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Midnight Mania! Nate Diaz Roasts Khabib, Gets Roasted By Askren

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Ben Askren and Dillon Danis have been roasting each other online, but “Funky” has no shortage of words for anyone, including Nate Diaz.

Diaz posted a picture of Khabib in the sauna with his boys. The picture is funny because, like many things in mixed martial arts (MMA), it has homoerotic overtones, but Khabib is very traditional and religious, and on good terms with Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, who is famously and violently homophobic. (The part that isn’t funny at all is that Kadyrov allegedly conducted a ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya). Nevertheless, Diaz and Khabib have had bad blood between them for a long time, even getting into a brawl back in 2015.

Askren couldn’t resist a counter-dig at Diaz and his crew in the “209.”

Jake Shields, Nate Diaz’ long-time teammate, was quick to point out that this kind of thing would get Askren slapped in Stockton … and Ben was quick to counter that it would get you stabbed in Dagestan, but Diaz still posted it.

This fun exchange of awkward insinuation, predicated on homophobia, has been brought to you by MMA in 2019.


What is Dana White so happy about?

A focused Dustin Poirier training for Max Holloway …

Rafael dos Anjos is thinking of cutting from nearly 200 pounds down to Lightweight?

Paulo Costa’s manager denies Yoel Romero’s claim that he tested positive for PEDs.

Askren’s #BoomRoasted line is very corny, but some of his lines are accurate. Dillon Danis isn’t a difficult target.

Then again, he had a couple good lines of his own:

A Novel, by John Danaher: sometimes just knowing is half the battle.

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The legend of Alabama Joe – part 1: Would it be possible to become a better fighter just by knowing the theory of what you ought to do in a fight without ever actually practicing? That’s a question I have always found interesting. I got an answer years ago while working as a bouncer during my early years in NYC. Working around the city in was often teamed with interesting characters with many different approaches, theories and styles of combat. Some of them (especially wrestlers, BJJ and Judo players and boxers) were very effective – others not so much. At one time I was briefly paired with a fellow who we called “Alabama Joe” He was man of average build, not in particularly good shape whose main joys were drinking, smoking cigarettes and fighting. We worked a door together for just four nights in the lower east side mid 1990’s but I never forgot the experience for a good reason. As we worked, Joe talked incessantly about his prowess in brawling and how he would whip any man who was foolish enough to step up to the plate with him. I was rather skeptical as I’ve always believed fighting prowess to be mostly determined by ones training regimen and Joe’s training regimen appeared to be based around nothing more than Bourbon and Marlboro’s. He proudly told me he had never trained a day in his life but that he was a huge fan of the early UFC’s which he would watch incessantly. I was intrigued by this as I had begun training with Renzo Gracie And was similarly fascinated. He told me that when he fought he just did what he saw Royce do – run forwards and tackle people, climb up to mount, hit them and wait for them to turn and then strangle them. Later that night we threw some fellows out of the bar after a dispute and outside one of them was unimpressed by the appearance of Alabama Joe and demanded a fight. This fellow was a powerful looking man and I had to do some work to get him outside with a body lock and some light wrestling – I was not at all confident that Joe would be able to handle him. They immediately went to fisticuffs and true to his word, Joe tackled him, got mounted and punched him enough to make him turn and strangled him out!

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John Wayne Parr has had nearly 100 fights, so he is always posting highlights I’ve never seen before of him in some war or other.

Slips, Rips, and Sumo Clips

Phenomenal fight. The guy who lost has a mean overhand.

Nasty choke!

I love seeing obscure techniques being pulled off, such as this Aikido-esque wrist drag!

Short, but sweet …

It’s not the size of the sumo wrestler in the sumo ring, but the size of the sumo in the sumo wrestler … or something like that.

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Ben Askren, King Of Twitter, Mows Down Danis, McGregor

Don’t ever play the logic game with “Funky.”

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, trained jiu-jitsu under Dillon Danis (again) ahead of his Khabib Nurmagomedov title fight at UFC 229 last October in Las Vegas.

Danis was so confident in McGregor’s abilities, he went on record to suggest “Notorious” could defeat “The Eagle” in a straight-up grappling match, roughly one month before McGregor was submitted by Nurmagomedov in round four of their headlining affair.

So do we blame the teacher or the student? Let’s ask Danis.

Then Ben Askren with the flash knockout (words you may never hear again):

That’s not to suggest Askren is loyal to little brother Nurmagomedov.

The “Funky” welterweight just likes to make trouble with every available fighter, regardless of weight class. When he’s not busy trolling “Marty from Nebraska,” the former Bellator MMA and ONE Championship titleholder is prepping for his Robbie Lawler fight at UFC 235.

Just don’t expect him to ever call out McGregor.

