Shannon Lee thrilled father Bruce Lee’s legacy continues to be honored by MMA


Of all his legacies, perhaps Bruce Lee’s most impressive is the ability to inspire a generation of fighters who weren’t even born at the time of his death, in a sport that didn’t exist until 20 years after he was gone. The number and quality of fighters who claim Lee as an influence are legion, from superstars Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre to blue-collar scrappers like Dan Hardy and Alex Caceres.

It’s a chain unlikely to be broken, mostly because among each new wave of fighters comes a few that grew up watching his movies and marveling at his speed and fitness, and also because the link between the sides remains a valued one.

At Saturday night’s UFC on FUEL 6, which marks the fight promotion’s debut in China, the company took the unprecedented step of featuring Lee’s image on the fight poster, emphasizing his role as a forebear of current-day fighters with the quote, “Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts.”

It was done with the permission of his estate, which is run by his daughter Shannon Lee through the Bruce Lee Foundation.

“I always make the distinction between Jeet Kune Do and MMA,” Shannon Lee said on Wednesday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I don’t see Jeet Kune Do as being the same thing as MMA, but I think when you start talking about my father’s philosophical notion that in order to be a well-rounded fighter, you have to be able to defend an attack in any situation you find yourself, he was very much about needing to have a very precise and well-rounded arsenal when it came to real fighting. Of course, UFC is a sport, it’s not street fighting but it’s about as close as you can get in a controlled environment to a no-holds-barred fight, and I think my dad’s philosophies about needing to be a well-rounded fighter have been proven out in the sport.”

Bruce Lee died a few months shy of Shannon’s fourth birthday, but she still grew up in an environment that stood in deep recognition of his life’s work. Shannon herself studied Jeet Kune Do and kickboxing, among other martial arts, and after a career in film, she took over running the family business from her mother, Linda, in 2000.

Years later, she met UFC president Dana White at an awards banquet, and the two struck up a friendship that has resulted in a good business relationship between the two organizations.

When the UFC asked about putting her father on the fight poster (his image is bathed in light, almost angelic, lying between six featured fighters), Shannon quickly agreed, saying it was an “honor.”

“In a way the UFC and the rise of MMA have rally helped solidify my father’s legacy and position in the world of marital arts,” she said. “That has been really important. There’s always discussion, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t want to have the discussion about Bruce Lee and MMA, and that’s fine but martial arts was really my father’s life. It’s really what he dedicated his life and what he felt he learned the most from in terms of him as a human being, was through his pursuit of martial arts. I definitely think it’s wonderful the UFC has risen as it has so we’re talking about martial arts as a sport, we’re watching it on TV. It’s been great for the Bruce Lee legacy as well.”

Shannon is currently working to launch a Bruce Lee Action Museum in his adopted hometown and final resting place of Seattle, and though she won’t be able to attend the UFC event in Macau, she considers nearby Hong Kong — the birthplace of the action cinema that gave rise to her father’s career — a home away from home.

Almost 40 years after Bruce Lee’s death, he casts a considerable shadow. To fighters, to fans and to a sport, he was the visionary who saw that a blending of styles — the same idea as “mixed martial arts” — would work more effectively than any single style.

“I think my father in a way, he was very ahead of his time,” she said. “Especially with the rise of MMA and UFC and the continuation of action movies, people haven’t been able to duplicate him, and the fact he continues to inspire on such a high level because he had so much depth behind him. You see his movies, and you’re just like, ‘Wow that’s so awesome.’ But then you dig a little further and you find all these philosophies, all these writings, all these amazing things, his life journey and it’s so very inspiring and in a way still extremely relevant today. So I feel like he’s still sort of at the forefront. We’re just sort of catching up to him in a way right now.”

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Matt Wiman vs. T.J. Grant announced for UFC on FOX 6


A third fight has been added to the recently-announced Jan. 26, 2013, UFC on FOX 6 event at the United Center in Chicago, Ill.: a lightweight bout between Matt Wiman and T.J. Grant. The event was announced on UFC Canada’s Twitter feed.

Wiman, 29, is on a two-fight win streak in the UFC. He most recently defeated Paul Sass by armbar at UFC on FUEL TV 5 in September of this year.

