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Israel Adesanya: I Know Anderson Silva Better Than He Knows Himself in Some Ways

When Israel Adesanya takes on Anderson Silva at UFC 234 in February, he will be meeting one of his longtime idols. In a way, he feels that is an advantage.
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Midnight Mania! Anderson on Adesanya: Same Style, Different Version

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Anderson Silva thinks Israel Adesanya represents an interesting and exciting challenge, but he pushed back on the Last Stylebender’s characterization of the fight as between Silva and a younger, better version of himself. Transcript via MMAJunkie.com:

“Israel is a great fighter,” Silva said. “I think he’s super talented, he’s young, he has a brilliant future ahead in this sport. I believe he might be a version of him and he’ll become a better version of himself.

“I believe Israel is not my new version. But I think this fight is very interesting, because I believe this is the first time I have the opponent (with) the same style. That’s a good test for my martial arts skills.”

Silva also resisted comparison to basketball greats Michael Jordan and Lebron James, as Adesanya had compared them to.

“Michael Jordan and LeBron and Kobe (Bryant) is the next level. I’m normal guy, and Israel, too. But I believe this is great fight.”

Silva also opened up on his motivation to continue fighting, and revealed that his family have urged him to stop fighting, but he won’t listen.

“My legacy is trying to continue. It doesn’t matter how much old or not, because old is in your mind,” Silva said. “When people talk about, ‘Oh, you’re old’ – especially in my home, because my family, my kids say, ‘Dad, stop. You don’t need to prove nothing. Stop.’ And I say say, ‘OK, you have a dream you love, something – just do it.’ The Spider Kick team helped me a lot, and helped me with a new challenge and new energy to continue my legacy.”

‘Just do it’ doesn’t seem like a very well-reasoned rebuttal of his family’s valid points, but Anderson is doing what makes him happy, and it can be hard to argue with that. He is also convinced that he is not only going to win, but that he will fight for the title next.

“(White) said, ‘OK, if you win, you will fight for the belt,’” Silva said. “I said ‘OK, then you’ll have to give me the title shot, because I will win.’”

Will this confidence turn out to be optimism, or delusion? Some of that depends on what the 43-year-old Spider looks like on fight night. He thinks what people will see will be the ‘old Anderson’, presumably meaning not the Anderson that is old, but the Anderson of old.

“I think everybody is going to see the old Anderson, but more experienced,” Silva said. “I don’t have nothing to prove. I passed through different moments in the sport. I win, I lose. I have a lot of experience. I am just doing something for my fans. I am so happy to be back to fighting and I’m here. Every day I come to training and say, ‘Thank you God. Thank you for giving me one more opportunity to do something special.’”

Does Silva have one last special moment left against the best of the next generation? We will find out in the co-main event of UFC 234 in Australia, on February 9.


Someone had to do it.

I know he does a lot of talking on air… but still, how does Brendan Schaub not know Dan Hooker’s nationality?

Muhammad Ali summing up how badass Jack Johnson was is amazing because he doesn’t even tell the half of it. Johnson was a pioneer far ahead of his time in many ways.

Happy birthday to Manny Pacquaio

Speaking of boxing stars, according to Dave Meltzer, Canelo Alvarez didn’t do so well on DAZN this weekend in terms of ratings

It is official! High risk, high reward fight for Zabit Magomedsharipov in Jeremy Stephens

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Only a matter of time until someone leaps off the cage to drop this knee and finish an opponent in MMA:

I love Japanese TV, especially when it involves Tenshin Nasukawa

Combat sports for the rest of 2018, as the year ends with a bang:

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

A thumping

Lex Luthor is an awesome nickname

Front kick KOs are still cool

Speaking of karate moves

I hadn’t ever heard of this fight but it looks amazing

Down he goes…

I’m not quite sure how Marcelo Garcia did this even after a few viewings

Random Land

I missed this, but it looks like a pretty unbelievable case of someone telling on themselves online.

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Anderson Silva: UFC Promised Middleweight Title Shot with Win Over Israel Adesanya

Booking a 43-year-old Anderson Silva against rising star Israel Adesanya seemed like a cruel bit of matchmaking from the UFC, but it seems that there was an added incentive for “The Spider” to accept the bout.
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Midnight Mania! Adesanya Is Anderson’s Clone, Only Better

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Welcome, Midnight Maniacs!

Israel Adesanya dropped some verbal bombs today on Anderson Silva today, revealing that he had initially been reluctant to fight his hero, but now that the fight is booked, he is looking to assume Silva’s mantle of greatness- “I’ll take the torch by force if I have to.”

He also said that he’s been studying Silva his entire career, and claimed he knows Silva better than the Spider knows himself. Silva famously said that his ideal opponent would be a clone of himself. Adesanya is saying he is that clone- but better.

Adesanya, “The Last Stylebender”, is in many ways the spiritual successor to “The Spider”. Silva was for years known as the best striker in mixed martial arts, looking nigh untouchable during his 16-fight unbeaten streak, including 10 title defenses as middleweight champion. Adesanya, 75-5-1 in kickboxing, brings a truly elite track record to mixed martial arts, a record he has backed up by going 4-0 in his first year with the company. His latest win was a highlight-reel KO of Derek Brunson at UFC 230, leaving him one fight from a title shot.

This will most likely be the last opportunity to see these two striking savants in a cage together. Anderson Silva is not who he was at the height of his powers. Does the old Jedi master still have a few last tricks up his sleeve? Or will the young lion be too much for him?


