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[VIDEO] Watch a Young Junior Dos Santos Score His Only Professional Submission Victory

Junior Dos Santos Shane Carwin
(Beats your face to a bloody pulp… personally stitches you up after.) 

Most of us tend to forget that UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos is a BJJ black belt under the Nogueira brothers, probably because we’d like to continue living in a world where we can convince ourselves that a 6’4″, 240 pound killing machine has some discernible weakness other than being a really nice guy when he’s not caving in your face like a Silver Shamrock Halloween mask. That’s right, I just referenced Halloween 3. I’m less a writer, more a prophet.

But unfortunately, the video that awaits you after the jump proves once and for all that JDS is, like me, an absolute master of his trade. In the video, we see a young Junior competing in his second professional MMA fight against Eduardo Maiorino, who sadly passed away from a heart attack just two days ago at the tender age of 33. After opening the fight with a signature flurry of punches, Dos Santos secures a takedown and is able to latch onto a guillotine choke from half guard that seems to be less technique and more Junior using his cyborg strength to vice grip his hapless opponent into submission.

Video below. 

Honestly, if I had the option of tapping to that choke or having my face turned into a Jackson Pollock painting like Shane Carwin did in the header photo…I’d probably take the latter, because then I might at least be able to parlay the beating into a midnight soiree with some big-butted Brazilian honey via some good old fashioned pity. No Brazilian women give it up for a guy with a shitty guard. We know this.

So Nation, are any of you ready to accept the fact that we could see a JDS fight end in something other than a blizzard of concussions? Junior has stated before that he plans on submitting Cain Velasquez if the fight hits the ground; the only question to ask yourself now is if you think he can pull off what fellow black belt Antonio Silva couldn’t even come close to doing.

-J. Jones


Heads Up: Stop By CagePotato at 4 p.m. EST For a Live Video of the UFC 155 Press Conference

(It was around roughly the fourth punch to Velasquez’s dome that Big John began to question the validity of Junior’s CPR certificate.)

Today at 4 p.m. EST, the UFC 155 press conference will kick off live from Las Vegas, Nevada. It will no doubt feature Junior dos Santos doing his typical “Baby Huey trapped in the body of Jason Voorhees” nice guy routine and Cain Velasquez repeatedly stating that “Yes, I will in fact bring a different gameplan into this fight, so for the love of God, stop asking me this question” while Dana White tries to comment on how great of a fight this is without dropping fourteen consecutive f-bombs in the process. All in all, it should be pretty entertaining as far as press conferences go, so join us after the jump to catch all the action (or lack thereof) starting at 4 p.m. EST.

-J. Jones


[VIDEO] Countdown to UFC 155

24/7 or a UFC Prime Time it ain’t, but Fox has put together some decent Countdown documentary/promo shows together. The newest one, looking towards this weekend’s UFC 155, features a look at the careers and camps of former heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez and current title holder Junior Dos Santos.

In the video, Cain talks about the lessons he learned as a college athlete that he feels will help him avenge his loss to Dos Santos. Dos Santos discusses the challenge of keeping Cain off of him and preventing him from using his All-American wrestling skills to stymie the Brazilian’s dangerous punches.

Also on the Countdown to UFC 155, Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller exchange smack talk and promises as they discuss their lightweight contender fight. If you’re lucky enough to still be sitting on your ass, stuffed with food sit back and enjoy watching pro athletes train harder in a single day of training than you ever have.

- Elias Cepeda


Merry ChristMMAs: A Photoshopped Tribute

(Props: TheUG. Click for larger version.)

From all of us to, to all you PotatoHeads around the Internet: Have a merry, merry Christmas! Did you get everything you wanted this year?


(Props: Strictly Shoops)

And while we’re here…

(It never gets old, does it?)


CagePotato Open Discussion: Could an All-Female Season Save The Ultimate Fighter?

For that matter, could Good Guy Junior have saved last season?

We’rejust finishing up with a season of The Ultimate Fighter that most of us didn’t even pretend to watch, and are getting ready for a season that we’ll only watch to see how creatively Chael Sonnen can troll Jon Jones. Okay, perhaps some of us actually want to watch TUF for less cynical reasons – say because it’s free MMA or to see if the show discovers a legitimate fighter who has slipped through the cracks - just like how some professional football fans actually keep up with the UFL.

With the show in desperate need of a mix-up, Dana White has been open to the idea of casting Ronda Rousey as a coach, while still keeping the contestants themselves men. The idea picked up even more steam yesterday when White suggested that Ronda Rousey could be coaching against Miesha Tate on an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Via MMAFighting:

“It could happen,” White said. “If there’s two people who would probably coach, you kick [the idea] around, this could happen, that could happen. If they did, it could be [Rousey] and Miesha. You know, we’ll see. Timing has a lot do with it.”

