“Platinum” Mike Perry is one hell of a brawler and an entertaining force outside the Octagon, but his one dimensional fighting style is starting to get figured out by his opponents, who are more than happy to let his fists of fury hit nothing but air while they stay out of range and counter him at will. That’s exactly what Max Griffin did on his way to a 29-27, 29-27, and 30-27 decision win at UFC on FOX Orlando.

Halfway through round 2 it was clear Perry would need a hail mary knockout to win. Not the most unlikely thing in the world, but less likely unless he switched up his gameplan. Because what he was doing against Griffin simply wasn’t working. The broadcast then cut to Perry’s corner to see what sage advice they’d offer their fighter. From there his girlfriend screamed out the useful instructions “KICK THE KNEE! BREAK THAT LEG!”

To say folks on Twitter found her cornering unhelpful would be an understatement.

And of course, undisputed social media s**theel extraordinaire and welterweight blanket Colby Covington took it way too far with his tweet on the subject.

Damn, guy. That’s a good way to end up on the wrong end of a ‘Florida Man’ headline.

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