Latest UFC 148 odds and betting guide for ‘Silva vs Sonnen 2′ in Las Vegas

The itsy-bitsy “Spider” has climbed out of his spout. And he is madder than hell.

Middleweight super champion Anderson Silva, after consecutive knockout wins over Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami, will finally rematch the only man to ever make him look mortal inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon:

Chael Sonnen.

The two mixed martial arts (MMA) veterans will headline UFC 148, which takes place this Saturday (July 7, 2012) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also on tap in the co-featured fight of the night is the Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin trilogy match, as well as an intriguing 185-pound match up between Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote.

Solid entertainment, and some solid wallet-stuffers if you know where to look in the sportsbook.

Join us after the break for an in-depth look at the odds behind UFC 148: “Sonnen vs. Silva 2″ as we examine the betting lines for the upcoming MMA match ups this Independence Day weekend:

UFC 148 Odds For The Under Card:

Gleison Tibau (-170) vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (+140)
Constantinos Philippou (-160) vs. Riki Fukuda (+130)
Shane Roller (-160) vs. John Alessio (+145)
Melvin Guillard (-260) vs. Fabricio Camoes (+200)
Yoislandy Izquierdo (-150) vs. Rafaello Oliveira (+120)

Thoughts: Several super close match ups. For the most part, these odds strike me as fair, which is not what I’m looking for when it comes to turning a tidy profit.

Still, I think there’s money to be made on Tibau at the current odds. As impressive as Nurmagomedov’s wrestling looked against Kamal Shalorus, the fact remains that Shalorus can wrestle and do absolutely nothing else besides fling his arms in a rough approximation of a punch … and occasionally kick people in the balls. Tibau isn’t a great striker, but he’s strong as hell and hits plenty hard. Plus, he’s probably got the best submission credentials of anyone Khabib has fought.

If Alessio gets nudged past +150, he’s worth a go based on Roller’s recent string of mediocrity. I’d say put money down on Izquierdo, too, on account of the big striking edge he should have.

UFC 148 Odds For The Main Card:

Anderson Silva (-280) vs. Chael Sonnen (+220)
Forrest Griffin (-400) vs. Tito Ortiz (+300)
Dong Hyun Kim (-155) vs. Demian Maia (+125)
Patrick Cote (-220) vs. Cung Le (+170)
Ivan Menjivar (-135) vs. Mike Easton (+105)
Chad Mendes (-625) vs. Cody McKenzie (+425)

Thoughts: Solid line up, even without the Bantamweight championship. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Look, I don’t care how badly I crapped the bed by hyping LeVesseur (and, for the record, I said the only way he would lose is if he dove headfirst into a guillotine. Guess what he did?). I will eat my boxers if Cody wins this fight. Mendes is bigger, Mendes is stronger, Mendes has better cardio, Mendes has better wrestling, Mendes has better striking, and Mendes has better power. He dicked around in Rani Yahya’s guard just because he could, and he trains with a squad that knows more about guillotines than Robespierre’s carpenters. Stick him in a parlay if he’s better than -1000 by the time this article goes out.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Mike Easton has, in my opinion, the best chance of being “Fight of the Night” of all the fights on the card. Both guys are scrappy as hell, both have big stopping power, and both are deceivingly well-rounded. The clincher for me, however, is Easton’s massive overconfidence in his power, which has produced all of one stoppage in his last six fights (and I still think Jared Papazian won their fight). He’s a decent peek-a-boo boxer, but with Menjivar’s experience, resilience, and more varied attack, I don’t think that’ll be enough.

Put Menjivar in a small parlay.

Cote was apparently an underdog at some point in time, but anything better than -175 should be jumped on. Le’s fought twice in the past two years and has just made yet another movie. Cote has big power, a rock-solid jaw, and a drive I’m simply unconvinced that Le has. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t stop Le sometime in the second or third. If the odds get just a little bit better, put money on him.

Wow. I really don’t understand how Kim is this small of a favorite. Literally, the only time Maia has looked good standing that I can recall is one big overhand left that wobbled Mark Munoz, and my gast will be flabbered if the fight hits the ground on Maia’s terms. Plus, Maia (who was in the process of bulking up), will be making a rather obviously-desperation-driven cut to 170. Go big on Kim — I’ve been drooling over this line since it first showed up a few months back.

Look, did we really need to see Tito and Forrest fight a third time? Both men are past their primes, Tito more so, and the chances of either making any sort of impact in the division are nil. I think Forrest wins easily, but the Ryan Bader fight proved anything can happen. Leave this be.