Having Rousey and Tate coach a season of TUF is an interesting idea on paper. The show would give WMMA exposure, Rousey and Tate would have some memorable clashes throughout the season and the season-ending coaches’ fight would actually be meaningful. It may not be a drastic change, but simply making two skilled female fighters coaches may be able to regenerate interest in the show.

But if the UFC really wants to give the show a complete overhaul, why not cast an all-female season?

My biggest gripe with The Ultimate Fighter is that the show hasn’t been producing relevant fighters, because talented prospects no longer have to go through reality television in order to get a shot in the UFC. Case in point, Hacran Dias was a 20-1-1 fighter when he tried out for TUF Brazil. Rather than being sent through the show, Dias was offered a contract on the spot, and won his UFC debut over Yuri Alcantara at UFC 147. The lesson here is that if you have a shot at immediate relevance, you aren’t fighting on The Ultimate Fighter anymore.

An all-female season could be different because WMMA is still in the early stages of its development. Much like how the first two seasons of The Ultimate Fighter made plenty of previously unknown fighters staples in the UFC for years, it’s possible that there are enough skilled females flying far enough under our radars to be willing to go through a season of TUF in order to land a contract.

For that matter, it’s also possible that established female fighters like Sara McMann would be willing to compete on the show simply because WMMA gets practically zero exposure. Just look at the first article we wrote about Ronda Rousey. When Strikeforce first inked a deal with her, she was…some sort of vegan Olympic judoka, I guess? In hindsight, it’s comical that the collective MMA community wasn’t  shitting bricks over such an important signing, but we simply hadn’t heard of her until then. It’s very possible that even more potentially great fighters are going undiscovered due to the lack of coverage that WMMA has been receiving.

The catch is that while fans are more than happy to accept Ronda Rousey as a world-class athlete, they may still not be ready to accept WMMA as a legitimate competition. Female athletes in America simply do not receive the same coverage as their male counterparts, which may make the TUF formula even more stale with the inclusion of women. For example, will an altercation in the TUF house between two women be interpreted by viewers the same way as an altercation between two male contestants, or dismissed as just petty female drama? Logically, the sexes of the contestants shouldn’t make a difference, but it does, and it could wind up turning even more people away from the struggling franchise. 

So that leads us directly into our question: Assuming that the editting crews do their best to portray the fighters in a positive light and as serious athletes (i.e. none of this), do you think an all-female season can save The Ultimate Fighter? Would you be more likely to watch the show if Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate are coaches? And what are the odds that something like this happens if they’re coaching an all-male season? Keep it civil, you guys.



Knockout of the Day: Cody Land Knocks the Christmas Spirit Out of James Harrington

Look, we’re all busy today with our Christmas shopping/football watching/religious obligations/normal Sunday activities to waste too much time not driving to the liquor store before the parking lot fills up, so I’ll make this brief. Bantamweight prospect Cody Land fought James Harrington at featherweight during Disorderly Conduct MMA’s Season’s Beatings card last Friday. Harrington picks the wrong time to drop his hands and is met with a brutal overhand left. The result is equal parts this and this. One forced and awkward, yet obligatory “falling Christmas tree” joke later, and we’re ready for the holiday. Alright homies, let’s get drunk.


And Now He’s Fired: Bellator Cuts Ties with Former Bantamweight Champion Zach Makovsky

“Wait…a ham sandwich walked into a bar? How is that even possible?”

New years often mean new beginnings. For Bellator, this means cutting ties with former bantamweight champion Zach Makovsky.

Makovsky took to his Twitter account yesterday to confirm his release, tweeting “Honestly shocked but thank you for the opportunity @BellatorMMA @BjornRebney.”

A former D1 wrestler for Drexel University, Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky was the face of Bellator’s bantamweight division since the beginning, becoming the inaugural bantamweight champion at Bellator 32 with a unanimous decision victory over Ed West. A pair of non-title fights saw him knock out Chad Robichaux and choke out Ryan Roberts, improving his Bellator record to a flawless 6-0, and the future was wide open for Fun Size.

Unfortunately, 2012 was a rough year for Makovsky. In his first title defense, he lost his bantamweight strap to Eduardo Dantas by arm triangle choke in April. Looking to rebound from the loss, Zach took on Anthony Leone at Bellator 83. Zach dropped a close, yet ultimately forgettable split-decision to the noticeably larger Leone, finishing the year without a victory and now as a free agent.

It sucks to be released from a contract so close to the holidays, but it’s doubtful that Makovsky will remain a free agent for too long. Also, given the size advantage that Leone held over him, don’t be too surprised if he flirts with the idea of dropping to flyweight. For now though, enjoy some of his more memorable moments.

Vs. Bryan Goldsby

Vs. Ed West

Vs. Chad Robichaux



Tim Kennedy Calls Other Fighters ‘Little Vaginas’ & Discusses Reverse Sexism

(Takes one to know one?)