Will this be the scene at UFC 234?

This interview with Jon Jones is truly fascinating, a man who boldly proclaims his innocence in the face of evidence, while touting Lance Armstrong as the example of USADA’s legitimacy. He truly is one of a kind.

Jon Jones and former training partner and foe Rashad Evans traded words on Twitter over the weekend. Jones claims that any theory saying he normally juices, but was clean for the Ovince St. Preux fight makes no sense because he was bigger for that fight than any before it… but being big isn’t what all steroids do. A lot of PEDs, like the ones Lance Armstrong took, help with endurance, which Jones was having some issues with in that bout.

What in the world is going on at Combate Americas?

Daniel Cormier really enjoys sparring day

Sometimes stuff is just impressive

This was by far the funniest part of the weekend. These officials evidently had no idea Tito digs the grave after his wins.

This made most of us kinda sad, even if we knew it was coming.

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Chuck still celebrated like a champion though

This guy was living his best life and so was his human.

Mickey Rourke just looks rough these days.

When a soccer player turns to MMA:

Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

There are worse fighting gimics

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He neckotiated a solid contract

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Sadly, Jean Pascal did not succeed this weekend.

Eryk Anders has been doing tape study

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Stay sucka free #okiedoke

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These are fun. A lot of your favorite fighters looked weird as kids

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Can you recognize them all? Via @Southpaw_MMA_

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Frank Shamrock fan art

Curtis Blaydes is going to keep the same energy off a loss as he had on his win streak. He will surely be back.

Michael Bisping told Anderson Silva to get over himself.

He won, but let’s listen in to one last Tito Ortiz clip that makes zero sense:

Kevin Holland also had a great sophomore win at middleweight, his first UFC victory after a fun but losing debut against Thiago Santos.

Louis Smolka had a great win back in the UFC- he knows his motivation.

I didn’t know this. “add oil” is kind of a cool idiom.

There is a lot of fighting happening this weekend.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

In some Lethwei rulesets, they don’t end a fight at a knockout. Sometimes they give a fighter a two-minute timeout. It sounds like a great recipe for secondary concussions, but Lethwei is crazy like that.

The smile beforehand

Kevin Holland is the fun action fighter middleweight needs

Houston’s own Alex Morono is doing our local scene proud

When Overeem was UBEREEM

Great combination

One of my favorite knockouts

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Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva to Clash at UFC 234 in Melbourne on Feb. 9

Rising prospect Israel Adesanya will lock horns with former middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 234.
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Israel Adesanya To Meet With Dana White In Australia, Discuss Potential Title Fight

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White will be meeting up with UFC middleweight contender Israel Adesanya during his time down under to discuss a potential future title fight in the 185-pound division.
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Israel Adesanya on Yair Rodriguez’s KO: ‘It’s Not Luck’

Yair Rodriquez earned a win over Chan Sung Jung last Saturday night at UFC Denver, knocking the Korean senseless with a no-look upward elbow strike. The dazzling technique led some critics to claim the Mexican was “lucky” to land the killer blow.
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Dana White Calls Israel Adesanya ‘The Future’

The main card of UFC 230 in New York kicked off with a near-perfect performance by one of the sport’s fastest-rising stars in Israel Adesanya, who completed his transition from middleweight prospect to bona fide contender.
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UFC 230 Results: Israel Adesanya Crushes Derek Brunson, Proves He’s the Real Deal

Kickboxing stud Israel Adesanya has had a good 2018. Three trips to the Octagon has resulted in three wins, and his foray into the UFC 230 cage yielded yet another “W”. This time the victim was Derek Brunson – a step up in competition.

Brunson wisely wanted to get this one to the mat, and time and again shot for takedowns or got the bodylock only to have Adesanya stuff them and wiggle free.

Why was Brunson so keen on turning this into a grappling match? Because…

…Once Adesanya had space, he stunned Brunson with a knee, then with a flying knee, and picked him apart until Brunson was on the verge of being murdered.

It’s time to give Adesanya another step up in competition.

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Adesanya Will Style On Silva Once ‘Spider’ Makes UFC Return

After Paulo Costa demolished Uriah Hall at the UFC 226 pay-per-view (PPV) event earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, fantasy matchmakers were already calling for a showdown against Israel Adesanya, fresh off his unanimous decision win over Brad Tavares at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 27 Finale.

Unfortunately “The Eraser” never heard of Adesanya and instead called out Chris Weidman.

That’s just fine with “The Last Stylebender,” who will now set his sights on former middleweight champion Anderson Silva, once “The Spider” returns from his drug-test suspension in November.

“Yo for real…no bullshit, if not for Anderson Silva I wouldn’t have looked at fighting from a different perspective,” Adesanya wrote on Instagram. “I was under the impression you gotta look like [Paulo Costa] to be a fighter. ‘The Spider’ been fucking up muscled up beefcakes since ages ago as a lean aerodynamic man. Just cuz I’m a fan don’t mean you can’t catch these hands…and feets. So yes I am down…will do it fih di culture of fighting!”

Hopefully the Brazilian isn’t too busy dreaming about this fight to notice.

Adesanya (14-0) remains undefeated in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career after a stellar run on the kickboxing circuit. While his wins have been impressive, “The Last Stylebender” has yet to face the upper echelon of the division.

As for Silva (34-8, 1 NC), he’s now 43 years old and has just one victory over the last five years, a controversial decision win over Derek Brunson at UFC 208. What’s left in “The Spider’s” tank remains to be seen.

This potential match up doing anything for ya’?

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