I was all set to put money on Sonnen, but I can’t shake this feeling that he has woken up a monster who he has no hope of dealing with. I have never seen Silva like this, and frankly, I’m terrified. Still, Chael is Chael, so you never know what might happen. Just sit back, enjoy the fireworks, and try to keep the blood out of your eyes.

UFC 148 Best Bets:

  • Single Bet: Dong Hyun Kim — Bet $ 155 to make $ 100
  • Parlay: Gleison Tibau and Dong Hyun Kim — Bet $ 60 to make $ 97.20
  • Parlay: Yoislandy Izquierdo and Chad Mendes — Bet $ 50 to make $ 46.73
  • Parlay: Ivan Menjivar and Chad Mendes — Bet $ 50 to make $ 51

There’s just something wonderful about watching two guys who legitimately hate the hell out of each other go at it.

See you Saturday, Maniacs.

Remember that will deliver live UFC 148 results this Saturday, which is as good a place as any to talk about all the action inside the Octagon, as well as what you’ve got riding on the sportsbook.

After Rough Training for Silva, Cung Le More Careful in Prep for Patrick Cote

At 40, Cung Le doesn’t need to fight anymore, but he still loves stepping in the cage.
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As UFC 148 Rematch With Chael Sonnen Nears, Anderson Silva’s Patience Fades

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Theirs is a rivaly more than two years in the making, so maybe it’s not surprising that even Chael Sonnen seems to be running low on fresh material heading into the rematch. The self-proclaimed “gangster” from West Linn, Ore., and number one contender for the UFC middleweight title dipped back into the same old bag of tricks for Tuesday’s UFC 148 pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas, lambasting middleweight champion Anderson Silva as a fake Brazilian with a fake belt who continues to hide the fact that he really speaks English.

But of course, this was the moment in the spotlight that Sonnen’s been waiting for, so he wasn’t without some scripted material to help him along. For instance, when he was asked whether he regretted any of the outrageous statements he’d made about the champ, the challenger was quick to pounce.

“First off, I offer absolutely zero apologies,” he said. “And secondly, listen guys, if you’re not willing to go too far, you will never go far enough in life. And I don’t care. I don’t promote fights; I pick fights. I’m like Jon Jones, I sound like Sean Combs, and I got trombone-sized stones like John Holmes.”

Three minutes in, and already Sonnen was speaking in rhyme. Silva, however, countered with a calm precision that cut immediately to his rival’s most sensitive spots.

“Chael, he tested positive for steroids, he offended a nation, he’s been charged with a crime,” Silva said via his manager and translator, Ed Soares. “…How can you take anything this guy says for real? This guy’s ridiculous.”

It wasn’t quite the bombastic Silva we heard on last week’s media call, the one who threatened to forcibly remove all of Sonnen’s teeth and make him swallow them. Still, “playtime’s over,” Silva insisted. “On Saturday, a lot of things are going to change. It’s going to be much different after Saturday.”

And Sonnen? Sonnen responded with many of the same bits we’ve all heard before. He berated Silva for “pretending” to need a translator, insisted that Soares could be replaced with an iPhone app, and claimed that he would have been fine fighting Silva in his home country of Brazil, since that would have been “neutral territory.”

“Anderson lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills,” Sonnen said. “Las Vegas is closer to him than it is to West Linn, Oregon. He’s got home court advantage.”

For his part, Silva reiterated that he didn’t think Sonnen deserved another crack at his title. He did, after all, get submitted by Demian Maia, who Silva himself had beaten up “for five rounds in Abu Dhabi.” And the mere suggestion that Sonnen might be able to stand and strike with him prompted a rare chuckle from the champ, who declared such a thing “impossible.”

And yet, though he thinks Sonnen unworthy and sees past opponents as being more “qualified” for a shot at UFC gold, Silva said he was perfectly willing to do what was required of him as a UFC employee, adding: “[I]f I have to go in there and beat his ass ten more times, I’ll beat his ass ten more times.”

It doesn’t seem to dampen his enthusiasm for the project that he views Sonnen’s method of hyping a fight “disrespectful” and unworthy of the UFC’s “elite” athletes, he explained.