In a recent interview with our home girl Steph Daniels over at Bloody Elbow, Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy expressed his displeasure with any number of items, ranging from gun control to fighters using steroids in both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious ways. An intentional example being when he tells fighters who use banned performance enhancing drugs to “stop injecting horse cum into your eye.” An unintentionally hilarious example being his weird rant about gun control and how the only way he can prevent his wife from being raped and killed in their home is if the federal ban on assault rifles is not reinstated by the U.S. Congress.

Our favorite awkward holier than thou moments in this excellent interview with Kennedy, however,  came when the fighter criticized other Strikeforce fighters who have pulled out of the organization’s last few scheduled events due to injuries and when he claimed that Ronda Rousey has it easier in MMA because she’s a woman.

“Maybe [the injuries are real], maybe they aren’t,” Kennedy told Bloody Elbow.

“It’s pathetic and convenient for every single marquee fighter in all of Strikeforce, that we all know to be going over to the UFC, are pulling out of their fights, two weeks before the final card. It’s like, are you guys fighters, or are you just a bunch of little vaginas?”

On that subject, Kennedy also apparently has a problem with Strikeforce 135 pound women’s champ Ronda Rousey being made the first UFC 135 women’s champion.

“It’s kind of sexist that a girl that has six professional fights, gets a double standard her very first fight in the UFC. She gets to fight for the title,” Kennedy said, presumably with a straight face, somehow.

“Guys like Luke Rockhold and Nate Marquardt are going to have to come over and fight a contender, then they’ll be allowed to fight for a title if they win. She, of course, can come over, and her first fight is defending her UFC title.”

Yeah, it will be, Tim. The same way it was for Jose Aldo after the UFC merged the WEC into itself. Ronda, like Aldo before her, was the champion of a division that did not previously exist in the UFC. Of course she’s automatically the champion of the division once it has been merged into the UFC.

Rockhold and Marquardt, on the other hand, are coming into organization divisions that already exist and have champions. But please tell us more about how easy it is for women to break into the high levels of professional fighting and how they get preferential treatment over men, Tim.

We can’t blame Kennedy for being so mad, though. He’s in the middle of a no doubt grueling training camp for a fight, he hasn’t gotten to fight very often a midst Strikeforce’s mess, and President Obama wants to take all his guns away so that his wife and family can be killed by a talkative home invader.

Even though he whines, like all the time and about everything, we still love Tim Kennedy because he’s a hell of a fighter and one funny dude. Hopefully he takes care of business on January 12th and gets brought into the UFC where he belongs.

Maybe he can challenge Ronda Rousey for her paper title…

- Elias Cepeda


LOLz of the Day: Pat Barry Teaches Us How to Properly Deal With Racism

I grew up in a town that was and still is 99% Caucasian. For whatever reason, I used to tan incredibly easy when I was growing up, to the point that if I held the refrigerator door open for too long, my face would look like Enrique Iglesias’ ass. And because I was apparently one of the only people in town whose skin possessed melanin, I was often the butt of jokes involving milkmen sleeping with my mother, my ability to jump more than four inches off the ground, and so on and so forth. I’m not looking for sympathy, but suffice it to say, I’ve had to deal with more misguided racism in my day than the average white guy and often had no clue how to deal with it.

Which brings us to Pat Barry, who some of you might not know is half black. If that revelation shatters your entire perception of Barry as a human being, then you are likely the garbage-ass hooley hoo floor turd known as “Jake,” who recently sent the above message to Barry on Youtube. What starts off as a simple statement of newfound understanding quickly takes a left turn to Deliveranceville, ‘Murica when this “Jake” starts dropping racial slurs like they were his cousins underpants at the family kegger-orgy, all the while assessing Barry’s skills as a fighter in an effort to, I don’t know, maintain his credibility as an MMA fan? As if to say, “You BETTER BELIEVE that if I didn’t have all this hate inside my heart, I’d be hosting MMA Live.

In either case, Barry actually chose to respond to the troll and more or less laid out a gameplan for how to deal with racism that combines equal parts CAPS LOCK HAL and Richard Pryor to hilarious effect.

Did anyone else picture Barry standing in front of Jake’s gene-deficient family while reading this off a note card?

“Cletus, you’re a needle-dicked diabetic and you crush your wife during sex. BOOM! Roasted.”

“Pearl, you smell like rancid mayonnaise and treat abortions like they were haircuts. BOOM! Roasted.”

And is it just me, or did the whole Barry/Jake exchange sound incredibly familiar? It’s almost as if I’ve heard it…somewhere…before…

Oh yeah, now it’s all coming back to me. No wonder why I only sleep with Asian women; it’s because I just care so damn much about the environment and stuff. CURSE THESE CONVICTIONS OF MINE!!

-J. Jones


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