Patricky Freire Is Banging Against the Bellator Ceiling and It’s Sad

There was a Bellator double-header this weekend, and on the second night – in the main event of Bellator 203 – featherweight champ Patricky “Pitbull” Freire beat Daniel Weichel. It was a close fight, with Freire winning by split decision. But this was the second time the Brazilian slugger beat Weichel, and the match-up itself speaks volumes as to where Freire is in the organizational food-chain and what the future may hold.

Folks, Pitbull is banging against the Bellator ceiling, and it’s kind of sad.

The champ is, of course, the best of Bellator’s featherweights. And he’s done well avenging whatever losses he’s accrued during his long career with the promotion. He beat Daniel Straus pretty convincingly, and though he lost to Benson Henderson, it was something of an injury fluke, so there’s no need to retread over that ground.

But what’s next? More rematches with dudes he’s beaten?

What Freire needs is obvious. He needs a superfight. A match-up that transcends divisional rankings, and sparks the interest of the general public more than ever before.

Consider what winning the belts of two divisions did for Conor McGregor. Or what it’s doing for Daniel Cormier. Consider what fighting Royce Gracie did for Matt Hughes. Or what fighting James Toney did for Randy Couture.

Freire has essentially cleared out the featherweight division, but he’s stuck fighting on Bellator cards in Rome, Italy, because no one gives a crap about him. And that sucks, because he’s clearly a great fighter.

He deserves more.

Anyway, here’s a pic of former welterweight champ Andrey Koreshkov wrecking some dude on the Bellator 203 with a spinning back-kick in a little over a minute.

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