“We can’t forget — especially you guys, as the American people — can’t forget the statements that this guy made about Lance Armstrong, who’s one of the greatest athletes in American history,” Silva said. “[Sonnen] talking about [Armstrong] giving himself steroids and doing all the things that he said that he did, but now also Chael has got the [testosterone-replacement therapy], which to me, and to a lot of people, is pretty much a similar type of thing that he was complaining about that Lance Armstrong was [doing]. Not only for myself, but I feel that the people responsible for the UFC and the athletic commission should take a second look at that.”

At this, a stone-faced Sonnen sat rubbing his hands. When asked for his response to criticism of his testosterone use, he declared it a “ridiculous question” before insisting: “I’m not proud of it. If I don’t take my medication I will die. I don’t need to apologize for that.”

Then again, if you ask Sonnen, he never needs to apologize. Not for anything he’s done or said, and certainly not to Silva, who, during the post-presser staredown, made every effort to invade Sonnen’s personal space again and again. With tensions so high, was he concerned about getting too emotional in this fight? Was there any truth to rumors that, win or lose on Saturday night, he might slip into retirement once this bout is over and done with?

The champion had the same answer to both questions, and in English: “Nope.”

As for a prediction, for that Silva lapsed back into his native Portuguese, saying, “I believe it’s going to end in the first round.”

With as long as it’s taken to get here, and with new material getting harder and harder to come by, maybe a swift conclusion — in either direction — wouldn’t be entirely unwelcome.

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UFC 148 Press Conference Highlights

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS — Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen met with the media at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference. Find out what the two stars, and UFC president Dana White, had to say Tuesday afternoon. Watch the highlights below.

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UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Pre-fight Press Conference (Video)

Check out the UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II pre-fight press conference from the Lagasse’s Stadium in the Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV. Watch as Silva and Sonnen answer questions from the press and then square-off in an intense staredown. Who won the starring contest?

The post href="">UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Pre-fight Press Conference (Video) appeared first on href="">Caged Insider.

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Anderson Silva Predicts First-Round Finish to UFC 148 Rematch with Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva is no longer holding his tongue when it comes to Chael Sonnen.
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Mike Tyson Adamant Fighters Should Be Paid More, But Warns of Predatory ‘Scumbags’

Rick Stewart, Getty Images

Mike Tyson is a cautionary tale for athletes everywhere for many reasons, not least of which is the story of his accumulated wealth (an estimated career earnings around $ 300 million) that was badly mismanaged and nearly left him destitute. Still, if Tyson is sure of anything about today’s mixed martial arts fighters – a group of athletes he admires just as much as their sport – is that they’re underpaid and MMA won’t change until fighters earn more.

“Nothing personal to nobody, they gotta be f—ing millionaires,” Tyson angrily insisted to Ariel Helwani Tuesday on The MMA Hour. “They gotta get the f—ing money they deserve. How is [MMA] going to be bigger than boxing if they don’t have cash? These guys need to be multi-multimillionaires. They need to have their big f—ing mansions, their big cars and if not, they should be able to take care of their family. They should be able to live without fighting no more.”

In Tyson’s mind, an admittedly difficult place to navigate, the modern-day warrior in the form of a mixed martial artist still faces the same occupational hazards in terms of health and safety. And if those risks and realities are still part of a fighter’s life, why shouldn’t they be financially rewarded as a means to offset loss of quality of life?

“They’re still getting brain damage,” Tyson continued. “They’re still getting knocked out. They’re still going to the hospital every night, win, lose or draw,” he noted. “They know something bad’s going to happen eventually. Why can’t we live a good life until that happens?”

“I’m just saying ultimate fighting fighters are not getting paid what they deserve,” Tyson concluded. He even pointed at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva as an example of his argument, although the boxing great is likely unaware Silva is one of the sport’s most highly-paid athletes to the tune of the figures he suggest Silva deserves. “A guy with his record and his performance with how easy he beats opponents, he should be a multi-multi-millionaire.”

It’s not that Tyson is arguing a Bentley or mansion is they key to happiness. Rather, it’s that access to those prizes as well as long-term financial stability should be available to fighters who sacrifice as much as they do. “That don’t mean nothing, but he should have the security,” said Tyson. “That’s the main thing. He should have the security if he wants to do that.”

Tyson sees fighters making blockbuster paydays as a benefit for them personally, but not just for reasons of compensating them for what’s owed or sacrified. The former boxing heavyweight champion of the world also maintains extravagant lifestyles, even when they’re headed in the wrong direction, are good press for the entire sport. “Even though they f— their money up with the cars and the strippers, that’s headlines,” Tyson agued. “That makes them superstars. That makes them legends.”