Grant, 28, is on a three-fight win streak since dropping to lightweight after spending the majority of his career at welterwight. He last competed at UFC 152 in September where he defeated Evan Dunham by unanimous decision.

UFC on FOX 6 will be headlined by a flyweight title fight between champion Demetrious Johnson and challenger, as well as winner of season 14 of Spike TV’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ at bantamweight, John Dodson.

Also scheduled for the event, top lightweight contenders and WEC alums Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis will face off in a bout expected to be placed on the main card.

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UFC 154 media conference call LIVE updates today (Nov. 7) for ‘St. Pierre vs Condit’


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will hold a special media conference call today (Nov. 7, 2012) in advance of UFC 154: “St. Pierre vs. Condit,” which will take place in just over a week (Nov. 17, 2012).

The conference call will begin at 2 p.m. ET. Scheduled to attend will be the headlining fighters of the evening, Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit, as well as UFC President Dana White.

Georges St. Pierre is the current UFC Welterweight Champion. He has not fought since defending his title against Jake Shields at UFC 129 in April of 2011 due to suffering a pair of knee injuries. He is finally healthy and ready to return to the Octagon this upcoming November.

Carlos Condit is the current UFC Interim Welterweight Champion. He originally replaced Nick Diaz to fight St. Pierre at UFC 137, but the first injury sidelined him. When GSP went down again, he fought Nick Diaz for the interim title at UFC 143, utilizing a less than fan-friendly gameplan to outstrike the Stockton slugger and win the belt.

Condit chose to wait for St. Pierre to heal rather than defend the interim title and we’re finally ready.

Brian Hemminger here. The conference call is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET. – All Posts

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Eyes Jan. 26 Meeting with Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox 6

Quinton Jackson and Glover Teixeira will apparently get it on after all.
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UFC on FUEL 6 pre-fight press conference news, notes


HONG KONG — Zuffa’s first voyage to China happens this Saturday with UFC Macao: Franklin vs. Le, and Wednesday the promotion hosted a pre-fight press conference at the Harbour City Mall. In attendance were middleweight headliners, Rich Franklin and Cung Le, along with main card fighters Dong Hyun Kim and Zhang Tiequan.

EVP and Managing Director of UFC’s Asia Division Mark Fischer led the presser with former WEC head Reed Harris, and former champions Urijah Faber and Chuck Liddell were also present during the activities.

Here’s a brief rundown of all the news and notes from the event:

  • According to Mark Fischer, the next Asian UFC event is already being planned, with the details expected to be announced following the conclusion of UFC: Macao this Saturday.
  • When asked about the difference of markets in Japan and Macau, Mark Fischer said that while they are getting strong support from China, the fanbase in Japan is “more mature”, so they have put more effort on educating this new market they are trying to break in to.
  • Replying to a question about his future plans, Rich Franklin reiterates that he’s solely focused on Le at the moment, but did say that “dropping back down to 185 lbs. is about getting a title shot before I retire”.
  • Cung Le addressed questions about balancing being an actor and being a fighter, saying that he has learned from past mistakes and has completely focused on just training and fighting for over a year now. When asked why he doesn’t just switch to movies to get paid without getting punched, Le says “I guess I like to get punched in the face sometimes. I’m a martial artist first before I’m an actor.”
  • As a random tidbit during the presser, Rich Franklin states that he did his “civic duty” and voted during the US elections despite staying in Asia for several weeks now. The former middleweight champ didn’t reveal who he voted for though, as he says that’s like asking him “what type of underwear” he uses.
  • Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le happens this Saturday at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China, and it will be televised live on Fuel TV starting at 9 a.m. ET.

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Morning Report: Dana White UFC video blog; Pros predict Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit


If it seems like a while since the last time we’ve seen one of Dana White’s popular backstage video blogs, well, that’s because it has been. 46 days to be exact.

But fear no more, gentle MMA fan. In advance of the UFC’s upcoming debut in China, White’s vlogs have made an unexpected return, and there’s a ton of ground to make up for since the last time. Check out behind-the-scenes footage from as far back as the bizarre Jeremy Stephens situation, to as recent as a “you’re not f—ing human” post-fight rant in the afterglow of Anderson Silva’s ridiculous four-minute performance piece. But first, some headlines.



