Chris Weidman, Kelvin Gastelum and the Middleweight Title Sweepstakes

It’s taken some effort, and hella damage, but Robert Whittaker is officially the clear-cut baddest man in the middleweight division. Which, given the current state of the weight class, isn’t as impressive as being the king during the Anderson Silva Era, but whatever. He’s beaten Yoel Romero twice. He’s the man.

So now it’s all about Whittaker recovering from the self-destruction required of those who sit upon the throne, while his loyal subjects below him bicker and plot his overthrow.

Cue tweets between former champ Chris Weidman and the ever-persistent TUF winner Kelvin Gastelum. Apparently Weidman said something about how deserves the next title shot because of his accomplishments. Gastelum disagreed.

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