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Colby: No Commission Will Sanction Askren Slaughter

The Welterweight division has arguably been one of the most interesting divisions in 2018, as contenders have risen up one after another, going as far as causing a bit of a bottleneck when it comes to the title race. And 2019 seems to be even more promising for the 170-pound weight class, as Ben Askren has finally made his way to the Octagon and is expected to face off against Robbie Lawler at the upcoming UFC 235 pay-per-view (PPV) event on March 2, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Calling out pretty much the entire division — and some who aren’t in the weight class — “Funky” intends to pick off every contender one-by-one. Among the men in his cross-hairs is Colby Covington, the interim champion who still can’t seem to lock down a title fight against division champion Tyron Woodley.

“Chaos,” however, says a fight between he and Askren is going to be one that will prove difficult to get a green light on.

“Ben Askren, the only thing we have in common…I have a real belt, he has some belts from back in the day that don’t even matter anymore. But let’s be honest, no commission would approve this fight. He is not even ranked in the top 100,” said Colby on a recent edition of the Ariel Helwani MMA Show.

“It would be a slaughter and it wouldn’t be competitive. If that 36-year old virgin builds himself up and becomes a draw, then no problem. I will send him back to the back of the line just like everybody else,’ he concluded.

Despite Kamaru Usman showing off a signed contract that indicated he will get the next title shot against “The Chosen One,” Colby says it’s simply not going to happen as he fully intends to be the one to fight Woodley at UFC 235.

As for Askren vs Covington, that may not happen as soon as fight fans would like if “Chaos” has a say in the matter.

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Midnight Mania! Askren Owns McGregor By Own Logic

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Ben Askren just “by your logic-ed” Conor McGregor.

See, Conor McGregor came up with the bizarre take that ONE Championship president Chatri Sityodtong was responsible for the UFC shuttering its flyweight division, presumably because ONE ‘traded’ Ben Askren for former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Never mind that it was the UFC that made the decision to cut the 125-lb. division — McGregor insisted that ONE needed to take in all the released flyweights. It’s worth nothing that ONE is, in fact, interested in ‘cherry-picking’ some of the fighters cut by the UFC.

Ben Askren, the other party in the trade, pointed out the obvious problem with the Notorious’ logic here. Why would losing Demetrious Johnson mean the flyweight division was doomed? After all, the featherweight division moved on without McGregor himself; a title fight between Max Holloway and Brian Ortega is set to headline UFC 231 on December 8th.

I mean Featherweight survived without @TheNotoriousMMA in it, flyweight can’t survive without @MightyMouse ?? Are you telling us DJ>CM???

It isn’t often you see McGregor get owned this badly. Askren should enjoy this.


Georges St. Pierre is training knife fighting now

The perfect UFC fight doesn’t exist, because either Paulo Costa or Yoel Romero keeps getting injured. They were supposed to fight at UFC 230, but Romero had to pull out of the bout via injury. The two were still supposed to fight near the end of the year, but now it turns out Costa is injured, and out until March. “Borrachinha” thinks that Romero ought to return the favor and wait for him until March.

Joanne Calderwood is facing a former KSW champion, Araine Lipski, at UFC 233.

Alexander Gustafsson is training with fellow top ten lightweights Jimi Manuwa and Ilir Latifi to prepare for Jon Jones.

The ever-cheerful Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, is back this weekend against Yair Rodriguez

Yair is incredible- I walked into the stadium for the last part of this fight. I’ve never seen someone throw the kicks Yair was throwing.

The Korean Zombie is plenty creative himself

Floyd Mayweather evidently decided he didn’t want to fight this guy- and I’ll take any excuse to post a Tenshin Nasukawa highlight.

So… why did Floyd agree to fight Tenshin? Was it all a publicity stunt?

Ben Nguyen vs. Wilson Reis is going to be the farewell fight for the flyweight division?

Leslie Smith points out that flyweight disappearing would be the kind of decision that the fighters would have a say in with a collective bargaining agreement.

Israel Adesanya’s social media game is as strong as his wrestling.

When was the last time you saw someone hit a helicopter armbar in a fight??

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Ben Askren: UFC Booked Me With Lawler Because They Don’t Want Me To Win

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White promised that Ben Askren would be given a top-five welterweight in his debut and delivered, with Askren now scheduled to fight No. 5-ranked former champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 233 in January.
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Midnight Mania! Askren To Debut Against Lawler at UFC 233

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Robert Glenn Lawler, otherwise known as “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler, was maybe the one welterweight Ben Askren had nothing to say about. Yet, Lawler is the one who drew the short straw to welcome the undefeated wrestler to the Octagon.

Lawler is no walkover opponent. In his resurgence as UFC champion, he had a wicked sprawl, managing to stuff just enough of Johny Hendricks’ takedowns to win the belt, then totally shutting down any attempt by Rory Macdonald to wrestle him in their UFC 189 all-time classic war.