Silva to attend St-Pierre fight. UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be sitting cageside for Georges St-Pierre’s comeback fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 154, Silva’s manager Jorge Guimaraes told our own Ariel Helwani on UFC Tonight. Silva, who rarely attends events, is expected to call out St-Pierre if he successfully defends his belt.

Invicta’s Knapp calls out managers. Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp posted a fiery statement on Facebook warning female fighters against fraudulent managers who claim to have an “in with Invicta FC” and “the only way female athletes will fight for Invicta FC is if the athlete signs with them.”

Velasquez eyeing revenge. Nearly a year later, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’s 64-second loss to Junior dos Santos still eats away at him, and with a rematch now scheduled for UFC 155, the time for revenge is drawing near.

FOX bookings. UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson will make his first title defense against John Dodson in the main event of UFC on FOX 6. In addition, a long-awaited contenders match-up pitting Donald Cerrone against former WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is being targeted for the FOX-televised main card, as is Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira, according to Jackson’s Twitter.

Bonnar, Herman handed down suspensions. Despite retiring, Stephan Bonnar received a one-year suspension from the UFC after testing positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone in the wake of his UFC 153 loss to Anderson Silva. A suspension for Dave Herman, who tested positive for marijuana metabolites, was not finalized, but UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner expects Herman to be sidelined for a shorter time period than Bonnar, while also completing a rehab program.

Ratings report. Weekend ratings rose for the The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator, as each drew a season-high 1,061,000 viewers and 220,000 viewers, respectively. Meanwhile, World Series of Fighting’s debut drew just 198,000 viewers on the NBC Sports Network, marking a significantly lower figure than past averages for WEC and UFC events on the same channel.



Top three moments of the latest Dana White video blog, in no specific order: 1.) Dana’s mocking, girlish impersonation of the new era of fighter, 2.) “PUKE!!”, and 3.) The chilling chorus of “It’s time!” that echoed across the HSBC Arena, followed just minutes later by “You’re not human. You’re not f—ing human.”


Pros picking GSP: 5. Pros picking Condit: 3. I can’t lie, that’s a lot closer than I anticipated.


You guys remember when Sheila Bird nearly killed Kim Couture? Well, she almost did it again. (For the lazy, fight starts at 6:00.)

(HT: MiddleEasy)


Just in case you forget to set your alarms this weekend, Rashad Evans is here to help you out. (And yes, there’s a Chael Sonnen version.)


We like to cover the hard-hitting issues here at the Morning Report, and there’s no issue harder hitting than the age-old debate about abstaining from sex before a fight. Luckily, Freddie Roach is somewhat of an authority on the subject.











Announced yesterday (Tuesday, November 6, 2012):

  • UFC on FOX 6: Demetrious Johnson (16-2-1) vs. John Dodson (14-5) booked for main event
  • UFC on FOX 6: Donald Cerrone (19-4, 1 NC) vs. Anthony Pettis (15-2) booked for main card
  • UFC on FOX 6: Rampage Jackson (32-10) vs. Glover Teixeira (19-2)



Today’s Fanpost of the Day sees Steve Borchardt err on the side of pessimism with: MMA startups a bad bet nearly every time

Let’s say you wake up to tomorrow and find yourself the lucky owner of a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket. Then let’s make the further supposition you aren’t the practical type and you decide starting a mixed martial arts promotion is the best way to use your winnings. You’re ready to forgo the McMansion, trophy spouse, and fleet of European luxury cars in order to devote your millions to building your own personal MMA empire. Well my impetuous friend, there are a few things you might want to consider before staking your newfound fortune on what has historically been a bad bet.

First off, you’re going to need fighters. One would think that should be the easy part. In fact you might start to feel like a Maxim cover girl in a bar full of single guys at closing time when you think of all the unsigned fighters out there looking for a payday, but therein lies the problem. Almost everyone with an established name who currently isn’t under contract to the UFC is a free agent for a reason – either he was cut because he couldn’t hang at the UFC level, he’s a relic from the past who doesn’t know when to give up the ghost, or he has more baggage than the underbelly of a 747. There may be a large potential talent pool of former stars to draw from, but by and large these types will make your promotion look like the Island of Misfit Toys in the eyes of fans.

