Insurance Doesn’t Cover ‘Stupid French People’ Like GSP

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who also held (and surrendered) gold in the middleweight division, is showing mixed martial arts (MMA) fans his humorous side in this latest Instragram video.

Which might be the funniest wheelchair joke since Seinfeld’s “The Handicap Spot.”

“I’m with my friend Spencer and I wanna try his wheelchair,” St-Pierre said in the above video. “I want to take a drive with his wheelchair but he doesn’t want to let me drive!”

Probably because he’s afraid of “Rush” getting abducted by aliens.

“That’s correct,” Spencer responded. “Because my insurance doesn’t cover stupid French people.”

St-Pierre (26-2), who turned 37 back in May, has been battling health problems after ballooning up to 185 pounds. In fact, “Rush” is so happy to be shedding the extra skin, he’s actually contemplating a “bitch” drop to the lightweight division.

Where the winner of this fight would undoubtedly fulfill that “legacy” requirement. – All Posts

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