Askren isn’t going to give him the kind of battle Macdonald did- but will he be able to put the former champion on his back and stifle his dangerous striking? It seems we are likely to find out on January 26th in Anaheim, California.


Floyd Mayweather is fighting Tenshin Nasukawa because the world is delightfully unpredictable and doesn’t have to make sense.

Their combined amateur and professional records show that Nasukawa is somehow the more experienced fighter in terms of sheer number of bouts.

Regular readers of Midnight Mania ought to be familiar with Tenshin Nasukawa at this point.

Eryk Anders doesn’t think Floyd Mayweather will ever allow kicks, but the rules apparently haven’t been settled yet.

I don’t usually find pro wrestling entertaining but this was good.

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That moonwalk looks real to me

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Could Sage Northcutt become the next big ONE Championship signing?

This is by far the funniest video I’ve seen all day.

At least Chris Weidman is a great sport about his knockout loss to Jacare Souza.

Nick Diaz was not impressed by the body of two-time Olympian Daniel Cormier.

Dana White denying blocking Ben Askren on Twitter was so perfect. His buddy Donald Trump is rubbing off on him.

This weekend’s main event is going to be, as they say, lit. Yair Rodriguez vs. Chan Sung Jung is an awesome fight, El Pantera vs. The Korean Zombie.

What a picture. I hadn’t seen this much blood in the Octagon in a long time.

Israel Adesanya is undoubtedly the UFC’s breakout star of 2018

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#shakushaku for my pipu

A post shared by Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) on

It was strange seeing all these faces together in the crowd at UFC 230.

How can you not love Daniel Cormier?

Curtis Blaydes doesn’t rate Brock Lesnar’s chances very highly against the Daddest of them all.

Despite how the fight turned out to be an easy stylistic matchup, Daniel Cormier is still among the most impressive fighters in UFC history.

Is Jacare not merciful??

This was such a weird callout by Jared Cannonier but I dig it.

He may have gotten outshone by some of the card’s brighter lights, but Karl Roberson is an excellent prospect.

Conor McGregor was absolutely on something writing this…

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I went to see Mike Tyson last night in the Helix, Dublin, Ireland. I love and respect Mike Tyson. And I love the Helix. I won my first World Title here, and also my second. It was good to meet you Mike. You spoke some things about me in the past which I did not like and I was happy to speak to you face to face, put it to bed and have some fun. You are in good spirits and I was happy to see this! I will always have the height of respect for you! Some decisions you have made around your finances I do not agree with. As a fighter you must fight here. The most. And this is a fight that never ends. It is even a fight that we pass on to our next in line. Our blood line. Make sure you stay switched on with those around you at all times. You have good people around you now, I can tell. But stay switched on. Your Marijuana strain that you grow on your own ranch “KO Kush” is really nice. It was an honour to taste it and I wish you and your team all the best with this endeavor. Just remember, if someone tries to rip you. Rip their nose off their face. You are a fighting icon and deserve endless love and respect! And from me, you will always have it! Don’t let anyone take anything from you. You owe nobody nothing. It is you who is owed. Always remember that. I love you Mike! Iron Mike Tyson! Here is an iconic photograph as a gift from me to you, from head photographer at @mcgregorproductions , @ginger_beard_photos

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

This slip to high kick is fun

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

The weekend had plenty of great knockouts

What a brutal guillotine- this guy was out cold.

A reminder of how truly great Anderson Silva was. Will Israel Adesanya’s legacy end up being even greater?

Hit the Road big guy

Low blow TKOs, the Bobby Green special. No, I won’t ever let that go.

All our idols must fall

This was by far the most insane knockout of the weekend.

Matt Frevola and Lando Vannata had themselves a war and it’s weird to see Vannata continue to get draws no matter the level of his competition.

What grappling

Random Land

Are these real or fake? You find out.

Reality is both stranger and funnier than satire

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Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler Targeted for UFC 233 in Anaheim on Jan. 26

Ben Askren’s Octagon debut is nearly finalized, as the promotion is targeting a matchup with Robbie Lawler at UFC 233.
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Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler Targeted for UFC 233 in Anaheim on Jan. 26

Ben Askren’s Octagon debut is nearly finalized, as the promotion is targeting a matchup with Robbie Lawler at UFC 233.
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Dana White Disputes Notion That He Hates Ben Askren: ‘This Deal Was My Idea’

A few years back, it seemed laughable that UFC President Dana White would have any interest in signing Ben Askren.
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Ben Askren wants Darren Till, Promises to ‘Beat His Ass, Make Him a Grown Man’

Ben Askren may not be a household name with casual fans yet, but that may change shortly, as the undefeated wrestler is on his way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship while his counterpart Demetrious Johnson heads to Askren’s old promotion, One Championship.
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