Colby Covington Wins Interim Belt, Only to Be Stripped of It

Hey, remember back when trash-talker Colby Covington won the interim welterweight belt by defeating Rafael dos Anjos back in UFC 225 in June? Well, homeboy is going to be stripped of his belt in September when actual champ Tyron Woodley faces challenger Darren Till. Because the UFC!

That’s right, folks. The value of that interim belt has now dropped so low it’s comparable to a Big Mac with a bite taken out of it, or maybe scratched DVD of old Home Improvement TV shows. Three months! Covington just won the damn thing last month, and because he wanted to take some time to heal some nagging injuries, he gets to deposit that interim belt in the nearest trash bin.

On the flipside, this is Covington we’re talking about, so… bwahahahahh!

Here’s ESPN:

Tyron Woodley will defend his welterweight title against Darren Till on Sept. 8, UFC president Dana White tells ESPN’s Brett Okomoto.

The highly anticipated 170-lb bout will headline UFC 228 in Dallas.

The UFC had been looking to secure a headline bout for the card for days now. One possibility invovled Woodley fighting interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. However, Covington was unable to fight on that date. Covington, who won the interim title on June 9, had successful surgery on Tuesday to correct a nasal issue, according to sources. Covington said he’d be ready to returnto the octagon for UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 3, but the UFC could not afford to wait that long to book the champion vs. champion fight because there were few options available to headline the pay-per-view in September. Covington, who won the interim title by defeating Rafael dos Anjos in June, will be stripped of that title the moment the fight between Woodley and Till starts, White said.

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