For an example of this type of hand me down card look no further than this past Saturday’s premiere World Series of Fighting event on NBC Sports. This show had it all, well if by “it all” you mean a main card consisting primarily of UFC rejects and over the hill stars of yesteryear that is. Look at the star attractions in the top three fights on the card: Anthony Johnson – cut from the UFC for missing weight a mind boggling three times; Miguel Torres – committed career suicide when somehow he failed to learn from his first UFC firing that tweeting rape jokes isn’t the best way to remain employed with the company; Andrei Arlovski – hasn’t been relevant since before current UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones began his career. I don’t know about you, but I would hardly call this an auspicious debut.

Some upstart promotions are able do a better job than the WSOF at striking a balance between up and comers and fading stars. This past Friday’s Resurrection Fighting Alliance 4 card was main evented by former UFC lightweights Tyson Griffin and Efrain Escudero, but there were a number of younger fighters with potential upside on the card as well like Chidi Njokuani and Sergio Pettis. RFA seem to understand the best way to utilize names from the past is to use whatever star power they have left to draw in viewers who will then in turn hopefully become fans of the younger fighters. You simply can’t build a brand on hand me downs from the dominant industry leader.

Found something you’d like to see in the Morning Report? Just hit me on Twitter @shaunalshatti and we’ll include it in tomorrow’s column.

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Jon Jones: ‘I want to hold the heavyweight and light-heavyweight belt’

At the age of 25, Jon Jones has claimed the light heavyweight belt and defeated five straight former champions in his short MMA career. Most intriguing fact about the talent is that he has made it look almost easy. As the saying goes, if you accomplish your goals, set new ones. I want it all. …

The post Jon Jones: ‘I want to hold the heavyweight and light-heavyweight belt’ appeared first on Caged Insider.

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‘UFC on FOX 6′ Announced With Flyweight Title Fight, Cerrone vs. Pettis; Rampage/Teixeira Also Reported

(…sit back there and say his jacket ain’t luxurious when you know it is, bitch.)

The UFC announced yesterday that its next UFC on FOX event — slated for January 26 at Chicago’s United Center — will be headlined by Demetrious Johnson‘s first flyweight title defense against TUF 14 winner John Dodson. Dodson has gone 2-0 at 125 pounds since his stint on the reality show, including his recent TKO of top contender Jussier Formiga.

But hey, maybe you don’t care about that sort of thing. Luckily, the UFC also confirmed that UFC on FOX 6 will feature the long-rumored lightweight tilt (and possible #1 contender match) between Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis, a guaranteed barnburner for which Cerrone has already promised to “pack a lunch.” Considering that Pettis has been out of action since February due to injuries, Cowboy might be the favorite here. Of course if he wins, Cerrone could be booked against a guy who already beat him twice in the WEC, or a guy who punked him as badly as any UFC fighter has ever been punked — which makes us wonder if this is one of those “#1 contender match for one guy but not necessarily the other”-type scenarios.

But wait, there’s more…

Though it hasn’t been formally announced by the promotion yet, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson let the cat out of the bag via twitter that his match against Glover Teixeira is a go for the 1/26 event. The two light-heavyweight bangers were originally supposed to meet at UFC 153 in Rio, but Rampage injured his elbow before the match, which has given him a lot of free time to complain and complain and complain.

Just like December’s UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz card, it’s a pay-per-view caliber lineup that we’ll be getting for free. Early predictions: Johnson/Dodson goes to decision, Cerrone/Pettis wins Fight of the Night, and Rampage blames his impending loss on an injury. Fine, call me a hater — but see if I’m wrong.


TriStar Teammate Rory MacDonald Says GSP “Doesn’t Need Anyone In His Ear”

Click here to view the embedded video.

UFC veteran Kenny Florian paid a visit to the Tristar Gym in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to see what superstars Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald are up to. Florian spoke with MacDonald about his upcoming fight with the legendary BJ Penn.


UFC on Fox 6 Gets Demetrious Johnson-John Dodson, Anthony Pettis-Donald Cerrone

UFC on Fox 6 will be headlined by Demetrious Johnson’s first flyweight title defense, as “Mighty Mouse” will put his crown on the line against John Dodson on Jan. 26.
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