridiculously long time to compete against the best of the best, and remain in title contention. Further, a lot of people closed the book on Bisping’s championship aspirations years ago, and yet, the rugged fighter went on to secure the middleweight title when he was 37 year’s old.

In addition to Bisping’s wins over Rockhold and Henderson, he also defeated notable fighters like Cung Le, Brian Stann, Chris Leben, Thales Leites and the legendary, Silva. All of his defeats came against former champs or top contenders. Bisping also won 20, yes, 20 UFC bouts, and he’s currently tied with GSP and Donald Cerrone for the most wins ever in the promotion.

But, while reflecting on Bisping’s career, and how much impact he had on the game, you also have to factor in his persona. There’s no question that at times, Bisping was one of the most polarizing fighters in the sport. In terms of the best trash talkers and self promoters MMA has seen, the former champ is right up there with Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor. Few could pull of the smug act like Bisping, as a means to enrage his opponent’s fans, and drive interest in a bout. Leading up to his fights with Henderson and GSP, depending on who you talked to, Bisping was loathed.

Finally, there’s been a tidal wave of support sent Bisping’s way since he announced his retirement, and that doesn’t typically happen with fighters who aren’t great. “The Count’s” bouts, and the lead up to them, will be sorely missed.

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Midnight Mania! GSP Tells of Weird Bathroom Encounter with Bisping

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA, each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Michael Bisping has officially retired from MMA, so it’s time to revisit his odd encounter with Georges St. Pierre in a bathroom before a press conference. He spoke about it on the Joe Rogan Experience. Transcript via Fightful.com:

“I go to the bathroom and who comes next to the bathroom with us, it’s Michael Bisping! There is the camera that follow us in the bathroom. We’re taking a piss next to each other, we’re like this (puts hands on hips). Then, I turn around and see Michael Bisping. I’m like, ‘Oh, holy shit!’ Then I told him, I say, ‘Hey, you got a Range Rover?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, but now it’s in the garage.’ I’m like,’ Yeah, you need to get rid of it because after a while it start breaking down.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I know… ok, gameface. See you later.’ (laughs),”

This is the kind of small, human moment you would want to know about if you were ever making a movie about either guy. And, while it’s pretty awkward that the cameras followed them into the bathroom, but that does make me wonder: does the footage for this still exist?

The candid car advice also reminds me of a certain executive telling another former UFC champion his luxury SUV was “a piece of shit”.

GSP’s victory over Bisping at UFC 217 netted him his second UFC belt. He’s not interested in fighting for money any more, but getting a third belt at lightweight might just tempt him back to the sport. If he does return at 155, Khabib Nurmagomedov is waiting.


New highlights of the Darren Till vs. Stephen Thompson fight have emerged

The fight wasn’t fast paced but the memes have been nonstop

Nick Diaz’ booking shot looks like Nick Diaz, all right.

Now my life will never be complete now until I wrestle a tiger

Lomachenko boxed eight rounds with a popped shoulder and still knocked Linares out?

Why did the cop go for the arm bar here though? Just keep top position.

That’s how you get out a arm bar

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Justin Golightly did something so great it made me wonder why no one had done it before: He wrote the mythology of the MMA Fighters that were larger than life, starting with Sea Level Cain, Chuck Liddell ‘with that look in his eye’, and Motivated BJ Penn. They started as real life history, then internet legends, but Justin has turned them into bonafied MMA myths.

Ilir Latifi got a serious videographer for this one

@willtrillest ✨

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This cop has some serious hands and he can really move

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Elias Theodorou really enjoyed being face swapped with Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi, who is honest to a fault

Sage’s captions legitimately kill me.

Hey China… get ready I’m on my way

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Angela Hill keeps coming up with creative ways to demonstrate she doesn’t have an opponent.

Combat sports this weekend include the rare Friday night UFC card

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Nathaniel Wood is making his UFC debut this Friday

Out cold

Get that tap

I didn’t realize these guys fought pre-UFC days

Podcasts and Video

Andrew Richardson’s pro debut Episode 4! Follow MMA Mania on Youtube

The MMA Hour

Nate Robinson had something to say about the predictability of talks about race in America

Random Land

I know I keep including footage of it but this volcanic activity in Hawaii is unreal

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Michael Bisping Officially Hangs Up the Gloves

That’s it for Michael Bisping.

The TUF winner, pioneer of British MMA, and former UFC champ has decided to call it quits and hang up the gloves.

We’ve known for a while that his career in the cage was in its end stages, with more than a few fighters jockeying for the opportunity to be a part of his retirement fight. But no fight ever materialized, and for mostly medical reasons, Bisping has decided that his time to ride off into the sunset has come.

In his most recent trips to the Octagon, the brash-talking Brit fell to Kelvin Gastelum and the legendary Georges St. Pierre. But let’s not forget his greatest moment of glory: he was a late-replacement and total underdog when he faced then-champ Luke Rockhold, and he knocked Rockhold out and snatched up that belt.

Here’s MMAFighting:

“So obviously I’ve teased this for a long time now, I might fight again, I might not. And unfortunately it’s not a fight that I’m announcing. I am going to announce my official retirement from mixed martial arts,” Bisping said.

Bisping said doctors diagnosed him with a vitreous detachment in his left eye, a condition that puts him at an increased risk for another detached retina. Regardless, Bisping said he still moved forward with negotiations for a farewell fight against Rashad Evans for May 17 at UFC London. The matchup never came together though, and Bisping said he ultimately came to his decision to hang up his gloves Sunday night after watching the film Journeyman on a plane — a film in which an aging prizefighter suffers severe mental and physical problems as a result of brain trauma sustained in a late-career fight.

“I was watching this movie last night and I just thought, it ain’t worth it,” Bisping said. “It ain’t worth it. I mean, what else am I going to do? I’ve won the belt, I’ve had tons of wins, I’ve done everything that I set out to achieve. What’s the point in flogging a dead horse? Not that I’m a dead horse, but what’s the point? I’ve done everything that I set out to achieve, and fortunately now I’ve used my platform to open other doors. You know, you’ve got to know when to walk away. I’m almost 40 years old, the time is now. So, I want to say, first of all, thank you to my wife. Without her, it wouldn’t have happened. That’s a fact. She was incredible every single step of the way. My children. My dad. My dad was amazing. And of course everyone in the U.K. and around the world that supported me.

“So, yeah, there you go. Great career. That’s that. Thank you everybody.”

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