Fighter Gets DQ’d Over Crazy Flying Finishing Move

This move may have cost Austin Batra an amateur title, but the highlight will live on forever.

Well, that’s one way to lose a fight.

Amateur welterweight Austin Batra had the 170 pound Battlefield Fight League belt in the bag following a KO blow to his opponent Perry Hayer in a fight that went down in Coquitlam, BC. Unfortunately for Batra, he couldn’t help but attempt an unusual finishing maneuver moments after the ref clearly stepped in to stop the fight.

Take a look at the finish of the fight, which came a mere 30 seconds into the first round and was ruled a DQ win for the downed Hayer:

MMA Fighting dubbed this a flying double axe handle strike, and we’ll take their word for it because it does indeed look like Batra is about to put an axe through his opponent while flying through the air.

The move, clearly begun after the referee called an end to the fight, may have cost Batra the win and the BFL title, but now he can lay claim to a Crazy Mofo title. Batra moves to 4-2 as an amateur. 170 pound champ Perry Hayer is now 6-7. – All Posts

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