There’s a flip side to Tyson’s theory and one he readily acknowledges. It’s one he believes is a consequence of the paydays he says are absent among today’s MMA fighters, namely, the arrival of ‘scumbags’ with predatory interests.

On the one hand, Tyson wants fighters to earn more and for the world to know about their earnings. On the other, he also believes that will attract the unscrupulous to the sport where they’ll leech off fighters and negatively impact their finances or lives.

“They ain’t get the scumbags yet,” Tyson said. “Let their purses be in the paper like my purses were in the paper and Floyd [Mayweather]‘s. Wait until the scumbags get in that sport.”

To be sure, Tyson never once personally suggested UFC President Dana White or UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta were those personally responsible for MMA fighters not earning enough. In fact, Tyson and Zuffa brass have a longstanding positive relationship. White later joined Helwani’s interview with Tyson on Tuesday and argued UFC keeps fighter pay private to avoid the very scumbags Tyson was alluding to. Tyson seemed to find White’s response acceptable.

Nevertheless, he sees a day where huge, publicly-announced paydays in the tens of millions of dollars for MMA are inevitable. And when that moment arrives, the boxing hall of famer believes we may all rue the day.

“Wait until they come out,” Tyson warned. “The devil will show up here.”

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Rumor of the Day: Gunnar Nelson Headed to the UFC

(Nelson becomes the first man ever to successfully narfle the Garthok at the 2009 ADCC Absolute trials.) 

Crank up the Bjork and start cubing up the Hakarl, because it appears that Icelandic BJJ phenom and undefeated prospect Gunnar Nelson is headed to the UFC.

The 23 year-old welterweight is undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects outside of the UFC, collecting a perfect 9-0-1 record with just one of those wins making it outside of the first round. Nelson has not been to the scorecards since his debut fight — a draw against John Oleson — and has collected six of his nine stoppage wins by way of submission. FightersOnly were the first to break the news, stating that several close sources had already confirmed this report, though an official announcement from inside Nelson’s camp has yet to be made. There have been several rumors claiming that Nelson was headed to the UFC over the past few years, but this time it seems to be happening for serial.

After acquiring his BJJ black belt in just four years, Nelson first burst onto the MMA scene back in 2007, and gained incredible notoriety in 2009 when he defeated the much larger, multiple-time ADCC medalist and UFC veteran Jeff Monson in the first round of the 2009 ADCC Absolute trials. Nelson most recently scored a first round submission via armbar over Alexander Butenko back in February, his fourth straight to come by way of first round submission.

We know some of you Taters have been clamoring about Nelson for what feels like ages now, so it’s good to know that we might finally be able to see just what this kid is capable of in the near future. As will be the case with Hector Lombard and our buddy Ryan Jimmo, 2012 is looking like it could be a make or break year for prospects outside the UFC.

Lucky for you, CagePotato and Youtube have combined their powers to compile an extensive look at Nelson’s background, which awaits you below.

Nelson vs. Driss El Bakara (Nelson’s 2nd Pro Fight)

Nelson vs. Iran Mascarenhas (Nelson’s first KO victory)

Nelson vs. Sam Elsdon (BAMMA 2)

Nelson vs. Eugene Fadiora (BAMMA 4)

Nelson vs. Alexander Betenko


Learn all you need to know about Nelson’s accolades and more on his website.

-J. Jones


UFC 148 Video: Anderson Silva. Chael Sonnen Have to Be Separated at Presser

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After an interesting UFC 148 press conference, UFC 148′s two biggest stars, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, have to be pulled apart during the staredown by UFC president Dana White and others Tuesday afternoon. Check out the video below.

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Video: UFC 148 ‘fighter diary’ featuring Cung Le and giant spiders

What’s Cung Le doing to prepare for Patrick Cote at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 148 pay-per-view (PPV) event this Saturday night (July 7, 2012) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada? Oh, not much, just chasing people around his house with giant spiders.

Must be a San Jose thing.

Le made the move over from Strikeforce last November in a 185-pound war against legendary “Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva at UFC 139. He opened with a strong first round, but eventually succumbed to the Brazilian’s relentless pressure, falling by way of technical knockout.

He even had a nasty broken nose to show for it.

The part-time movie star is now healthy and raring to get back inside the Octagon and the promotion has granted him his wish. The match-up is preferable, too, considering the penchant for slinging leather (from both men).

Who’s going to sleep in “Sin City?”